Kamuzu reasons why he did not want to marry a Malawian woman

Malawi’s founding president Kamuzu Banda might have died years ago but is back in the news; on his secretive social life.

Ngwazi Kamuzu: One man Banda

Ngwazi Kamuzu: One man Banda

Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda

Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda

A letter  academicians have in possession dated 8 October, 1938, Kamuzu says as much as he respected women from Nyasaland, as Malawi was known then, he could not marry any of them because they could not match his educational and social standards.

Kamuzu was responding to a letter from Ernest C Matako of Kambiri Village in Kasungu.

“I still respect our women highly but I have to admit the fact that our women are backward and could not, by any means, make me the type of home to which my education, training and experience entitle me,” says the letter in part.

Writing from The University Union in Edinburgh, Kamuzu tells Matako that he was not yet married because he had been so busy with his medical and university studies that he did not  have time to think seriously about marriage.

“Then again in America and Europe it takes money to support a wife. A medical student cannot afford to be married because it costs a great deal of money to study medicine. But I do plan to marry sometime in 1940. When I do marry it will be a girl either from South Africa or from America most likely from America,” says the letter in part.

Kamuzu wrote Matako that no girl in Nyasaland would be a great companion to Dr. Banda although he was Chewa, saying his long sojourn in South Africa, US and Europe had completely changed his life that any girl from his home land would have looked a foreigner to him because of levels of education he had attained.

The late Kamuzu ruled Malawi from 1966 to 1994 with an iron fist. He claimed he did not have a wife but took Cecelia Kadzamira, a former nurse as his official hostess and stayed with him at Sanjika Palace when Kamuzu was president and later at Mudi when Kamuzu was kicked out of office at ballot box in 1994.

Mama  Kadzamira left her husband before she started cohabiting with Kamuzu.

The Kamuzu family led by Jane Dzanjalimodzi waged a ceaseless battle against Kadzamira and her nephew, John Tembo from 1997 for the control of Kamuzu estate which include Chayamba Building, Chibisa House and Blantyre Print and Publishing now renamed Times Group.

Kamuzu was the most intriguing. He was a man who lived in two worlds, Africa and Europe, yet at home in neither; a man who was known to his friends as a sweet-natured, unassuming and intelligent doctor, but who disintegrated into a vain, paranoid tyrant given to outbursts of rage.

In Britain he was a doctor with a Mother Teresa reputation, yet he was later to be thrown out of Ghana for carrying out abortions. He has never married and appeared to have a fear of sex. Miniskirts, bell-bottoms and long male hair were banned in Malawi under his rule. His one known affair ended when he abandoned the woman who loved him, and their child.

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28 thoughts on “Kamuzu reasons why he did not want to marry a Malawian woman”

  1. Winston Msowoya says:

    Mr.James,Iam not sure whether you are a balanced white pig.Civilised people always follow the word of our Lord God.I think you have heard from your own educated people that Africa is a cradle of humanity and civilization.That is a fact. James,for what you expressed about gay people that they are sophisticated,successful,artistic and educated,all these praises are to say the truth,are bunkum.A normal person knows his/her partner.A normal person would not fuk his partner in the asshole likewise,a lesbian uses a plastic penis to satisfy her partner,is that sophistication you are proud of? James,no matter how rich you are,you are living in a different world.Animals,let’s say pigs and dogs,know where to enter they don’t go astray,how about a human being.I would rather die a poor human being with decorum than living with a cursed life.Generally,sodomy is a taboo to African race and we have no respect whatsoever for lecherous way of life.It is widely believed that the population of white race will superseded by the Asian populations in 80 years to come due to immoralities in white societies.GOOD LUCK JAMES!!!

    1. Jean says:

      @Winston….don’t worry with James. He is a Malawian but with low self-esteem. He is not even rich. You are even far much better in terms of income than him. Don’t waste your time with low-self esteemed like this pig.

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Jeff,I don’t know for how long you have lived in Malawi.I have also lived in America and Canada for 30 years,and I acknowledge the fact that most of you people are highly educated and so too,you have myriad of uneducated goofs some can not even write their names.Yes,we can be uncivilized,but we do not sleep with our fellow men or women,most of your cultures,are uncivilized ,you have no humanity in your blood veins.I vividly recall my Pastor’s sermon some few years ago,telling us (Blacks) not to emulate White peoples’ cultures because theirs are evil and selfish.How about sleeping with dogs,you know what I mean,If Iam lying,please correct me and I will just be happy to give you evidence.So Mr.Jeff,enjoy our generosity and hospitality given to our strangers free of Dollars because with you Money is your God and there is no “LOVE THY NEiGHBOUR” in your societies.With us,we share no matter how small we have.Be appreciative Mr.Jeff and avoid such arrogance,that is not civilization at all.

    1. Kevin says:

      Winston… Any Malawian that get out of that Hell would NEVER return!!.
      You lived in USA and Canada?… The best places in the world but return
      to Malawi to live as a Bat in a Cave and eat Nsima and Usipa every day and watch your fellow men die like flies!… LIES.. That is what Malawians do the best, lie and steal..

      The Donors have done well just as the Colonials ABANDON that nasty place and run.. You people did not learn anything from them both!…

  3. Jeff says:

    When I see Foreigners with Malawian women I know it’s temporary for sex only.. There is nothing a Malawian Man or Woman can do for an educated Foreigner long term.
    A Malawian is typically uneducated and have primitive behavior with no understanding of social etiquettes!..
    Even those that have gone to Malawian Schools for so-called education are uncivilized and uneducated…

    As a whole Africans cannot match up to the standards and educated levels of Westerners especially Americans!…

    1. Naomi floyd says:


      1. Thom says:

        Naomi— your mind is uneducated
        No westerners mind could be as shallow or narrow as a
        Malawian… Or an African…Period

        Back to your Cave

    2. Mike banda says:

      Education in America is rubbish.its all about copying.there are no standards.

      1. Bikitoni says:

        And yet they discovered almost everything you are using in life. Including the internet you are at now. Wow!

        1. JJB says:

          Internet is British. Most American inventions were by Black Americans.

      2. Jesus says:

        Mike —ONLY YOU say that education in America is rubbish but Americans created even the Internet you are using right now on your Cheap Dual Band Cell Phone(don’t run out of units)…

        The come from worldwide to study in USA… They ALL dream to live in USA.. But the best they can do is get go Johannesburg and return in a Pine Box…

        UK and USA did well to make VISAS more difficult for Malawians…

      3. Stephen says:

        Mike Banda must be from that nasty tribe from the north Nkhata Bay District..
        The worst people anywhere on Gods Earth.. Liars/Thieves/Corrupt/ JEALOUS uncivilized

  4. Winston Msowoya says:

    Part of the authenticity over Banda’s history is biginning to ravel itself and I hope this will come to final conclusion in the aforeseable future.However,according to the writer’s narration firstly,he has not mentioned the place the rogue was born in Malawi and the names of his parents (Father & Mother).Furthermore,it seems that Dzanjalimodza does not even grasp Banda’s authentic roots,this corresponds to one of the so-called family member’s revelation that Banda’s parents hailed from Nkhata-bay.Now which is which? The letter emanating from the so-called Academicians dated 8th October,1938 says that the mountebank could not marry a woman from Nyasaland because she might not be of his ensign,but he lived with Cecila Kadzamila as a sex-slave for decades and yet,she was below his mode.What an arrogance of the rogue? The history of this rapscallion is very crooked.We learn that he traveled to South Africa after being expelled from the class where he was writing his exams at a Livingstonia school at the age of 13 years,when he was caught cheating.One wonders,how would a 13 years old boy travelled from Livingstonia to South Africa through Mozambique’s forests infested with wild animals to Rhodesia all by himself? Still,it smells rat.Worse still,there is no piece of evidence that Banda attended school at Livingstonia when people like David Kaunda,the biological father of former President of Zambia Keneth David Kaunda and Clement Kadali both from Nkhata Bay,their records are there and mind you both of these remarkable people from the North were older than Banda by far.So,where did this man come from? One day the truth will prevail and we shall all of us be ashamed of our own history.I vividly remember my conversations with my two heroes,Chipembere and lifetime friend Kanyama Chiume in Dar es salaam when I asked them how did they come to identify Banda.They were both truthful and consistent.Chipembere admitted that they were both victims of the “CONSPIRACY THEORY” to be honest young man,Chipembere retorted,Banda was not our man and that’s why,we were on the verge of forming our opposition party after the Cabinet Crisis of September 9th,1964 to tell the people the truth about Banda and apologise to them for our misleading rhetorics that have caused everlasting miseries to our people on their day to day life.All these people we are told to be related to the former feral,are not blood-related they were just bought to prop up the truant.If Malawians want the truth,let these people exposed to DNA test to prove that conundrum.This man was a typically mob star with no culture and it is true that he was expelled from Ghana by his former friend Kwame Nkhrumah for illegal abortions on school young girls and when he left London for Kumasi,he eloped someone’s wife by the name of Linda French.He was indeed,a”ROGUE”at best who did not qualify to lead well cultured Malawians.Ironically,Banda ruled from 1961 as the first Prime Minister to 1994 as President and not from 1966 as mentioned in the coverage.Regrettably,he does not deserve heroic status in Malawi and the government must be pondering of pulling down the Mausoleum built in his respect by Bingu Muthalika and let his remains be re-buried at the Zomba Prison precincts where he rightly belongs.Bingu and Banda were two people of the same characters.Both were corrupt,tyrants,tribalistic,untruthful and counterfeits.Afterall,the Mausoleum represents the evil symbols of tyranny and injustice.PULL IT DOWN,IT IS SHAMEFUL AND A BETRAYAL TO OUR FALLEN HEROES and also,a waste of tax-payers’ funds.

    1. Jean says:

      Wow! Winston, you have said it all. I have always said that whoever believes that Kamuzu was a Malawi is a daft, imbecile and very lazy to ask and answer pertinent questions. It all does not add up. The truth is that Malawians hired an autocratic leader from Ghana. Let’s all accept this.

  5. Paluno Pangapalinga says:

    So who is Jumans father I thought you were saying Juman is nde nde nde Kamuzu. Please tell us the truth

  6. Max says:

    Probably because he was gay

    1. James says:

      To : Max who said probably because he was Gay

      Then you had a gay Leader.. Who cares?..
      Gay people are some of the most successful, educated, sophisticated, artistic people worldwide. It is no secret that Gay Couples in the USA, Europe, Canada and most of the western world have the biggest incomes and many are millionaires.
      One day we hope that Africa and Africans will come out of the dark. Africans
      live so horrible. The worst living and educational standards in the world. Malawi is steep in poverty and a lack of education or progress of any kind..

      Malawi has to be the most primitive backwards place I have seen in 69 countries worldwide…

      1. JJB says:

        What has Max comment got to do with what you have said here? You have made too many assumptions from that short statement, assumption that give an insight about you. I do not see where Max says Gay is bad, but you seem to imply he does.

        Can you explain yourself?

    2. BT\'s finest says:

      Westerners always want to impose their culture on others but they reluctant to accept other people from different cultures.
      In Africa , homosexuality is Taboo just like Islam is to the USA and the whole western hemisphere.
      Understand that. .
      The notion that denying people from practicing homosexuality is a human rights violation is just bullshit…all these beautiful,sexy woman and you wanna have sex with a dude?? To me you are just nasty mofos..get otta here with your nasty shit.

  7. masa masina says:

    Kamuzu was short and small in size. I suspect that, like anyone else, he had his personal insecurities.

  8. Dwambazi says:

    So Cecilia Kadzamira was not good enough for him that’s why he cohabited with her for all those years???? I wonder how she feels now after reading this letter

  9. paul says:

    just let him RIP. He is not here to defend himself! Besides, marrying a queen requires a mountain of dough!

    1. banduwell norman says:

      Yes that is true

  10. zopanda umboni izi, kodi chamba chikumakupwetekeni eti, who could keep a hard copy in 1938 until now in Malawi, zachamba basi

  11. Kamuzu says:

    But who cares?

  12. MKUPHWASIKA says:

    That was true,panalibe wa class yake pa Nyasa kikkkkkkkkkk!!!

    1. MENDULO says:

      Dear Kamuzu
      In your letter to your brother or friend you said there was
      no one woman to suit your
      level .
      Who and where was mama
      from ??
      Who and where was the mother of this boy claiming
      to be your son now from ??

  13. Flames sidzamva says:

    Please let the soul of the Ngwazi rest in peace. There’s no issue worth writing here.

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