Kapito calls for scrutiny of wealth declared: Ben Phiri defends Mutharika’s assets

The country’s consumer and human rights activist, John Kapito, has called on the Malawian public to carefully scrutinize the assets declarations by public officers including President Peter Mutharika.

Ben Phiri (left) says President Mutharika made known what he owns  in accordance with the law

Ben Phiri (left) says President Mutharika made known what he owns in accordance with the law

Mutharika, his deputy Saulos Chilima, former president Joyce Banda, Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya and leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera have made their assets public in accordance with the country’s constitution.

But there have been a lot of questions on the wealth declared, with critics suspecting the details to be exaggerated.

“How did these people manage to have so much wealth when people are languishing in poverty?” Kapito, executive director of the Consumers Association of Malawi, queried.

“We need to audit and continue monitoring the wealth [of politicians],” he said.

Section 88 of Malawi’s constitution requires presidents and cabinet ministers to declare their assets – and those of their spouses – within three months of their election or appointment.

However, the declarations were postponed after Malawi’s Office of the Director of Public Officers Declarations gave public officials until December 31, 2014 to make them.

Director of Public Officers’ Declarations (DPOD) Christopher Tukula has since warned that those that might have doctored assets in their declarations will have to face the long arm of the law as physical verifications are expected to be done soon.

Mutharika’s declaration of wealth fits him in the bracket of the country’s billionaires as declared that he had about $10 million deposited in banks in Malawi and the United States.

The details of his declared wealth show that Mutharika had a number of bank accounts both within and outside Malawi containing close to 4 billion Malawi kwacha (roughly $10 million) in cash.

The Malawi leader has over $8 million in two U.S. bank accounts. In Malawi, Mutharika has about $1.7 million at a local bank, along with a fleet of nine vehicles that he reportedly bought between 2001 and 2014.

Special aide to President Mutharika, Ben Phiri told the local radio Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS) on Friday that the Malawi leader has made his assets public in accordance with the country’s constitution.

“He is operating within the law,” said Phiri.

He dismissed assertions that the wealth declared may be exaggerated. Asked if the President can explain how he attained his wealth, Phiri said the law does not provide such provision.

“The law says he should declare and it does not say that he should explain what he declared,” said Phiri.

The idea behind the declaration of assets by elected or appointed officers is to check whether whatever assets they acquire while in office is commensurate with the perks of their offices.

Late president Bingu wa Mutharika, who died suddenly of cardiac arrest in 2012, had in May 2004 declared his wealth to be around K150 million.  However, in an assessment of his estate after his death valued his wealth at K61 billion.

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92 thoughts on “Kapito calls for scrutiny of wealth declared: Ben Phiri defends Mutharika’s assets”

  1. Nsanje Basi says:

    Kufuna kutchuka chani? Were you baying for their assets to look for a loop hole to start asking for the scrutiny of these assets?! Or were you asking for it to make fun of them? Or have you been influenced by the drunkard Muckraker who has an inborn hate for Muthalikas?! Since DPP came into existence is their any story written by this corrupt and biased senior editor positive for the Muthalikas and DPP? Mr. Kapito why always commenting on politics? Is this the basis for the establishment of CAMA? No wonder we are dosed by expired consumables ranging from food and drugs. You can’t lie to us that you fight for us citing the strikes you were organizing when BT experienced water shortages. You did that because it was political in nature or you got some influence from the media. Is this the way then for an organization of your nature to work on? I’ve never heard you criticizing people who sell food on the streets risking consumers’ lives and the intimidations from minibus drivers who jam pack us risking us from skin diseases, flue and accidents and to be honest we consumers are the most abused on this continent because you our defenders have no interest in us you only care about politics? Why these unlearned journalists interview you as if it is something concerning consumables? Are you a law expert, not the biased ones in the class of Dan Wood Chirwa, that you can force us to follow the non existing chapters in our constitution? Nawo a Nyasa times have been given a title to relate it to every Muthalika story “Billionaire Muthalika’ Ooh what a shame!!! Is this why you were all inclined to know the assets? Ikakhala nsanje a Malawi ndiye tidzafa nayo ulesi basi. Simumafuna kuno ku Malawi kutakhala ma Billionaire no wonder your past NGO and Nyasa times JB led government was busy wrestling Malawian business magnates in the likes of Mulli and these people are still struggling to get back to where they were as their businesses were hanging by the thread and they have to start from the scratch. And Nyasa times was enjoying this attacking Mulli from left to right squeezing him as if his business was not benefiting Malawians from employment to taxes. Kuzolowera ma donors basi you cashgate experts. Ife a Malawi kumavutika ndi mablack out, University studentsfailing to do lab sessions because of lack of equipment and yet we have a full set of engineers and UNIMA since 1964 iwe Kapito uli nanala kumalimbana ndi ma assets, stupid. I think iweyo wakalamba and unayamba lija n’kale usiile anyamata mpandowu don’t confuse us we are focusing on adapting to better means of making our country donor independent osati manyi akowo.

  2. MRA says:

    I hope he was paying taxes like all Malawians – if so MRA must confirm that indeed he has clean hard earned wealth. We are suffering from $ shortage and he is keeping $ outside what type of nonsense is this – ife a malawi tili stupiidti

  3. CONGO MAFIA says:

    Peter ndi olembedwa nchito. Si nsanje ayi. As a top civil servant he is required by law to declare his assets to the last tambala. If you DPP supporters are not comfortable with it why cant you ask your president to step down and give way to law abiding citizens.

  4. Chenda says:

    As soon as the present law is revoked, there will be no need for declaration of assets and everyone will be guided by new law and no more complaints on poverty levels because the new law will recognise what should be followed.

  5. KUKHALA says:


  6. Manzy bway says:

    Comment loading…………

  7. Dolo says:

    Daz dis declaration bill exist in othr countries? W@ i c a Malawi lets focus on reducing the gap btwin the poorest an richest, or else God will tak the wrld while malawi is steel poor! Greedy z w@ gvt shld abolish!

  8. napawekha says:

    azilamula olemela kale osati okudya makaka ngati zinazi

  9. baggio says:

    ndalamazi ndizanthu amalawi zina ndizamalemu aja musayiwale kut anatibera asanafe

  10. Konseku kupusa kwa a Malawi.

  11. Rajiv says:

    I wonder why these assets are declared these time and what of benefit will it be to Malawians?what I see is tukula eating alot of money in his office with this useless issues

  12. Jihad John says:

    Can you Chris Tukula check the salaries of university lecturers in America and see if Peter Muthalika could make $8 million. My own research has revealed they get less than US$60,000 per year and that is US$600,000 in 10 years and $1.8 million in 30 years. That money is part of the much talked K92 billion stolen under Bingu of Mpumulo wa Bata.

  13. namalaka says:

    ine i hate my fellow malawians bcoz we are good in talking but poor in doing things this does not help us lets them alone,they are there for business not for poor malawians.

    1. yohane says:

      If we leave them ndeno tisova vutolo? Wake up guys we need to solve this for better future.

  14. dyson says:

    revenue streams are different in complex first world country like the US- the richest country in the world than in bonya-eating, flea infested banana replublic- poorest nation in the world.

  15. fidelis says:

    declaring wealth is required by law. explaining where you got that wealth is not required by law. very simple.

    1. Hoitty says:

      There is a part where you indicate source of funds for purchase of assets and money in the banks. Peter says that is his pension account. If he is lying he will be found out after all the accounts are in a free country that he has no power to influence anything.

  16. Bololo says:

    The questions being raised about APM’s wealth are valid. All he needs to do is show Malawians how he amassed such wealth which quite substantial even by US standards. If he has a plausible explanation he has absolutely nothing to lose sleep over. After all he volunteered for public office, and public scrutiny comes with the territory. I believe this has nothing to do with envy as some put it. Its all about preventing mpala nsomba like me in the future from declaring that I have billions in my account when in fact there is a big hole, in a preemptive move to swindle you poor Malawians. Wake up and smell the coffee, not every query is political. As for me its about my taxes and where they go. I dont give a toss about who is in charge.

  17. Sayimoni bayisikolo says:

    Musanamizanepo apa.Even ku Europe if you become a billionaire overnight amakufufuza.No wonder ku Malawi accounts clerk wolandira 50 Pin amasunga 100 Million mu ceiling.Even his Brother Bingu amassed his 61 billion in a very dodgy way.A minibus driver rescued by a six pound thief to be given a job at the reserve bank and later being hand picked to head Udf.Pitala was the one moaning to buy city houses at a proper price until they were devalued to his convinient price because of being connected to politics and today he claims to be filthy rich within a short period of time.Kodi mtundu wa amalawi uzabeledwa mpaka liti in the name of respecting these mafias in the most impoverished country.And what do you expect from the Chola boy Ben Phiri to furnish Malawians about the assets while it the same filthy hands that are feeding him?Its time all Malawians woke up otherwise this country will never develop.It will be the very same cycle of people playing around with our taxes while the mass will be reeling in abject poverty crawling to these thieves like they are small gods.We need a revolution in this tiny sleepy country.These people are not here to uplift the lives of ordinary Malawians but to get whatever they can lay on with their filthy hands.I miss people like Nelson Mandela.Greed is killing African continent including Malawi.

  18. Che mkwepele says:

    Malawi. You a very right. I support your contribution

  19. Kwiksy says:

    He worked for it……..ukakhala umphawi siwatose.mbuzi za anthu.

  20. Matako says:

    Malawians should not be deceived to believe that this man accumulated all this wealth through his pensions and working in the US. Yes he earned some form of income but I can assure you it was no where near what he has declared. I heard some hand clappers defending him that he was a lawyer. He was a law professor not a practicing lawyer (ambulance chaser) as most US lawyers are known to be. Had he been a practicing lawyer I might have been convinced that it is possible. How ever one wonders if Malawians are being taken for a ride. We all know that APM is the executor of Bingu’s will and more than likely one of the benefactors. I wouldn’t rule out any connection between the two. It is sad however to see people suffering and hospitals going without medicines while these politicians have so much wealth in foreign banks.

  21. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Eeh amangwetu, Peter is heavy (quoting Bengo). Nafe tiyeni tigwire ntchito molimbika…

  22. choyamba says:

    Awa ndi ma future projection this is what he has planned to get from Malawians OR his inheritance from Bingu 61 billion

  23. James Phiri says:

    The assets bill doesn’t require the source of funds to be declared but US money laundering laws do require people to demonstrate the money they keep in banks there have been gained legitimately. Malawians take up your case in the US courts Peter has to explain where $8 million came from. Same for any money kept outside of the country by other politicians.

  24. bentby smart says:

    Ngati kuli dziko la anthu ogona No.1 its Malawi .. And mukhalira umphawi mpaka kalekale… malamulo anu ali shallow and u are early sugarcoated. Muli mweee ngati mwana woti akuyamwa, axanu akulemba zoti alibe…

  25. Mute Gama says:

    And how can his two-storey house in Nyambadwe be valued at K7 million only? Is it not the adjacent house that he bought (for free!) from MHC declared here? The property at Nyambadwe should well be in excess of K80million Kwacha.

  26. Nkhombokombo says:

    Mr Predo, are you sure you made those moneys from your salary and the chambers you had? If you were earning $15,000.00 per month and had worked for 30 years you would have earned $5,400,000.00 without spending a dime. Unless you were earning in excess of $50,000.00 per month. This wealth is questionable indeed. Imagine you are only counting from the past recent. Don’t we need auditors here?!

  27. pinto says:

    this is indeed questionable! how can one accumulate such amounts of money in this porverty stricken country? ife nkumati malawi ndi osauka knowing not that wina wake akuphangira ndalama zonsezo ku ma account ake…this is indeed calling for a thorough scrutiny.’cashgate sinayambe lelo’ as JB said.Iye wangoziulula

  28. Tiferanji Phiri says:

    A job well done but needs further scrutiny on how all that amount was accumulated.

  29. Totally in agreement with Andrew

  30. jame says:

    how can a mere lecture get such wealth, malawians wake up

  31. Liberalist says:

    Malawi politicians are hardcore criminals. Muluzi who is now a bedmate of Mutharika is the architect of cashgate which Bingu perfected by deliberately introducing electronic bill payment & messed up by JB & now been perfected by APM. Some foolish tribalistic diehards support Criminals such APM, JB et al why? Malawians learn to look at issues critically. Why APM has 4 billion when most Malawians are very poor. How happy is he with such money when brothers & sisters is leading languish in poverty? Why? HOW?

  32. Nsanje Basi says:

    Inu nonse mukuti fwe fwe fwe njiru ndi chuma cha nzanu, kafufuzeni kuyambila siku anafa Bingu kufika tsopano mupeza kuti APM analemela kalekale ngakhale Chihana akuziwa izizi.

  33. Big brain says:

    Kapito also declare urs where do NGO bosses declare their wealth

  34. Bob says:

    Oh yes check on these thugs infact scrutinize on everyone including me. You will discover that that all those houses in all cities and towns are owned maliciously except for a few substandard ones.

  35. Teketeke Mcherewatha says:

    I don’t wonder that dogs bark but do listen, too. Nyasa just barks and doesn’t listen! Look we were told that Bingu’s wealth was valued at 24/25 bn Kwacha but the valuer, a Mr. Yeremia Chihana, colluded with then Min of Justice and AG, Ralph Kadambara, to bloat it to 61 bn for higher % claimed from govt. But Nyasa are don’t listen, dogs are better than them. They keep referring to 61 bn as Bingu’s wealth, eish!

  36. Jihadi John says:

    If that wealth us true, Mutharikha should just distribute it to Malawians because he has no time left to enjoy it as his days are numbered.

  37. wanangwa says:

    Please do not be surprised. This is the money he stole with his brother. Inu mwayiwala kuti US$ cash was removed from state house when Bingu died. Inu mumati ndiziti? He has declared. Remember he used to go to US pafupi pafupi. That was the time he was banking.

  38. Kangw'ingw'i says:

    Mumafuna mudziwe za chuma cha peter kuti muzitinyasa agalu inu. Bwanji musakukamba za kadona kaja kakuberani dzanazanali ndi kuthawira ku US. Mbuzi za anthu.

  39. condom says:

    The Mutharika family is made up of thieves starting with the late Bingu who begged his way into the UDF by getting a job as Deputy Governor after being reduced to a minibus driver. As President he siphoned millions the records are online for all to see. Peter inherited this loot and has been stealing since being elected last year. We are not fools We are watching you as you plunder and Malawian teachers and nurses to make ends meet. The international community has already agreed not to provide budget support. Munya alomwe nonse. You steal you die of guilt Anthu osakonda dziko inu

  40. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:


  41. Chatty Man says:

    Kunali anzanu a MJ anasiya ndalama ku bank inunso muzisiya ku ma bank ndi u mbava wanuwo.

  42. what does the law say …..APM wanena chuma chimene ali nacho so wats the matter with u Kapito wadya za Chibanzi cha kwa Bowler Beverages okuona ngati ukanena kuti they have to say where the worth is coming from akuona kenekane A kapito mwalemba mmadzi woooooooooo

  43. Kafire says:

    Chimutu, so you guys rely on salary alone? Ohhhh thats why you people are poor eti. In America people do invest in shares, bonds, coupons etc out of salary savings. Others hit jackpots in shares. So you mean after knocking off after working for 8hrs you go to sleep and make babies??? Noooo guys muzasauka.

  44. Kafire says:

    Benson Chirwa, the law doesnt you one should declare his/her spouse’s assets. No. Those are private assets of the spouse. The law says you should declare the assets you JOINTLY own with your spouse. Note the word ‘joint’ and ask lawyers what it means.

  45. brutsha says:

    Any country which put much emphasis on the law in every aspect doesn’t progress. Law will never capture everything and that’s why even our Constitution is silent on so many matters. Sometimes it’s safer to allow our morals to guide our conduct. Let us give an example where law wouldn’t serve us well. In South Africa apartheid was LEGALLY right but was it MORALLY correct? So Mr Ben Phiri to say that the laws of Malawi do not provide for the explanation as to how the wealth was amassed smacks lack of transparency. Any way, this Malawi.

  46. brutsha says:

    Any country which put much emphasis on the law in every aspect doesn’t progress. Law will never capture everything and that’s why even our Constitution is silent on so many matters. Sometimes it’s safer to allow our morals to guide our conduct. Let us give an example where law wouldn’t serve us well. In South Africa apartheid was LEGALLY right but was it MORALLY correct? So Mr Ben Phiri to say that the laws of Malawi do not provide for the explanation as to how the wealth was amassed smacks lack of transparency. Any way, this Malawi.

  47. mbani says:

    Easy to trackdown how deposits were done from 1964 to date

  48. Malawi says:

    See now, Mr Mbendera needs to apologise sincerely to the Nation of Malawi. No crocodile tears. Kubetsa kupose apa?

  49. Malawi says:

    Its high time Malawians we should unite and take back what belongs to Malawi. Obama is Wealth is estimated @US 12.2 million & Peter @8 million US. We need to know when the moneys were deposited and from where. Amalawi kusamva. Bingu came and stole now is Peter kutubela masanasana. This is cashgate. Please these accounts deserves to be frozen considering the suffering we are facing here.

  50. Vwatapu says:

    Working in the US for a long time does not justify an accumulation of those millions. Do not cheat us. If he was that rich he could not have pleaded to buy a house below a stipoulated market value. He would not have even collaborated with his brother to remove by force timber traders from Chikangawa forest and grab the trade to themselves. What we are being told about assets is not true.

  51. andrew says:

    Ndinthawi yokweza chuma cha dziko osati kuyang’ana mthumba mwa anzathu. Kuti tikutumizireni ma auditor ku office yanu a police ali pa mbalipa simukazikozera inu? Chifukwa chiyani a Malawi timakonda kuloza chala anzathu? We voted them into power, let them work freely otherwise azatinamizira kuti alephera kutukula dziko chifukwa choti timawasokoneza.

    1. Paul Vida says:

      We didnt vote them into power, they stole the vote even my three year old son knows kuti anabera. Dont ever say this shit again.Comment

      1. Legacy says:

        This is the problem we have in Malawi, people like you start indoctrinating children at the age of 3 and they grow up without a mind of their own, hence the lack of objectivity that we have in this country.

        “Atumbuka amabela mayeso” instead of telling your child to work hard.
        “Alomwe ndi anthu oyipa” instead of telling your child how not to behave in society.

        You are killing your child!! STOP the indoctrination, at three they do not vote, so how does he know about kubela?

        I feel sorry for your children, if at all you have any. Lying is another thing Malawians are good at.

    2. MB says:

      Translate Into English please!

  52. Cocoon says:

    But Malawians, you just let these people grab whatever they can in your eyes just because they tell you that they want to control you and look after you and yet they do not care about the country and the people, you are just going to be poor for ever because every Malawian has been educated that stealing is the only way forward. Someone need to do something to save Malawi now! Crooks are in control now, how are you going to get out of this. Malawi is gone to the dogs.

  53. vindele says:

    If the law doesn’t provide a space for explaination, then be prepared not to ask them to explain when they come out of office in 2019. This is rubbish. We are going no where at 50 years.

  54. amfana says:

    let me draw your attention to my asset declaration: i have one 10kg bag of flour, 4 spoons 13 dogs(4 mature female dogs, the rest puppies), ndondocha ziwiri, 1 hoe,2 bank accounts held in 2 local banks,1 bank account outside the country ( all accounts full of money mpaka pamwamba)

  55. vindele says:

    Olakwa ndi opanga lamulo. Lamulori ndi losapsa.

  56. Chimani. Game says:

    Peter muthalika takes Malawians as fools .he is not the most educated guy,school hake ya online yokopela

  57. peter says:

    From the response of Ben Phiri, I feel sorry for the state president and the nation he leads. Ben lacks ingenuity and can not adequately advise the head of state.

  58. kd says:

    beni phiri umuuze APM afa imfa yowawa ngati bingu….if you play around with poor man’s tax, God will come hard on you….. ndatukwana ngati?

  59. Chikopa says:

    Why the figure of muthalika is coming up avery hour and then, it looks like someone is working behind the seen, jb declared 14million muthalika 8million but the fuse is about muthalika money money . You remind me the issue of GREEN CARD you reporters looks like you shelding some body while another one should look like bad guy

  60. sebastian Dickson says:


    1. Kes munthali says:

      A law professor at Washington university where Peter munthalika taught for over 30 years, on average earns $6500/month and can earn well over $1 000 000.00 a year if you add money earned from research and consultation work. This information is freely available on the university website. Poverty and jealousy is a problem pa Nyasaland.

      1. davido says:

        Kes Munthali you lack analytical marbles. You are assuming this guy didn’t eat,pay rent/mortgage,send his kids through law school,pay tax etc. if that were the case,the cumulative amount over 40years works out to 4 million,not 8 million. Don’t take us for idiots buddy. Palibe za nsanje apa but seeking the truth!

  61. Kwazulu says:

    Peter did not declare all this money when he was in cabinet during Bingu’s time. Where has he gotten this money all of a sudden? Can’t someone check with US Banks to find how old the deposits are? And whether appropriate taxes were being paid to the US govt. thats how the truth can be established, otherwise, the figures have been accumulated in the past 6 or months, I am sure.

  62. kk says:

    You wanted asserts declaration for you to know their wealth today mwatutumuka mukuti iyayi ndalama zachuluka. What is your justification on Chakwera’s wealth, remember he was a Pastor not a politician. He is also very rich tiyenayeni kafukufuku wanuyo..

  63. Benson Chirwa says:

    Peter didn’t declare wife’s assets. Most of them should have been inherited. Which cars are worth that much?

  64. Geoma says:

    In the nation newspaper yesterday there was an interesting asset value. Nyambadwe house worthy K7m, I was puzzled how cud a nyambadwe be worthy K7m that’s a mockery, a std house in nyambadwe is worthy K60m so a habitable house? Plot Chani??

  65. If that is the case I don’t see the use of declaring assets

  66. Think Tank says:

    Poor Ben Phiri. So its his turn to hide bend the law. Remember how you insisted JB should re-declare her assets and she also used the same law? His $8million will be very easy to verify in this world of transparency.

  67. ujeni says:

    Was Mutharika playing NBA basketball in America or was he part of G-Unit of 50cent

  68. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkkkk bola ife day imeneyo tikadya bonya tiimati zayenda

  69. Kes munthali says:

    Poverty and jealousy are a very dangerous concontion. In the eyes of most Malawi’s if you have money, it is because you are practising satanism, using witchcraft and killing albinos. A very quick google search will actually give you the exact salary figure for employees at Washington university, were munthalika teached for over 30 years. An associate Proffesor in the law department earned on average not less than $6500 a month, with potential earnings of over $1000000 a year from research and consultancy work.

    1. here we go again says:

      man we are talking of thirty years ago, the average wage you r talking about is the current one. Pliz dont doctor things here even u kes u are stupid it was better for to say quite ok?

    2. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

      And APM was full fledged professor, one notch up associate professor!

  70. Chenda says:

    What does the law require? it requires the declaration of assets as his excellency the President has done and is very exemplary and I support him. The audit exercises are needed elsewhere where we should put enough controls of the revenue for the government so that we can continue having access to free medical care in our hospitals and other facilities.

  71. assipher says:

    BalemeLani chobvetsa chison ife aphawi tizingosaukabe,eish

  72. Chipoya LJ. says:

    Sometimes I don’t understand you my fellow Malawians. We ve been crying for this assets declaration by our leaders and its here now but we are also complaining.

    Abale munthu nanga atani apa? Its really true that Walira mvula walira matope. Let the issue be that these gurus must be closely monitored not that the figures are exaggerated.

    This is high time we stop being jealousy to the success of our fellow human but rather fight tooth and nails to catch them if chances arises. Let’s we learn to work hard so that we be like them.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!

  73. Chimutu says:

    Atakhala kuti $8,000,000 anaichita earn mzaka 20 yophonzitsa law ku USA, it would mean he was earning about K7,900,000 per month tax free and he did not use the money for any expenses. I will leave it to you to decide whether that is realistic or not.

  74. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Those who are simply ignorant about wealth accumulation strategies in capitalist countries, like the USA, should just stop criticizing APM. Some doubters are sad sack cases who never achieved financial independence, even after living in such countries for many years, with good jobs, and living “middle class” lives. But they lived for the day; forgetting about tomorrow. Simply put, most of them are financial failures. And now, jealous of APM.
    What really counts is not what you make; rather it is what you do not spend.
    Verification of assets is fair; but do not assume misrepresentation by people like APM. They are very much aware of the consequences of such practice.
    It is understandable, perhaps for those who have not lived, I mean really lived, in North America or Europe, to be ignorant about wealth accumulation from salaries, investments, consultancies, business. And some old fashion luck!

  75. elias buleia says:

    Peter ndi munthu amene wakhala zaka zambiri akulandira ma dorral
    koma a mai ndi chakwelayo

  76. lol says:

    Mwachita bwino mwapanga declare the assets tikubeleni bwino

  77. Jelbin mk says:

    Anyway if the law does not provide the need for the declared assets to be explained then the whole process of assets declaration is a crap and a waste of time and tax payers money n remember Peter was a cabinet minister before he became the president of this country therefore he is obliged to explain how he got such a stinking wealth in a short period of time? And the possibility is there that he might have used his position as a minister to swindle our taxes with his brother, I now agree with Yeremia Chihana a private evaluator that Peter and Bingu had joint accounts and that they were stealing from us concurrently.

  78. Uchindami says:

    Ndalama za Abulazi izi si zija za Big Kahuna?

  79. Mikongoni says:

    Peter has a lot of his money in USA where also he worked so long, as such you can’t point a finger at him on what he has, he was an employee and was getting salary in dollars so what! Munkwenye chakwelayo akuoneka kuti wawabela achristu kwambili mzina la kuoeleka moolowa manja.

  80. Mubarak says:

    Mabwana! ife tikalemera kumwamba(tikachita bwino)

  81. akulu says:

    Ben phiri iwe ndiye i know all ur assets including ma flats ukumanga Ku area 43 aja. How can u construct flats for 300 million kwacha yet ur salary is around 1 million. Amwenye mumakumana nawo kwa chimwemwe chipungu Ku 44 aja ndi amene akukupatsani ndalama. Tikulembani mpaka mudziwika

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