Karonga DEC snub Kyungu, vow to protect homosexual rights as Malawi NGO launches access to justice’ project

The District Executive Committee (DEC) members in Karonga the northern part of Malawi, have snubbed Paramount Chief Kyungu’s order of not allowing the rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) in his area.

DEC members on a group photo after the meeting

DEC members on a group photo after the meeting

In February this year, Kyungu who is the most senior chief of Karonga and Chitipa denounced the rights of LGBTI in both districts claiming it is evil and unacceptable.

Kyungu further instructed his subjects to desist entertaining LGBTI advocators in the areas while threatened to chase out any one found promoting gays and lesbians.

But Karonga District Executive Committee (DEC) members a group that consist of Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and government officials in the district, on Friday vowed o protect the LGBTI rights.

The members made the call y during the meeting organized by the Center for the Development for People (CEDEP) in the district.

According to the members, despite no LGBTI have been identified in the district it is important to start giving them a good environment.

“We don’t see any problem to protect the rights of gays and lesbians, because they are also enjoying their constitutional rights,” they said.

However, the deputy board chair of CEDEP Rev. Macdonald Sembereka disclosed that the district has number of LGBTI people hence the meeting.

“We decide to hold the meeting here because our research has shown that the district has number of gays and lesbians.  It has also been revealed that these people are not enjoying their rights as they are afraid of the surround community,” disclosed Sembereka.

“But what you have to know is that the country’s constitution legalized LGBTI and that they are supposed to treated equally,” he added.

In his remarks, Darlington Akambedi who is the senior superintendent in the Malawi Police said the law does not allow them to arrest gays or lesbians but to protect them.

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Then it is better for the people to protect their culture themselves. Do not depend on DEC or any NGO. You find LGBTI people burn them


Banthu aba bari kupokera ndrama zinandi ku baCEDEP lekani bakuyowoya ivyo bakuyowoya apa!


Kodi u reverend uwu ndi wa nyawu or wat?? Even nyawu sizingaloreso nyasi zimenezi
Satana wachabechabe!
Dyeranitu ndalamazo and perish in hell for ever!!!

Prophet Justice

Rev Sembeleka and Senior Superitendant Akambadi are misleading Malawians. The Malawi Constitution has not been am ended to allow gays and lesbians neither has there been any repeal if such laws.

The Karonga DEC on one hand has failed it’s noble task by approving an LGBTI project without crosschecking the supreme law’s stipulations.

The author of the article would have also done better by doing some independent research, investigation and analysis rather than simply regurgitating falsified information probably under the influence of ‘ chibanzi’

Nevertheless, God will not condone such a sin if unrepented.

Wake Up Malawi.. Take a lesson from the most prosperous Nations on the continent of Africa; South Africa & Mozambique.. While these two countries have legalized same sex relationships and are the most developed and progressive countries on the dark continent, the rest exist in utter poverty. Malawi is the worst of the worst.. People live worst than wild animals. The conditions are horrific this while Government steals everything from Donor money leaving the country desperate. If the human rights of homosexuals are violated, this will bring the country to its knees. There is no choice regardless of what these… Read more »

Atumbuka inu a hinya. Anzanu ku Mulanje anakana za nsete zi inu. Mverani a Kyungu wo akunena za nzeru amenewo.

First. Albert you sadden me of your tribalistic sense. This is not about atumbuka, it is about Malawi. You have a very valid point. I want to contribute about this. Whatever God hates please hate it as well. He is our Father and our creator. Mr Wolf, i love you brother, but you sadden me by thinking that you can sell your soul, your spirit with a plate of food or with gold and silver. I bet you, the God who made and provides the food, gold and silver can as well take it to punish the nation for not… Read more »

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