Karonga pro-federalism demo cancelled

Organizers of the much anticipated pro- federalism demonstrations in the Malawi’s northern border district of Karonga have postponed their scheduled demonstrations  which were scheduled for Sunday to pave way for dialogue between them and government on various concerns affecting the region.

The development comes barely a week after government banned the protests, a decision, later challenged by the organizers who vowed to continue with the demonstrations despite the ban.

Simsokwe, Karonga demos activist: Opts for a dialogue

Simsokwe, Karonga demos activist: Opts for a dialogue

Announcing the cancellation of the demonstrations Saturday evening in Karonga, Chairperson of the Organizing committee who is also Executive Director for Karonga Youth for Justice and Development Steve Simsokwe, said the grouping has decided to change its decision for fear of creating an impression that it is challenging government on dialogue.

“We have called off the demonstrations because we feel government may think we are challenging it since it turned down our notification letter last week. Again, we want to pave way for dialogue which is being advocated for by the Presidential Advisor of National Unity and Parliamentary Affairs, Symon Vuwa Kaunda, so that together we address our concerns amicably”, said Simsokwe in an an exclusive interview with the Nyasa Times.

He also pointed out resistance by the police to offer security during the demonstrations as another factor that has prompted them to rescind the decision.

“We have fears that some people will take advantage of the absence of law enforcers to attack people and loot shops, and the police will definitely arrest us as ring leaders and accuse us for inciting violence as it has been a trend in the previous demonstrations,” he added.

The grouping wanted the  protest to influence government to adopt the widely campaigned federal system of government to ensure that the country’s three regions control themselves their resources, abolish quota system and upgrade the district town to a municipality.

However, Karonga District Commissioner, Rosemary Moyo and the police turned down a notification letter by the organizers on claims that the issues raised were already expressed in previous forums, and that government has shown interest to address them.

Presidential Adviser on National Unity and Parliamentary Affairs, Vuwa Kaunda recently advised the youth in the District to raise their concerns through dialogue with government rather than rushing for demonstrations which he said have never improved things in the country apart from bringing chaos.

However, Simsokwe says they have now opted for Kaunda’s idea because it is constructive, but challenged to call for demonstrations if the talks between the two would fail to meet their demands.


“We are convinced with the Presidential Advisor’s decision, and we are now looking forward to the government as to when it will engage us for a dialogue, at the same time we are very optimistic that the government will understand our concerns and address them in a constructive manner,” he said.

Commenting on the development, Kaunda challenged to facilitate a dialogue between the President and the concerned group to ensure that their concerns are heard peacefully.

“I am very excited with the decision made by the grouping to cancel the demonstrations and prioritize dialogue, this clearly indicates that we are really one Malawian, and will ensure that I do everything possible to initiate dialogue with the President so they can have their issues addressed”, said Kaunda.

In their remarks, Paramount Chief Kyungu and the District Commissioner also expressed gratitude over the grouping’s decision, saying it is an indication of maturity among the organisers.

“As chiefs we don’t condone demonstrations because they are destructive to the community we are living, and retards development hence I have always emphasizing that we are ‘better together’”, said Kyungu.

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Why cry u r bosses,kkkkkkkkk. Vindere


muziyenda ku karonga konko osati kuno ku malawi
. opusa nonse amene mukuyambitsa zimenezi. mmene president ali wa kumpoto zaka ziwiri zapitazi, bwanji simunayende. mukuyendera ndalama zakuba eti. federalism kulira kwa mtumbuka.

This Organization is coward. plis plis vuwa is not man to trust tommorrow will not call you to dialogue. he could not accept that matter to take place. do you know vuwa? vuwa is Tonga, the same man met chiefs of RUMPHI later he went again to LIVINGSTONIA SYNOD and now, comes to you saying dialogue is only way. Tommorrow this man never meet you. this is Tonga man you don’t know him? even karonga DC are helpless. Nice or good thing is not easier. “sweat, for sweet “. Dont play foolgames this very much serious issue. If you will… Read more »
HardCore Northerner--Chintheche
Northerners should stop being cowards. In every struggle to liberate one from the bondage of slavery lives must be lost. The oppressors will try by all means necessary to suppress this idea of Federalism/separation because that is how oppressors are. You have ready in the Bible how Pharoah refused to let the Jewish go. Pharaoh said who will do all the hard jobs if I let these slaves go. Peter Hitler Mutharika is using the Northerners as a punching bag to justify his looting, theft, genocide, assassination of desenting voices, tribalism, nepostism, quotaism, and many other “isms.” The Northerners must… Read more »

Malawi was formely Nyasaland; name after lake Nyasa which covers all the three regions. Dividing it does not solve a problem coz we are one.
Lets find a solution for the problems we have. Be a Malawian and not a Northerner or a Southerner. This can be done by:
-The government should distribute power well
-Northerners should stop nepotism
-Political disagreements should not be used as a tool to divide Malawi
-Equal access to education basing on population distribution and get me right.



Mwachita bwino mwapanga cancelled, chifukwa anthu akanafaso, remember pa 20 July. Please Malawi we are all one. The main aim of that demo ndikuwona kuti ndi Qouta System and maudindo especially Ma Minister. Apa ndiye nanenso zikundiwawa zoona ana akumpoto paja Mulungu anatidalitsa ndi Dzeru zamu class, koma a pakati ndi kumwela ayi ndithu anthu ake dzeru zochita kukokera. Just imaging wina anakhoza 7 points koma osamutenga zoona zimenezo ati Qouta system kodi systemyimeneyi mbaibulo yilimo? Tatiyeni mwa bwana chonde muchitepo kanthu pamenepa osamalekelera ndi kutsekelera zina zilizonse please do so. gd day.

Arthur G.M. Mtambo




Its so painfull to c how so many industries e.g vizala plantation, which its coporate responsbility goez & to d south, instead of going to d north.
We r tired the way how d developement r diverged from north going to south e.g st augustine sec school in nkhata bay
Lets devide our country into provincez to avoid


Kikikikiki,ayayaya,cowards.Akuti they want to engage in negotiations.Ndangowona mitu ya anthuwo,basi,phwete langondigwira.Can I organise the demonstrations please.Coz if people like Nelson Mandela,aka Madiba were of the brains of these guys,then South Africa would not haqve had the peace they are enjoying now.You organisers are whack,you are fools,daylight fools.Ine ndikubwera,I will take over from where you guys have failed.Dont be cowards,this government already bowed down to your demands and you are backing down?Ine olo nditapanga demonstrate ndekha,I will still carry the message.


Zoona ndithu kapange DEMO wekha. Ukatengenso a mbuyako, akazi ako, achemwali ako, achimwene ako, agalu akwanu, ukawona DEMO ikabeba.Osabwelera mbuyo aise.


southerners are right, we built our houses in your stupid region.
you have opened our eyes as to where to place our investments. Inu bakhalani ma tenants athu! Whose the boss pamenepo.?


The boss is the one who pays while the slave receives. Watcheka imeneyo?

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