Kasambala, Malawi artists back Prophet Bushiri against critics: ‘Major1’ dominates social media talk

Prominent lawyer and former Malawi justice and constitutional affairs minister, Ralph Kasambara and local gospel artists Patience Namadingo and Thoko Katimba have gone flat out to throw their weight behind philanthropic prophet Sheperd Bushiri of Enlightened Christian Gahering (ECG) against critics over his “capturing in the spirit realm” miracle through an ipad.

Major 1: Prophet Bushiri

Major 1: Prophet Bushiri

Kasambara has been active on Facebook to defend Bushiri and posted an “original video” that was shown on a 24 hour television , Prophetic Channel to counter the recent video going viral .

Bushiri has argued that the video critical of him has been tempered with.

Kasambara has even further trumpted Bushiri’s forthcoming Mzuzu miracle crusade by disclosing that Bushiri will return home on his private jet.

He also posted a photo of Bushiri in South Sudan, with their vice president. He reportedly also met South Sudan president .

Also posting on his Facebook page in defence of Bushiri, singer Namadingo narrates that he get upset when people talk ill against Man of God who is called ‘Major 1’ and claimed other countries are being favoured with a prophet .

“When someone calls him a liar, it really upsets me for I have personally been made better by him. Malawi watch out!”

“When others promote negativity against a true man of God, other countries have been favoured by God although the same man we have in the past called names and made fun of! Wakumva wamva” wrote Namadingo.

On his Facebook post, Katimba of the ‘Anaphi’ hit could not hide his feelings and dedication to prophet Bushiri.

“I love you Major 1, just as Patience Namadingo has said, you remain my Papa, my Prophet, my pastor, my brother, my father and my source of inspiration no matter how the devil tries to attack you” reads part of Katimba’s posting.

He added: “You have been through alot and for us who know you better, we know nothing can shake you”:

Katimba further wondered why people rejoice when servants of God including Bushiri are being mocked and attacked.

But the postings have attracted several comments of which the majority are hostile both to the artists and Bushiri.

Bushiri is facing opposition from some Christian circles, understandably so, because, some see him as a threat given his church is now one of Africa’s fastest growing ministries.

Onward Christian Radio reported that Bushiri is a man whose, teaching ability is “impeccable and his strategy dynamic.”

“God has shown his hand at Prophet Bushiri’s church and miracles have been happening in ECG Church,” reported Onward Christian Radio

His church membership has grown to over 35,000 in Johannesburg, South Africa alone and thousands across Africa.

The chanting “Major 1, do something, do something” is now a famous chorus chanted by the bumper crowds that come to see Bushiri minister.

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157 thoughts on “Kasambala, Malawi artists back Prophet Bushiri against critics: ‘Major1’ dominates social media talk”

  1. winstone says:

    do not judge for u dont knw who has tha powers. .let god be god

  2. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    Amfumu, you say Major 1 should sell his jet and help the poor? You make me laugh. What have you yourself sold in order to help those poorer than you? Anyway, I knew some are attacking the Man of God not because of lack of credibility of what he does, but simply because he is a Malawian. Malawians do not traditionally have respect for compatriots who make big achievements. From time immemorial, Malawians have always praised “zakunja” while pouring scorn on “zachi Malawi”. Malawian patriotims!! Thankfully, the Major 1 does not waste time on such petty issues. Inu zichedwani ndi izo, ife anzanu tikukwera ya MAJOR 1 paulendo wa kumwamba!

  3. RayAnne says:

    Anthufe timayiwala kuti mbala imodzi imene inali pa Golgota ndi Yesu inalowa kumwamba., munthu wokuti anali chifwamba pa dziko pano. So mudzadabwa Kasambara akukulandirani kumwamba tsiku lina. Lekeni ambuye akhale ambuye.

  4. Gift Matsimbe says:

    Major 1 I love u man of God. Your teachings are so strong and inspiring. Am always proud of you Man of God.

  5. moses says:

    My papa I love u my reedemer thnx God 4 giving us our prophet major 1

  6. amfumu says:

    Private jet for what?Sell it and help the poor

  7. Rassel says:

    He is my favorite prophet well came back home major.. Devil is a liar Malawian need you to develop.. Am a living testimony and I follow you always. No matter what the devil is planning against us

  8. ndangodusamo says:

    May God have mercy on you Bushiri, repent before you break suddenly! Nanunso anthu mumamutsatila uyu may God remove the scales from your eyes.

  9. aurora says:

    Do u have a duaghter? yes,sphiwe..is her name SPHIWE? yes man of god..Did u tell me her name? no man of god.
    Can i capture ur daughter in spirit, go on man of god..

    ichooooo he then goes to click pa last picture taken..shows a picture,,, kkkkkk Bushiri…..bushiri……bushiri!

  10. kagunde pamwamba says:

    Let’s pray for the multitudes in our hospital beds who are sick other than this. Remember what the bible says about the last days.
    A man of God cant talk ill of another person.

  11. tsitsi says:

    Go for it man of God the devil is a liar , do what God has called you to do,

  12. nyakaji says:

    Malawi is shaken even b4 Prophet Major 1 lands back home, those againist him form your own MINISTRY and perform better miracles than Bushiri. Amene mwamutukwana akakupindirani mabondo mulimba Because he knows you by name and phone numberand where you are staying take care

  13. Spectator says:

    If you are ignorant, you will keep on defending your prophet but for the enlightened will leave everything in the hands of Jesus Christ

  14. DAMIANO says:


  15. Honourable Chanamuna says:

    Zoonadi a mfumu , a kuti musakondwere kuti mukutulutsa ziwanda ……
    In fact prophecy is the last ministry in these last days

  16. taurayi tokisi says:

    major one, i was doubting in your miracles also, but the way your home people rejects you reminds me what jesus said ‘no prophet is accepted in his home country’. That shows you are a true prophet. Deliver me also man of god, i beg you in the might name of our lord jesus christ.

  17. Himmie says:

    Last days and fake prophets. The bible prophesied the coming of fake prophets. Miracles doesnt shows that your righteous wake up guys.

  18. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk end times. Why The Lord is sending a lot of prophets at the same time sometimes with contradicting prophesies? In the bible days The Lord used to send one Prophet at one given time, why now we have lots of them???????? Are they really from The Lord??????????? Does God use science to perform or to show His miraculous powers????????? God help us to see The Lught in this End Time. Don’t forget what the Bible said about false prophets. We must always ask The Lord to show us so that we can be able distinguish between The Powers of Darkness & The Powers of The Light.

  19. Oscar says:

    Sage Caswel Mkanda
    ‘I am failing to pronounce the name’.
    ‘I cannot find her name in the spirit’.
    ‘Why should I struggle to get the name in the spirit if
    I can capture her with an IPAD?’
    1 Corinthians 2:10 says, ‘… These things God has
    revealed to us through the Spirit (NOT IPAD). For
    the Spirit searches EVERYTHING (including names
    and pronounciations), EVEN THE DEEP THINGS ….
    Now listen, this nonsense of capturing babies in the
    spirit is very unfortunate. I am not interested to
    know whether the video was manipulated or not.
    But guys look at the level of pride and entertainment
    in that video. Should cashgate suspects now tell us
    how powerful this prophet is? And should patience
    namadingo and thoko katimba tell us how ungodly
    we are when we complain about this nonsense?
    This Prophet Bushiri or Major could not hear from
    the Holy Spirit about the child, but the IPAD did the
    MIRACLES NDE MBWEEEE? Miracles are not a sign
    that one is a man of God, rather assess the life
    Khululukani Ambuye.

  20. Kodi Patience Namidingo anthu akuoneka kuti sakudziwa za inu, auzeni zoona kuti inu munali mmodzi mwa ana amene amaphuzitsidwa ufiti ndi amai ena mwa Biwimo ndipo umafuna kupha mmodzi mwa makolo ako. Bambo ake atamva izi anaponda mwana molapitsa mpaka anamangitsa abambo ake Ku polisi ya Ku area 3. Iye atathawa kumakakhala ndi abusa aku Assembles of God. Bambo ake ndi munthu wa fundo ndi wamwano anawauza apolice off with your human rights mwanayo ndiwanga ndiye za Namadingo. School sanaphuzere kufika Ku collage. Mwina akufuna usher kwa Bushireyo kuti apite Ku Joni.koma a bambo ake amakhala Ku Joni konko.

  21. Samalani says:

    Judge not and touch not my anointed ones says the word of God,otherwise you can face the anger of God

  22. Dr. Mango says:

    Do not be taken away easily. Believe in the truth and not just because somebody seems to perform miracles. Devils also perform magic. You may be misled. That is my advice to all!!!

  23. nobuhle Somlota says:

    Watch the space

  24. Bokonomiks says:

    Modern christians are caught up in an obsession of the earthly things whilst losing focus on the christian great commission of spreading the message of God on salvation; converting people in the name of the father, son and hold spirit.

  25. George says:

    I dare this so called man of God tho come and capture my child. Fakes!


    First it was Mbhoro in south africa,of course who can forget the in famous most holy man of God who could or can foreseen anything good ,bad or even death,but he failed to prophesise the fall and collapse of his Church…TB Joshua of course! Not the man of God? Yes he is! Where is he or what happens to him now after the Church collapse? Wow! May b underground? Who knows! Now this Mampara Bhushiri! To show that u r NOT men of God,other than smart satans,u will all go one by one to ur Muster,which is hell. Ur judgements for all of u who claim to b men of God,is rite here. TB Joshua know it better that he is NOT a prophet. He failed to locate where the 292 girls abducted by the in famous Boko Haram. U can b fooled by their evil deeds,but NOT me! In these last days,we people r motivated by Money,that’s why they won,t do nothing for free like Jesus did! My conclusion! There is NO prophet or prophets in these days.so Bhushiri and his followers can go to the nearest hell like Judas Iscariot did!!!! Amen to God! To hell with false Prophets!!!

  27. Nyonyonyo says:

    Ofcouse we in a generation full of technology, so he took an ipad to prove that even God can never be stopped with the aspect of technology. Sorry major 1 that didn’t do you good, choosing a different a way to show the child’s face could have worked. Tell your technological team to work hard on that theory & try next time. God is God and truly nothing can stop him.


    ambuye ndamene akudziwa chilungamo.

  29. Ma~tchi~ni says:

    God is only one who knows, either the prophet is true or no but the issue is chouluka chngauluke motan one day chizatera thats the 2ruth lets just wait and see….!

  30. Wadya Kake alibe mbiri says:

    Kasambara out of all people???? Kkkkkkkkkk it’s understandable milandu yachulukitsa mwina nkupulumukako

  31. Mr What What says:

    show us the original video. coz as we saw it, there was nothing that was seen been edited

  32. ALEX says:

    Yakula ndi nsanje apa if he is a fake prophert or not its non of our business.I know God who created me and whom i worship.Not all Preachers,Reverends,Pastors,Bishops,Shehehs are just before God they have weakeness just like any human being.First and foremost have agreat desire to know God our heavenly Father, seek His kingdom,repent and do according to His will.We must learn to respect the choices of others after all we have freedom of worship and association.ZISIYENI ZIKULIRE LIMODZI AND WAIT FOR JUDGEMENT DAY.

  33. Spider says:

    Zochokera kwa Ambuye zimapitirira, zochokera kwa Satan zimathera mnjira. Watch out.

  34. Uthant Chaula says:

    May the Lord have mercy on us for mocking the anointed man of God..Prophet Bushiri may you remember me in prayer…As for me and my family prophetic channel is our life..

  35. Desparate now as he is being cornered by the law, Kasambara wants to find sympathy from preachers. You will do this while in prison. An intelligent lawyer who takes short cuts to achieve his objectives.

  36. Joseph Mponda says:

    Love you man of God…..continue wth your job.

  37. learnedmi says:


  38. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Chabwino Mulungu akukuwonani, muzakhala nkhuni, zimene zimayamba kuphya chowchedwa chisanaphye. Kkkkkkk

  39. nobuhle Somlota says:

    We are blessed in South Africa to have Major 1 a true prophet

  40. nobuhle Somlota says:

    Oh what a Miracle man of God. A true prophet a healer make ordinary people millionaire I was also healed by ECG CHURCH WE ARE BLESSED AT SOUTH AFRICA TO HAVE A TRUE PROPHET OF GOD MAJOR 1 THE ORIGINAL

  41. Kape says:

    Go deeper man of God go deeper

  42. Mbwiyache says:

    Endtime pls takecare Math 24:24

  43. moses says:

    These are the last days. There shall rise false prophets and shall receive many. But as children of God, we have to watch out. Coz we might accept the devil himself

  44. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Kodi mukuti Kasambala? kikikikikikiki. Cashgate = HELL. False PROPHESIES = HELL, kikikikikikiki. Jesus did not enrich himself, had no private jet nor bentrys etc. He lived amongest the poor. He did not migrate to countries like south africa to MILK people. Anyway, the road to HELL is wider than the one to Heaven. Shows on hear how many are heading this super highway. TO HELL WITH YOUR SO CALLED PROPHET, CROOK. BTW, is he going to visit his BUSH CHILD in Mzuzu?

  45. you will know them by their fruits, that’s what the bible says. about what kasambara said is not spiritual things is of the world, I mean to meet with political figures does not make him a real prophet becox the real thing a bout us is our spirit, katimba and Namadingo what you benefit from him financially does not make him real or fake

  46. Naphili says:

    I did say that those with little or no education believe in this Bushsri git | Now here is Kasambara| I rest my case,

  47. mabwiti says:

    Namadingo is it God who has made you better or Prophet Bushiri. I wish you could say God made you better through man of God Bushiri, do not take the place of God and place a pastor on it. Nsiyeni Mulungu akhale Mulungu because he is the one who makes people better by blessing them.

  48. mponisi says:

    He don’t force any1 if you don’t know how God’s work stop talking nonsense thing.you can try to speak to bring him down but you can’t win.go deeper papa do something, God still talking to people even today.

  49. mashati says:

    Kasambala musamunene kuti ndiwochimwa mesa Yesu anabwerera anthu wochimwa mudziwa bwanji za ubale wake ndi Mulungu tsopano pliz don’t judge

  50. Stenson says:

    The major 1, l believe in whatever you do spiritually. Please, continue to play for me and my entire family, for l understand that we are in the last days where all those who believe in God shall be tested in many ways. We as Christians we need to stand film in order to defeat the devil. For l know as a christian that God will never leave or for sake us in every circustance we face with here on earth. May God continue to shine on you the major one and God blessyou abondantly, Amen.

  51. Alick says:

    Don’t judge coz u will be judged

  52. Prison Warden says:

    hahahhahahahhaha Kasambara wa cashgate yemweyu? What does he know about heavenly things? Hahahahaha musatiseketse. As for these false gospel musicians we all know kuti they mix za Mulungu ndi za pa dziko. They are just as deluded as Bushiri himself.

  53. Joshua mtonga says:

    if someone is weak in the spirit it is difficult to understand things of God:::::: but go deeper Major original they shall weep and cry themselves with the power of God in youuuuuu>>>

  54. wordsmith says:

    It’s nat about who got his back or not. These days superstition happening in the church. These are evil days

  55. opportunist says:

    Go deeper man of God Major 1.Osafuna akhale or amwe Surf .

  56. Nanyoni says:

    What else can you expect from a corrupt lawyer like lafu kasambula? please he is a lost cause trying to dodge prison if he thinks a worldly mad man of god will save him akudzinyenga.

  57. Zanga Phe Basi says:

    But why does he only concentrate on miracles which focus on prosperity? If this is what the bible says i have no problems with it. but i doubt!

  58. thin says:

    Jesus said “you will know them by their fruits” read between lines and then know who he is.
    I get suprised to see prophets, pastor, etc having body guards instead of Holy Spirit.

  59. andrew nyondo says:

    signs of the time….i wonder why people are making arguments on something they have not asked God to reveal for them to know. i wonder why people are praising Bushiri more than God. i wonder why some people cannot be critical enough to determine the truth from staged prophesies. i wonder why people cannot understand why Bushiri is not going to villages and preach to people. i wonder why people cannot understand that Bushiri is targetting rich people and not poor ones. i wonder why people are so blind, i wonder why they are failing to grasp the word of God that many will come to heal diseases in his name and perform many miracles without his approval. i wonder why people are failing to understand that such type of prophets are depicted in the bible. i wonder if people have ever read Jeremiah 28 which is talking about the original and God-sent prophet Jeremiah and fake boasty prophet Hannaniah. God have mercy on this world.

  60. Steven Maseya says:

    It is not right just to critisize others for the sake of destroying them, I also find these criticisms very strange becuase they are hurled against men of God even when they do something good in the eyes of the world like charity work. These critics who also go their different denominations, will find something to make sure that Prophet, Pastor or Rev is potrayed in bad light. You wonder what they want to achieve at the end of the day or they are agents of the devil themselves. I thought there is freedom of worship in this world. There is a guy in Nigeria who calls himself “God” popularly known as Olumba Olumba Obu but you never hear any critisisms against him. He is out there telling people he is “Lord”. There is a guy in Russia who has declared that he is Christ himself. What about that? If Prophet Bushiri is doing something wrong, its just a matter of time before we discover that he is a false Prophet, not these videos that are manipulated in the studio. With the emergency of these gadgets, anyone can play around with any picture or video. Do you know that 90% of Titanic, was shot in the studio against green background. Make sure you are holy your self before you start condemning others. Only 10% was shot on location. So I would like all those who always look for faults in others that this is not right as well. May the good God forgive you all.

    Steven Maseya

  61. kk says:

    Pamenepaja ife kudzakhala pheee, ndikudzauza mtundu wa aMalawi kuti,ZABWINOZO PITLIZANI NDIPO ZOIPAZO ZITAYENI, because JESUS is coming. Ife pheeeeee

  62. Kajani ka msuku says:

    Kodi inu mukudzudzula bwanji simuli a prophet?
    Kodi Mulungu wakupatsani mphamvu zake zakuweruza.
    Zilekeni zikulire limodzi ndipo mwini wake adzaweruza patsiku lomwe akudziwa yekha.

  63. Nansani wa chingoni says:

    Hahaha!!! Yheeella!!! Chinsalu cha mu Kachisi chinang’ambika pakati…..

  64. mbuya says:

    guys silence the critics give them the original clip bwanji munkhala ngati minister wina wake amene sanapereke clip ya cctv ku acb aaaaaaaa kkkkkkkk major 1 prophesy ah!

  65. Pat says:

    Kasambala, u just wanted to be a new Prophet in prison, being educated but brainless. Thats why ur one of the convicts because u dont reason when doing things just like this prophet of doom.

  66. nam'bwibwi says:

    That’s the way to go Ralph u’ve made my day. Don’t discouraged by the doubting thomas.

  67. thako la mmwenye says:

    kodi awa a kasambara amaliza kudya za cashgate. nanga uyu katimba anasiya kutenga katundu wayeni sopano. kodi ka namadingo aka ndiye katinso aka?

  68. Bololo says:

    They are all in the same business of doing business by false pretence. In short con artists, and of course when one of them is caught pants down it will upset them.

  69. watcheya says:

    masiku omaliza mmalo mokhala mumawu werengani book la ecclesiastic komaso isaiah 40 muzadabwa mukulimbanazi no phindu tikawonana kumwambako pasikulo

  70. The Prison monger says:

    Desperate times calls for desperate measures, its very clearly that the days in Kasambara’s life are certainly closing hence running here and there to sick confort

  71. Okhrana says:

    Katong’ongo, samala dont associate bushiri wakoyo ndi Catholics, amamwa, YES, koma samazitamirira ndi ma miracles, they teach abt kulapa and chipulumutso, thus why the church is growing day in day out, and sichinyengerera uchimo ndi munthu. Usamale tili ndi ma NOVENA

  72. Max B says:

    Major 1 who is Jesus then? what does the bible mean on major & minor prophets

  73. Chigadula says:

    ndikuti mau amenewo. Kapanga ine ndadabwa kuti bwanji Yehova amalola trigu ndi nansongole kukulira limodzi! Ku Exodus 7 vs 11-12 Mose ndi Aaroni ataika ndodo pansi inasanduka chinjoka, ntawi yomweyonso, Jambres ndi Jannes mamagician a ku Eguputo naonso azigwesta zao ndodo kusandukilathu njoka (2 Timoteo 3 v 8). Tsono pamenepa miracle yeni-yeni nkuizindkira mosabvuta abale? Masiku tilimowa ndi obvuta kwabasi. Koma ndichiyambi cabe izi. Baibulo langa likuti ntawi ikubwera yobvuta kuposa apa. Njonda ina yotumidwa ndi Satana akuti yizatha kucita zozizwa zimene sitinazionepo ndikalelomwe monga kuitana moto kutsika kucokera ku mwamba ( Cibvumbulutso 13 vs 13) cimodzimodzi ngati anazichita mneneli Eliya ku Cipangano cha kale. Koma iyiyi yiri njonda ya mdyerekezi. Ndiye a Khristu ongodalira ma miracles ndi zozizwa asatasmila pa mau a Yehova ngozi!! ngozi!! tiyeni tisamale kwambiri abale anzanga!!!!

  74. Max B says:

    Expository,what were the roles of the Prophets & Apostles in those days? Study the bible and desire for expository messages you will not be shaken at all

  75. Alungwana says:

    Every man of God is blanketed in the promise of God; I SHALL BLESS WHOSOEVER BLESSES YOU AND I SHALL CURSE WHOEVER CURSES YOU. We must be careful with these people of God becoz we never know what their Convenant with God.

  76. Chigadula says:

    My earnest warning to fellow heaven-bound, God -loving Christian. Not all that glitters is gold! Remember the word of our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 7 vs 13-23. Be very careful about following ‘large crowds’. Where would you expect to see more flies, on a rotten piece of fish or on a fresh one? Jesus says ” Enter through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate and broad the road that leads to destruction and MANY enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” In this same chapter, Jesus Christ says, ” Watch out for false prophets, they come to you in sheep’s clothes but inwardly they are ferocious wolves” The the SON OF GOD gives advice: ” By their fruit you will recognize them (verse 16)” Th e SON OF GOD goes on to warn us that ” Many will say to me on that day, ‘ LORD, LORD, did we not prophesy in your NAME and in your NAME drive out demons and perform many miracles?. Then I will say to them plainly, I never knew you. Away from me, you evil doers!”

    These are serious scriptural warnings. The working of miracles or accurate prophecy does not necessarily qualify anyone to be a servant THAT IS KNOWN OR SENT BY GOD ALMIGHTY IN HEAVEN. My fellow Christians that hunger for nothing but the truth be guided by The Holy Spirit as you trust God’s Word only. Do not make miracles, signs and wonders your number one priority rather make your love for Jesus Christ your number one priority. 2 Thessalonians 2 vs 9-10 ” The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan, displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved”. So in conclusion, whether a man or woman is to be identified as a true and genuine servant of the True God, it will be crucial to determine whether or not their track record does not hide a pandora box of hidden evil. You shall know the by the fruit of their lifestyle!!!

  77. eloz says:

    know and receive Jesus Christ u wl know the Truth.

  78. Umunthu says:

    Who are we to judge an anointed man of God. Let me not be cursed for insulting any man of God. God will judge us and not us judging others. How bad and dangerous to utter and disqualify men of God? Thank you God that you have allowed Thoko, Patience and Ralph to back “Major 1”

  79. atonga says:

    Amangwetu!! Namadingo,Katimba and Kasambala are not angels from God that they shiuld tell the nation to believe this man you are talking about, akakhala a Katimba ndiye you know about his scandals so he better shut up,and I hate it when people compare Jesus and satan,

  80. Major Prophet Bushiri, they started with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

    These people they must know that when they fight a man of God they fight God.

    This is jelousy, the spirit of the devil.

    The devil is a liar!

  81. sikusinja says:

    To prophesy is to speak of things to come after being revealed to the proper by God
    Now how does showing a picture of a kid become a prophesy. Educated people who can’t even understand the meaning of what prophecy is. That’s why the Bible says people will come and do things in the name of Jesus but they will not be genuine prophets.

  82. Dzungu Pilila says:

    Kasambala, scheming millions from the Bushiri Jewish investmets connection! Musatipusitse apa!

  83. pio says:

    I am kin follower of Prophet Bushiri.

  84. Alfred Minjo says:

    Well, my comment rests on Malawians that be brainwashed as you have been….

  85. ecg die hard says:

    if u have power and ability to preach and does miracle that is true than major 1,,,,organise u own crusade to do that….and peolpe shud be served and blessed….and then u can speak ur nosense comment againist major prophet….

  86. no wonder that even those so called Christians are being deceived only because of money, self enrichment is all what matters in last days.

  87. panorama says:

    Onse amene Ali against the prophet are just one those akufuna kuti this ministry Mulungu apitilize kuchita modabwitsa to show these people who are the agents of the devil u the matchado and yo crew u r showing to us that u r failures instead of building your our fame and have favours from God busy coming reporting negative idea muchedwa nazo izi ngati Baal ali mulungu mtsateni koma if God who is using Bushiri if God follow Him osamngotokota kodi mumakhulupilira Ndani? Chitani monga mwachikhulupiriro chanu osanyoza enafe Amene we believe that God of Bushiri is our God.

  88. Sabiti says:

    May Almighty God bless Malawi with or without self proclaimed prophet , I think abdject poverty we are in is diluting our thinking capabillities

  89. Yamikani says:

    GOD is a righteous judge who judges in righteousness by HIS word…..and according to the word of GOD bushiri was tested and found a false prophet…..we wl not be moved by opions or comments of anybody,malawians be sober,dont get drunk..it is good that we trust in GOD ….MALAWI doesnt need bushiri,malawi needs THE ALMIGHTY GOD ON HIS THRONE…. As for kasambasala ,namadingo and katimba,they are not christians…..

  90. Son of Major 1 for Life says:

    Exactly…..Kaya wina afune kaya asafune Major 1 ndi mneneri wa Mulungu basi. If you have problems with his personality that’s ur problem!!! But the best you can do, get his teaching for chipulumutso ndi wekha. As for me and my family, Major 1 remains my spiritual father, and everything you can think of. Mzuzu here I can to witness more miracles by my father, MAJOR 1>

  91. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Why do Malawi despise the truth and what is Godly? Why do Malawians upheld theft, violence, intimidation and political lies? Why do Malawians not oppose increasing commodity prices, theft and abuse of public funds by politicians and senior workers? Why do Malawians always despise fellow Malawians and uphold foreigners? Why do Malawians not even tap natural resources such as oil and gas now when world prices are ever dwindling now due to new energy sources such as solar and wind, when the nation is getting poorer and poorer? We despised Chilemba, the world boxer other countries such as South Africa made fame out of him. We ill-treated doctors and engineers hence other countries have benefited from them.

    Now it’s the Malawian prophet we despise due to jealousy and envy. What curse is in the hearts of Malawians? Why don’t we praise God to recognize a Malawian as a prophet and make him perform wonders. I tell you, ‘If Prophet Bushiri was not made so by God his miracle performance, his great works of redemption, healing, blessing, breakthroughs would not stand the test of time, blackmailing, persecution and prosecution, back-biting, name calling and name it’.

    We are, however, encouraged that he never bends-back from all the attrocities as he is guided and strengthened by God, he is not even worried. He is guided to come back to his mother land Malawi. Prophet, thank you for only listening to God and not satan, for knowing ther are some of us out there praying for you as you pray for us. We shall be with you till death. God be with you.
    John and family, Lilongwe

  92. Munthuwamba says:

    Personally, I do not think it is a wise idea to judge others for there is but one judge and that is God. Besides, we men born of a woman have each got their own weaknesses. Man is not perfect and will never be, that much you should know. Even those of us who are trying our best to discredit others have terrible skeletons hidden in our closets. It’s not about whether a person falls rather it’s about how they rise after falling that matters.

  93. nyson says:

    God does need protection and being defended. the truth shall come in due season and the liar will exposed.

  94. Lottie says:

    Suspicious!!! Returning home on a private plane – how is this related to the video clip in question?

  95. Wakikiki says:

    I like Hon Kasambala. He is speaking what he feels. The bible says God uses the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. Next time God shall use you and what shall you say? Iyeeeee!

  96. Ralph K says:

    Bushiri is a true man of God. Leave him for those who are ready for his blessings.

  97. James says:

    A Malawi bwanji tikutaya nthawi kunyoza ndikulankhula zoyipa against mwana wathu amene Mulungu akumugwiritsa ntchito,mumanama kuti ndinu a khristu yet you are busy attacking your fellow christian very shame indeed,bwanji osamakhala busy attacking the devil whose main agenda is to grab the evalasting life which the almighty god gave us,so watch out Malawi.Timayenera kumasangalala kuti mulungu watidalitsa ndi prophet wathu wathu Major 1,ndiye ndikuchenjezeni lekani kunyoza atumiki a Mulungu mungadzalandile thembelero,ndiye kaya ufune kaya usafune just know that i will remain a follower of Major 1 Prtophetic ministry,Ndimakunyadilani papa,mumatidalitsa Papa,Ambuye adzipitiliza kukudalitsani kuti miyoyo ya anthu ambili ipulumutsidwe,Tili nanu limodzi ku mzuzu konko papa,God bless ECG.

  98. SOKONOMBWE says:


  99. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    The greatest miracle is that Jesus died on the cross. Another miracle will be redemption of Man. if we can heal patients why not go to hospitals? our country is crying hoarse for drugs in hospital pharmacies yet we claim to have healing prophets around. Let us not be desperate for miracles people.

  100. paschan chimimbe says:


  101. Gerald Mwamlima says:

    We are not moved by what we see or hear but we are moved by faith through Christ Jesus. The bible says Prophecy is for believers and not non believers (1Corr14:22). It is for this reason that non-believers will not understand anything in prophetic and they start calling names what they don’t understand and destroy. Praise be to God for He can make me see what others don’t. Major 1 ndi Major 1 basi. If God has called him and promoted him, noone shall bring him down. GO DEEPER PAPA! Do something. Devil and his descendants will vomit. I am a living testimony because of MAJOR 1. “If God is for us, who can be against us? I believe nobody. ECG will remain a home of miracles. God is still speaking today. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Devil amina basi. WOYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  102. ZZ Junior says:

    Ralph who? kkkk. the guys also defend cashgate suspects. How credible is his backing?

  103. Hellen Ntandasya says:

    Major one i love you papa.No weapon shall prosper against you.

  104. zathu says:

    Let the lamp light for the world, judging others wont do us good at all before God for judgment is his. The truth about him only God knows.

  105. Maximum Prison says:

    Kasambara watha! Anthu ako akumangidwatu ndi cashgate! Kumachondelera kuti awapase chilango chochepa abvomere milandu hahahahaha what type of a Lawyer are you. Ine ndinadziwa sungalimbane ndi Kalekeni Kaphale. Sumawina milandu Kaphale akakhala mbali inayo. Tsono wachita bwino kuyamba defending Prophet kuti mwina machismo ako akhulukiridwe chifukwa wamangitsa anthu ambiri iwe galu iwe. Bola usamukawetu Bushiriyo cha nzeru ungapange akupemphelele kuti mwina usakalowe ku Maximum Prison. Ungobwelera pa Maula pomwepa basi. The whole lawyer kulowelera nkhani ya Bushiri? Za Bushiritu ndi nkhondo ya chauta. MULEKENI MULUNGU AKHALE MULUNGU!

  106. Tambala says:

    Well, when non entities like Thoko Katimba and Namadingo show their gullibility, I am not worried. What worries me is when educated people like Kasambara behave like people who have never been to school. How can learned people believe such nonsense from Bushiri? When I watched the video, I even questioned the mental status of SA who were at Bushiri’s church. Can someone tell me the difference between what this so called MoG did and what witch doctors who turn a stick into a serpent do? Can someone explain to me the differences between this Bushiri and the asing’anga who foretell people’s problems? The only difference I can point out is that unlike Bushiri, most witch doctors are modest and humble

  107. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    The word of god will never change no matter what people say. Kodi iwe ukulodza zala anzako wachotsa chako cha mdiso lako. Chipulumutso is your choice. Pa ntanda wina anapulumuka ngakhale anali ochimwa. do the same you will be heeled of your problems. Preach on men of God.

  108. Ndangodutsa says:

    Kkkkk so Kasambala boosting all these so that Bushiri can interven his court case spiritually.

  109. Willie Chimseu says:

    Major one prophet Bushiri is original & just leave him alone. Amen

  110. umziya says:

    Lets face facts. Did the Man of God really capture that picture?? We dont want lies here, there is no smoke without fire. People are not lying. Everyone saw something too fishy during the sermon. So you cant stop people talking because he is a Prophet. If he lied people have to talk. PERIOD and with no REGRETS

  111. mphwache wa bingu says:

    Kkkkkk Kasambala has no moral or religious authority to endorse prophets not even Obama or any other president. The singers just want cash support from Bushiri. Your support doesn’t make Bushiri any holy. He remains a crook steals from the blind followers.

  112. Joseph theu says:

    Zazii ndima prophet anuwo.

  113. Major Banda says:

    Great news

  114. chibwatiko Mbekamachuni says:

    Ndani samudziwa Ralph ku Malawi kuno? A katimba ndi Namadingo chonde khulupilirani Mulungu za ma Bushirizi asiyeleni anuwake. Mulungu adzaweluza yekha ife sitingathe tilimba mphamvu

  115. Mchokocho says:

    Iwe Imraan Sadick, No. 21 tinakuuza kuti usamayankhule nawo nkhanizi ndi za Ambuye, za iwo opempherera Mulungu owona mumzimu ndi mchoonadi osati amene chomwe amadziwa ndi ma suicide bombings. Unless you repent and receive Christ you will not understand these things so since you have no Christ in you do not even waste time reading article about men of God who worship Him through Christ the Lord and Saviour

  116. I tell you what although it pains me for some traditional religious people to attack my Major 1 yet nothing in their congregations happen interns of miracles, I find worthwhile coz the more you attack Mojar the higher he goes. A ministry which is only 5years old has managed to cover not only Africa but Europe, America and Asia. Boosts of its own channel and the founder own not just two jets but most expensive greet of vehicles. And for your information we are planning to build the biggest church in this part of Africa with the capacity of 50000!!! Keep on wasting time attacking the Prophet while congregating in classrooms. Anzanu we are moving on and have just bought a plot worthy 28million from MHC. Thanks coz your attacks lift us higher and higher. About Kasambala supporting major its not strange ndipo muchedwa Nazi. Nzanu has seen the truth just like Paul in the bible who met Jesus and became the most powerful apostle of Christ. people were also mocking Paul reminding each other of his former way of life forgetting that he was no longer Saul but Paul!

  117. mixed reaction says:

    Ereee the comments of these gospel musicians have changed my mind,I need to be careful when buying the CDs. How can Thoko and Patience say this. Malawi watch out,there’s and there will be only one God the creator himself to be worshipped. When it comes to how the message will spread ( Jesus is still working day in and day out

  118. clement says:

    True prophet is the one who does the will of Father,the Son and the Holly spirit

  119. Geofrey says:

    Zamasiku otsiliza. Tchano iwe ukufalitcha video imeneyi ndikulembelapo may ako, wati vuto lako nchiani? Iweyo osapanga zoonazo anthu aone bwanji? Mpaka kufatsa kumachita edit Prophecy yamnzako. Are you a Christian or a member of kumidima. Aliyense aone Moyo wake wauzimu kuti uli bwanji komanso iyeyo ubale ndi The Almighty uli bwanji? Mukati Mneneri uyu ndiwonyenga, mwina inu Mneneri wabwino munamuona ndiye tiuzeni amaoneka ndipo amachita zotani? Siuja amati “Ana a anthu adzanenera.” Tchano dala, yambani u prophe wanu ife titembenuke.

  120. honey comb Chidyauzu says:

    Many Malawians believe in witch doctors. I and my family support Propher Bushiri. I do not see anything wrong in his Ministry . Remember even Jesus Christ was crucified by people who were under the influence of the evil one.

  121. Feloi says:

    Vulnerable prey the prominent lawyer is, its understandable he is desperate! indeed desperate times calls for desperate measure but truth shall remain truth prophets or no prophets for they are just human they are not God!

  122. ibrahim makwati says:

    Anthu amulungu akufuna kuchuka kaonaneni ndi osauka okalamba amasiye muchuka mulungu ndi wabwino nthawi zonse

  123. The real ujeni says:

    This is why this nation called Malawi is cursed as the poorest country on earth.

  124. The Ear and Eyes says:

    I don’t believe in selective reading or listening, don’t belong to ECG or any evangelical or apostolic faith. But one thing I am sure of is that I fall in love with prophet Bushiri’s ceremonies whenever I tune to Prophetic channel. His ceremonies are marvelous.

    Bushiri is young, talented, well versed not only with the Bible but world trends. The problem with we Malawians is that we are always judgmental and prejudiced against issues or people and we care less to listen or research on such matters.

    Bushiri should not be a thorn to you, Make him your subject of study from which you can draw lessons other than scorning him.

  125. Shadreck Ulaya says:


  126. Only the Truth says:

    What the Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is doing is not secret. His services can be watched live: Diplomatic Service on Monday at 7 pm, Mid-Week Service on Friday at 7 pm, and the main Sunday Service from 10 am. I don’t know why people have to rely on doctored snippets instead of just going to his TV Channel, watch for themselves, and make an informed decision whether he is true or not. There, you will testimonies of the Prophet reconciling marriages that were about to break, of dead people coming back to life, of people who were not walking for so many years who start walking right there in church, and other testimonies that make people cry with amazement. And he has thrown a challenge to you: go to his forthcoming crusade in Mzuzu on 25 and 26 September and prove him a deceiver.

    God used the Major 1 to speak into my life in November 2012. Since then, my life has never been the same, and I will never look back. No amount of doctoring, mudslinging, and lies will ever disconnect my family from the Major Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. May the Almighty God continue to use him to bring people back to God and His Mighty power.

  127. Nyachi says:

    whethr his prophecies are from God or devil only God knows and He is a perfect judge, amene anakuloserani zoonanu ndinu wodala ena amatenga zomwe anakufunsa anthu ake woyenda yenda m’makomo iwe ukapita kuchalichi akanena zofanana nkumati mulungu wamulankhula chonsecho ili stage work, kaya mukayankha nokha. kodi a malawi simukudziwa kuti satanso ali ndi mzimu wachidziwitso chifukwa anali kumwamba komweko anachita kuponyedwa pansi pano anagalukira, true why is it that today’s message is all above prophecies & prosperity, where is the salvation and repentance issue?

  128. Matchado says:

    Kikiki. Kasambara a desperate man clutching at straws . Sakudziwa komwe “chipulumutso” from his court cases will come from .


    When people are speaking evil about Men of God we should not be upset, it started with Jesus and Jesus said and I quote “ngati ukuyaka wauwisi kuli bwanji owuma”. think of what Peter, Paul and other apostles went through.

  130. innocent says:

    let them talk & they wll get tired,my prophert wll not change & wll remain the same.

  131. Kaka says:

    Koma nkhani iyi ambili tingochimwilapo chabe chifukwa chauta ndiye adziwa ndiye ena tisaoneke ngati ochenjela

  132. Mkasa Mbala says:

    A Mkasa mbala wo anhofuna apeze pilowera. aona kuti ma client a kucashgate akuwapanga convict and jail. pano tingolowera kwa ma prophet popeza ndi amene ali ndi cash

  133. Edoms says:

    Icho chafumira kwa Chiuta kulije wangachilekeska kweni icho chafumira kwa wanthu chizamumala mbwenu.

  134. That’s the thing… chifukwa Prominent Lawyer wapa Nyasaland walemba zabwino za Bushir pa Facebook wall pake ife tinjenjemere?? Bushir kukumana ndi Corrupt Sudan President ife tidzidzimuke??
    Kodi paja Thoko Katimba nkachani?? Bushir olo atakumana ndima President onse adZiko lapansi that does not make him a Prophet
    Amangwetu bwanji osamadzifusa why Bushir is targeting prominent people such as Politicians/celebrities/Presidents? Bcoz they are the most gullible individuals

  135. wk says:


  136. Kanyimbi says:

    Zipitani ku ma show kwanuko.

  137. khwanya says:

    I think most people who are saying negative things belong to the larger group of Malawians who are very jelousy as it is captured in the countries National anthem.Like many people have said the Man of God is not going into peoples homes to call them they come after looking at the Good works of Major 1.It is such a pity to see that some Malawians are taking lead on saying bad things when they should be supporting if this man of God was from DRC OR Uganda they would not find any fault. Man of God just go ahead full steam ahead and dont bother about those intending to distract you.

  138. Vocal 1 says:

    I dont understand this so called “Man of God” so i stay mute on that one but Becareful who you follow.

  139. Wamuchalo says:


  140. bambo says:

    Only God knows. God bless Malawians.

  141. Hendrix says:

    What a shame!!! Mukazawona Komwe kukupita gulu namtindi wawanthu Muzadabwee… Ambuye the gate is narrow its not easy to in herit the kingdon of heaven believe me or not…. zomwe mukufuna ndi mirracles basiiiiii??????? ndi prosperity?????????? shame to my poor Malawi…. Awa mulimbana nawowa mulifunse Bible lanu kuti kodi mphamvu zawo akuzitenga kuti????? ngati ndikwa Mulubngu!! Nanga Bible liti chani???? Apatu Bambo wanuyi saphunzitsa wanthu zachipulumutso koma prosperity and mirracles….. chenjera malawi

  142. koma says:

    Is kasambara any better than the bushiri guy? Why r they even defending him? True men of God dont fight battles…God fights for them!

  143. Mark Nyondo says:

    Pro Bushiri…I see God using him for his people…its never an easy thing to live for people with different personalities…we saw in the bible how Jesus was under estimated…some said the son of joesph the carpenter…let’s fear and respect servants of God…if God blesses you,live your life as it suits you…let Bushiri enjoy the fruit of his blessings!!!!

  144. Katong'ongo says:

    It is God who judges His servants, whether they are right or wrong, righteous or unrighteous. Some of you who talk ill against men of God, whether they are indeed right or wrong just know that one day this noise will fade off because curses will fall upon you and your families soonest. When it happens, do not even wonder, just remember what you have been doing. There are a lot of witch doctors across the country and no one posts anything on a social network against them. Why? You visit them as you belong to the same kingdom with the devil’s prophets (asing’anga). Catholics are hard core drunkards and they manipulate God’s word to keep their flock intact in the name of “what defiles a man is what is coming out and not what is going in”. Malawi will remain a poor country due to wicked mindset. Always trying to harm someone. Bushiri has not forced you to attend his sermons. If you are indeed a child of God, led by the Holy Ghost, and highly annointed, why can’t you pray that the ministry of Shepard Bushiri dimishes. Malawi or Maravi means Flame. This is not a genuine flame but that which was glowing day and night throughout the year using fuel from mats made from reeds (mphasa). Mphasa zinali za umve chifukwa magazi a tiana topita pambali (miscarriages or abortions) were laid there. No wonder this country is full of witchcraft. GOSSIP is the order of the day from Maravi Kingdom. You have very quiet people but their hearts stink with grudges and gossips. Ndi za uMaravi or Nyau. Zakudambwe saulula (miseche imeneyo). You believe in shrubs, voodoo, magic, sorcery etc. and you are a church member who is drowned in dark ignorance. Always coming out as righteous judge against God’s own people. Whether Bushiri is right or wrong, saying the truth or faking, christian or satanist as you claim, what is your business. You have made enough noise and what have you achieved. Malawians are always suspicious of everything. Amvekele…uyo satanist wabwera mu tchalichi, tichenjere. Which God do you serve. Just repent and seek God’s face for tougher times will come and you will be lost in perpetual judgments against others.

  145. nyakaji says:

    We love u man of God,God will take u where these haters will finally accept u. I wish your base was LL.Bwanji mukabwera mudzakhaliretu?We are missing u so much man of God.Bushiri was also born from a woman and has feelings,watch out he is also a prophet what u say he can call u anytime and u will freeze like ice see prophetic channel to confirm.Enanu mwatengeka mchigulugulu u havent even seen the works of this man.Kenaka zikakuvutani muzipepesa, stupid people.Ife ndiye tikudya naye bwino.Osauka ba saukani

  146. matako a pusi says:

    Kasambara just want sympathy from the public on the criminal cases on his neck just waiting for a day he will be walked to maula or mikuyu

  147. letGodbeGod says:

    This shows indeed last days according to the bible everywhere you go there are numerous prophets some they call themselves major,major1, senior prophet, nicknames go on but if you are a prophet they are the pipo who say it not you yourself (the readers open up your eyes)

  148. Sis zee says:

    Having said that I only have one problem with Bushiri he should be humble and stop boasting that he is rich in church and lastly please show your wife on TV please…like TBJ does.

  149. Sis zee says:

    The article shd also add mlaka maliro he is also wrote something on his page on his facebook page praising prophet Bushiri he said he stopped living in sin because of Bushiri…investigate Mr journalist

  150. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Chilungamo chachipwirikiti chonsechi akudziwa ndi Mulungu. Mungovutika anthunu.

  151. agronomy says:

    Major 1, Iye! Do something indeed. We love, no matter what the devils are saying. They know their time is over. I was having serious attacks at night, but when i started watching prophetic channel and its always on day and night, i receive no more attacks and am sleeping well like a baby. We are going to Mzuzu, wina afune asafune.

    Darkness can not beat light, no matter what. Mumunyoza mutopa, as far as i know Major 1, he is not shaken.

    Mudzamufuna!!!! mark my words.

  152. Mphepo Zinai says:

    Christianity is not about prophesy, flashy lifestyle, duplicity and vanity. First and foremost, it is about loving others like oneself and denying oneself, forgiveness etc.

    It is not a panado or drug to alleviate pain. Jesus was clear on that. How come these prophets are preaching the opposite and their religion is just a show business?

  153. Zanako says:

    A true prophet should go flat in defending the whole bible.
    God said I am God I change not . so please don’t take sides just see what the bible says and see what bushiri is doing if its what the bible says then follow him but if not please pray and thank Him for the light He is about to show you


    You can throw ur weight behind the evil Man of satan,we don,t care. We all know that if self proclaimed high profile talk nice of their acomplice in evil things,then its obvious that money changed hands. Especially some who are fighting to stay out of jail after the infamous cash gate scandal.last time I checked,all people were men of God. I wonder how can one become holy after impregnating and innocent young girl. To hell with those who claim to be me f God. A wolf in a Sheep skin is ur man of God.God bless Malawi!!!

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