Katengeza jailed 5 years for K105mil cashgate case

Lilongwe High Court has Tuesday  sentenced  cashgate convict Angella Katengeza to five years imprisonment  over the role in the  K105.9 million (about $157 000) laundered from the government coffers.

Relatives shield shamed Katengeza

Relatives shield shamed Katengeza

Katengeza in glasses off to prison to start jail term

Katengeza in glasses off to prison to start jail term

Katengeza was charged alongside former assistant director of tourism, Leonard Kalonga, for conspiring to use the former’s Faith Construction Company to defraud government.

High Court judge Fiona Mwale found Katengeza guilty of theft and money laundering in the fraud scam christened as cashgate, which was the biggest financial scandal in Malawi’s history and helped push former president Joyce Banda out of power in 2014 elections.

Kalonga is also waiting for his sentence.

“The convict will serve a total of five years in prison,” Judge  Mwale said.

Defence lawyer Gilbert Khonyongwa who has asked the court to consider handing his client a non-custodial sentence, said he will discuss with the convict on whether to appeal or not.

State prosecutor and Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director general Reyneck Matemba welcomed the custodial sentence.

Matemba said theft and money laundering are among serious offences (felony) in the country and deserve custodial sentences in all circumstances.

The scandal, which originated in 2005, prompted foreign donors — who provide around 40 percent of Malawi’s budget — to pull the plug on aid worth around $150 million.

An audit ordered by Banda found that $30 million had been looted by officials in less than six months in 2013.

Dozens of civil servants, business people and politicians have been implicated in the scam.

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18 thoughts on “Katengeza jailed 5 years for K105mil cashgate case”

  1. mbuli says:

    We need lawyers and judges who are poor to handle these cases

  2. Question to lawyers says:

    Is it true that when one steals huge sums of money he gets a short term sentence so that he ploughs back the money into circulation? Anyamata ochita law pa Chilunga, did one Edge tell you this? On another note, Is Angella married? If she is married, won’t the prison warders and nyapalas not tamper with her ujeni?

  3. mjiba says:

    ha ha Reyneck Matemba Malawi Chief Cash gate prosecutor angozula tima lighter sentences, tima recusal milandu kusokonekela ndi ma judge ake corruption ndi kuba sikuzatha pa Malawi. This is a huge motivating factor to steal

  4. chnthu says:

    Five years is not enough for this mama plzzzzzz….. were are in shit coz of these bustard pple

  5. Dr Manga Sc says:



  6. bumbu mchuma says:

    Angela Katengeza muoneko life ina, life ya millionaire wakhalapo pano mukhalaenso life ya ukaidi.

  7. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Koma anthu ali pachithunziwo ndiye ndiwokwiyatu! True Cashgate Gangsters!

  8. Racist McTumbukaFace says:

    Yonse boo! Unya nayo mayi wakuba iwe. Ndalama zakuba zomwezo mpaka mwana wako kukwatira nazo mzungu!

  9. Whatashame says:

    5 years is not enough. If Malawi is serious about stopping such kind of looting heavy sentences should be made to anyone stealing from the govt purse.

  10. monday says:

    5yrs ngat mulandu oba nkhuku????

  11. Nolimit says:

    Zachepa zakazo,ife tikuvutika chifukwa cha anthu a khwizi ngati awa.Omwe anaba ndalama zakhani nkahani.Azichita appeal yachaninso mumuonjezerenso zaka zina akachita appeal.

  12. kamarata says:

    Basi, what is five years? what about those stealing goats in the villages……you are giving them stiff sentence? This is unfair! Would this deter those would be offenders or will promote the cashgates?

  13. ANALYST says:

    That means by being one year in prison, she has earned herself K21, 180, 000! This is ridiculous – someone steals a chicken (worth K3000) and is sentenced to 2 years in prison! This thief of yours will serve 5 years for K105, 900, 000! katengeza has made some huge profits here – no wonder some more and more people will be motivated to steal knowing that the cost of stealing and staying in prison is far outweighed by what you steal! Shame on the judiciary

    1. zoona says:

      Five years is too much. Kikiki amene simukumaba ndinu nokha politicians are stealing a lot of money. At least cashgate oiled the economy. What about those externalising our money? Why do you think donors are up in arms when it comes to the katengezas and not the Masters of this world? The answer is simple. UK is a major beneficiary of looted funds. London is built with money stolen form poor countries thats why Nevin cant say anything about recovering the money on our behalf. Am also shocked that even highly educated Malawians buy the shit that we are poor because of cashgate. No my brothers and sisters we are poor because we are dull. Why is India where there is real corruption an industrial powerhouse. Pakistan and India are both nuclear weaponised states. They are both self sufficient in food. Let us accept that while stealing is an evil it is not the reason why we are poor. We have many PhD holders in agriculture, ICT yet we are not a force to reckon with. We cant even come up with our own computer system to plug the holes in our financial systen. We cant even manufacture a tyre. Look at the way we build our cities, our roads etc. What really can we point at as evidence of intelligence. We are so stupid that we celebrate when some idiot comes up with a “helcopter” that can only be made by an imbecile. An accumulation of mediocrity. Cashgate cashgate chiyani apa. Dont imprison cashgaters just shoot them dead but they are not the reason we are poor.

      1. mbuli says:


  14. dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    jailing these cashgate thieves for five years is not a solution to recover the wounded economy of malawi.Five years without recovering the money is nothing.Its just like sending somebody to holiday and enjoy the mgaiwa and free beans in jail funded by the tax payers.These people are supposed to pay back the money with high interest rates to deter the would with long fingers who have no respect for tax payers money.What is wrong with this country handling these thieves with kid gloves?24 billion kwacha was wasted on cashgate during the fugitive joyce bandas time who is in some bolt holes in south africa and pitala too is mum of the 599 billion during his deceased brother’s time.its time malawians became so hard with these politicians who are taking us for a ride swimming in billions while we are reeling in grinding poverty claiming they are trying hard to change the lives of malawians.galamukani amalawi anzanga.tadyeredwa masuku kwa nthawi yayitali.

  15. chilombo says:

    she gonna die in jail,just look @ her!she looks sick already,kaya ndiaboma omwewa.i bet she got used to partying @ top ups and women’s get togethers,splashin our money with expensive wines

  16. dododo says:


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