Katengeza tells court Kalonga lied about her cashgate role

Businessperson Angela Katengeza, who was co-charged with a former assistant director of tourism at Ministry of Tourism, Leonard Kalonga in the K105.9 million money laundering case on Tuesday told High Court judge Fiona Mwale in Lilongwe that she did not benefit from the cashgate money, contrary to Kalonga’s court submission.

Kalonga: Implicated Katengeza

Kalonga: Implicated Katengeza

Kalonga told the court that he recruited Katengeza’s company, Faith Construction, among others, to share the proceeds of fraud in the cashgate scandal.

He said Faith Construction later recruited Mchemani Construction as per instructions from then Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

ACB Deputy Director Reyneck Matemba argued that the court statement that Kalonga entered before was baseless citing that Kalonga told the court that Katengeza remained with other money that she was expected to give him.

Katengeza also dismissed Kalonga’s submissions that Katengeza ushered in new contractor under Mchemani as a way to continue to scam government resources which she described as a lie.

“I have already said that these things [alleged theft of government money] involved people in government. I had nothing to do with it. I was merely being used.

“I am a 53-year-old woman who has never experienced such a scandal in my whole life and it scares me that I have been found in such a position. I did not steal any money.”

Presiding judge Fiona Mwale asked Katengeza’s lawyer, Gilbert Khonyongwa, to find out from his client if she needed some time to compose herself.

After a brief chat with her lawyer, Katengeza proceeded: “[Mr] Kalonga told me that he had won a contract, but could not carry it out because he was a civil servant.

“When the cheques were ready, I would go and collect the cash as per his [Kalonga’s] request and gave him. The first cheque was worth K32 million and the second one was K69 million. In all [this], he [Kalonga] gave me K3 million which I used to renew my construction licence.”

During cross-examination, Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) deputy director general Reyneck Matemba, representing the State, wondered why Katengeza jumped at Kalonga’s request to withdraw money without raising any suspicions.

He asked Katengeza why she did not withdraw the money in a lump sum.

Katengeza told the court that she undertook the transactions as Kalonga requested.

But Matemba said: “You [Katengeza] told us you are a student and also a pastor. From that, I can comfortably say you are a busy person. How is it that you were able to find time and do some of Kalonga’s errands? Are you lying to this court? Let me remind you that you are under oath.”

These questions prompted the judge to seek further clarification from Katengeza whom the State found with some written reference notes.

Observed the judge: “I need some clarification, why did you not just withdraw the whole lot and give it to Kalonga so that he should deal with it since it was his money? Why did you not raise any suspicion? And the space in which the cheques were cleared, were you not surprised at all?”

Responding to this, Katengeza said: “Of course, I was surprised. But he had told me that he was working on an emergency project. I withdrew the money as per his requests. We could not withdraw a lot because the bank would sometimes tell us that there is no money.”

Katengeza later withdrew the statement in which she said the banks had their limitations after Matemba accused her of lying.

This forced Judge Mwale to order the defense and the state to bring in their written submission before 28th October.

Mwale said it seems there are contradictions in what Katengeza has said from the previous statement.

According to court statement by an investigator in the Fiscal Department of the Malawi Police Service, Katengeza alleges Kalonga used her to siphon K105.6 million from government.

Senior superintendent Gerald Chiwanda told the court that a caution statement he recorded from Katengeza indicated that Kalonga borrowed her certificate from the National Construction Industry Council which was normal according to her.

“After a month, he came with a cheque worth K32 million (about $76 190) which was deposited into my account. I withdrew the money and gave it to him. He came again with another cheque worth over K60 million (about $143 000), I deposited and withdrew and gave it to him.

”We agreed that I would get a commission after the third cheque, but to my surprise I heard that my name appeared at the Anti-Corruption Bureau as being involved in these cases,” said Katengeza in a caution statement.

Katengeza is maintaining her innocence by sticking to ‘not guilty’ plea despite Kalonga admitting wrong-doing.

The case has since been adjourned to the end of October for judgement.

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37 thoughts on “Katengeza tells court Kalonga lied about her cashgate role”

  1. ngerengere says:

    This is just the beginning the best is yet to come believe me

  2. khobwe says:

    What about other cash gaters like PVHO with Stecelia Motors run by uneducated man? Please investigate, they were cashing thru this impoverished co and share monies. PVHO please wake up!

  3. Dwambazi says:

    This woman has just insulted my intelligence

  4. Bravo says:

    George phiri, u have a point yeah!

  5. Dambudzo Mwasanya says:

    Mpakana anthu ama casher ma k60 million kwacha pa Malawi?Koma tax payer’s money inaphweka while the taxpayer was finding it hard to make ends meet,Kalonga was mercilessly busy feasting this money with several concubines who claims to be mere conduit of this money.It seems the banks also particated in such huge frauds.Malawi Govt doesn’t have a proper system of handling things.All their properties should be forfeited to build modern schools for our kids who learning under the Mango tree in this day,because of the greed of the Kalongas and others.The court should not waste time with these thieves.They have brought Malawi to its knees with their greediness.

  6. Manyaziulibe says:

    Officials who issued the cheques where are they? Who authorised the payment at the bank. You mean reserve bank didn’t smell something here and what about FUI. It’s a chain of thugs doing well calculated stealing. Don’t leave these bustards.
    Watsala Iwe usaone ngati wamyata

  7. Manyaziulibe says:

    Officials who issued the cheques where are they? Who authorised the payment at the bank. You mean reserve bank didn’t smell something here and what about FUI. It’s a chain of thugs going well calculated stealing. Don’t leave these bustards.
    Watsala Iwe usaone ngati wamyata

  8. Mo says:

    Apapa chomwe ndaona amalawife we are very stupid ngati uli ulem u may be our parents anatilakwila bcoz had it bn anaba nkhuku ya 500kwach awa mutawamanga kale kale koma poti mwati chani?

  9. Dealing with Leonard Kalonga is at owners’ risk. Those who know Leonard could not that. The man was born a crook.

  10. Phwado says:

    Genuinely speaking Kalonga is lying about Katengeza’s involvement.While he pleaded guilty but he must say the truth about this woman.

  11. Mkupamame says:

    The longer it takes the judges to conclude due to your stupid lies, the stiffer the the punishment will be. Umatumbwa ndi ndalama zakubwa lero it’s your pay back time.Chimkakulimbikitsa mtima mchiani ku casher ma cheque awili popanda kulipidwa??? Mbuzi iwe usatitayitse nthawi .

  12. chindere says:

    The judiciary should have been advised byvthe govt that the longer they take to prosecute these cases the longer it will take to bring back donors tobthe table. The economy and well being og Malwians is at stake! Dont just postpone cases for superflous reasons you judges! Sentence them immediately! What more proof of money laundrring do you want!

  13. MAYE says:

    I don’t see the logic here. Kusonyeza kuti zonse amapanga katengeza zinali za normal? God forbid. I think Katengeza has a case here. Ndalama kumalowa ku account kwako osafunsa chomwe chikuchiika. zoona zimenezo.

  14. mfana wa maplain says:

    ka nkazi kali pambalipo kandimaliza. olo ndili ine ndingabe ndalama za amalawi osauka kuti ndidye ma offals a ka shura kameneko

  15. grem says:

    the wages of sin is death

  16. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Subject to change, ok!

  17. George phiri says:

    Ok for a moment, you give me a cheque, I go to the bank and deposit it in my account. It clears after three days, i run to the bank withdrwal 60mill cash and give it to you????? Which bank was that one that paid 60mill cash, 38mill cash? The bank aided money laundering her. They were supposed to fill in STR and forward it to FIU. If it was done then the financial intelligence unit aided laundering again.

  18. mapapaya says:

    ndi chibwenzi chake. amadziwa chomwe akupanga. akukana chifukwa zafika ku court.

  19. John says:

    Akunama ameneyo! She should be given maximum sentence for wasting court’s time.

  20. Mwana wa mayi says:

    Zaboza zimenezo bwanji iwe sunafunse komwe ndalamazo zimachokela? Nanga bwanji sumakana kumutengera ndalamazo coz munthu ngati ameneyo sangakhale opanda ma account angapo. Angellina your too invonved in cashgate

  21. Exiled Soul's says:

    You borrowed him your certificate without questioning him thoroughly,tell me someone in his or her right mind who lends their certificate even if its a pslc.in my small knowledge capacity a certificate is intended for use by one person but in your books it’s normal to borrow each others certificate,let me give you the benefit of the doubt. Where the guy shows up to you with two fat check’s you were not surprised or you couldn’t ring the alarm bell.I guess its also normal to you.you co-oparated with him while doing your deals in the dark but when the light came out you want to convince us that you were being used.am not the one to judge but all i can say is that you were a partner in crime therefore it’s normal to get thrown into prison my sister,so save government money and time by co-oparating which you are good at

  22. Charombanthu says:

    In other words, you are an accomplice to cashgate and money laundering since your account was used to cash all the cheques. So what is your problem Angela Katengeza? You are part and parcel of the malpractices that took place – you aided Kalonga, who has pleaded guilty anyway, to siphon all this money from our taxes!

  23. Angella? did you give Kalonga cheques to withdraw the cashgate money himself? If not, then you are at a wrong side of the law because there is no evidence that you cashed the money and deliver the whole chunk to Kalonga.

    Be careful when dealing with monies. However, I can foresee that you also benefited from the cash gate money.

  24. amboba says:

    another adjournment? malawian lawyers/judges are iether the silliest in the world or just plain incompitent. money laundering means circulation of money so that the source becomes untraceable.

    what other proof is needed here? the accused has actually admitted to circulating the dirty money and was waiting for a commission after washing it. why would a person accept a cheque payment to their company when the company didn’t do any work?

    we should have contracted foreign lawyers and judges from the start. law ya pa chanco siyitithandizapo apa. this is my tax you’re playing with. nyo!

  25. JC says:

    Munthu ungapange deposit such amount in your Acc and with draw it at once for nothing? Ndiwe wabodza Katengeza ukatenga cash 60m no even tambala yonyambita that’s total lies, sife ana anamize akhotiwo ine no

  26. kadamanja says:

    Tsisi ndi make up yakoyo ndi ndalama za cashgate izi forsake,

  27. Ndoda yabwandila says:

    Wogoo mwana wanga ine ndithu
    Angelina kodi mkutele? Haa
    nanga u Pastor apitiliza nda iwe
    ukakubocha ma Phulisa wa.

  28. Truck says:


  29. NYONYO says:

    iwe usatitopetse ok

  30. titus Scoti says:

    By accepting to use your accounts for money you never knew about, you were an accomplice in money laundering whether you were paid or not.

  31. SENGABAY says:

    Mbava za blue(92billion) zikuzenga mlandu mbava za orange (24billion)pamene mbava za yellow (1.7billion)zinapuma kaye maulendo okazengedwa mlandu……AInu a kukhoti zose ndimbava palibe chilungamo chimene mngabweretsepo apa….Amalawi tizalira mpakana kalekale

  32. khobwe says:

    mpakana october, why? zinazitu mukuchedwetsa dala nkhaniyi mukudziwa mapeto ake.

  33. BBC says:

    Kukana cha mutu wa galu. Basi mutayeni munthuyo, apa mwini film ndi Kalongayo. Kalonga akungofuna opita nawo chabe.

  34. Vwapuvwapu says:


  35. Katengeza whether she benefitted or not,she is still an accomplice in the theft.

  36. Inu nonse awiri zitsiru za wanthu heee iyayi tinatumidwa ndi JB so what ? You have been arrested during JB administration why by then to produce that evidence before JB left the office ? I think to my understanding you want to buy sympathy from the ruling DPP.

  37. Nangantani says:

    Kodi bwana Kalongawa ndiye kuti amadya anamwaliwatu. kaja ka Savala anakayuza.uyunso katrngeza anayuzidwanso. unfotunately kundende simukakhaka chipinda chimodzi kuti muzikakweranabe as bfore.

    anthu oipa inu munazunzitsa dziko. now nthawi yakwana dziko lizunze inuo

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