Khanje elected Misa- Malawi chair, Kasakula in road accident: Updated

Thom Khanje of Times Group on Saturday got elected  the Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Malawi Chapter chairman.khanje

Khanje was elected in Lilongwe after beating George Kasakula editor of Weekend Nation with a resounding victory by obtaining 163 votes against 64.

He takes over from Anthony Kasunda.

Khanje pledged to “serve the media well” and  accelerate the battle for freedom of the media during his reign.

He thanked the journalists for giving him a vote of “confidence” .

Kasakula conceded defeat,, hugged Khanje and congratulated him.

“I congratulate Mr Thom Khanje for his election. Misa –Malawi is for every journalist and we need to forge ahead together,” he said.

“Khanje fought hard, he wanted it more and he got it,” Kasakura told Nyasa Times reporter at the elections.

“His campaign was well funded to unprecedented level of money that has never happened  to Misa before,” he added.

Khanje’s team also won elections including The Nation journalist Yvonne Sundu elected as vice chair and Winnie Botha in the executive.

Meanwhile, Kasakula on his way back to Blantyre was involved in a road accident as his car hit on a woman who died at Zalewa.

Police confirmed the accident and said the woman – believed to have been drunk- abruptly crossed the road  when she was hit.

Kasakula was held for questioning by police and later released on bail.

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34 thoughts on “Khanje elected Misa- Malawi chair, Kasakula in road accident: Updated”

  1. munthu wankulu says:

    asiya munthu wankulu kwambiri Kasakula is a braveman

  2. ANALYTICAL says:

    DPP has won again after funding the Khanje Campaign! Cry Malawi media

  3. samson says:

    kkkkkk kasakula wazionatu lero…matama apa ndiye akuthera.onani mpaka mwapha munthu.

  4. popi says:

    congrats Thom, wish you all the best!. know hw to properly utilise your team, it’s the greatest asset you have.

  5. Congrats Thom. Be a strong character. Don’t be lukewarm.

  6. hfty says:

    Congrats thom but now is the time to display strength of character. Don’t let the DPP fools fool you and don’t let chikadya fool you. Strive not only to fill kasunda’s shoes but also go beyond him. Kodi Kasakula akamati thom’s campaign was well funded akutanthauza chani? Ife campaign timapanga pa Facebook and facebook njaulere, no wonder someone branded you as analogue and not digitized

  7. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    Malawi be ware! DPP has strategized to ensure leadership of all unions, associations, etc for various entities is made up of DPP zealots. To them this would result no critics.

  8. Makanja says:

    Journalists are poorly paid and Peter Mutharika recognized this by giving them brown envelopes to share. Kasakula and Tenthani decided to make political capital on this and embarrassed the whole journalistic fraternity and in the process jeopardizing future chances for journalists to receive brown envelopes not just from the president but other well wishes as well. Other organizations and individuals will be uncomfortable to assist journalists for fear of being seen as bribing journalists. When you want to hit your political opponents you must first check the consequences of your actions on your fellow human beings who might be hurt with those actions. Kasakula lost mostly because of the brown envelope issue. Take care.

  9. Wawa says:

    Congrats. Now work with the journalists labour gurus, Juma.

    With them our working conditions will improve.

    God bless.

  10. wafika says:

    I still do not trust the Elect. Comm. and I will not trust them after failing to be decisive with the National Elections. May they are good for the small ones which means that is the type they are supposed to be handling.

    Thom, Congratulations for taking up the challenge. Discipline your scribes for false stories just intended to damage some body image.

  11. Friend of Scribes says:

    Thank you journalists from the north for having rejected Kasakula who has become so unreasonably, unethically anti north.

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      I am not sure if the northern journalists voted as a bloc. Even if they did, I wonder if that would have been enough to defeat Kasakula. He’s also anti-south as far as I can tell! Only blatantly and openly pro-central, and proud of it!
      Reasonable and humble journalists from all over the country wisely voted against this guy. His arrogance, more than anything else, did him in. Most journalists try not to have geographic biases displayed so openly; but not Kasakula.

  12. A NAME ANGA congrats save people well anthu awa akudalirani ndiye osanamizidwa ndi munthu

  13. voter says:

    MEC zikomokwambiri chisankho munayendetsa bwino. Candidate wanga waluza koma sindinganamizile pliz keep it up the rocess was fool proof and the layout was good. Your trabsparency and counting was also wonderful

  14. Jando says:

    Ensure journalists do understand the subject matter which they write on by reading widely inorder to disseminate correct information to the public

  15. Kaya says:

    Hahaha vote gate or mec gate. A win thank u. People choose u not God.

  16. Gift Kayipa. says:

    Zabwino zonse

  17. zagwa says:

    congrats Khanje. We hope you serve us better okey

  18. Kamdondo says:


  19. Matokoso says:

    Rigged elections, bribery or Kasakula just got his ass thoroughly wupped. Maybe the media fraternity are angry with you with the brown envelope charade you pulled the other day.

  20. Beaton Taombe says:

    163 votes against 23 votes a Kasakula zakuvutanitu apa koma akati kulalata pa my diary. Constructive criticism ndi kulalata ndi zosiyana ambuye

  21. SALOME says:

    Congratulation Thom!!! choosen by GOD, move forward bro.

  22. walalawalala says:

    he he he de !akasakula sanakusankheni pepani! mmangomva kuwina eti

  23. kapambwe says:

    If u men of the pen can appreaciate and accept a winner in a democratic manner i hv no problem. The question is did he succeed with 51+1%?

    1. Matokoso says:

      Man well above 50+1. Khanje wiped the floor. Landslide

  24. Nyapapi says:

    Congrats Thom! Ahlomwe ndi nthawi yanu.

  25. xyz says:

    kongalachuleshoni bwana khanje

  26. supuni says:

    The humble shall always be victorious! Congrats Khanje, the humble man! Ena aja matama too much!

  27. lilian says:

    Kkk George kasakula just accept defeat iwe

  28. Akulisinga says:

    you deserve it! please fight for good working conditions for journalists to avoid bribes from the top. paja ena sanabwezetu kamba kakusauka.

  29. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Congratulations Mr Khanje.
    My advice: Aim for the truth and the truth will make you free. Avoid temptation
    of being bought and protect your fellow journalists only in truth, and do so in sincerity without fear or favour. The K50,000 issue should be an eye opener. Maintain your integrity even in face of pressure – Assist in uniting the country against nepotism, tribalism, regionalism, and quota system, as one nation. GOD BLESS you.

  30. william Matewere says:

    Congratulations are in order. Encourage men of the pen to write facts not fiction or sensetional articles.If our courts were as efficient most journalist would have been in jail for libel.

  31. Mpofu says:

    Congratulations and looking forward to perform and serve with trust and honest!!!

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