Kinnah says Tanzania clubs more professional than Malawi’s

Former Malawi national football team and Bullets FC coach Kinnah Phiri has disclosed that Tanzanian clubs are run more professional than Malawian clubs.

Kinnah happy at Mbeya

Kinnah happy at Mbeya

Kinnah who landed a coaching job at a Tanzania top league side Mbeya City Council FC said he was impressed with structures and management at his new club.

“Clubs in Tanzania are professionally run as compared to our league. It is the same case here at Mbeya City Council,” Kinnah said.

“It is well managed and has good structures.”

The outspoken coach who is regarded as Malawi’s best ever footballer, hinted that he was offered a better package for his two-year contract.

“I am ok here. I can’t complain about my package. This team is run professionally,” he said.

He also disclosed that he could consider getting players from Malawi to beef up his squad.

“I Will hesitate to get players from Malawi should there by a need,” he added.

Kinnah snubbed Mzuni University after helping them escape relegation in dramatic fashion following his dismissal from Free State Stars.

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21 thoughts on “Kinnah says Tanzania clubs more professional than Malawi’s”

  1. Kanonono says:

    I think we are missing the point here. Soccer is business nowadays and if economic planners are doing nothing, do not expect that your league will become a serious one. Tanzania’s economy is growing and so is that of Zambia and that of Mozambique. This is why clubs there are able to pay their players better packages than those in Malawi. This is the fact. Sponsors come when the economy is doing well. In Tanzania for instance, the best paid player goes home with at least MK2 million per month and this is for serious teams like Yanga, Azam and Simba. Mbeya City is a team for Kinnah’s calibre but since he will be able to get his daily bread from there, why should he play down the offer?

  2. Mandela says:

    Mmesa akina atakuchotsani ku south africa munabwera ku malawi mudzatani ndipo mukocha mzuni bwanji sumunakhale konko mudzabwera mudzatopeza muthe mauwo mudzatipezabe anzanu amkatelo koma lero alikonkuno a ernest

  3. Starling Kondowe of Chikwina CDSS,in Nkhatabay says:

    the statement issued by kinnah is not all that bad.its true,we dont have the required professional capabilities.However,we need to part of the development team.What we have currently,let us improve and make our football status attractive.

  4. Khwinda says:

    Sindikuonapo chomwe walakwisa kinnah a Malawi vuto lathu timadana ndi kuuzidwa chilungamo .

  5. watondido says:

    Abale zampila zikulumikizana bwanji ndi DPP? Koma macoment enawa,mukulilabe mpake lelo zazisankho? Any but kinnah is just right.

  6. Ambuje Kukaya says:

    Kinnah could be saying the truth but as Malawians let’s say some of these things in our administrators’ face; not when we are employed elsewhere. That statement if made in Tanzania is very unfortunate.

  7. Eden Akuzi says:

    Kinna is right but A malawi can’t accept his words fancy 51yrs down the lader our league is still an amueture league compared to all countries surrounding us. shame to FAM and football administrators. Most teams have no training ground yet they have enjoying sponsorship for many many yrs. try to bite FAM for the betterment of our football.

  8. Humphreys C Saiti says:

    Osamanyoza amene anakusambisa kuti ufike pamene wafika kuti ena akuone bwino. Ine ndimava chisoni kwambiri zedi. Kumazindikira kumene uchokera ndikuona zomwe wachita ndi zimene ukuyembekezera kuchita osakhala ku nyoza.

  9. Undani Misomali says:

    why is it that some people do not read between lines or are not critical thinkers. Kinnah is saying nothing but the truth. Why is it that Malawian players are leaving en masse to ply their trade abroad including Botswans, war ravaged Rwanda, Angola and our neighbours Mozambique. At the moment there is no professional player from another country apart from some refugee from Burundi at Bullets. Cameroonian Lionel Atsu terminated his contract last yr at Mighty Be Forward because he said he was treated unprofessionally. There’s no foriegn coach in our league. Bullets are still owing Elia Kananji now with Wanderers K800000 in arrears over salary and bonus a year after leaving the club. Wanderers still owe former coaching panel of Kannock aMunde, Albert Mpinganjira and Thom Milanzi in salary and game bonus almost two years after leaving the club. Bullets players just a year ago lost trust in the executive committee and decided to be paying themselves at the source from money they used to snatch from gate collection. Now you call this professional. Don’t just be patriotic while exposing your shallo-minded thinking. Kinnah is not disrespecting Malawi league. After known Kinnah he is humble down to earth man. Ndichifukwa chache a Malawi sitimatukuka. life is unbearable at the moment koma come 2019 DPP mudzaivotera ndi landslide tulo too much

  10. Advisory Committee says:

    Kinnnaa just go and eat taifa money rather than kunyoza mpira wa a Malawi. You area also useless senseless and old fashioned that’s why you were constantly fired by south African teams

  11. mogasa chairman says:

    it’s not only football that’s done more professionaly than here but every single thing in the world is done better. education, immigration, security, health services, magetsi amene olo madzi omwewa otipatsa yehovawa timavutikila.

    the only things we excell at are fornication, theft, murder and excessive alcohol consumption.

  12. chawelako wa nyakhondowe says:

    uncle u hav done good, mbeya is close to chilumba~home, easy to visit

  13. KUKHALA says:


  14. h says:

    what do you mean “snubbed Mzuni? This is negative reporting

  15. kadamanja says:

    Zabwino zonse Kinnah, Boma lasankho lakuno, tiwina bwanji mpira.

  16. pido says:

    Why was he fired at Free State? Tell us

  17. Kwitumbi Akuno says:

    It is too early and indeed very premature for him to have noticed that they run their football matters professionally. Was he not the national coach who once upon a time rubbed shoulders with the top most football administrators in Malawi, why didn’t he propose what he is seeing as professional to day? Just accept the job and stop being a loud mouth because the same unprofessional organisation you are degrading will offer you refuge when the Swahilis are done with you just like what the South Africans did.

  18. opportunist says:


  19. yandula says:

    Wishing you all the best; rope in Malawian Players to further their experience

  20. Namkugwi says:

    Kinnah, unali kuti nthawi yonseyi? were you not given a chance in the Malawian football inner circle to make contributions in the Malawian soccer fraternity? Tell us also that Tanzanian army is more professional than Malawian, Kape iwe eti, usandikwiyitse, mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Mzozodo says:

    Its only in Malawi where football is run in a village operation manner, everywhere this part of Africa, football is being run professionally, and the performance of their national teams will clearly attest to this.

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