Kwataine resigns as MEHN boss

Influential female human rights activist Martha Kwataine has resigned from her position as executive director of Malawi Health Equity Network (Mehn) and is heading to an international NGO, ActionAid.

Kwataine: Next move to ActionAid

Kwataine: Next move to ActionAid

She told a local radio on Wednesday that she resigned at MEHN, an organisation she founded nine years ago in October and was serving notice as her former organisation struggles to get suitable replacement.

Kwataine’s leaving of rights activism leaves Billy Mayaya alone in the struggle against injustices by the government as other activists are muted.

Other vocal fearless activists however are Timothy Mtambo of Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation and Gift Trapence a gay rights activist.

“Am still an activist. Activism is not the position you are holding but it is in-born,” said Kwataine in the radio interview.

However, local commentators say she will now be bound by international rules that discourage members of staff from commenting on local politics.

Kwataine said she is leaving MEHN, reputable health issues coordinating local nongovernmental organisation, a happy person after grooming it from an unknown entity to a vibrant employer of 19 from just three nine years ago.

“This shows that every woman can deliver. I have taken MEHN from the unknown to where it is now. Am leaving an organisation that has grown from three employees to 19,” said Kwataine.

Kwataine had been one of the vocal voices during the Bingu wa Mutharika regime but kept a low profile during the Joyce Banda administration that offered her chairmanship at the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority.

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64 thoughts on “Kwataine resigns as MEHN boss”

  1. AAA says:

    He who was with you at MHEN Will be with you at Ationaid, the Health Sector will continue bearing the fruits of your labour well done.

  2. Ndanena says:

    Umakwana kwataine

  3. Jerejede says:

    but for the whites to pronounce kwataine eeeh pakavuta bola kungoliikiratu mchingerezi all the best Adona

  4. kamzy says:

    Good development,pachoka mzako pali malo

  5. chakwana says:

    KuActionAid ukakanika kuba ndalama monga umapangira kuMEHN umangotapa opanda kukufunsa.

    wachita bwino MEHN umangoyitenga ngati yamnyumba mwako. Koma ukupitako kumafunika mwambotu. osangoti chilichonse usakuchidziwa wayankhira ngati wodziwa zonse. all the best!

  6. Gay Activist says:

    I like her boldness

  7. mweyeye 1 says:

    Zabwino zonse mayi ndipo ndinu wokongola

  8. mchewa says:

    Best wishes Martha will miss you alot

  9. Nangozo says:

    I always like your hair style. Natural!!! That means you believe in yourself, not those who copy from white, chinese, Indians etc hairs.

  10. galu ameneyu anali chete nthawi ya joyce banda chifukwa chakuti anamupatsa ntchito

  11. chipie D Kadewere says:


  12. sigweje says:

    kani chindaineyu ku mehn kunali kongodikirirako ntchito yabwino?

  13. MLOMWE says:

    Muli maonekedwetu moti aliponso azibambo ena mu DPP sakugona naye bwino.Good luck at Action aid

  14. Professor LUKA TCHOKA. CHIEF wa aKweri says:

    Kwataine=Fuck me

  15. Mzungumbuli says:

    Martha, I like your hair style, all the best, where you are going, But remember to remember your creator, because tikukhala mudziko loipa

  16. mpagaja says:

    but stop troubling your husband. He is a good man in bad hands

  17. phodos says:

    Malita watoonjeza zingw’enyengw’enye kumasoko. Tione tintedi. Tione earings. Tione mano. Shii ami yendani bwino ku action aid. We know Action Aid is not a political entity and that marks the end of you. Bully Mayaya ndi Malita Kwataine nonse agulewamkulu. Achewa mwationjezatu tsono.

  18. Jackson mulera says:

    my aunt! may the good Lord Bless and Remember you. you have saved many lives of poor people and loved it, we love yu, I love yu!

  19. Mbani says:

    we will miss u Malita but continue your good work

  20. wamkulundani says:

    We have always known you to be a brave woman. Keep it up regardless of where you are going. Be the voice of the voiceless as you have been. Bravo Martha.

  21. Patrick Phiri says:

    She was quiet during JB’s administration because JB gave her position of MACRA Board Chair. Seeing that APM has not considered her, she resurrected with her noises. Greedy woman! Good riddance.

  22. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Mai opanda mantha uyu…will miss you but thank God for a green pasture.

  23. advisory committee says:

    The lady anasamala tsitsi bwino uyu enanu mutingerepo lesson osamangomanga zosaziwika bwino zi maweave zina za blue yellow pink etc zimakhonje madreads abale inu ife axibambo zimatinyasa nchifukwa timamafuna ta nchito for natural beauty

  24. peter mshali ku salima says:

    everything has to end one day or another,undule mwakasungula ali ku,just wait and see,mwadya za ma donor zambiri,tap closed

  25. Zasha mfana wa mphasha,waziziwa? says:

    koma dzinalo mukanasintha,kwataine sidzina lopeleka ulemu,ndinu m’mayi waulemu wake

  26. kkkkk says:

    Your remarkable work for the poor shall never be forgotten.thank u

  27. Yaya kumudzi says:


  28. mlanjira says:

    Beautiful woman ever! always in natural and beautiful hair osangoti ma weave full time isaa. Mayi wa chi Malawi ndi wokongola! All the best in your new assignment.

  29. Ndoda yabwandila says:

    Life is about finding yourself – She
    has found herself ! Congats

  30. Zulu says:

    Good riddance. Action Aid be careful mwalowetsa mavuto ku NGO.

  31. mfiti mayaya says:

    So you NGOs make noise with only 3 employees. And you blame Govt which looks after millions of people for incompetence? Stupid CSOs you are.

  32. mapwevupwevu says:

    Jumping a sinking ship, huh Martha? Ma donors aiwonela patali kuti these are useless BOGs so they have closed their taps ndiye mayiyu akuthawa asanayaluke!

    Useless woman!

  33. bingiza says:

    Musakatiiwale mai a chikondi continue fighting for us GOD bless you all the time

    1. Max says:

      Thats true bingiza,may the God be with you our fighter,

  34. Kk says:

    I always thought the captain must go down with the ship, it’s seems most are willing to abandon the ship

  35. busy signal says:

    If most of the women in malawi were humble, interigent, constructive, well brought up and none beer drunkards especially those from ntcheu, a 50:50 gender campain could have been fast approaching.


    Martha Kwataine mayi wadyera uyu kusiya bungwe lake atachiwonela patali chithumba cha ma Donor chikupita ku ACTION AID/WORLD VISION,what a shameful woman,the whole EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR,shame…shame

  37. nyamayasauka says:

    The health sector will continue going down following your move. You really defined what nursing is, in other part. All the best my good nurse.

  38. muderanji says:

    What position will she head at Action aid. Just tell us Mehn is struggling financially

  39. Future activist says:

    No worries.She is not the only person in Malawi.Many more vocal ones are coming up with the failed current leadership of wamutharika.If she has been fed a Chibanzi then that is not our problem.Go well with your funny name of Kwataine.You played your part.

  40. Mkwapu says:

    Good girl

  41. ntha..... says:

    A new lease of life. Good luck

  42. advisory committee says:

    Above all she wants to settle down and enjoy family life osamangoti ngo ngo basi banja limakoma a kwataine mwamva azimai ama ngo mwamuona mnzanu martha wazisisa afuna asamale banja sopano

  43. Tili Chenene says:

    Job well done! In admire you

  44. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    It is ridiculous for Ms Kwataine to believe that some people are born activists (“… but it is in-born, …”) She couldn’t be farther from the truth. Activism can be learned; and she has demonstrated that she is quiet a study, arguably a quick study, in this area. And leadership too; it can also be learned, as it is NOT royalty. She should be urging the younger generation to step forward, LEARN and make an impact.

    Also on the “This shows every woman can deliver…” suggests her operations were female-centric. Which is too bad because she is a model to many boys and young men also. So, what are they to think now? Were they not part of her circle? Now, they feel “used”, no less.

    Notwithstanding, all the best in the future. But perhaps she could tone down her extreme partisanship, going forward. It only alienates many others! Note: she seemed lost there for a while, following the political humiliation of her “patron”, Joisi Banda. Who is NOT coming back anytime soon.

  45. anadimba says:

    kodi ndalama ndisatana,onse opanga phokosowa kungwati chibanzi bunyitseni, basi akhala ali ziii, si yawo anakhala chete mwata atawapatsa udindo. Kaya zanu izo .ife ndi amwanapiye osowa manthu ndi kholo yemwe.

  46. jmc says:

    So what? Critics or noise makers? What is in MEHN except individual reactive noice u made? Kkkk

  47. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    Best wishes Martha Kwataine at the new place. Phuma muchepetse Mayi. Izi zomati lero mwalalikira kutchalitchi tsiku link mukutikwana president sid zabwino.

  48. Ayobeee de Zobue says:

    Martha, I am always proud of you. Keep it up my sweet heart. I wish you all the best.

  49. fumu chavula says:

    Mukaoneko zina mayi ntchito mwagwila

  50. Angoni says:

    Mama you are a great woman this nation will always remember you as a fearless woman, very strong but humble. Critic with substance and not being arrogant like those other activists. You are the woman this nation will always cherish. But one thing remember the need for campaigning about equipment for cancer treatment. That’s the only mission you have left in the pipe line. Congratulations in your new appointment. Hope you will come back to where you belong to after this job. But who will be suitable for your shoes.

  51. Mphalapala says:

    nay be am so dumb but i rhought the success of an organisation is measured by its contribution to society and not increasing number of employees from 3 to 19. when I hear these kind of arguments I always wonder if the ppo we call our heroes have substance up stairs.

  52. Teach me Teacher says:

    MEHN is “struggling to get replacement for Mrs Kwataine”? These kind of things should not happen. Why was there no suggestion planning or some arrangement for seemless ttransition.

  53. Thanduxolo says:

    Kusiya bungwe lomwe adayambitsa yekha? Aaaaaa. Kapena mwina ndalama zoyendetsera bungwe zikuvuta kuzipeza? Kalipokalipo!

  54. Nasukanje says:

    So proud of you Martha. You have delivered and taken this MEHN beyond the bar. I am convinced beyond doubt that you are not a product of quota system that has sadly brought our country on the brink of collapse. You have demonstrated that if this country pursued meritocracy this country could have developed. MEHN is a clear testimony. If Martha was in government employment I know she could never been promoted to such prominence because she not mlakho. Martha I wish you well and success in your next assignments. Malawi will only develop if people who deserve get the right jobs not because kwathu ndi CZ, TO, MJ, ZA, or PE.

  55. Kagwere says:

    Get lost, you used to talk rubbish about health issues, what is your background? Surely not health related.

  56. Vyanje says:

    Shall miss your energetic self at MEHM…your voice always made logical sense to all sensible people.

  57. Mbuya says:

    Ve last sentence y was she low kkkkkiieeest

  58. It would be nice to know what position she is going for, which ActionAid it is, is it Malawi or in the UK and…. you said her leaving only leaves Mayaya as the sole activist…I think that is not fully true. But again, I wish this woman all the best in her pursuit of a better world.

  59. Thandaza says:

    thanx Martha for the good selfless time you spent fighting for a better Malawi..congrats for the new challenge, God bless you.

  60. Nyasatimes what is your problem says:

    Nyasatimes get your facts right, Martha is not a founder of MHEN. MHEN was founded by a group of scientists working at TB Equity Project, Prof. Muula and Kapito team etc. Martha was a second ED for MHEN, the first Director was Paul Nsoma.

  61. Pumani mai zosiyirana izi

  62. gule says:

    Ndiye chizungu chanji chimenechi?

  63. Wachikulile says:

    Malawi is dead now I remember what she said “aMalawi kungoyang’anila bwatoli likugwela kudyenje now because of money you leave us alone. Hoo amangwetu

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