Kwathu drama group cautions on false prophets in Malawi

At the heat of increasing number of men of God and formation of churches, the country’s longest surviving drama group, Kwathu has taken a brave move to caution the nation against some self imposed and false prophets in their new play.

A scene in the play

A scene in the play

The play depicts that some prophets do preach hate and destroy families instead of preaching love and building relationships which the case should be bearing in mind that where there is God there is always peace.

In a play premiered Saturday in Mulanje before moving to Blantyre on Sunday, Kwathu bluntly cautions people to take care as some of the prophets are just there to rip off from them.

Worth highlighting in the play is the story of a happily married couple who part ways after the woman starts attending fellowships where the prophet reaches a point of engaging some people to be masquerading as sick or disabled, so that it appears that he has some healing powers, just to get popular.

Through that scheme, the prophet is popular and rich and even goes further to use his powers to destroy families, including of a happily couple by claiming that the husband was possessed which made the wife frequently quarrel with the husband and later the family breaks up.

Ironically, the prophet finds a house for the woman and starts paying rent for her. But people later realize what kind of character their prophet was. Some followers face him including the husband whose family broke up as it finally comes in the open that his wife was fed with wrong information that he was possessed with evil spirits.

A resident of Chilobwe, who asked for anonymity, thanked Kwathu drama group for touching on the issue though sensitive it is, saying he bears witness to the case the drama group has raised.

“Families are living in troubled waters because of some false prophets while others have been chased out of rented houses because of the same after getting prophesies against their husbands and landlords, let God help us,” said the Blantyre resident.

The play is co-written by former parliamentarian and long time musician Billy Kaunda of the Mwapindulanji fame, and Kwathu’s veteran actor and playwright Charles Mphoka.

It starred  Mphoka, Eric Mabeti, Linda Chatha, Enifa Chiwaya, Evans Mbewe, Frank Mbewe, Emma Chikwembeya, Ferguson Magona, Moses Mandebvu, Mussa Penoh, Penemulungu Banda and Neria Chosalawa.

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16 thoughts on “Kwathu drama group cautions on false prophets in Malawi”

  1. ADE says:


  2. Moses Makoko says:

    Kwathu trek up to LL

  3. Foxyandy says:

    BRAVO BILLY&KWATHU! These are ANTICHRISTS ”muzawadziwa ndi ntchito zawo” Warning: Tiyeni tichenjere maka amayi, tisaiwale mkazi mzathu EVA, pavunda kholatu!

  4. Foxyandy says:

    VERY PATHETIC INDEED, imagine a man of god(s) discouraging girls from persuing their education. There’s a need to do something about them.(kungomva kuti za Mulungu sizilira qualification). TAGANIZANI: KUWUZA ANTHU AMAYI KUTI AVULE APEZE MAWANJA! (a SATANIC original)

  5. Yes i have seen many marriages faling apart in Mzimba. One scrapped by Bushiri,mrs chipeta left her husband coz of him.I’m really happy with the drama lets call a spade aspade.These prohets are killing our society in a good name of our king.foolish prophets

  6. omex says:

    Prophet Z in my mind kkkk

  7. ellastas says:

    it’s indeed a pity as to what these prophets do, they destroy other peoples lives by giving false prophecies. But in case they don’t know, the same way they are destroying peoples lives and marriages that’s the exact way they are destroying their own consciousness and spirituality… they should know that they supply curses and demonic acts to themselves by lying to people of God,,, Azalipira zonsezo zili pamutu pawo. They shall feed on the fruits of their actions, Thanks Billy Kaunda and Kwathu drama group.

  8. Thomas says:

    Gahenah is waiting for those people


    Chipembedzo chenicheni ndi chisilamu,kulibe zauprophet ngati zayenazi.


    Jesus said, a blindman can not lead another blindman. The question is, can a blindman know that the one leading him is also blind. The answer is yes! So only sinners and fools can be fooled by fault prophets. Read the bible and understand the word of God. Otherwise Repent.

  11. Moya wa ku Phaloni says:

    CCAP for ever zanu za prothet no no ndakana

  12. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    Bravo, Billy Kaunda and Mphoka,

    This is a reality. Ndipo akutidyera kwambiri. Akuti chopereka koma iwowo kauyendera galimoto yodula, nyumba yabwino koma ife akhristu tikutenga ndalama zathu osauka kumakapatsa olemera ife ndi kumagona ndi njala ndikuphwanya nyerere. A Malawi tiyeni tidziganiza bwino. That is why TB Joshua analemera pakalipano ndipo anakana chopereka kwa munthu wosauka! SHAME

  13. All in good time, this is long overdue that someone comes up & open people’s eyes. We are NOT against praising The Lord, I for one, I’m 120% a believer of the Word of God in totality & this is the time that we need God than ever BUT at the same time the spirit of deception is out there, that’s why we have all these prophets. My humble question is that why do we have a lot of prophets at one time cos my small knowledge of the Word of God, God used one Prophet at a given time for the given purpose so why do we have the so called major prophets a lot in the same area at the same time??????? Miracles, God is a God of miracles but rember even Pharao performed most of the miracles Moses did so what can stop the devil today to do the same? So be in the watch out. We will know them with their fruits, check them through the Word of God then you will know them. Siwonse oti Ambuye Ambuye………. Bravo Kwathu Drama Group.



  15. Frustrated Mtumbuka says:

    True! They are talking about achina prophet Z (wao yemwe), aka ka bushili, Simama, Chapomba, Salanje ndi ena otero!

  16. Lord Denning Chatsika says:

    Thanks kwathu ma prophet akutinamiza kutibera kuti landa akazi alibe uzimu or umulumgu better be with our traditional churches like anglican roman Catholic ccap seventh day mboni mapente asopanowa kuba kunama too much with careless and thoughtless senseless and useless messages stupid false prophets

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