Kyungu says new wife giving him a new lease on life

Paramount Chief Kyungu, Mwakawanga the third has said his new wife xRhoda Banda a police officer is giving him a new lease on life.

Kyungu has finally found love again

Kyungu has finally found love again

Kyungu and wife Rhoda: New lease on love

Kyungu and wife Rhoda: New lease on love

Kyungu said this after he celebrated his wedding to Rhoda in Karonga.

He  aid of his new wife: “She’s a very special person.”

Attended by different notable people including politicians, civil society organizations, members of clergy, security personnel as well as traditional leaders, Kyungu’s wedding was described as a good example for the youths and other chiefs to emulate.

Speaking during the ceremony, Vuwa Kawunda who is the Presidential advisor on National Unity also represented the state President said there are more things that Malawians can learn from the wedding.

“The President is happy with this marriage, what the chief trying to communicate to the youths is that they should do open marriages and culturally,” said Kaunda.

“To show his gratitude President Peter Mutharika has given you a gift of K1 million and a double cabin fridge,” he added.

Kossam Munthali who is the Executive Director for the Foundation for Community Support Service (FOCUS) said Kyungu’s wedding is a sending a big signal to his juniors and subjects to say no to marry under 18 girls.

“You know there are some chiefs who marries young girls but the message Kyungu is giving them today is that they should stop that,” said Munthàli.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) led by its vice President Richard Msowoya who is also the Speaker of Parliament expressed their happiness by giving expensive gifts and cash.

Unlike with other wedding ceremony, Kyungu’s wedding was spiced by traditional dances.

Among the renowned people graced the ceremony include Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe, Minister of Home Affairs Jappie Mhango, MCP shadow MPs Chitonya Mwanyongo, CHRR boss Timothy Mtambo, Senior chief Kwataine, TA Kachindamoto.

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20 thoughts on “Kyungu says new wife giving him a new lease on life”

  1. Mavi says:

    Short live Marriage imeneyi, A Kyungu sakuwaziwa azimayi a Police – Its just a matter of time, Characteristics of Akhazi a police 1. Uwule 2. God Diggers/ Fortune Seekers – Money Lovers. 3. Rudeness – Always want to be on top over everything in Marriage – Controllers i.e They bring u Police Munyumba. Very Secretive and Materialistic – Material Possessors. Kyung be careful, I have warned you. I Know police women – they are same.

  2. Bwana issa says:

    tsona a Rhodawo akayima amfumu amenewa adzakwanitsa kuphunzitsa mwana wobadwayo?kapena akufuna mwanayo tidzawalelere ndife?

  3. shredder says:

    her…..his whatever

  4. sugarfree says:

    Easy REAL!!!! you want another example Robert Mugabe…and whether you like it or not Mandela was unabashed womanizer her daughter said it not me hheeeeeee ndikhalidwe lanu abambo ambiri

  5. REAL!!! says:

    SUGARFREE!!! Do not involve Mandela’s personality on this useless and shameful occurrence.Mandela’s first wife was not very young to him,the second wife Winie,was also not very young to Mandela and the third one Gracia Machel,was of mid-age.Rhoda Banda,can be the third child of Kyungu.Indeed,this is the end of the world,money can buy anything,but is Kyungu strong enough to keep her busy in bed? Otherwise,there are hyenas around with open jaws.ENJOY OLDMAN!!!

  6. Muzanga says:

    Absolutely nothing to learn hear. The chief is abusing this girl Rhoda. iyenso ngokonda vinthu akufunapo chani pa nkhalamba yaloza kumandayi?

  7. BIGGIE says:

    Umenewu ndiye timati uchitsiru kwathu!!!! wakumwa madzi ometera ndevu!!!! kikikikikiki!!!!! arrest the KING NOW!!!!!!!!!

  8. mondokwa says:

    Wait a minute, a Kiyungu, mukufuna akumalizini ndi stroke mwanayo. Mutha ma style inu a mudala. Kamwana kopanda mantha ka Rhado, kugwi cha a nfumu?

  9. Chindere says:

    Uwu ndiwo tikuti uchindere wakufikapo!!! Wa dininininininini nkhanira!!!!!! Aheri uko!!!

  10. Kamchacha says:

    Uchindere pera!

  11. dada mwaswera says:

    zogwetsa mphawi fellow women, that’s how l feel, l may be wrong! But who is to judge here on earth? First wife – Peace! Aim, pray for equality for OUR CHILDREN! Let’s all aim for poverty elimination so all our girls have the same freedom – ‘bagging’ a man for ‘status ‘ should not be incentive. Why did she leave first husband?


    Mkaziyo is stil fresh, the man is old. How is he gonna satisfy her in bed? He needs a vibrator lo……

    1. Having grey hair does not mean you are old! Do you know that Rhoda had to abandon her first hub for the Chief? It means he is capable and the game. After all the age difference does not matter. Love has no limit KKKKKKKKKKK. Bola Rhoda usawathawenso bambowatu.

      1. ANIVA..FISI..UJA...NDINE..!!!!! says:

        KKKKKKK i hav heard you brother.

  13. Bwaza Kayala says:

    Where was Chief Ngolongoliwa? The parents of the lady are younger than Kyungu, nde Kyungu aziyitanabe kuti Dad and Mum in law? hahahahahahaaha! Congrats Rhoda

  14. sugarfree says:

    Wachikulire kuti even the great Mandela was fond of younger women no big deal

  15. chikoti says:

    Iwe Rhoda, Suzgo ulikumuleka?

  16. Am keen to know what had happen to Kyungu’s first wife

  17. Mumalizeni says:

    Koma ndi wachikule bamboyu mtima bwanji

  18. BlackImage says:

    Ukunde kugwerana paja amati mwamuna Salamanca ku bed

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