Let us be sacrificers, Mutharika tells DPP members at blue night

President Arthur Peter Mutharika who is also leader of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has advised party members to be responsible in all they do so that they serve Malawians efficiently in their role as a ruling party.

President Mutharika have a talk with Vice President Saulos Chilima at the DPP blue night

President Mutharika have a talk with Vice President Saulos Chilima at the DPP blue night

President Mutharika with DPP's Field Marshal Dr Ben Phiri

President Mutharika with DPP’s Field Marshal Dr Ben Phiri

Cross section of people who attended the DPP fundraiser at Sanjika Palace

Cross section of people who attended the DPP fundraiser at Sanjika Palace

Patrons at blue night

Patrons at blue night

Speaking in Blantyre on Friday during a Blue Night Dinner Dance at Sanjika Palace, the President noted that power should be cherished for service not prestige and status.

“Being a ruling party, being a party in power, demands responsibility and sacrifices,” he advised.

“Political power is a means for national development. Our final end is not to rule the country. Winning an election is not enough. Our ultimate goal is to develop this country. For this reason, we cannot aspire for power for prestige and status.

“Power is responsibility. Being a party in power is the highest national responsibility we must cherish,” he said.

He bemoaned the spirit of self centeredness that exists among some members in the party.

“This party has no place for people who just think of  ‘I, me and myself.’ We must be proud in sacrificing for our political cause. This party is us; and we are the party.”

He further reminded the gathering the role and the times in which the DPP exists as compared to previous ruling parties.

“The political mission of the Malawi Congress Party was to end colonialism and bring sovereign rule. The political mission of the United Democratic Front was to end dictatorship and bring democracy. Our political project is to develop this country.

“We are the hope of the people. That is why I urge you to adopt the spirit of self-sacrifice in serving the party,” said he.

He reiterated that the DPP is the only development conscious party in the country as evidenced by how it has transformed the Malawi in a short period of time.

Besides the many development projects that have already taken shape, it was also communicated during the function that President Mutharika will in the next three weeks undertake commissioning of three crucial projects in Water and Energy sectors.

These are the Kammwamba Coal Plant, Lake Malawi Water Supply and Mulanje Mountain Water Supply projects.

The dinner dance was organized to raise funds for party activities in the Southern Region.

It was attended by Vice President Saulos Chilima, DPP executive members, members of parliament and well wishers among others.

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Mr Kachikopa, let us face the truth. When people voted for DPP in 2014 they did not do so in thanks to APM but just to make their party back to power. They are happy that the party is now ruling. Kachikopa should know that majority of Malawians do not vote on principals. What they want is their party to be ruling, that is all. Looking at the November 1 by-elections we can see that the DPP is adding numbers in the centre while Chakwera is not even smelt in the South. Now tell me Kachikopa if the DPP is… Read more »

I smell rotten rat in this party,no Wonder he speaks of sacrifice.
Flip side:the mid night 9,wanted to sacrifice Peter s life.
Downplayed the move.khanga zawona.Peter is still alive alas.
This is the love the leader is advocating.
Mr president, its time you put your house in order .
Asaulosi adati,njoka saweta nyumba.
This people will harm their leaders.thanks wapenya
Nyumba iyi ikudotha.
Sunami wasufukila nyumba iyi aliyense Ali pakalapaka,kubalalika
Zikulosela kuluza 2019
Put your house in order
Some members deserve jail sentence.
Some,a pits kumudzi akula
Some,,rewrite their job description
Somecease membership


Seriously blue night feast anzanu zoti magetsi amayaka tinayiwala….why can’t you organise an indaba for people to come up with ideas on how to deal with these ever ending black outs and water shortages…koma pa malawi

Binnwell Kachikopa

Stupid santana and be humane welcome to a backing of a rotten dunderhead, a useless lidala

Just syphoning the money to go to party coffers, then you call fund raising. Chimanga mwakeza as a basic need, is that Development? You bought new cars on inflated prices and use to visit poor and hungry people, is that Development? When you get sick, you go to America for treatment, is that Development? All equipment for greenbelt is now in private hands at the expense of our people, our children and their becomes collateral for the loans acquired, is that Development? We see government resources in some cases are used to look after MG2s and MG3s, is that Development?… Read more »
The Analyst
O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….O Guess who is talking about sacrifice? . . . If people care to follow APM’s speeches (of course by reading, not listening), one thing is clear: APM is a good talker. . . . But if people just observe what APM does, another thing becomes even clearer: APM doesn’t do what he says/preaches. Nanga inu . . . . . . Is it not APM who accepted a K1bn approval (by the misguided MPs) for “his” new cars? What would a sacrificer (e.g Magufuli) do; if not reject and strongly speak against it? . . . Tell me if… Read more »


winston msowoya
Some of you what you are talking about you don’t even comprehend.It is lack of self esteem to regard STATE PALACES and things like that as DEVELOPMENT.in fact,the multitudes of hardships we are facing today,is attributed to Bands’s atrocious and misguided leadership worsened by the Muthalika dynasty.We have now reached a level of no return ,the leaders are in power to enrich themselves,their tribesmen and their blindfolded surrogates.Bingu and his brother after seeing political vacuum in the country,they rushed into the country to manipulate the mainstream politicians as they did to Muluzi when he campaigned for Bingu the rogue he… Read more »

That is what we call mature speech. Iwe mtima pheee uzingodikira kupitiriza 2019. Enawa abalongolora nthawi nkumatha popanda chopindulira chipani chawo.

He talks of DDP is the only party of development. The things he is pointing or mentioning were already there. Wether it was UDF, or PP and MCP these projects were going to be there. What DDP did was to continue. Talk about development what has DDP developed when Majority of Malawians are suffering? No jobs no medicines corruption is very high among DDP members. Aid is cut because of DDP refusing to bring those members who stole during Bingu. APM was not in Malawi when Malawians fought for democracy. He is enjoying thanks for blood shed of Malawians who… Read more »

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