Lillian Koreia launches her fashion house Miizu

Lillian (C) with her two sisters Jackee (L) and Lesandra Koreia (R)

Lillian (C) with her two sisters Jackee (L) and Lesandra Koreia (R)

Models on the ramp showcasing the Miizu designs while the audience appreciates Lillian's work

Models on the ramp showcasing the Miizu designs while the audience appreciates Lillian’s work

Some of Miizu's designs showcased during the launch

Some of Miizu’s designs showcased during the launch

Renowned designer and stylist Lucy Nkhonjera of Lucci K Designs (L) who was the Guest of Honour appreciates Miizu's designs in the store.

Renowned designer and stylist Lucy Nkhonjera of Lucci K Designs (L) who was the Guest of Honour appreciates Miizu’s designs in the store.

Lillian Koreia, daughter to business magnate Jimmy Koreia Mpatsa, has launched her fashion house called Miizu in Blantyre.

The fashion house, which stocks Miizu designs by Lillian, was launched on Friday in Blantyre at Mpatsa House near the Malawi Institute of Tourism where it is also located.

This was a dream come true for the 26-year-old Lillian to officially unveil her clothing line which started seven years ago.

Lillian discovered she was a fashion designer and that she could sew in 2007 in her second year in college in England where she was studying Business Studies and Law.

She now produces a collection of stylish clothing with much focus on the modern woman.

“I am so happy that finally all my hard work is now bearing fruits. I have been teaching myself slowly and finally I’ve done it,” Lillian said in an interview in Blantyre.

The event was graced by top business men and women from Blantyre, stylists, fashion designers, celebrities as well as Malawi’s Minister of Labour and Manpower Development Henry Mussa.

“It was amazing to have all those people coming to see and appreciate what I have been creating for the past years,” said Lillian, adding her designs were so unique as she mixes local and international fabrics.

According to the new fashion face in town, Miizu designs are inspired by day to day experience and what she sees around her.

Lillian also draws her business inspiration from her family especially her father who is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in Malawi.

Mussa, who officially opened the store, said it was a proud moment for the nation to have such creative young people who were contributing to the economic development of the nation.

“This is a dream come true not only for the Koreia Mpatsa family but the nation. We have been watching this on TV but now we have something championed by our own daughter. As government we are satisfied and this is something we need to encourage.

“We have the talent in Malawi and we are capable of producing that we can dress and be proud of our own clothing, all we need is holding hands and supporting each other. The banks need to support such initiatives,” said Mussa.

Lillian, who quit her job to venture into full-time fashion designing and retailing has a Degree in Business Studies and Law and a Masters in Entrepreneurial Management. She says so far her line has more than 50 customers.

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27 thoughts on “Lillian Koreia launches her fashion house Miizu”

  1. Livulezi river says:

    I totally agree with you material @ 5. Most Malawians are well, if not over ( highly ) educated but are poor!!! Reason being that they believe and trust in their papers only without exploring other avenues of making monies! If research can be done, it can be discovered that rich black local Malawians are average educated ones. Educated people seldom take risks rest they think and believe they may look a fool. Only risk takers triumph in life! Good example is Saulosi Chilima!!!!

  2. Livulezi river says:

    So the whole minister having ample time to open a store of his district boy’s dota!! Can he do likewise to a dota of a poor man from Nthalire in Chitipa but based in Nsanje? Anyway, other bodies & legs are best respected in cover ups than are being displayed here. To be honest, these are not the legs worth public view! That ur dad is a billionaire is a fact only a fool can dispute! Korea Mpatsa is a billionaire & not a millionaire!!! I know him & he even attest to that and thank god for that!! He is a hard worker and visionary business man I have ever chatted with recently!!!! You dotas’ should be proud Mpatsa is ur dad!! You are very very lucky for ur dad worked for you!!!! Za bwino zonse ana inu!!! Greet ur uncle, Dalitso Deleza!!!!!

  3. Livulezi river says:

    @ # 1, chemwali chimwene, inenso ndimadabwa kwambiri for those mentioned educated guys marrying two sisters from same family, I mean one dad & one mum!! Zizimba kapena?? Or the poverty & stupidity of the women’s families?? Of all the educated and rich guys from CZ I know, it’s only Friday Jumbe who has morals to distinguish between a lady and a wife!!!

  4. coolguy says:

    Ndalama ku Ndalama zinzake. Olo zikhale zambwerera mabwana akadapitabe.

  5. Sounds of Blackness says:

    tisanamizanepo apa. amalawi amakonda kuvala za imported

  6. Ganda says:

    Brilliant styles, please do also real mens shirts with the same textiles you have used to design women clothes.

  7. chosatheka says:

    ndionapo ine ndi nyangwita zokha zokha!!!

  8. womenslib says:

    That pink jumpsuit is very badly made and the materials are horribly shiny. Nobody with taste is gonna wear this stuff. She should just be a lawyer.

  9. Nope sorry. Very pedestrian designs. Simply dull and vanilla. Nothing personal, but let’s be honest here: in the absence of her name and money, nobody wold give a flying pig’s smelly arse. Posh Spice comes to mind.

  10. chris john sakala says:

    Thanks for beautiful design.Keep it up

  11. nkhedu says:

    Amalawi enanu nsanje basi. shupiti zanu

  12. Israel Difense Force says:

    I dont see any creativity here, may am myopic !!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Catherine Wandale says:

    Dream come true indeed…our own designer, we are so proud of you baby, keep it up!

  14. Kangu says:

    This is refreshing news about Malawi, we need more of this publicity, keep it up girl.

  15. phiri says:

    you cant expect this girl to be poor abwana, ndizoyamwira izi za kumakolo

  16. lufina says:

    ukamaliza degree ya Business Studies and Law..what do you become? maybe a a fashion designer.

    1. eye eye says:

      a Lufina whats up? she can then use the Business and Law degree knowledge in her business.. get that? kuzolowela kukembedwa ntchito eti?..anyway I undeerstand you…kkkkkk

  17. lufina says:

    china nchina koma ana a Mpatsa maonekedwe ndiye ayi. Kungoti Bambo awo nawonso amawoneka mwa Chitumbuka. Pena Pake ndalama sizingaguledi maonekedwe. Congratulations anyway for the launch of your clothing line I hope it is sustainable because Malawians we have the habit of starting something and just to quit a few month down the line. Kodi kuli degree kunjaku ya Business studies and Law

  18. DANIEL PHIRI says:

    thats’s a good one LILLY, You are a daughter of a very rich man and you yourself are intelligent. there are so men young women like you who have the skills but are not so previllaged . please try to do something that can bring those women closer to you by employing them as designers or even tailors and at the same time grow your Fashion house. GOOD LUCK LILILLY.

  19. Lake Malawi says:

    Wow this is wonderful. Wish all the best and hope people will support you accordingly. Very good work.

  20. chosatheka says:


  21. material says:

    The best thing about being rich is that it breeds creativity and innovation. A daughter of a poor man can not quit her 7.30pm to 5.00pm job to try out and explore her talent like this. Otherwise what is she going to eat that day? The moral here is that let’s work hard like Mr Mpatsa so that our off springs do not go through the same hard life that we went or are going through.

  22. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Quiet commendable clothes; the ones I have seen.
    But some of the poses do not belong on the runway. TOTALLY. Legs spread out like you are chatting with someone in the open market, or panjira in the village! Don’t these “models” watch and learn from the sophisticated runways overseas, or just across the borders in South Africa?

  23. Nicolas Kazembe says:

    Congrats Lillian. Looking forward to seeing your designs. Hope you are also doing for Men right? All the best even though i know you dont need it coz you will make it.

  24. nachilomgo says:

    More fire Lilian!

  25. Chemwali chimwene says:

    The whole minister kukatsegula store, kapena poti nonse ndi akuchiladzulu, ndiye mwapangira chiweniweni. Kodi inu anthu aku CZ bwanji mumakwatira azimayi omwe ndi pachichemwali, same mum same dad. A Bisani, a Mbewe ndi awa bambo ake a Lilian? Talongosolani timve.

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