Lilongwe City name and shame debtors: Property to be sold

The Lilongwe City) has taken public and private institutions to court over various denominations which the institutions are owing to the council and they have been named and shamed.

Chief Executive Officer of Lilongwe City Richard Hara

Chief Executive Officer of Lilongwe City Richard Hara

Council’s Finance Director Jeremiah Sibande said they have published the names of defaulters in the press in order to force them pay the money.

He said the city “will then sell the property to recover the money”

Lilongwe city council is owed more than K8.7 billion.

The Council is currently struggling to provide services to its residences.

It currently needs K6 million to refuel vehicles and allowances for the staff to collect garbage.

Currently, there are no streets lights in most roads passing by the city. Some tourists have described Lilongwe the darkest city in the Central Africa.

Sibande said the council will invoke section 91 Sub-Section 1 which gives powers to the Council to sell out the properties which is being owed the rates.

“We will also engage external debt collectors so that they can assist the council in collecting the debt, so these are some of the interventions that the city is applying,” said Sibande.

The debtors have also been dragged to court.

Some of the institutions taken to Lilongwe Commercial Court under Lilongwe City Council versus the institutions are as follows; Malawi Housing Corporation(MHC), National Food Reserve Agency(NFRA), Nkhoma Synod, Malawi Posts and Cooperation(MPC), Malawi Broadcasting Corporation(MBC), Red Cross, SOS Malawi, Daeyang Luke Hospital, Mr M.T.N.Passo, M.W.Ingilis, Fargo Company, and Mai Aisha.

MBC was dragged to court under the case number 45/14 while NFRA was taken to court under the file number 24/14.

Further information on the matter indicates that Fargo was pushed into the dock under because number 44/14, while Mai Aisha was docked under file number 29/14.

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Wa ku Lilongwe

Ngongole yonseyi, zofunika kugula zonsezi, nde mudzithamangira kugula Prado ya mayor? Kudzikonda ndi nthemda pa Malawi pano!


kodi dontho lakuda pa mphumipo ndi achisilamu a harawo?


Can the council please explain to us how they calculate interest? It is exorbitant daylight rob……y!


Ife ndalama tilinazo, ma building amenewa tigula Ife once u put them on sale

Mpolho Khon'nyanyalhiwa

Richard Hara ndi munthu ba vimbundi, Mzuzu city yikatondeka kuchita develop chifukwa wakachita vimbundi chomene kuno. Wakati wafumapo, pakawa Thomas Chirwa, iyo wakayezgesa kunozga.

Richard Hara vimbundi!!!! Kuno wene mpoto tikumukhumba cha!!!!?


Bravo management of Lilongwe city


Thats great Mr Sibande and Team

Feel good
Oooooh! “DARKEST CITY IN CENTRAL AFRICA!” Am afraid if it is darkest in central Africa it could pass for the darkest in the w… as well. Honestly i don’t know if there’s a capital city as chaotically outlined as Lilongwe. No proper streets and side walks as befits a 21st centuary city. the helter skelter free for all building patterns. No proper standards for buildings. Some commercial buildings including banks secluded in fences for security i guess. The Blantyre ones don’t need that security i suppose. I remember once this guy from a neighbouring country driving through the city centre,… Read more »

Malawi Housing Cooperation, shame on you!!! you are failling to pay city rates yet it is charged on rentals


That is good. continue the efforts to realise the resources but you should also put them to good use as well. We need a clean city and good services. But your Mayor is sleeping to much. Does he has any plans for the development of the City? Tawadzutsani amenewo.

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