Lilongwe Mayor hails Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints for enhancing behavior change

Mayor of Lilongwe City Council, Willie Chapondera has commended the missionaries of Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in Malawi for their enormous contributions to the country and the city in particular.

Counselor in the Mission Presidency Vincent Hull making his remarks

His worship Mayor of Lilongwe City, Chapondera speaking at Christmass family event organised by Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

Members of Church of Jesus Christ ready to be baptised on Christmass family day

Chapondera, who was guest of honour at a family gathering ceremony which the church organized to celebrate their existence as well as the birth of Jesus Christ the savior, said churches in the country have a great role to play.

He said among others, churches bring about change in the way people conduct themselves and perceive things as well as the promotion of social services.

“The church is at the center of every human being, through the church, societies are strengthened and united. Not only that, the church also through its various activities, contributes to the country’s economy and by that, improve the lives of the citizenry,” Chapondera said.

He commended the church of Jesus Christ of the Latter day Saints for helping strengthen families, build morality and above all supporting the country in its quest to improve its economic stance.

Chapondera then pleaded with the church to consider putting up an infrastructure to mark their full establishment.

“Let me assure you that the government of Malawi is committed to working with your church and we will support you with the best of our abilities,” he said.

As many Christians celebrated the birth of Christ, the Mayor emphasized that people should look beyond just mere celebrations and realizes that Jesus Christ was born to save the lost souls.

“During this time let us allow Jesus to be at the center of life,” Chapondera.

Vincent Hull, First councilor for Lusaka and Zambia province hailed government for the support ever since its establishment.

Hull said a church their core function is to bring change in people’s life particularly bringing people to salvation.

“We have several divisions and among them is the humanitarian, the leadership and family divisions. All these are meant to bring a change onto human being,” said Hull.

He then promised to continue working with the government and contribute any way possible.

Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints was introduced in the country in 1992 and it has about 974 members in Lilongwe and 2000 in Blantyre districts.

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15 thoughts on “Lilongwe Mayor hails Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints for enhancing behavior change”

  1. Bernard says:

    I am not Mormon, but I know a tiny bit about it. Family and family values are highly important. My sister converted almost ten years ago and she is very committed and it is the very best thing that ever happened for her. Keep up the good work guys.

  2. Steven says:

    I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church. I know that it is Christ’s church restored to the earth in our day. I have a testimony that God answers our prayers, that He loves us, and that He sent His Son to die for us. I bear testimony that our Savior is our perfect example, that He did perform the atonement for us, and that through Him we all may be able to become better. I know that our modern-day prophet, Thomas S. Monson, is a true prophet of God who leads and guides us in these days. I am so grateful that I have been able to grow in this knowledge through the guidance and assurance of the Holy Ghost. What a wonderful blessing it is to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. My hope and prayer is that all might have the opportunity to gain this knowledge for themselves,

  3. Stain Phiri says:

    I am grateful for the Restored Gospel of Jesus
    Christ… The TRUE and LIVING Gospel on the
    Earth! I am especially grateful for the
    opportunity I have to raise my children in the
    gospel, that they may see a clear path to return
    home. I know that Heavenly Father answers my
    prayers.. He leads me CONTINUALLY… as I call
    upon his name!!
    I am especially grateful for the example of my
    Savior Jesus Christ who has shown me how to
    live my life and conduct myself. He is an
    example of UNWAVERING FAITH…
    I am grateful to know that though all of my
    trails have been overwhelmingly hard at times,
    they are for my own benefit! I know that the
    lord is shaping me and molding me to be an
    instrument in his hands!! It is my privilege to
    share my experiences in order to lift another!!
    I do know that the Lord DOES NOT GIVE US
    MORE THAN WE CAN HANDLE!! If your life
    seams hard… Just know that the Lord BELIEVES
    IN YOU!!
    I know without a DOUBT that the Lord indeed
    loves ALL of his children and desires for us all
    to do the same! It is my privilege to serve
    “BLDS” community! I am grateful for the many
    missionary opportunities that I have been
    blessed with! It is my desire to share the
    message of truth and hope and everlasting joy
    to all those who may embrace it! It is my prayer
    that we may all follow the teachings of our
    Savior and judge not our fellow man by their
    outward appearance, rather look upon their
    hearts and see the the goodness in ALL!

  4. fatsanawo says:

    The Lord Jesus Christ shall come as a thief. Even His message is foolish to the ears of men the bible says that in the last days people shall want to hear what their ears want to hear than the will of God. I know who God and Jesus Christ is all because of learning about the LDS religion . We are leaving in the last days and i know that only them that have washed their hearts in the blood of the lamb shall receive Him when He comes. The way to heaven is narrow and only a few find it but the way to hell is wide and many are walking the Lord where he may be found remember it is not all that says Lord Lord that will enter the kingdom of God but he that do the will if God.

  5. Andrew says:

    Mayor of Lilongwe should reconsider his stance on this church and stop its activities before many poor Malawians become its victims. Did the Mayor research about this church? I think not. If he has advisers they are not helping him. Lilongwe as the capital city of Malawi needs a Mayor who defends its citizens and not sell them form American priests. Why Americans to tell us about Jesus?


  6. Kenneth Bwanali says:

    The single most important thing in my life was
    accepting the truthfulness of the restored
    Gospel of Jesus Christ. For many years before
    my baptism into The Church of Jesus Christ of
    Latter-Day Saints I felt a connection to our
    Heavenly Father. As a young growing boy I was
    taught some great principals by a loving Baptist
    Mother and Father. However even as a young
    boy I would question the link of Heavenly
    Father’s direction for his people in modern
    times. It was not until I grew into manhood with
    children of my own did I come to know the true
    answers to my questions. I found those answers
    in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ as taught
    in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
    Saints. When I first opened The Book of
    Mormon I did so with a head full of rumors on
    how I would be treated and accepted because
    of my race. Nonetheless I pressed forward to
    learn the truth first-hand. Little did I know at
    the time what I had learned to love and
    embrace as a young boy would grow into a
    complete and full understanding of a present
    day relationship with my Father in Heaven. Read the
    Book of Mormon, and ask your Father in Heaven
    in sincere prayer if therein the words are true.
    Once you do this I have no doubt that you will
    be provided the same answer that was provided
    to me. I testify to you that the teachings of The
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is
    that which has been provided for us by our
    Heavenly Father, brought to us on earth by his
    Son Jesus Christ, and restored at his direction
    through the Prophet Joseph Smith. I pray that
    you too will come to know that God is our
    Father; His Son is our Savior and Redeemer; we
    are led by a prophet for our time, even
    President Gordon B. Hinckley. Take the time to
    know His teachings as did I.

  7. Namanyaru says:

    Anthu awa ndi chimodzimodzi a mboni za Yehova. Akafika panyumba panu akhwiyitsireni agalu.
    Now about the Lilongwe mayor, he is old, ugly and very dull. We should replace him this January!

  8. Watchman says:

    Dear Malawians,
    Church of Later Day Saints is nothing other than Mormon. Please get out of this cult. There beliefs are very bizarre and really weird. You may search for yourself. As for me I know them personally. They believe that Jesus and Satan, yes the devil are brothers hence rivals. That there is no actual hell as we know it. A good God can never create people to burn them as you all Christians say. The Bible alone is incomplete without their Book of Mormon. Here you will believe me because if they are baptizing you, they may have already handed you one. I have one and I use to evangelize back to them. The Holy Spirit is just not operational in this church so it works for me. I am not even gonna talk about Joseph Smith their founder. He is leading people good people to hell. Once you bow out they cut you out from their family. Kind like what moslems do when one of their own converts to Christianity. Please, if any of your friends or relatives have joined this cult for whatever reason, tell them the truth. It’s not important to thing that you are worshipping Jesus yet you got it wrong. May the Lord help you and give you the strength you need to be able to bow out from this religion. It hasn’t been too long when this church abolished polygamy. May the Lord help you please.
    These people do not accept prayers from other people because they give each other priesthood. For example Aaronic priesthood and the highest being Melchizedek. They are still doing it. They also hold on to the belief that we are all gods according to a verse in Psalms and that when we will all die each one of us will reign as a god. That in eternity these marriages we have on planet earth will carry over. I wish, cause I have a very good marriage. But the Bible is very fair, we will not be given into marriage anymore! We will all live happily as angels do. That takes care of everybody especially those who never even tried due to premature death or severe mental or physical handicap that made them not to have such relationships while in the land of the living.
    I write this in love and not hate. Please beloved, if we just can all read our Bibles, picking the right church won’t be an issue. Good churches are out there and they are plenty. Simply learn their doctrine and match with what the Bible has to say.
    The Lord is good people, He wants everyone to make it to heaven. Again read the Bible.

  9. Frank says:

    Thank you missionaries for good job that you are doing to spread the gospel to the world, God him self will pay you, I love this church and the gospel which we have. this church is built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone.

    1. John says:

      You see you call Jesus Christ a prophet!!! It’s people like you who have very bad intentions for Malawi. Read on google what Mormon do. Very bad example of chrsiatinityour. The Mayor of Lilongwe was also wrong to attend their meeting without researching the church in the first place. Evil attacks the head of establishments before spreading like fire. They will use the Mayors endorsement for their own evil campaigns. Say no to this church at all cost

  10. Iam say LL as a capital city had not have a good mayor. Look at a man. Do u think this man can develope LL? Where even in Africa can u find a capital city withiout Street Light? Its a shame. I have travelled almost whole Africa capital cities I have never seen any capital city withiout Street Light. A capital city is a pride of a nation but not LL. The president, UN foreign diplomat and cabinet ministers live in LL How do they look a this. Its not only Peter Who has not made LL as capital city Muluzu did not do anything instead He let savages destroy Street Lights which was there during Kamuzu Banda. There were Light from airport to city. Flowers Too. So dont say Banda did not do anything.

  11. John says:

    these are mormons. Please Malawians don’t be fooled with these establishments they have no good for Christ. Once you accept them they bring trouble to families. read more on who mormons are.

    1. U are right. Too many imported churches from America are destroying Africa and making them more poor and stupid. The problem with Africans/Malawians are easy to munipulate when it comes to churches from west. We adopted Christianity and Islamic to Day We are more fanatic Than countries they originated. Some have found a way to make money out of desperate of Africans seeking True God. How many prophets and pastors. In Malawi to day? Everyday new church is born people join. The same way like Malawi politics people dont know where to belong. They move from one church to another. Who benefit on this? Pastor. People have NO faith. When they see muzungu they go there. One white Catholic said to me How easy to get followers in Malawi Than in Irland. Bushiri started little to do is not pastor but businessman. Do u know How He has made hus money in short time? He is not educated. Do u know Who sponsor him. Those Who start churches know. There is money than what they preach.

    2. Chambe says:

      Kkkkk! Yea! Look at the time they came to Malawi -1992, 974 members only in Lilongwe and 2000 in Blantyre all these years. They have a magnificent church and HQ in UTA , have resources and most of them are rich but failed to penetrate inroads in Africa. That’s why perhaps Mitt Romney failed to win general elections in 2012. He is coming from this controversial church.

    3. Robert C. Stones says:

      The gospel of Jesus Christ in its fullness is the only lasting hope for all people on earth. It is God’s plan for the salvation of His children. The restored gospel of Jesus Christ is becoming increasingly established in Malawi by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The gospel of Jesus Christ blesses individuals and families through eternity. If you desire more happiness and peace you are invited to seek out the missionaries of this church to learn more. They will help you come unto Christ through faith in Him and in His Atonement. Their message is one of truth for they teach under the influence of the Holy Ghost.

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