Lilongwe residents go without water for over 48 hours

After President Peter Mutharika ordered water boards to provide water for large scale irrigation, Lilongwe Water Board is failing to provide water for home in the capital city.

water crisis hits Malawi capital

water crisis hits Malawi

In a delayed statement, issued after 48 hours due to pressure from angry residents, Lilongwe Water Board says it has started rationing water due to water levels as a result of inadequate rains.

This has forced Lilongwe residents to have no water for two days running now.

Dedza east MP Juliana Lunguzi who stays in the Capital City’s low density Area 10 writes furiously on her Facebook wall:”I can’t believe its now getting 48 hours and more with no water in the Capital City of Malawi. Ironically no alternatives are provided by our water boards knowing that we can’t’ drill borehole in town either. No decency to communicate what is happening.”

The dry taps come barely hours after Mutharika ordered Lilongwe Water Board and other boards to provide water for irrigation begging a question as this might be a feasible project as the boards are struggling to provide water in homes.

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15 thoughts on “Lilongwe residents go without water for over 48 hours”

  1. Che Wanimiliyoni says:

    First of all issues of availability of clean reliable water supply have nothing to do with whether a place is a capital city or a refugee camp. There are no first or second class citizens in Malawi. All Malawians from Kameme to Marka and Makanjira to Mchinji deserve equal treatment just as their presidential and parliamentary votes are equally treated. Secondly if LL Water Board is worried with water levels in their reservoir Kamuzu dams in April then the residents should expect tough times from October to December. I think it is not too late to embark on an emergency project to lay intake pipes from Area 3 treatment plant to Malingunde reservoirs. They can completely block LL river and thereby maintain respectable levels of the Kamuzu dams.

  2. Zoona says:

    Ndiye paja a president akuti ma water board ayambe kupereka madzi ku irrigation ndiye zitha bwanji? By the way, is it possible for someone to investigate how Peter achieved his academic qualifications? I doubt his professorship? The guy is evidently dull.

  3. chief kwataine says:

    And chitsiru China chake suggested that ma water boards ayambe ulimi wathilira. Shipit clueless president

  4. chitayo says:

    welcome to our banana republic

  5. Bathu says:

    And mbc is not talking about this issue of national importance but rather focus on dressing down msowoya on issues that does not concern him. You are blaming msowoya for theft perpetrated by his personal assistant but refuse to blame peter for the country’s woos like water shortage that has hit country. Pathetic bunch miserable people and sycophants and baffoons.

  6. GN Phiri says:

    The situation is equally the same in Nkolokosa, blantyre. we are completing the day without water! What incompetency!

  7. rody says:

    well well ! tingoti pheee tioooooneee ! as to whats gonna happen in october .i can prophesy -too many lousy profets these last days ! there will br water wars in the cities of malawi !

  8. Thitherward 'wendo says:

    And Donald Trump wants to reintroduce water-boarding!

  9. Dwambazi says:

    In June of 2015 Boss of European Union Bank gave malawi MK12B for water supply, does anyone knows what happened to that ? Why aren’t parliamentarians questioning that????? Dzuka Malawi Dzuka

  10. Bob says:

    Living in a rural area or village is more comforting nowadays than in these cities. Malawi is rotten.

  11. maxwell says:

    Madzi abvuta kamba ka low water level nyanji ya Malawi ili ndi fresh water nayonso yamphwela otsanena kuti kamba komphwela nzelu atsogoleri bwanji mkunamizila low level ya Madzi. Boma lakhala likuphunzitsa anthu kuti Madzi ndi moyo moreover capital city. Pali zinthu zingapo zomwe boma likulephera kusamala ma city amuno mudziko (1) ukhondo city council doing nothing (2) miseu muma township fumbi lokha lokha anthu akuzimangila okha manyumba koma boma likulephera kuyika miseu yabwino (3) waterboard kudula dula Madzi motsaganiza kuti Madzi ndi moyo (4) Magesi without Magesi ikhala bwanji city. Please Government look into those four basic things mkapanga implement bwino zimenezi ndikukumbutsani Zina zikoli lizayamba kutsintha. Mkamapita kumaiko akunja sinkumatsilalako inu Peter mwakhala ku America zaka zambiri munasililako nchani?

  12. Lets take our country back says:

    Total disconnect between Mathanyula’s initiatives and the really on the ground…… he really that clueless.

  13. Tatopananu Vitsiru says:

    Yet we have the Whole lake Malawi. Cant they get water from Salima to Lilongwe? Ndalama zingothela pakamwa kuyiwala mavuto a mmawa..Useless people. Next time you will find no body to vote for you politicians. Its a waste of time. It makes no difference. Whoever you decide to bring makes no difference. We benefit nothing. Fotseki!!!!

  14. chigo says:

    this nation seems as if it is a cursed one.we have half baked Engineer,who fails to deriver. Agriculturalist also fake.policemen fake.pastors fake.leadership fake.politician thieves and so many things here which as anation we are failing, yet we are now 18 million..

  15. Goddiea says:

    This is April ndiye October kukhala zotani??

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