‘Love rat’ Chikapa bolts from Mwaiwathu Hospital

The Blantyre socialite Maurice Chikapa, who was beaten black and blue to a pulp after being caught pants down in the act with his friend’s wife, has discharged himself from Mwaiwathu Private Hospital where he was receiving medical care, Nyasa Times has established.

Maurice Chikapa (Left) as he was ok and then beaten on right)

Maurice Chikapa (Left) as he was ok and then beaten on right)

The Chileka based Chikapa, who was caught bonking married woman, Stella Gwengweya Mbwana, at his friend Marvin Mbwana’s marital home in the populous Ndirande Township in the early hours of last Friday vanished from the hospital and his whereabouts are not known forcing ‘rumour – mongers’ and ‘lie – peddlers’ to enter into free speculation.

Nyasa Times sources at Mwaiwathu Private Hospital, said the badly wounded Chikapa who alongside Stella Gwengweya Mbwana, has now been inducted into the ‘Hall of shame’ by the court of public opinion disappeared from the hospital despite being in a serious condition due to what ‘they’ describe as pressure from the members of the public who are bombarding the hospital premises to catch a glimpse of his ‘wounded state.’

“Maurice (Chikapa) has discharged himself and secretly ducked out from the hospital despite being in a very critical but stable condition,” Mwaiwathu Hospital source told Nyasa Times.

“Nobody knows where he is but it fair to hypothesize that he decided to run off from the hospital because of pressure from the people who were relentlessly trying to see him not out of goodwill or sympathy but to judge, and condemn for his immorality,” said the source who sought anonymity.

Added the source: “We are certainly concerned and worried about him and his condition. We only hope that wherever he is, he is under medical care. He was viciously beaten and lost a good number of his teeth. He is lucky to have survived the beating. It was vicious and a near-death mauling.”

In a separate interview Nyasa Times demanded an explanation as to how Chikapa was allowed to escape from the hospital’s duty of care, a hospital senior official who pleaded not to be identified for fear of downbeat appraisals, said in as much as he (Chikapa) was under the Mwaiwathu’s duty of care, there is very little they can do to prevent any patient from discharging him or herself from the hospital let alone run off without the consent of the hospital or against medical advice.

“We are a hospital and not a police station or a prison cell. We look after patients and not criminals or suspects. Our job is to treat people and not to police them. To us Mr Chikapa was but a patient and not a criminal or somebody who has done something wrong and if he decided to leave then it is up to him, all we could if he asked us if it was alright to leave, we would have advised him to wait until he get better,” said the official who opted not to be identified.

But when Nyasa Times pressed on how  serious Chikapa is , the hospital official categorically refused to give any further details into the matter saying : “We don’t discuss individual patient’s conditions or health, for doing so is in breach of medical ethics and against our confidentiality policies.”

“If you want more information, please go and look it somewhere,” she huffed.

Efforts to trace Maurice Chikapa’s whereabouts proved futile, he could not answer calls but our reporters on the ground trying to establish where he is hiding and how is getting on after his fate.

The fate of the cheating wife, Stella Gwengweya, an employee of the country’s biggest and oldest media giants, Blantyre Print and Packaging (BP&P) publishers of Daily Times, Malawi News, Sunday Times and Times TV is not known.

According to sources close to Stella’s husband, Marvin Mbwana whose whereabouts are not known as well, the bone of contention in the whole saga isn’t so much that the wife was cheating, but it is who she cheated her husband with, his best friend, Morris Chikapa an employee of Pakachere and owner of one of Blantyre’s popular drinking joint, Zinziri Pub.

Nyasa Times understands that Marvin Mbwana, a well known actor and an employee of Population Services International (PSI) was in Lilongwe, where like his cheating friend, runs a pub in Biwi Township, he returned home to a horrible and shocking sight.

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nyoo uja ndi ineyo

Koma Maurice wa kwata azimayi mu chilekamu mmmmmhu. Akufuna list ya azimayi omwe akwatidwa ndi Mauricr ndani ndimpatse. Koma ziliko!

nyoo uja ndi ineyo

Zinziili zathawa! Hahahahahaha


Anachitibwino kumenyedwa kuti ena amene ali ndikhalidwe limeneli atengerepo phunzilo


Zoziyamba dala izi!


Today is this one, tommorow will be you lost teeth like …………………….. ancle rowaaaaa kkkkk

50 Cent


senior batcher

Deliverance for which sin? This love rat if not love dog has already been delivered by the panel beater. My dear losing six teeth is more than the word God.He will never dare to see somebody’s wife.Just look at his mouth as if he is eating a mouse. Imagine asking the hospital personnel to hide him or running away from the hospital if indeed he has run away.

george nambazo

Pepa m’bale.

Kukaya Wa Kukaya

This is the time when this so called “Love Rat” needs to see the face of God. He requires deliverance from this bondage which the devil has trapped him in. God says even if your sins may be as red as blood, they will be cleansed as white as snow. This clearly shows that there is nothing impossible with our living God, what is required of us is to return to Him in spirit and truth.

So my brother, “Love Rat”, I plead with you to quickly seek the face of God or face His wrath soon for saving the devil


Ine ndikumufuna Maurice, tipite ku khothi. I will represent him ably, this is a winnable case against this brute Mbwana. I can prove that this was pre-meditated, and Maurice was set-up for the sole purpose of beating him up. Mervin, be prepared to pay MK100million, or else 5 years in prison, during which time your wife will be servicing Maurice.

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