Lucius Banda next album is ‘Thank You’,  to cut on live performance in 2015

The living legend of Malawian music Lucius Banda will release a Thank You album next year  as he will minimise live performances next year due to his health but also to concentrate on his job as a member of parliament  for Balaka North and leader of UDF in parliament.

Lucius Banda: Thank You

Lucius Banda: Thank You

The music icon, who is popularly known as ‘Soldier’ said the new album will e titled ‘Thank You’

Soldier said in 2015 he will have to minimise on live performances due to health concerns.

He said he also wants to take time to concentrate on his constituency.

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45 thoughts on “Lucius Banda next album is ‘Thank You’,  to cut on live performance in 2015”

  1. Kanchancha says:

    Matafale was the greatest musician malawi has ever lost. He would have exported malawi music and his tarent. Lucius you are good but Matafare was better than you.

  2. Zomela says:

    Pangani kaye zandale,madala madala sir soja lucius banda

  3. Namalila says:

    Keep Blessed Soldier!
    Timakunyadirani madala!

  4. chamakoza says:

    You know your job mr man I like you

  5. joe says:

    U mst stop eating junk food nw bro

  6. w.moir says:

    best album from u solder,i love all song is man and power

  7. please soldier one more show in johannesburg, we love.

  8. Leo Mtukwanika Mtotela says:

    Ine nyimbo imene Lucius Chicco Banda umandifika nayo palitsiro ndiyija udayimba ulimu Umphawi yoti,,,,Malipilo amene akutilipila akungothera Mgaiwa ndi Utaka can you put that song in ur next video pliz??

  9. Zachisoni kwa oliver akimu/abambo a Hawa &frends muzitanino

  10. Aaron says:

    You were coming at shows very late,I didnt know it was healthy problem so its good to rest.

  11. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    We will miss yo shows big man,may God contnue loves u & give u a good health.(U have done a lot 2 as)

  12. jojo says:

    Are you proudly telling the nation about your health as an excuse? Wanna tell ppo kuti ukamayimba mma show you can die quick or what, if your time comes to die you can even die in your house. Wake up man, ukazaluza u Mp wakowo you will be back on track. We dnt care coz sitimalowa ulere baba, we were heavily supporting you. We no longer interested in political music, go go

  13. godobaman says:

    mwachidule mungoti mwatola chikwama osati zakunsinje kwa zaza anthu ukukambazo wamva

  14. JADA says:

    KUTHA KWA OIMA A KUMALAWI musician is avery good freedom fighter koma apa is 0% God wil not give u ur pension for being freedom figher.wakupusitsa apm in piece solder!

  15. charles says:

    u have been our fighter for a long time and you need to rest. I wish u gud luck SOLDIER

  16. Masoambeta says:

    Lucid Banda, mwana iwe ndithu yang’ana azibale ako akuchita kusowa chithandizo. Zomvetsa chisoni a soldier mukungotenga ma loan komanso ndalama lololo pamene abale anu a kusowa pogwila.
    Chonde chonde thandizaniko abale anu. Khalani osaiwala amene adakusamalani kuti mufike mulipo. Zikomo.

  17. tiwonge says:

    You have done your part.its time to rest soldier.

  18. Achanda Atonga says:

    THANK YOU LUCIUS BANDA, IT HAS BEEN A VERY LONG JOURNEY AND I HOPE NDALAMA WAPANGA. BUT PLIZ DONT STOP KUYIMBA NYIMBO ZIJA UNAYIMBA MALEMU ONSE AWIRI AJA 1. MABALA 2. 15-15 3. LIFE, ija unayimba kuti ‘ ndikudziwa kuti ngati mwamvera nyimboyi mwapya mtima, ipyani zenizeni’ kkkkkk ndiye anapyadi mtima mpaka Cardiac Arrest kkkkkk womwewo waku Mpumulo wa mbava ku Ndata Garden. God Bless you Oliver Mtukudzi waku Malawi.

  19. his more interested in Politics.Mabize.

  20. Mcpherson says:

    We will miss your live performances. wishing you good health in 2015

  21. william mzunga says:

    Brother we still need u on stage in church at ur constituency performing on stage is part of excise for ur healh at list make one show per month I will miss my brother my God be with u

  22. zebe says:

    Your new album will be welcome indeed but it is high time you quit live performances altogether. Nothing new to offer and it gets boring and people are fed up. Same old dancers with the same dance antics and some level of nudity in it not so good at your age

  23. Saini says:

    We will miss the showns

  24. Goliati says:

    Swallowed by Stupid DPP

  25. ali bwanali says:

    You’re my hero

  26. patrick kaluwa says:

    takunyadilani honourable

  27. Maliseche says:

    I really respect you…you are special to me…..the way you do your music aah….let me conclude that doing music is a ‘calling’…

  28. chibanja Mzuzu says:

    Just read the article in the Malawi news”The drumming pen” by Gregory Gondwe u wil conclude everything about Lucius Live performance because it leaves alot to be desired.I rest my case ndampazamo

  29. Ineyo says:

    Thank you, munthu wankulu.

  30. CHINYAU says:

    wishing you a good health and good bless you

  31. Lucious Banda is the musical icon of Malawi. He has done alot in this industry and surely he needs a rest. He is a good teacher and many musicians owes his tribute. Happy and prosperous new year.

  32. abinte says:

    we lov u lucius.u hv brot joy n happiness to all of us malawians.we wil kip on cerebratin ur name dear br

  33. Mwalubazi says:

    You have been a perfomer. All the Best

  34. nyayo says:

    Great but groom someone in the band to succeed you.

  35. PEFECO says:

    continue fighting 4 de pipo as we know u. God Bless U

  36. Teachers says:

    Thank u too for ur messages.

  37. Jaws says:

    You did a great job for the Music industry In Malawi. May God bless you. And we r looking forward for the new album

  38. Chiswamphika says:

    Awa timawati Amboba

  39. KANDAWE says:


  40. Damba says:

    True that, becouse, everybody knows that, Lucius Banda, is, or, was, agenuine, musiciun, who taught Malawians , how to perform music. Hence , its time, for Youngones.

  41. Susan says:

    Thanks God Bless U

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