Lucius Banda repositions with MCP: Performs at Tambala Night fundraiser

Musician and former leader of United Democratic Front (UDF) in Parliament, Lucius Banda on Friday performed at Tambala Night, a fundraising event of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), fuelling reports that he is repositioning himself with the party.

Lucius Banda performing at Tambala Night

Lucius Banda performing at Tambala Night

Luicus Banda with jazz maestro Wambali Mkandawire

Luicus Banda with jazz maestro Wambali Mkandawire

MCP supporters at Tambala Night

MCP supporters at Tambala Night

The Balaka North Member of Parliament broke ranks with UDF leadership when he snubbed the party to relocate to government benches in parliament.

Known as ‘Soldier of the Poor’, Banda feels the country is facing a myriad of problems that need formidable opposition to Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rule.

But Lucius said people should not read too much to his performing at the Tambala Night.

“I am a musician and can perform at any event if I am hired. As a politician, I have a party, that is UDF,” he said.

Lucius  donated K50 000 to MCP at the fundraising event.

Lucius shot to popularity with his music when he sang songs which were critical to MCP’s one-party dictatorship.

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65 thoughts on “Lucius Banda repositions with MCP: Performs at Tambala Night fundraiser”

  1. Rift Valley says:

    I always new Lucius was a serious thinking man with the welffare of Malawi at his heart. Can you imagine? Lucius victimised by DPP, wins under UDF ticket, being expected by Atupele to align with DPP. No way. DPP, UDF and PP are thieves. The only hope is to assist MCP and thiis is a wise move. All the best!

  2. GONANI says:

    Lucius must learn from Wambali. He is a n incredible musician and he is a good M C P ambassador

  3. Karonga Boy says:

    Bravo Lucious!That Is Maturity.

  4. maCopa says:

    sha still clueless with business Malawian, the nation is falling apart
    Where is leadership all l see is nepotism of lomwes. BT Malawi belong to chewa and all those who live in it. The problem when rigged the election you thought you will steal the economy, well education is not leadership shaaaaaaas they are still clueless how to run nation professor of nepotism and corruption

  5. bryce misomali says:

    he z musician so let him du t cz dats de he grows

  6. Mkanda says:

    Is this some machinations by the Yellow party and Nyasatimes? For your own information this is not the first time Lucius Banda has been billed for a Tambala Night. He first did this in April/May 2009. He is paid for coming to entertain patrons. Perhaps this goes on to show how shall thinking continues to grip on Malawians.

  7. chintengwa says:

    Principles and values

  8. Dominic says:

    Only God knows each one’s future – things come and go

  9. Therere says:

    that is the down fall of this man soldier

  10. Munthuwamba says:

    Is that lady called Jane still performing in the band? Oh boy, that woman really knew how to wiggle her waist like nobody’s business. Those are some of the things I miss about my motherland.

  11. akhwinda says:

    vuto palibe apa , we are now living in a democratic country where we have freedom to speak , to associate with anybody, anything regardless to which party he/or it belongs to…….MORE FIRE SOLDIER, you are a true DEMOCRAT

  12. Njuli says:

    Malawian wake up please, learn to differenciate business & politics. Remember Lucius is musician first before becoming a politician kodi ku MCP wapita ali ku August House? He is on break now & has to find ways of bringing bread on his table kodi amalawi munakhala bwanji/ politicising everything? Im 100% southerner but I dont subscribe to foolish ideas zopanga mbuli zimenezo, my fellow southerners go to school & learn to see things from a different angle. Kodi mumazitenga ngati ndani? This is Malawi no south, centre or north that’s why Kamuzu was for unity for all Malawians, no chewa, no nyakyusa tsono inu mkumati chani? That type of mentality will not take Malawi anywhere. DPP, UDF ndiye kuti chani. Lucius is a mature man and he cant move to MCP. Go to hell my fellow southerners for your umbuli

  13. ujeni says:

    Lucious thats very good. promote unity and coexistence. that shows humility. We love you man

  14. National Patriot says:

    For the fund raising event organizers in MCP to reach across the political divide and reach out to invite Lucius says much about transformation in the party. For Lucius to accept to perform paid or pro-bono and donate a little is more politically upmarket than the rest of what we see in everyday Malawi. These positives will surely re-position us among the civilised cultures of the world. Keep it up all of you who wish the nation well.

  15. becks says:

    Only racists, theives cannot promote this. MCP go a head you have my blessing. We want coexistence oriented towards A purpose-led government. MCP living and discussing real issues to do will energy and water problems with other parties. CATHOLICS coexistence with synods on real issues. Osamangokhalira mapwevupwevu mathanyula

  16. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Kodi olo atadzipanga reposition mmesa ndi iyeyo akutero nanga ngati ndinu? Msiyeni Soldier osalimbana naye

  17. Vwapuvwapu says:

    Lucius woyeeee tili pambuyo pako, tigwilane manja, kkkkkkk.

  18. Afanaze says:

    Abale there is Lucius-MP and Lucius-the entertainer of all times, and on this particular night with due respect I think this was the entertainer in full effect.He got paid to closedd.

  19. truth says:

    Conflict of interest

  20. Kulibe kantu says:

    This is what we call “speculative reporting”. The story has so many questions. Who is fueling the reports?

  21. Ulunji says:

    Just like thing young Man, he’s got sound principles.

  22. Che Ngana says:

    Mwana Akakhala Wamasiye Amatoledwa.Amakhoza Kutumidwa Kuti Akatenge Chisetera.

  23. Fanizo Chaweresa says:

    U have done great job brother lets not watch people who only seek for there own happiness rule us (out ebola enter treatment)

  24. Wysn chipolonga says:

    Azipanga zakezo azatipeza Dpp boma!

  25. John says:


  26. clement says:

    Lucius,Lucius! Dziwa kuti 2019 kwako kwatha Ku balaka north. Vuto lako iwe ndilofuna utsogolori pamene sukulu mulibe mwa iwe. Sikupeka nyimbotu kotsogolera dziko wamva. Anthu zitavuta maka kumwera sangavotere mcp ndipi iweyo udzayetse kuimira mcp udzakhulupirira.

  27. Abiti says:

    I am waiting for the day when I will be judged as a Malawian and not as a Notherner or Southerner. I will be judged on whom I am and not whrte I am coming from. Only then Malawi will develop as voters will only vote for people who are developmental conscious, make decions based on facts. Do you know that today if DPP would put a deranged person to contest for MP in Goliati would win with a landslide. The same with MCP in LL.

  28. skopion says:

    Ngati mapwevupwevu mukupanga muli ku opopsition nanga mukadakhala boma bwenzi kulinji?

  29. mapwevu pwevu says:

    The only MP in UDF who has senses bravo soldie!

  30. Chief says:

    welcome home Soja.

  31. Bibo says:

    Malawi will never develop with the mentality of most southerners,they still live in dark ages.These people love tribalism,eat tribalism,defecate tribalism,and worship tribalism.

    Why should someone claim that MCP can not win in Balaka or the whole south because he or she believes the region has to belong to DPP or UDF? foolish mentality.When will these people wake up and realize that it is fellow southern leaders who are punishing Malawians with untold social,economic,and political problems? Is it the MCP that is making drugs dry out in hospitals? Is it the MCP that is creating inflation and prices of essential commodities to go up? Is it the MCP that killed Njaunje or 20 demonstrating citizens or Robert Chasowa? Is it the MCP that invented the so-called Cashgate?

    I think the best thing is people of southern region should form their own country because it seems they hate other tribes and regions.Look at their voting pattern,it clearly demonstrates their lack of desire for change,their reluctance to assimilate other political leaders,their protectionism in their southern values and doctrines in disregard to a unified Malawian nation.They are so stubborn-hearted that they can hardly correct the wrongs of their southern leaders.To my surprise,when others are agitating for and subscribing to a federal system of government,they rebuke them as outright confusionists and nation dividers. So what do they want? Use others while protecting their own selfishness? It’s anybody’s food for thought.

  32. Gladson says:

    I definitely like this! Malawians need to change the way we think. Even if Lucius and his Zembani Band was not hired, but offered to perform as a contribution to MCP’s fund raising event, it would be fine. This should not be mistaken for switching sides. Why do we want to limit musicians and other business people to our individual political parties? If an Assemblies of God Praise Team led worship in a CCAP Church, would it mean that they have joined CCAP? Not at all! Let us learn to join efforts for a good cause even when we have different ideologies politically, culturally, religiously, and etc. How are we going to develop Malawi if we continue sowing seeds of hatred? How are we going to develop Malawi when we continue pulling each other in different directions? If I am an MCP supporter should I not share the same table with a DPP supporter, for example? Nanga maliro tizilirana bwanji? Nanga makondwerero a maukwati tizithandizana bwanji? Please, fellow Malawians, learn to love our country! I salute Lucius for taking up the challenge!

  33. NANA says:

    A lowwe when shall u b civilised dpp yanuyi fooled u of malata subsidy pano muli machende lende kuyembekeza subsidy pamene mzanu kokaimba its his buz, ndiye mwanyatu tea sakuphuka kaya mutchela chani? lucius z a great musician we all admire him. kp it up!

  34. captain says:

    Don’t forget they also hire mibawa, so can u say its for mcp also? Kusaganiza mbuli inu

  35. opportunist says:

    Soldier is a matured politician

  36. Mbewa zatha says:

    I totally disagree with mphwache wa Bingu. Uku ndokuganiza kwa kale . Everyone is free to join the part of his or her choice. Kodi Kalong Stambuli anaphedwa ndi MCP? Nanga Robert Chasowa. I think you and idot and brut or chindere chakufikapo. Tielekerani Might MCP yathuyi. Anguru odya njoka inu

  37. Mbwiye says:


  38. haward says:

    Lucius ulowe mu mcp ndipo udzayimire city centre constituency udzawina mark my words

  39. Hope c chitekesa says:

    I think that chakwera and Banda are communicating secretely thngs which will be revilled in future#just my suggestion

  40. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Udf yatha, bravo soja 4 joining chipani chakupha, chamagazi,mcp ichi. Amalawi kusachedwa kuyiwala!

  41. Malawiyano says:

    Malawians , if all your comments are tribal let’s accept federal as what our fellow Malawians in the north want to go by what the comments are heading too .

    All these comments which you are posting have an element of Regionalism , what else do you want Hon Soldier Lucius Banda to be doing as a respected honourable Malawian , should we all not be mixing with other parties and fellow Malawians just because the Hon Lucius Banda comes where you don’t want other regions ? Stupid and idiot southerners , that is being Unmalawian really.

  42. Kantengo kang’onong’o kanagwetsa Chigalimoto Mzimu wa Gadama,Matenje,Chiwalo,Chiwanga,Sangala,Lunguzi
    The list is endless
    UDF Woyeeeeee

  43. myao says:

    How come hes never donated to DPP, the closest ally of his party or at least of fellow Balakian? At kuinera patali kuti MCP yatsala pangono kulowa mu Govt….. Malawi wathu uyu…

  44. dickson kokonongwa says:

    That’s Malawi people are full of games how come Mr man dance in Tambala night wakoma lero chifukwa akutchetchelere kkkkkkk

  45. efron kuwani says:

    Nazoni za ndale.

  46. caswell Thom Mbalinga says:

    it seems that wonders shall never end in Malawian Politics.

  47. Teams says:

    Nothing wrong here. Bravo to MCP for hiring Licius and bravo to Soldier for accepting to perform at an MCP event. I know that some political parties would try to look at the artist political affiliation before hiring them even if they are not the best performers! Shame to you all who still think like we are in the cold war era!

  48. Willie Chimseu says:

    Thanks go to you bwana Lucias. One thing I personally like about you is that youŕe very demorcratic and accomodative.

  49. Lazaro Chakwera Akazi says:

    Azimayi a ku Malawi chepetsani mimbazo please. Its not healthy. Kukonda kudya mma bridal shower, weddings etc. Go to gym.

    1. Mkwatu wa pa Nkhata says:

      Mkunenadi zoona.
      Kupeza mkazi mimba ili kuno pomwe mamuna wake kuli seee!
      Ma exercise akufunika.

    2. Nyabhingi says:

      Tazikhala ndi ulemu iwe, don’t you know that these are elders who have 3,4 or five children. They are no longer teenagers.

  50. Mboyonga says:

    Munthu wankulu uyu

  51. mphwache wa bingu says:

    There is no way Lucius can join MCP. He knows very well that the name MCP is associated with evil in the area he comes from.

    1. ma says:

      Are you his spokesperson?

  52. phiri says:

    foolish n poor thinking puts pipo the very same place, Lucius is a musician everyone knows. wats wrong to b hired by MCP. bravo MCP for giving him bznez bravo soldier for showing t.

  53. Emma says:

    Even Atalowa MCP Sangathe Kusitha Anthu Akumwera, Komanso Tsogolo Lake Mundale Lingathere Pomwepo.

  54. Rose Chiona Banda says:

    Its not politics but kuthandizana, next muzathanize DPP & PP ndife amozi

  55. Chiona wa Chiona says:

    Thats good Soldier its not bad keep it up

  56. mwenecho says:

    Ndi munthu yekhayo emwe mmutu mwake simuli bwino akunyoza MCP chifukwa ozindikila akudziwa kuti ndi MCP yokha yomwe ibweletse kusintha kwabwino moganizila ntundu wa Malawi osati zinazi.

  57. Gopaninji says:

    If he continues with this MCP affair, he will never win any election again in Balaka. Doesn’t he know that he won as MP because his area is simply UDF? Can BLK associate with or vote for a black devilish tambala wakuda?

  58. master says:

    civilised politics LUCIUS BANDA i i just love ur response, leave haters thugs and dunderhead rotting in poverty

  59. woooooo! says:

    More fire Lucius

  60. Blantyre says:

    In Malawi we don’t difereciat Business and politics. Look here if it were Dpp wouldnt have hired him due to political differences . Lucius deserve the best recognition in Malawi owing to his awful performance . Remember those who brought Tiot from Tz yet soldier is here………………

  61. Zatha says:

    The only news is that MCP was fundraising and as a way of entetaining the patrons, Zembani Band was hired to perform

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