Lutepo has ‘anxiety disorder’ : Judge orders expert examination

Lawyer representing , businessman Osward Lutepo in a case which he is answering charges of attempted murder, Osward Mtupila on Wednesday told the High Court in Lilongwe that his client is currently suffering from ‘anxiety disorder’ and is not fit and well to stand trial.

Lutepo: Not fit and well

Lutepo: Not fit and well

Last year, the court granted the prosecution permission to add Lutepo to the shooting case.

As the hearing resumed Wednesday after a long break marred with judiciary strike, Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale sought for an adjournment after realising that   Lutepo was not in the court, a notion which Justice Michael Ntambo denied.

In the afternoon, Mtupila brought a medical report  submitted a medical report from Katoto Masm Medi-Clinic in Mzuzu diagnosing Lutepo with anxiety disorder with recurrent panic disorder.

“According to our observation, the patient needs specialist consultation [psychiatric] for more investigation and better management. The patient has been referred to Mzuzu Central Hospital,” the report submitted to court reads.

The lawyer said Lutepo could “not stand trial” at this moment.

However, Justice Ntambo has ordered the state to find a psychiatric expert to examine Lutepo if he is “normal”.

He also ordered that if he is to be found of sound mind, he should take plea on February 17 in the shooting case.

Lutepo is regarded as chief suspect in cashgate cases  and charged in a K5.7 billion (about $11.4m) theft and money laundering case alongside former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo and private-practice lawyer Wapona Kita, which is pending hearing in Lilongwe.

He is also is answering similar charges on an amount totalling K3.1 billion (about $6.2m) in the High Court’s Zomba registry.

Lutepo is facing another charge of conspiracy to commit murder charges alongside Kasambara, Manondo and Dauka Manondo in relation to the shooting of former Ministry of Finance budget director Paul Mphwiyo.

He was also slapped with another charge of perjury for admitting that he lied under oath in court.

His health scare started after his arrest on fresh charges of tax evasion.

Lutepo had a problem with his nervous system and has a paralysis of his legs. He has been on wheel chair.

Lutepo has accepted wrong doing in the plunder of public resources and apologised to the nation through the media, saying his companies were simply used as conduits.

He implicated former president Banda for benefitting part of his stolen money .Banda shot down the claims, saying they are “malicious” and calculated to drag her in the mud of cashgate as part of the political vendetta by the government.

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mary Kachale recently pointed out she will not trade confessors of Cashgate with non-custodial sentences

She said it was a mockery to the suffering Malawians have endured as a consequence of the accused persons’ role to plunder public money if her office was to accept defence proposal to trade confessions with non-custodial sentences.

Kachali said for this reason, there was no legal framework within which any plea bargaining arrangement can be made.

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45 thoughts on “Lutepo has ‘anxiety disorder’ : Judge orders expert examination”

  1. Funzo says:

    How common it is to be ill for a trial! Pinochet, Mubarak, Milosevic, . . . Are they all genuine?

  2. pierra says:

    The Law’s an ass! same anxiety disorder was ok to make the bastard steal money; but it is not ok to make him appear in court for the crime! am i the only one who can see in this hall of mirrors!

  3. Chikhadabolo says:

    Plz courts finish this case. Ndikale lija timveko zina

  4. Bwantasa Gomdwe says:

    I think if the defence alleges that Lutepo seems psychiatric, the prosecution should appl
    y for a “Reception Order” that he be committed to a mental hospital until he is fit for trial.

  5. Fearless Citizen says:

    We are fed up with this Lutepo drama of all the small illness he has because of the cashgate.Why have all these illnesses just resurfaced now during the cashgate case?This guy wanted to make a name being a billionaire who purchased a plane in Malawi.Her incompetent friend Joyce was praising him in rallies to have donated many cars to her corrupt dead pp party.She also needs to come back home and answer charges.We don’t want some useless immunity here.All these Muluzis and Joyces needs to be thrown into jails.Former thieving presidents.

  6. thumbwe man says:

    You pipo who write to become English teachers on this page, i doubt ur reasoning. Nyasa times continue publishing as per the writers notes. To hell with ur english correction.

  7. Mbalambala says:

    Malawi [email protected]

  8. Umunthu says:

    When ‘untrustworthy’ Lutepo was being interviewed on Zodia and Malawi Bodza Company (MBC tv) he said he was in hiding. Today, the Lawyer says the guy is sick. Are we not being fooled here? DPP and Lutepo have agreed to a deal. The court must visit the guy

  9. Alungwana says:

    What about the 92 billion?

  10. may says:

    I hate it so much…..when a reporter spells words wrongly…check..check ..check..he is not Ntambo but Mtambo..thus why you say Nzuzu instead of MZUZU!! wake up!

  11. Hagar the Horrible says:

    ‘Urinary and bowel incontinence’.

    Kodi simunamvepo kuti munthu akakhala ndi mantha kwambiri amatha kumangodziipitsira mu zovala? Zimenezi ndizomwe zikuwachitikira bambo Lutepo. Ndalamazo zinachulukitsa, akutha kuona okha kuti mwayi opulumuka ndiochepa kwambiri.

    What does it profit man if he amasses so much wealth, and ends up with no peace of mind. Worse still, you end up shitting in your pants?

    It is not too late Mr Lutepo. You can sell everything that you know you amassed fraudulently/corruptly, and donate all the money to support flood victims and others who are suffering in various ways, then follow Jesus. You will have peace of mind.

  12. zinaukaona kambangamwala says:

    Pls aboma u must move fast nd use your experience,this guys is yo witness.So before he dies make sure tells u how Joice Banda ,Kasamba and others siphoned our money we need to use for hospital drugs nd perhaps we can use to build some xul blocks pls move fast.

  13. sain it like it is says:

    ndiponso mubarak waku egypt anakayankha mlandu ali pa bed yachipatala

  14. iyawm says:

    anxiety disorder after 1 year of laundering billions of Kwachas….Malawi wake up..

  15. sain it like it is says:

    pokudya ndalama simumadwala bwanji….yes chabwino akudwala..koma ndiokuba mesa..nde azikadwalila ku ndende..nanga akhala oyamba kudwala ali kundende ngati?ifenso tili ndi abale omwe ali komweko akudwala..akasunga bwinobwino..amangeni amenewo opusa

  16. EYE WITNESSES says:

    Hey prosecutors, make hay while the Sun is shinning. Try him with the anxiety disorder because that does not disturb intellectual Flo if information though you may take long to extract facts from fallacy. The incontinence is not an issue; Catheterize the urinary bladder and let him put on a sizeable Pumper. Failure of which, our poor lawyers and Doctors will conive to Diagnose him of a much more complicated condition which he would be trained to pretend I.e. Stroke that will paralyze all his limbs and disturb his speech. But he would be okay in his home and wheeled when going out to befit the condition. PLEASE TRY HIM WITH HIS ANXIETY DISORDER AND INCONTINENCE.

  17. Angoni satha onse. says:

    Wa usilu Lutepo.



  19. says:

    @Ujeni. You have spoken for me. Honestly, Malawians are facing serious and real disorders because of these stinking, heartless and conscienceless thugs! Nde pano nkumati ayi “anxiety disorder” yachani munthu amakhala muchimansion, bed labwino, kudya zonona, kuyenda chokhala mumaglimoto awofuwofu, has connections to other fellow cashgate millionaires……bla bla bla!!!! Someone somewhere akugona munyumba mamaudzu, yodontha, daily nkhwani, cant afford mchele, akati wayenda chokhala ndi ngolo wakuchipatala where he dies poorly coz mankhwala kulibe. Who is in great disorder??? Zausilu basi!!! How does he communicate with people around him, mabusiness ake akudziyendetsa okha without his input?? Nonsense!

  20. marko says:

    AAAAAAH That is the reason why when you ask a toddler what do you to become when you grow a lawyer because a lawyer in this corrupt country leaps a lot of benefits from this corrupt government pundits….Lets bet kodi pamalawi pano mundiuze lawyer amakhala madera ngati ku Ndirande,Bangwe,kwanthukwa,They just Graduate from their University especially CHANCO to fool you.Uneducated relatives goes to Graduation Ceremonies to cherish and say okay bwerani muzabe ndalama zathu zamisonkho dziko ili aaaaa lokomera ophunzira langizo akuluakulu anati ukaipa dziwa nyimbo eeeeeeh am out

  21. nuji says:

    Anxiety disorder yo akuyipeza pano atadya kale ndalama zathu? momwe ankaba muja sanali nayo! I dont like this word at all. Koma akanakhala wosauka, nde kalekale!

  22. Jk always says:

    Asinganga malawi muno simukutithandiza tapaseni makwala apwesa kapena achingalangala gwape lutepoyu tithane naye. Kodi lutepo usatitopese wamva. Evin bible nonse ukuba amati mukathere ku ndende. Akulande zonse mfiti iwe, kenako akumange zaka 65 zokha basi. Komanso akakuoche ku gahena evin utalapa buluziwe. Munthu oyipa iwe, ndi chi joyce mchira wokhota banda. Mwadzuza anthu. Elvison matafale umafuna zambiri ndipo utaya zambiri ungosiya mbiri.

  23. Hebrews says:

    This medical report from MASM is a cooked up report! Money exchanged hands here. If the state wants to know the truth, remand all the suspects then you will get the truth other wise if they are left free like this, they will apply all tricks available to buy freedom. But one thing for sure is justice can be delayed but it will never be denied though they say Justice delayed is justice denied!

  24. Kanyimbi says:

    Any offender will have anxiety disorder. Let him face the courts and be judged. Poor people even when sick are taken to court.

  25. Akakhala Aphawi Mumawatengera kukhothi ngakhale akudwala Popeza a Lutepo ali ndi kanthu ANXIETY DISORDER Yabwera tiyeni nazoni tiphunzira zambiri Chifukwa cha Uchitsiru wa Ma Lawyer Apamalawi you have no credibility you don’t uphold the rules and laws that govern your profession let alone The National Laws Read and Interpret the Constitution accordingly Apa palibe nkhani Koma Lakula ndi Dyera maka maka Kumbali ya Akulu-akulu oyendetsa zamalamulo komanso kuzenga ndikuweruza Milandu “Munthu anavomereza kale kuti anaba ndipo anawulula kuti A President opuma kuphatikizapo nduna zingapo ndi atsogoleri achipani cha PP anatengapo gawo pa Kubedwa kwa ndalama Chaboma tsopano Milandu imene Akhothi akufuna azengeso ndi iti ? Apa chatsala ndikupeleka chigamulo basi anaba anaba ngati m’mene amabera amphawi akuvutika kundende aja Kuba ndi kuba palibe kusiyana “Why should a few people who steal a lot of Governments Money not be liable to prosecution ” Ma big Fish Mukutipusitsa Okuba ndi MA PRESIDENTIWA Lutepo afera za weni

  26. hoitty says:

    Lutepo should just man up, go to court and reveal everything even if there is no evidence implicating the people he will mention. The good thing is his conscious will be free. He has to accept that he will go to jail regardless. We know that all the billions he is alleged to have stolen he did not keep for himself, he gave the money to others. Lutepo’s house in which he has been staying all this time is very average. Not even compared to the cashgate houses in area 43. With the billions he stole, if he kept them he should have had a huge mansion

  27. Limbani hammy mtanga says:

    Ndiwabodza ameneyo sakudwala wayamba zija amachita a Chair.

  28. mfumusinyasa says:

    Remember JBs lawscript. “If someone steals and shares the booty with another the recepient cannot be blamed of any wrong doing”.we should draw wisdom from the bible which says from the bounty of the heart the mouth speaketh

  29. aphiri says:

    U LL never know the truth about Lutepo coz he dealt with both DPP and PP. That’s a challenge coz one of his masters are in government aswell they will try their best to protect him

  30. chikhwaya says:

    President Foda Sanko stood trial on wheel chair paralised and with hearing problem and died on the way for the next day of court hearing. Don’t play us games that lutepo cannot stand trial, as long as he is able to talk let him be wheel chaired to court for hearing. Another president of Egypt was treated the same, therefore let him go to court apo biii tilanga tokha.

  31. Aidgate says:

    He did not have anxiety disorder when he stole all that money. Let him not fool anybody

    1. Elhapo says:

      Oh yes, he does now. With all the lying and his attempts to drag others down with him, anxiety disorders are only expected. After this, a cardiac arrest might not be out of the realm of possibilities. This is the Time to repent and accept Christ. The end is nigh!

  32. Nankungwi says:

    We need to have as much if not all this money back please. Have his assets been frozen? Next thing we will hear that he is dead nd then we really wont be able to hear what he has to says. He much give evidence ob=bviously this man knows a lot about what happened to our money. Who would not suffer anxiety after such a blunder! He needs to tell us exactly how Joyce Banda was involved in this!

  33. Greencardless Malawian says:


  34. Makiu says:

    For how long are we going to have these silly legal gymnastics. the bastards should be locked up and attend trial from prison and they will stop these stupid tricks lawyers in Malawi are incompetent and only know how to play games in court

  35. Luhanga says:

    Aka mantha disorder.
    Anyone facing jail term has that one.

  36. Reasonable Man says:

    kodi nyasi izi muzathana nazo liti. nzake analowa kaletu ku ukaidi

  37. Petticoat says:

    Koma zoona izi?

  38. This is not new in Malawi where by you hear these stories of unfit to stand trial.Bakili Muluzu used those tactics but today is walking free.This Lutepos lawyer is lying,he has been given money to act as tough as possible to shield his boss but this will not work.PPl are following everything.

  39. BILLGATE says:

    anxiety disorder my foot…anthu akubvutika without even knowing where their next meal will be coming from. And here we are saying a thief is having G.A.D.. ?all these are escape mechanism these rich people use. Gross injustice

  40. Joyce Bunda says:

    Lutepo needs 30 years jail term

  41. Patriot says:

    Mmene ankaba ndalama zonsezo sankadwalatu, olo bp sankadziwa kuti ndi cha.
    Lero….eish ati mano, BP, chala, mmimba. Nzake Mphwiyo ndiye akungoti “ndapita ku SA” kikikiki

  42. ujeni says:

    Has he stopped speaking too? The trial is not a football match that they will be need for him to lace football boots and ran around. Hosini Mubarack was on a stretcher in Egypt and every court session he was wheeled in the dock. Augustine Pinoche of Chile was old and frail and in a wheel chair but that did not stop the court system to have him tried and sentenced. In Malawi mediocrity, stupidity, foolishness takes precedence over normal things.

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