Lutepo implicates JB, accepts cashgate wrongdoing on radio: Bows to Malawi govt pressure

Cashgate scandal that has seen billions of kwacha looted at Capital Hill at the expense of the general populace has now taken a new twist with media trial as businessman and chief suspects in the Cashgate scandal, Oswald Lutepo, has gone on radio to accept wrong doing  in the case and implicate former president Joyce Banda.

Chief cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo: I was used as a conduit

Chief cashgate suspect Oswald Lutepo: Goes to radio to explain his case

Lutepo told Zodiak Broadcasting Station on Friday that Banda played conduit to the scandal and said the Baker Tilly forensic report which exonerated the former president was not thorough.

“I have been to State House several times to deliver money and some other audiences. If there CCTVs there will prove me,” Lutepo, a former deputy director of recruitment and sensitisation in Banda’s Peoples Party told the radio in an interview.

The interview comes after several reports on Nyasa Times that Lutepo has been pressed by government to implicate the former president to get amnesty and was recently threatened by Director of Public Prosecution Mary Kachale that if he did not comply, his wife and children would also be arrested.

His wife was questioned by Police last week.

Lutepo said in the interview – which has been rebroadcasted several times on the radio  – that he is “in hiding” and that he feared for his life.

He claimed the cashgate money was being used for political purposes of the former ruling People’s Party.

“They used my account as a conduit,” he claimed.

Lutepo said he was willing to provide information to prove that he was working on instruction from former president to defraud government.

“We were sent to do things. We were sent to rig MCP elections using the same cashgate money. The former president did not want Chakwera to win MCP presidency,” claimed Lutepo in a well choreographed interview with Gabriel Kamlomo.

He played down that he has been instructed to implicate Banda.

“I have a family. I would rather salvage my image. We were used.”

Lutepo accepted his wrongdoing in cashgate as part of his plea bargain and stressed  he won’t go alone.

“I am ready to prove my claim. Come what may, I will stand to the truth,” said Lutepo, calling on government to start afresh the investigations into cashgate.

He apologised for his role in cashgate, saying effects for it are devastating to the nation which is reeling in economic turmoil now.

“Am sorry to all Malawians for what we did,” said Lutepo.

“I have suffered a lot, humiliation. I owe the nation an apology and an explanation,” he said.

Lutepo said he has not been in touch with former president since he was arrested.

“Since I was arrested she has not spoken to me. She abandoned me,” said Lutepo.

He also apologised to President Peter Mutharika, saying he will face problems to run the country due to cashgate scandal.

Lutepo said he has been trying to reach out to government to explain his side of the story through letter to Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale dated July 17 2014 and copied to the Chief Justice, the diplomatic community and Malawi Law Society, in which he accused   former Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Bruno Kalemba, former Malawi Justice Minister Fahad Assani and prosecutor Kamudoni Nyasulu of forcing him to write false witness and caution statements.

Banda’s spokesman Tusekele Mwanyongo said he could not immediately comment on Lutepo’s “defamation”, saying only the courts that have the duty of establishing the veracity and indeed the whole truth of the claims.

Lutepo faces theft and money laundering charges of K2.6 billion (about $6.8m) in the wake of the Capital Hill Cashgate scam which was widely exposed following the shooting of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo in September 2013.

But he was used as a State witness on the K1.2 billion thefts and money laundering case against fellow suspect Victor Sithole who was convicted and now serving nine years jail.

Justine Dzonzi, a law expert and executive director of Justice Link called for “reasonable degree of caution” on Lutepo’s claims.

The Cashgate scandal saw some Malawi public servants – in collusion with various contractors – siphon millions of dollars from government coffers for goods and/or services not rendered.

As a result of the scandal, Malawi’s major donors suspended up to 40% of their aid to the country.

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145 thoughts on “Lutepo implicates JB, accepts cashgate wrongdoing on radio: Bows to Malawi govt pressure”

  1. who we be says:

    Loose talk ndi yachabe. JB anali wa loose talk ndiye zikumupeza zolankhula zakezo. Remember nthawi ina yake amati amene anawombera Mphwiyo iwo akumudziwa, komaso ulendo wina amanena kuti tiwatuma anyamata othamangathamanga a Lutepo……. ulendo wina amvekere msika wachakuti chakuti wapezeka…….. This loose talk is not fit for a leader. Mwambi wina wake amati siya phazi mlomo udzakupeza…… Amayi anasiya mlomo ndiye ukuwapeza lero. Mavuto ose mukuwaonawa ndi amayi. She was playing a smart game. Ngakhale za MEC ndalama zoti alipire anthu iye amatenga kupangira kampeni. So this woman JB was using the Lutepos to milk our hard earned tax money. Wina anadziwombera yekha kale ankaopa zomwezi. Apa zangoyamba chabe

  2. Prudence Lungu Mwana wa Mkango says:

    Lutepo is a disgrace to this nation. I now know why Kalekeni Kaphale once asked him in court: “Are you stupid Mr. Lutepo? Kkkkkkkk. Joyce Banda ndi deal ndipo akuzunguza kooopysa!

  3. Vinthu mfumbenge says:

    Ngati zinthu. Ziakavuta don’t blame any person.. I totally disagree with Lutepo in implicating the former Head of state .Remember Muluzi blamed MCP that had siphoned all monies from Government confers Bingu did the same to Muluzi,Joyce did it to DPP and DPP is busy dentIng Joyce thru Letepo.Konzani zinthu Remember Mr President you said things shall return to normal in economic situation in this country but now things are going in opposite direction A Lutepo Mwachedwa ngati zimeme mukunena nzoona

  4. DOBO says:

    Simply going through what Lutepo is saying,one who has studied psychology can easily conclude that this young man is completely psychologically confused and heavily used by selfish people.It seems the past PP government used him to achieve their selfish needs.This time the DPP government is using him to tract JB,their number one enemy after seen Biker Tilly report not mentioning her.Those of us who know Osward, he is still too young to handle these complicated issues despite his direct involvement in Cashgate. He is now become the center of controversy for the whole nation.I think DPP government can not use Mphwiyo because he is more mature and intelligent than Lutepo.My only advise to Lutepo is to keep quite and keep yourself away from being used otherwise things will be worse than they are now though you have already complicated yourself with conflicting statements since. I think Lutepo needs psychotherapist more than a lawyer.

  5. Jabulosi says:


  6. Calisto Phiri says:

    Nkhani siimeneyo gogo nasibeko in the ring

  7. Bantu says:


  8. chilungamo says:

    For those who have done psychology,look at the statements where lutepo apologizes to Peter for the anticipated tough times due to cash gate,thus where their trick is stripped naked,don’t waste our time donors hate dpp basi period trust me,lutepo,Peter will really have trouble running gvt because of dpp’s involvement into cashgate,thus the truth

  9. Nyerakuleke says:

    Eeeh ziliko ife timanena kuti JB.akachoka ndi pamene chilungamo chizaziwike

  10. mathews chilonga says:

    the whole country is in hot water this time cos of the few people and their greedy,what we need as malawians is peace and unity,so lets allow justice 2 take its course

  11. Mashonchimta says:

    Mumadikira akupaneni kae kuti muulure amalawi avulala chifukwa cha anthu ngati inu, mudzamfa imfa yowawa.

  12. nanyoko muhiye says:

    we jst need our money back.

  13. Mr. Lutepo I listened carefully your interview on Zodiack Radio Station. I want to talk with you in a more personal way using this page. We have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. We are wicked beings on our own. It is through Jesus Christ we are forgiven as we confess our sins to HIM. Without the shedding of HIS blood, there would have been no forgiveness of sin. It is through Jesus Christ we are totally forgiven. Yes, our guilty cleansed. There might be consequences in our physical life, but the fact is, we are forgiven. Man might still hunt for us and cry for our neecks, but the Lord will not do that. He will come with His love and care. Indeed, one may not really know the torture, pain, suffering you have gone and continue to go through. Yet the Lord does. As the law takes charge in your case, I will be the last person to through a stone on you. I forgive you my brother. God has plans, better plans for you. Not plans of destruction, but plans of peace and prosperity. Let us all run to and not away from HIM. I am praying for you and your family.

  14. 5STARS says:


  15. thiwi says:

    He is saying the truth but this case will end up political. The case is closed.

  16. pellings says:

    Watch Law Abiding citizen film. It is not what you know that matters but what you can prove in a court of law. Our justice system is not 100% effective.

  17. gulukunyinda says:

    Lutepo wati umboni ali nawo. He is not completely stupid. You will be surprised what he will bring out as umboni. BE VERY AFRAID!!!!!

  18. CHIKOKO says:


  19. Ma battery a mlakho wa ziyabwe says:

    I might have missed Namathanga and Sithole’s interview on Zodiak!I will make sure I won’t miss interviews on Peter Mutharika,Laura and Carol Savala,Kalonga,Mpoola,Denis Mhango,Mpwiyo,Henry Phoya,Hophmally Makande,Odillo……..Manondo (eish the list is long) during their cashgate confessions!!

  20. Blind says:

    mpakana udindo zomwezi. chitsiruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  21. Blind says:

    If some not satisfied with the current report then hire another Auditors with your own cash…… how many wrong Tilley has done in their Books…..Mr. Lutepo. Why do you think Tilley were paid so much to audit those books. Baby brain. We should be careful, This matter is in court otherwise this might bleach the info in hand with Law. In short JB might find her way to sue The radio station. Mr Lutepo i believe he has accepted theft day light, with whatever cash left with him he must hire his own auditors and revise the REPORT in hand. Once the current report found altered the Baker Tilly can be charged for AUDITGATE.

  22. Kenkkk says:

    This is the beginning of the end of cashgate as we know it. Even if there may be some truth in what lutepo says, no one is going to believe him as he hAs perjured himself so much that he has become a professional liar.

    So Many cashgate thieves will escape because of this man lutepo. And only us malawians will end up losers. ACB should just concentrate on evidence, follow it and where it leads them, then apprehend the thieves so that courts can punish them. Lutepo is definitely not a credible witness anymore and the govt is deliberately confusing things here. Thieves should never be govt witnesses!! Attorney general at it again!!!

    We know dpp is scared of the 92bn audit query and what it may reveal, so they want to spoil other people’s names before theirs are destroyed as well!!’

    The best thing lutepo can do now that he hAs admitted of being a thief is to hand over the money immediately so that the govt can use it to alleviate the sufferings of malawians.

  23. chatonda says:

    I totally agree with Lutepo and this is real. There was no way money could have been syphoned like that without the involvement of the head of state. This is the time to know the truth. Let the law take its fiull course now than later.

  24. chitima says:

    Iwe Lutepo ndi omwe akutumawo ndinu mbuzi, opusa kwambiri ! Go to hell. Ndani sakudziwa kuti unayamba kuba before 2012. Unali ndi udindo iwe mu Diziro Petulo Palibe party ndikuthawira ku PP. Stupid son of Malawi . Umangidwa ! enanu mupusa nazo ! MCP 2019 BOMA !

  25. Wamnzeru says says:

    Lutepo wel done waganizira mtundu wa malawi

  26. Lutepo akuti ali ndiumboni that’s all what matters
    We all know how sudden Peoples Party became the richest Party in the country
    The Party became filthy rich in just a blink of an eye
    I wonder how can one justify that!

  27. ungapake says:

    tiyeni nazoni tsopano zikuoneka komwe zikupita. Woipa atulukira poyera. Amenene wakhala pa kalikiliki kuti ma donors asapereke ndalama zawo apereka zomwe atibera. Ine mtima kuti myaaa tilanda katundu wa chipani

  28. How can a mere Accounts Assistant steal a huge amount of monies without someone behind him? Kungompweteketsa mwana basi.

  29. mwanawamkulu says:

    This is really funy! This guy knew wat he was doin.. He was not just used! He was an accomplice. Hahaha if another gvt comes inn todae he will b lik., ” they forced me to implicate banda”

  30. mtima wa nyani says:

    zitsilu a malawi tisakhle kuti tiziwaseteka ku mmmm ngati agalu a cisika. we want the truth

  31. kanundu says:

    Amaba ndi Joice, Lutepo amafuna kupanga business ku boma ngati mukuti Joice samaba nanga tiuzenitu momwe amabera Bingu. Onse ma president amaba koma Joice yekha amaba mopusa. $ix months K24 billion nanga akanakhala eight years bwezi zitakwana K386 billion. Ndiye poti Joice ananena yekha kuti ogailidwa siwakuba. Ndiye apa titi wakuba ndi Lutepo amagaira Joice

  32. SOFA says:

    Ife timadabwa tianyamata tothamangathamanga monga ka abel kayembe kumaitana anthu osati msonkhano koma kuwagawira mijavi.amatenga misonkho yathu eti?nabanda ndi ofunika anyongedwe chaka chino chisanathe!!!

  33. jaiba lee says:

    zoona zake ndi zimenezo

  34. anduna says:

    Palibe angamvere zimenezo lutepo ndiwaboza ndipo wachita kutumidwa

  35. Smartboy Bololo says:

    Avekedwe mateyala anthu amenewa ndi kuwatentha basi!!!

  36. REX says:


  37. BigMan says:

    Does anybody with a working brain really believe that Joyce Banda had nothing to do with cashgate?

    1. Daniel Phiri says:

      No, no one with a working brain believes that JB had nothing to do with cashgate. Similarly no one with a working brain believes that wanton stealing of public assets started and ended with JB – there was even more of this from 2005 to 2012. The key players in JB’s cashgate had perfected their tricks during DPP rule. This is why Malawians and donors do not want selective justice.

      People talk of PP becoming a rich party overnight; but the same happened with DPP. And anyone who believes Casa Blanca manor was built with Bingu’s own funds must have the IQ of a snail.

      Kaya mufune kaya musafune, DPP’s thieving ways will also be laid bare. Don’t make the mistake that you can sweep your looting under the carpet. JB, APM onse ndi mbava…

  38. Kalanga says:

    Following with keen interest! Let me hope he talks the truth!

  39. Jelbin mk says:

    But the last time I checked with Lutepo I found out that he is also charged with perjury (lying under an oath) and that u don’t comment or air your views as a suspect or a witness while the matter is still in court because this would jeopardise the court’s out come and that when implicating someone u need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the implicated really did what u say which is not easy it is not as easy as being a witness in court because a witness’s version is not easily discarded by the court unless the witness is proved beyond reasonable doubt that he or she is either underaged or mentally dysfunctional.

  40. chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa says:

    Izi ndizimene timadikira anthu opusa inu. Kugona bwanji. Afuneni ana mboma, Mwayiwala kale a ndalama za ndege? Za Crude oil?

  41. fricodaluka says:

    The timing for this confession is rather suspicious and raises a lot of questions……all this while Mr. Lutepo u hv been denying all accusations levelled against you wasting more and more government money and now all of a sudden mwazindikira liti kuti mwaonongera boma ndalama?????

  42. chinkombaleza gumanyundogowa says:

    Abale mluli ndi bvuto mumafuna big fish nzanu akukuuzani ndiye simukufuna kukhulupirira Wapenga iyeyu? Ambuye atithadize. Tione mavideowo.

  43. opportunist says:


  44. Man Mphi says:

    Well, lets wait for the courts. The real truth will be squeezed out by the Courts. But why is he in hiding? Has he jumped bail? Well, lets wait and see

  45. Dausi says:


  46. The Anonymous says:

    There is no doubt that Lutepo and all others were colluding to syphon money from government for the benefit of PP and Joyce Banda. She let the runners handle the paper work and she came in at the point where the trail goes cold. Lutepo can confess as many times as he wants, and he can tell his story to any journalist that is interested to hear from him. We should all believe him, because he is saying the truth. Sadly though, the courts won’t believe him. I hate to say this, Joyce Banda was a smart thief!

  47. Deal Yatheka says:

    Koma mukazaluza tizampatsa zingati JB yu.Chifukwatu Katopola ndi uyu tikumpatsa K432 millioniyu.

  48. gulukunyinda says:

    Lutepo mwina akulandira death threats nde waganiza zoululiratu kuti omusaka ango giver chifukwa zomwe akufuna kubisa zaululika

  49. ndangodutsa chisale says:

    I didn’t know that with the judiciary support staff strike Zodiak Radio has been tasked with delivering justice in Malawi. How can you conduct this interview while cases are still in court. Zidiak Radio is a big shame! I doubt if it has legal advisors. I will not be surprised to see one radio being sued millions for unprofessional conduct.

  50. ingangasyungu yunyeghela fiyo says:

    Rubbish!! Both reports never implicated the former President. Tachioneni mutu!!

  51. man says:

    but your malawians and your weak judiciary, what type of evidence do you need to prosecute these people. ndichifukwa chake akulandani nyanja. a bakery did the audit and gave you a report but your failing to use it, what evidence do you need you judges. please kill these people as they have committed murder in hospitals due to lack of drugs. if you fail we will take the law into our hand and mukhalira khala muona. fuck you all.

  52. Lutepo akuti ali ndiumboni that’s all what matters
    We all know how sudden Peoples Party became the richest Party in the country
    The Party became filthy rich in just a blink of an eye
    I wonder how can one justify that

  53. You are now able to feel sorry for the poor Malawians. When you were squandering the public money, you thought all Malawians were rich, enjoying the world like you deed. Shame to you Lutepo. Repent, otherwise you will end in hell after serving a life sentence.

  54. Nyangutela says:

    kodi amene anapezeka ataba ndalama kuika mu zidole amawatuma ndi JB? Iwe Lutepo uziopa Mulungu bwanji kusintha ma statement ukuopa chani. Business zako zikuyenda timadabwa . Ma truck ako akuyenda Boma likungoyang’ana, koma Mulungu akuwona mulangidwa,

  55. unedyo says:

    Lutepo,,,,,,,ndalama za Naming’omba , wodget cotton unazipeza kuti????? upelekenso ku boma those assets poti wavomela kuti unaba

  56. Shimoshimo says:

    All we want is justice. Whether lutepo akunama kaya akunena zoona chilungao chidziwike mwachangu. Ndipo a court achitepo kanthu, mene amaba ndalamazo samadziwa kuti akulakwira amalawi?

  57. koko says:

    Sorry,you said you deliver cash to JB ,ok which car where you delivering this cash with,hahaha which currency and what denominations . How many times did you delivered this cash and what was the total amount you delivered…. If this country is china you will be executed by tomorrow morning. You have made a big mistake to allow this go on air.. Brainless man. A cheque clear in your account,you now deliver the cash to someone cash.. Sorry big problems for you and who send you. If you need forgiveness from Malawians then said the truth ,not only Malawians to forgive you but God will forgive you too

  58. kambwali says:

    Chikhoza kukhala chiyambi cha misala munthuyu. Zodiak mwasandutsa court? Credibility of Zodiak questionable

  59. ujeni says:

    Nonsense and rubbish. JB instituted the Forensic Audit, JB is the one anamanga Lutepo plus the Kasambaras now you wait all this long only today to tell us this nonsense. You take all Malawians to be dull and fools?

    1. Kenkkk says:

      How many kasambaras my brother Ujeni?

  60. Sapitwa kakulanye says:

    Though Mr. Lutepo’s statement is to be Cautiously taken or rejected, it is difficult to accept that the presidency then had no knowledge or a hand in what was happening in this saga of cashgate. With all state machinery at her exposal I’m not convinced that she knew nothing and was not involved. May be Mr. Lutepo has uttered the statement at the wrong time and place. Where is the God fearing nation? May be the truth about cashgate shall be known one day. Lets wait patiently without praising or demeaning others in cashgate cases. If the courts on this earth find all suspects in cashgate innocent, then lets see with the heavenly court of God if it will be same verdict.

  61. Daniel Phiri says:

    What most people don’t know – or don’t want to know – is that Lutepo started his thieving ways during Bingu’s time. If the interviewer had done his homework he would have known that Lutepo started buying companies left, right and centre during Bingu’s time. [Just like in the case of Senzani who built her obscene mansion during Bingu’s time].

    This move will boomerang on the DPP as a party because as the saying goes “khoswe wapa tsindwi anaulula wapadzala”. PP cashgate cannot be investigated in full without revealing DDP’s own cashgate – this explains the snail’s pace that has been adopted by the DPP regime despite campaign promises to the contrary.

  62. Mkalapwaga says:

    Trying to get public sympathy lo! The man has lost direction.Such machinisation cannot work in a Law Court. Someone is behind this i know him.

  63. Mikoko says:

    Hey! Lutepo thinks that all Malawians are as stupid as himself,he thinks that we can believe him,no! my friend no way!!.Malawians of today are very intelligent they can’t just believe this from you a lier,a crook,a thief. JB did not use you but rather it is Peter who is using you like a condom and you Zodiak Radio shame on you guys for your behavior has shown that you’re DPP.Sorry to Mr Lutepo but this is your time to face the musik and you’ll face it without mercy because we can’t forgive you now.

  64. DADA MOYO says:


  65. Che Spindulo says:

    Malawi is really a Banana Republic . The formal courts are not operating, so a radio station decides to become an “airwave court” and proceeds to “hear” evidence from an accused person in an on – going criminal case . Don’t the rules of “sub-judice” apply in Malawi? The way this whole “Cashgate” issue is being handled is so Third World-ly .

  66. Leonard says:

    A zodaik simunalakwitse,we have been waiting 4long period of time since last u think he is stupid by telling us all these stories?we r looking forward how court will handle this.

  67. Goose Neck says:

    Izi Nde Zopusa , Wachita Kutumidwa Ameneyi Kkkk Ndale Zakumalawi Nzopusa Bwanji Aaaa Ndakwiya

  68. Mercy Gogoda says:

    Osafulumira kunyoza Lutepo chifukwa simukudziwa kuti waponda mwala wotani. He initially requested to have the phone conversations that were held between him and mai mai when things were rosy tendered in court as evidence. Until those phone conversations are tendered in court as evidence that is when comments from laymen like me will be entertained. Actually what zodiak is doing is similar to what one Lafayelo Tenthani does after having one too many tots of Vodka. Sitinati nanga naye Paulo Mphwiyo afuna apite yekha ngati pomwe amene anadya papakulu ali busy enjoying the spoils? Moto umapita kwatsala tchire, amangwetu.

  69. MVUNGO says:

    Zoti a President avutika kulamula Malawi because of cashgate is alie brother wowa anavutika kulamu kunali cashgate? Kunena zoona anthuwa Azungu achita hold Aid kuMalawi atangomva dzina loti Muthalika akumbukira zimene ankachita brother wao mpaka anayimitsanso Aid azunguwo kuMalawi nthawi imeneyo. Panopa amvanso kuti bomali linachita kubedwa ndiye kaya musova.

  70. Gada says:

    Only in Malawi where some one on trial will go to the media to admit their role in a crime. Gawd have mercy!. What kind of justice system do we have in this country? How can we appear to be accountable and trust worthy if this is the way we are going to make the mockery of the justice system? Is APM that desperate to get the sympathy of the donors? If anything it just goes to show our leaders are corrupt and if the DPP has enough evidence why not charge Joyce Banda? We have enough of these DPP and APM shenangans please save us time and resign what a bunch of yahoos.Peter can not manage the finances of our country. we all know very well the role DPP played in cash gate. The houses Peter bought in Lilongwe below market value. It is a corrupt government no if or but! Fish rots from the head down.

  71. Zion says:

    Tikudikira che jumo de big fish!

  72. munthu nimutesi uyu,ah!where was he @first?azakumanganso chifukwa chonamiza khoti,and u will face the law,LUTEPO nzeru zakuthera,ukhaula wekha,JB alibe mlandu,wako ndikugahena!

  73. msirkal says:

    die your own death ma men, watz up men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Mwenecho says:

    we know that galu iwe Chakwera irs supposed to be what the president by all mean anthu akuba agalu inu

  75. Hon . Namatumbo says:

    I just hope Zodiak hasn’t made a blunder by interfering in the court process here .

  76. Gongoni says:

    Ma comment a anthu ambiri omwe mwalemba akusonyeza kuti a Malawi ambiri ndi mbuli zotha ntchito. Kungothamangira kutsutsa musanawerenge in between lines komanso osalumikiza ma pieces onse ankhaniyi! Mutayankha mafunso atsatirawa: 1- Ndichifukwa chiyani Lutepo anapereka ma galimoto 22 ku chipani cha PP? Ndikutitu 22 (Twenty Two vehicles as donation) osati imodzi. 2- Ku Office of the President ndi kumene kwabedwa ndalama zambiri ma billion mu zaka ziwiri zimenezi, Kodi amene amayang’anira ndalama zimenezi ndi ndani? Munthu wamba ungakakashe ma billion ochokera ku state house president osadziwa? 3- Zingatheke mu budget ya OFFICE YA PRESIDENT kumapereka malipiro kwa ma contractors ma billions ntchito yosagwiridwa? Lutepo komanso makampani ambiri amagwilitsidwa ntchito as conduits- kapena kuti payipi yotulutsira ndalama mwa chinyengo ndipo aliyense amene anali mmboma(makamaka akumipando akudziwa bwino)

  77. MESHO says:


  78. Ifeyo says:

    have listened to the interview and clearly desperate attempts by a thief to gain public sympathy. The guy is outright silly for allowing himself to be used if we are to believe him but whatever the case prepare for Maula or Zomba man sinanga u have admitted wrong doing.

  79. Songo says:

    Lutepo, or whatever you call yoursel, who can believe you?

  80. staniciuos says:


  81. moto mwikho says:

    The man has promosed to back his allegations with evidence why do you rush to judge him. Mwina nanunso munali ma conduit, munadya nawo ma crumbles.

  82. Puludzu says:

    JB or no cashgage donors wil not giv DPP money, Lutepo,Zodiak nose mwatumidwa ndi boma,tikukuonanituu, time will tell…

  83. Jando says:

    Freedom of speech at best. The radio has not done anything wrong. Thumbs up zodiak. Malawians have a right to information and not hide under the issue is in court. The pistorius case was awash on radio and tv live.

    1. Jelbin mk says:

      Iwe jando unachedwadi kujando eti osapita kusukulu ,of course pistorius trial was live but did you ever see or hear him or any of the witnesses talking about the case outside the court room? That would prejudice the case. I have witnessed a lot of cases here in South Africa and there in Malawi and in each and every case I attended the magistrate could warn u if you were the accused or a witness to never discuss the case with anyone not even to comment on it to the media ,this happens on the first appearance of the accused before the court,if u do so you are deemed unreliable witness in the court of law. Thus why pistorius was not found guilty for shooting his pistol through his car’s sunroof because Samantha his former girlfriend had admitted to the court that she discussed the issue with others which made her to be unreliable witness,so be learned Mr b4 commenting on anything u have little knowledge of.

  84. Joseph Pakhosi says:

    Kodi bwanji akunyengerera anthu a Kuba ndalama za boma osangowalanda ndalama zonse zobedwa ndikuyika muboma kuti liyambe kugulira ndalama mzipatala anthu akumwalira chifukwa chosowa Mankhwala.

  85. Penani Unenesko says:

    I hope Lutepo is not lying again

  86. munthu anenesa kuti ayetsetsa kulemba makalata kuti mwina anenezomwe akuziwa pa momwe ndalama zinapitira koma samathandizidwa ndiye lero apita wailesi wina aziti alakwitsaso galu wamunthu ameneyo eti,lupeto tathokoza zodiak tathokoza polora itavyu ngakhale nkhani iliku court koma akumvaamva.

  87. maganizo wa maganizo says:

    The case is now over as the big fish malawians were waiting for has been mentioned.I knew that she was involved.Where on earth did you see an individual donating 22 pick ups to a party.It is now up to relevant authorities to do their job.Akalowe basi.Khaya zako izo bola wathawila ku UK

  88. Peter Kwacha says:

    much as we need progress on the cash gate scandal but Lutepo to be making such claims on radio is a silly joke and an insult to our integrity. i dont know whether we should commend Zodiak for airing an interview whose contents are matters under a court of law. If you guys want to get a scoop, please do some investigative journalism on cash gate and not interviewing some questionable characters like LUTEPO.

  89. PHIRI says:


  90. Pita Munthalikha says:

    Iwe Lutepo, both the audits reports one released in PP times and the one released in DPPs regime have both not mentioned JB, how do you want people to believe you in your claims

    1. Namu says:

      Pajatu ndizomwe boma limafuna kuti ampakilize JB. Mmesa paja panatuluka article yoti akapanda ku mpaka JB nde kuti boma limanga banja lake. Our country is not getting any better for sure.

  91. Watunidwa ameneyo kufuna kuononga mbiri ya Mai Banda,am Mcp supporter koma zomwe akunena lutepozo nzaboza,mbava nga Dpp omwewa basi

  92. kume kume says:

    zopusa, tieni tingong’ana momwe zithele.

  93. Bololo says:

    Now that you have realised that your ways were sinful, confess from the beginning.
    Starting with your early days as a mere citizen, your joining politics, business formation, how you bought all those companies etc. all the way through your defence lawyers after being arrested until now.
    No selective amnesia here.

  94. wobeba wanga says:

    Please forgive Lutepo, as he has confessed.

  95. Gift Kayipa. says:

    A zodiak simukulakwitsa kudziwitsa anthu omwe ali a kumudzi za momwe nkhani za Cashgate zikuyendera.osakwiya ayi ,komanso osasiya kutero.Brave Zodiak



  97. Mr.Bambo says:

    Hahaha the strike from the govt. judiciary has openned an alternative one, -Zodiak airwaves judiciary.Gabriel Kamlomo should be told in no uncertain terms that he too, is a big fool for conducting that interview-paja ndi a Board Member pa Malawi eti?

  98. Mapwiya says:

    Get it Malawians, cashgate, no cashgate donors will not give money to DPP.

  99. Masharubu says:

    Aku Zodiak mwaonjeza . You are always desperate for scoops and in the process you commit so many blunders . Try to always seek legal advice before treading on sensitive ground . Nkhani yakuti ili ku court siyoyenera kupanga nayo za chibwana cha mchombo lende . Ife tikufuna namatetule wa cashgate azapezeke ndi kunjatidwa at any cost, and inu muli busy kuononga evidence . Lutepo’s very vital court evidence is now in danger of being discredited when he eventually takes to the stand in court . All because of kupupuluma kwa Zodiak .

    1. Fotseki says:

      Why don’t you tell this crap to Raphael who is always in electronic media even though his case in also in the courts? Kagwele

    2. SIBONDA says:

      in case he (Lutepo) died today, the world will have a tangible speculative basis for the real beneficiaries of cashgate. This cashgate parallels “The bank job” of Great Britain, by the way.

  100. Chrispine Salanje says:

    Only fools will believe Lutepo and ignore report from certified auditors

  101. luckypat says:

    Why admitting on radio? I think Lutepo is forced to say this,so that Malawians shud quickly believe that it’s the truth.

  102. Ngongoliwa says:

    DPP mwasowa chochita kodi? The only gain you can make out of this accusation is to lose popularity. Tell Malawians of the MK92BN in Bingu’s time, sort out the issue of Chasowa, return the houses you got from MHC free! Thetsani umbabva, ma sitiraka, kugwa kwa kwacha, perekani fetereza wotsika mtengo panthawi yake, thetsani katangale kumipando uko osamchedwe ndi nkhani za zii ngati izi. You will fail miserably

  103. Uhudi says:

    We don’t have professional conduct here I think, Court issues going live on radio. Kkkkkkk

  104. Khongoni Boy says:

    Zankutu Mamuna Osalimba Mtima Nthawi Yomweyi Waulula Kkkkkkkkkk Koma

  105. Chiletso says:

    How do you expect Peter and DPP to arrest this guy when they stole the election using money that Bingu stole from Malawians . They are all made from the same garment this is to just brainwash Malawians they are all thieves.

  106. PUTEN says:

    Atolakhani ndi amene amalakwitsa zinthu ,chifukwa chiyani a ku futsa mafuso wofuna kuti wina amuchule zake komatso munthu ali ku khoti akufutsa mafutso osandikila kaye bwanji?

  107. nanga cashgate ya 2012 from 2005 anabaso ndi amayi? This is a total fabrication and fallacy. If DPP has failed to rule please find another excuse not this blue lie. Zingowonjezera chanzi kununkha, this is a Government in a failed state, commodities prices up, insecurity up, teachers not paid, salary increaments only for senior goverment employs, DPP has completely failed. Lutepo will never assist you, Likalemba lalemba no reverse, God is in control.

  108. Waliko says:

    Zodiac when a case is in court you don’t discuss it outside court. You guys have goofed big time. This is baseless and no court of law can use this as evedence. Tamangoyendesani Boma a Nyapapi inu leave JB alone

  109. MMalawi says:

    Tread carefully on this, everyone already knows Cashgate started with President Bingu, JB mugwa naye!!!

    1. wobeba wanga says:

      Bingu did not start cashgate, all in all he is dead, so if you say about him then you are CRAZY

      1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

        tho dead but his Ndata and APM are not dead. Leave JB alone we will axe APM! Bullshit!!!!!

  110. dadaboma says:

    Lutepo has always been a liar in this cashgate case. He can claim to have been stealing on behalf of anybody, anyone and anything, but the truth is that he has been found guilty of theft for which he stands to be punished. Who helped Bingu steal 92 bn MKs? And yet if Bingu was alive we could not go for his blood even if the suitcases full of money were found in his bedroom. We would have to prove that it was Bingu who stole the money, otherwise someone else might have been stealing the money and gave it to Bingu for protection. Even in churches, people give to pastors lots of money most of which is stolen. And yet it is not the pastors’ theft. So if Lutepo was stealing money and giving it to JB, it does make JB a thief; it is still Lutepo’s theft. And we have no means of proving that Lutepo can now suddenly begin to tell the truth about his role in cashgate. Lutepo must leave JB alone, and he must leave anyone to whom he gave some of his stolen money alone. I know there are many who may have benefited from his theft, but the fact that they received some money from the thief does not make them thieves. Thieves often not even disclose the source of the money they give to their beneficiaries, sometimes not even to their wives. So leave madam JB alone; she served Malawi well, the auditors have not found any blemish on her, and Lutepo cannot turn himself into an auditor to implicate the innocent Banda – all we know is that Lutepo is a thief and a liar, not an auditor.

    1. Nyapapi says:

      Hahaha! Who are you, Andekuche Chanthunya mneneri wa amai?

      Oh, paja she said kuti wagwidwa asapake amzache. She must have know what she was talking about!

      1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

        The big thieves were and are late Bingu and Peter respectively, because even the Mpumulo wa Bata Mosoleum and Ndata mansion were built from cashgate money!

      2. dadaboma says:

        Yes, I am Andekuche Chanthunya, so what? Lutepo must stop being used by the stupid DPP to tarnish the good image of the God-fearing JB. DPP wants to divert people’s attention from the country’s many woes to some irrelevant blue lie. Blood funken!

    2. Pita Munthalikha says:

      i cant agree more. think panic reaction by lutepo is unfortunate. why did it take this long. but what about your earlier comments and connections with Ralf Kasambara and Pika Manondo. Mupusa naye DPP….

    3. Kavunga says:

      Lutepo is telling Malawians what he knows and his role in Cashgate and you dismiss him? Are you trying to be Lutepo or cashgate Queen JB? Ok then, tell Malawians what you know and your role in Cashgate, your side of the story please because you seem to know more than everybody.

  111. Grey says:

    Munthu sakunama uyu tamumveni bwinobwino.

  112. Joe says:

    Lutepo has goofed big time. The guy just wants sympathy. He just wants the Govt kuti amukhululukile basi

  113. Nancy says:

    Honestly this whole Lutepo interview is a joke. No one can believe what he just said.

  114. cash says:

    anybody anadya ndalama za government shud be killed immediately…..coz pano tikuvutika anthu osalakwa….mxiii…iphani onse like ISIS….behead them all…foolish people

  115. Kaseka says:

    Whatever the case the guy stole money. Well maybe he was used but is he an idiot?
    Where was he when he was implicating other people now change of government he wants to implicate ex.P. No way! Face the music man. Its ur dancing time.

  116. Voxy says:

    You can’t fool us Malawians Lutepo, we know ukutumidwa

  117. Palibe says:

    Lutepo is such an idiot lol lol lol…..Stupid husband rotten father….lousy thief….and liar

  118. Happy says:

    Lutepo watumidwa aliyense akuziwa zomwe zikuchitika

  119. munyasa says:

    go to hell when did a suspect started airing out his case on the radio… this is cheap politics…. Then give all suspects air time to talk on radios…..mukumuopa joyce bcz of her international recognition….lutepo munamuopseza timanga ana akazi ako if u dont mention jb nde amakaululila pa wailesi osati ku police or kukhoti

  120. ANALYST says:

    Lutepo is now making the already dirty hands of DPP even dirtier! By the way if DPP and Peter Muthalika were serious with Cash gate cases which are locking out our donor money by now the likes of Lutepo could have been in jail just like Sithole and Namathanga.

    These cheap political tactics by DPP and Peter Muthalika are not the way to go to unlock donor funds

  121. Charles says:


    1. Pacharo says:

      Charles ingolembani muchichewa nkhani yanuyi kuti tikumveni bwinobwino.

      1. Bullshit says:

        This Charles and his oxford language shaaa kwaipa

  122. Boko says:

    Lutepo is a very unreliable witness. The judiciary shud watch out for cunning criminals like him. He is not worth listening to his many stories. Why does he keep changing his statements. He is a dunderhead just like his president Pitala Matanyuula. Lutepo go and be fucked by Matanyula. Galu.

  123. WADPP says:

    Lupeto usatipusitse wamva ? iweyo ukanakhala ukumvera aMalawi chisoni sibwezi,ukupanga zonse ndi PP,Utamangidwa ndi Boma la PP,utatuluka pa Belo unaima pa MP patiki yandani? Bwanji utatuluka pa Belo sunapepese mtundu wa Malawi,mbava ukufuna aDPP,komanso APM akumvele chisoni,ukhaula wamva akumanga wekha,muleke Joyce aliyese anatenga ndalama zaMalawi afa imfa yowawa.

  124. Timothy says:

    So, JB stole the money and then,,,,, hired the Baker Tilly guys to audit herself? Is JB that smart? I mean I hear they call her she is uneducated, wamandasi et al.
    If this is true, its a great strategy, i wish APM should borrow that leaf and investigate himself(his brother’s 2005-2012 tenure). oh jah, the investigations are already underway. I see the this gvt losing more money and cashgate cases along the way for compasations. We both know its more of trying to discredit JB and embarass her international standing that she now has gained, but, at what cost to the gvt, or is it to the tax payers? There is absolutely no way Lutepo can stand up to any sensible lawyer when under cross examination. And why go on radio???????? Hahahaha

  125. Wakukaya. says:

    Chitsiru chamunthu umangidwa wekha sizikupindulira ukunenazo.Useless person with no sense Lutepo wants favours from govmt.

  126. munthu wa munthu says:

    the guy should not seek sympathy, its well known fact that his businesses flourished within a shortest period, he become a somebody ask all the road blocks when lutepo was travelling he used to dish za tea, ask the type of the car he was using, he bought several companies, the woget was no mean achievement within a space of 2years, what about naming’omba, he cant stand now and say his business was used as a conduit, i stand to defer from his claims, say the truth if you want to be forgiven,

  127. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Koma mukutisanzitsa ndi nkhani zanu zothazi osangosiya bwanji mukumuopa Lutepoyu eti?

  128. PUBLIC PLUNDER says:

    Matters that are in court are not supposed to be commented on. This thief is scared. When did he realise that thief is an crime and sinful. LOCK THEM UP AND THROW THE KEYS IN THE LAKE

    1. Nkhombokombo says:

      In the first instance what is the interest for Zodiak to put this Lutepo man on air when he is answering the same cases in court? Already there were already rumours going viral in media that the Gvt of DPP wanted to implicate JB through the same Lutepo type of a man, who can believe that kind of crap? Going to the Palace at the time he was holding that post in the party was not a proof that he was going there to remmit the stolen each time he went there. Did JB instruct him to purchase the reputable companies of the likes of Naming’omba, Chrolide Batteries and many more others for family’s interests? I wonder very much if he can have that proof that JB was behind all this mess. Just a couple of months ago he said RK, BJ and others forced him to commit the crime, how can you now show remorse on you did? If you knew that these would backfire one day, why involve your dear family? You are a disgrace to the Nation. Get prepared for long stay behind bars my friend. A Zodiak nkhani ili ku court, mutsati udze za ubwino kapena kuipa kwa JB or Lutepo pano ai! Mwa pweteketsa mwana wa eni ake Sithole. Tidzamva zambiri mkadzapita ku Court.

  129. seventeen says:

    Aliyense akudziwa Nanga atiuza chani za 22 vehicles he donated to PP?

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