M1 Road ‘midnight 6′ thugs jailed  8 years

Ntcheu First Grade Magistrate Court has imposed custodial sentence on six thugs who have been attacking vehicles along the M1 road, particularly around Kachipeya area which is between Lizulu and Njolomole in Ntcheu district.

Illustration of M1 road midnight 6 thugs

Illustration of M1 road midnight 6 thugs

The court has slapped the six who hail from Mapira village, T/A Chakhumbira in the district with 8 years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) for being found guilty of Intentionally Endangering safety of persons Travelling By Road contrary to Section 237 (C) of the Penal Code.

The convicts are 42-year-old (ex-convict and ring-leader) Willy John, Tiago Yohane 35 years old, Petulo Sakondwera Enock, 21, Tchethani Francis 21 years old, Talani Fumbutsani, 26, and 22-year-old Chipiliro Clement.

State Prosecutor, Inspector Evance Kantukule told the court that the convicts were blocking the M1 road with big stones during mid-night and attacked and stole from motorists.

They were arrested in October this year after engaging in a fierce fight with law-enforcers where one officer was seriously injured.

Inspector Kantukule told the court that there have been numerous complaints from road users about the attacks along the M1 road staged by the convicts.

In mitigation, the six pleaded for leniency, claiming they have families to take care of.

But First Grade Magistrate Chrispin Sachuluka ignored their mitigation, arguing they should have considered their claims before committing the offence.

Magistrate Sachuluka argued that the convicts do not deserve leniency because they had potential to commit murder since they were fully armed with offensive weapons and had no mercy on their victims.

Sachuluka further said the offence in question is felonious and attract life imprisonment as its maximum penalty, hence a need for stiffer penalty to deter others from contravening the law.

The six have been attacking vehicles along the Lilongwe-Blantyre M1 road, stealing various items. They confessed during police interrogations to have been committing the offences around the said area.

The ring-leader, Willy John is an ex-convict who once served a 14-year jail term and was released last August.


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Zinenani Zoona

I suggest a sentence like this: one hour of mob justice. By the end of one hour all these criminals would be ashes.

Jai Chipwete

8 years imprisonment with hard labour for such dangerous criminals. You’ve already said the ring leader has already saved 14 years imprisonment with hard labour and was released last August yet he is back to it again. These are dangerous criminals who can even kill the innocent people travelling to their destinations and you are imposing only 8 years to such dangerous people. I doubt credibility of some judges. If you are incompetent why not just resign and give chance to real judges.


Yes, he rightly says the crime attracts a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, why not just impose that one since the ring leader did not feel the 14 years. Do you think 8 years is any stiffer????


Mr. Sachuluka should join the cashgate prosecution team. Perhaps the cashgate thieves can get the sentences they deserve.


8yrs is not long enough


Indeed 8 years yachepa. There is something wrong with our justice system. We dont hear of 30 year or 40 year sentences and when someone is given a victim insulting 8 year our journalists celebrate with ‘handed a long sentence’ my foot! Join the discussion


“. . . and when someone is given a victim insulting 8 year our journalists celebrate with ‘handed a long sentence’ my foot!”
What are you trying to say in this statement?

Road blockthug

And the ring leader is an ex-convict. Are the much talked about prison reforms working? It appears ex-convicts immediately go back to business-as-usual mode once released.


8 years is OR 8 years are?
Go back to school and learn “subject-verb agreement.”
You should have written, “8-year sentence is.”
Osati 8 years is, a a.

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