Ma Blacks in first open-air Industrial Hemp awareness campaign in Malawi

Kemet Forum, a grouping of Pan-African professionals advocating for legalization of Industrial Hemp in Malawi, says it is satisfied with the response and support it received during an awareness campaign held at Lilongwe Golf Club on Sunday.

Ma Blacks

Ma Blacks

The grouping engaged the Malawian reggae outfit Black Missionaries that performed during the event dubbed as “Legalisation of Industrial Hemp Festival.”

“This is the first event that we have engaged the public face-to-face to explain to them what Industrial Hemp is all about.

“It is encouraging to note that many people are eager to learn and know more about this cash crop,” said chairperson of the forum Sangwani Msofi.

He further said that most of the activities the forum has conducted have been panel discussions and interviews in the media and academic discussions which are largely indoors and engages only privileged members of society.

“The festival in Lilongwe was the first open-air activity that we engaged with all classes of people. We were impressed with the curiosity many had that was generated upon seeing displayed products from industrial Hemp.

“Many were eager to learn more about the cash crop,” Msofi said.

The Kemet chair said the festival has aroused a great drive to conduct more of these activities to reach out to as many people as they can in clearing out the misconceptions surrounding Industrial Hemp.

The Sunday Festival was graced by activist Billy Banda and Member of Parliament for Ntchisi North Boniface Kadzamira who raised the matter in parliament earlier this year. The legislator argues Industrial Hemp as a cash crop has enormous economic potential.

Kemet Forum, whose name means land of the blacks and was the original name for Egypt, has been carrying out activities related to the call for the legalisation of Industrial Hemp.

In July this year, the forum held a seminar at Chancellor College in Zomba under the theme “Demystifying Cannabis.”

Professor of Economics at Chancellor College Ben Kalua made a presentation in which he called for the de-politicisation of the production of Cannabis-locally known as Chamba- arguing industrial hemp has the potential to steer the country’s economy towards recovery.

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13 thoughts on “Ma Blacks in first open-air Industrial Hemp awareness campaign in Malawi”

  1. Zikatha says:

    If groups like Ma Blacks go about supporting the legalisation of industrial hemp then am afraid the fight for the same will be in vain. People are encouraged to sell and smoke during their shows and you can’t take them seriously. This is childish

  2. adriano kazembe says:

    Eeee!ee! kepp blazzng jah pipo maBlacks kepp fire burng lusifa

  3. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    If we are failing to understand/ manage the effects of multiparty democracy what more with legalization of Marijuana? If countries with more efficient systems are grappling with the consequences of legalizing Marijuana what will happen to Malawi already on the verge of social decay? Legalizing Marijuana sugarcoated as for industrial purposes will be the last straw to break the back of the camel.


    please legalise it highest grades we blaze bigup ma blacks!

  5. Munthu the Citizen says:

    The so called Black Missionaries here are simply exposing there stupidity and complete lack of knowledge on the difference between the ganja for smoking and industrial hemp. In fact I dont like the fact that these self proclaimed rastas have taken over the fight for the legalization of commercial hemp. But let’s face facts here. The legalization of industrial hemp being championed in Malawi is completely different from the legalization of indian hemp being championed and ultimately realized in the West Indies and Latin American states. These dumb heads should be told that there is a difference between industrial hemp and the hemp they are smoking at their shows all in the name of legalization of industrial hemp.

    I am one of the people championing the legalization of industrial hemp due to its multiple commercial benefits but I dont like the barbaric and primitive noise being made by this band of primary school drop-outs on the legalization issue. Who ever their promoter is, should have known that the struggle for legalization of industrial hemp is a scholarly issue, which should be championed by scholars on the basis of researched scholarly evidence and not some chamba smokers who masquarade as rastas.

    I seriously doubt if this bunch of miserable musicians can tell me the chemical components of the herb whose legalization they are advocating. Leave this struggle in the hands of scholars form institutions like LUARNAR, MUST, UNIMA and MZUNI if at all you guys understand these acronyms. What the Black Missionaries and their shortsighted promoter are doing will just make Malawians realize the dangers of legalizing hemp since already people are failing to separate the ganja being smoked by savages on the sidewalk and the hemp being used in industries to produce valuable products. What the Black Missionaries are doing is to buy cheap popularity by laying claim that they are the ones who fought for the legalization of the industrial hemp. But am afraid, they are throwing spanners in our works and legalization will never see the light of the day.

    Seriously speaking, zinthuzi zalowa chibwana. Sitingadalire anthu oti alibe even a grain of intelligence to fight this struggle.

  6. nanaphiri says:

    more fire måbkacks,, we need legalization

  7. prince says:

    This article is not abt rege but industrial chamba.u shud get these things right.fools

  8. gule says:

    You the so called Ma Blacks. You are stupid and mad pipo and I will attend your show again.

  9. Whatttttti yooo that’s why nkhota kota has more mental people if not now it will be I your late 50s

  10. Prince Edward rsa says:

    That is not reggae let them listen to muzic done by burning spear then learn from there.

  11. Genghis Khan says:

    Do these so called musicians even know the whole Rastafarian doctrine that they claim to belong to? Its more than just dreadlocks and smoking hemp. And their music is not even Reggae.

  12. Viyazi Tembo says:


  13. Frali says:

    Legalise the holy tree plz

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