Mafia work? Queries Judge: Immigration says no evidence Mphwiyo shooting suspect left Malawi

The state’s latest witness in the case of former budget Director’s attempted murder case, Griffins Tembo has told the High Court in Lilongwe that according to immigration procedures there was no evidence backing the claim that McDonald Kumwembe was outside Malawi at the time Mphwiyo was shot.

Kachale (L) with Ministry of Justice assistant legal officer Samuel Mbweza: State wants suspects bail revoked

Kachale (L) with Ministry of Justice assistant legal officer Samuel Mbweza: State wants suspects bail revoked

Kumwembe’s lawyer Wapona Kita had showed the court Kumwembe’s passport at the beginning of the trial indicating that Kumwembe was outside Malawi.

He showed the court a passport indicating that Kumwembe had left the country through Mwanza border on the 30th of August, 2013 and returned to Malawi on the 14th of September, 2013 a day after mphwiyo’s shooting.

However, Griffins Tembo who is Assistant Immigration Officer based at Dedza border post told the court that the stamps in Kumwembe’s passport were not backed by signatures of immigration officers who cleared him.

Said Tembo, “The procedure is that a stamp in the passport is backed by records entered on a sheet and signed by the officer clearing the person.

“In his case (Kumwembe’s) there are stamps in his passport indicating the dates he exited and returned to Malawi which have no corresponding records in our sheets. There is a stamp in the passport indicating that he left Malawi through Mwanza border on the 30th of August, 2013 which has no corresponding records in the sheets as is the case with his entry.”

The state through the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mary Kachale has also applied for bail revocation for all accused, except Oswald Lutepo on grounds that the state witnesses were being threatened.

She told the court that there were some mafia-like activities trying to sabotage the trial which necessitated the bail revocation.

During the testimony of the immigration officer, the presiding judge, Micheal Mtambo had joked whether he didn’t have a copy of the passport due to the work of the mafia.

“Why don’t I have a copy of the passport? Is it the mafia at work?’’, queried Mtambo.

The bail revocation ruling for all the accused has been adjourned to Thursday except for second accused, Robert Kadzuwa whose bail has been revoked for absenting himself from court.

Mphwiyo was shot three times as he drove into his compound in the low density suburb of Area 43 in Lilongwe.

Former minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Ralph Kasambara is charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder alongside Macdonald Kumwembe who Mphwiyo identified as the shooter, Dauka Manondo, Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and businessperson Osward Lutepo.-Mana

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69 thoughts on “Mafia work? Queries Judge: Immigration says no evidence Mphwiyo shooting suspect left Malawi”

  1. mbwiyache says:


  2. tidziwe says:

    ngati anangodinditsa osadutsadi ndekuti ndiolakwa and amapanga izi kt abise umboni…case closed akalowe basi ndi kits yemweyo….

  3. tidziwe says:

    ngati anangodinditsa odadutsadi ndekuti ndiolakwa and amapanga izi kt abise umboni…case closed akalowe basi ndi kits yemweyo….

  4. mulakho wa ku Thumbwe says:

    I have never crossed Mwanza into and out of Mozambique without my passport being signed on the stamp and too listing my name on a sheet. I have also managed to get my passport signed by guys at Bt ziboliboli in order to manage get forex during that Bingu era when forex was obtained through queening in forex bureau. Hear that

  5. Mojamoja says:

    Checking with other boarders in a different country, is not an easy job. A lot of negotiations have to take place. You can not have another country giving out information to another country about its border registers. International law comes into play. All of us when travelling are protected by that.

    Any how, does the passport show he was out of Malawi? if the answer is yes, then that is the end of the story. He was not in the country. The passport which is a property of the government has a government stamp to prove that he was out of the country then yes he was out of the country.

    1. special advisor says:

      Shut up Mojamoja and Mr soti, Shut! Up! Stamp in passport is not sufficient evidence that he was not in the country. Remember Mwawa’s corruption case and his wedding at Mount Soche and the purported deposits he made at a bank? It was a faked up deposit slip. So don’t use mental hospital or elementary school reasoning.

  6. mr soti says:

    If the passport has the exit stamp,then it is enough to be evidence that the dude was out of Malawi..for the other boarders’ stamp, that is another issue man..believe me this case is going to take time…

  7. Cocoon says:

    All the Lawyers in Malawi are Mafias, they went to the same University and they are all friends sharing tactics to beat the law and if they win they steal clients money. The country is in disaster because the people who supposed to develop it are the ones destroying, I hope they will all go to hell for their actions, at the moment they think they are clever, watch the space.

    1. special advisor says:

      Hell is too far to wait for. They must be debarred as soon as they are involved in defending stupid cases using stupid evidence and stupid arguments. Law Society should bring back a stronger culture of personal integrity and ethical conduct among officers of the court. The rot is just too much to tolerate.

  8. mulopwana says:

    Nonseenu simudziwa chomwe chimachitika pa Dedza ndi mwanza Boarder.Ine ndimadutsadutsa pa ma boarder awiriwa koma amangodinda mu passport osa sayinira or ngakhale a ku zobue chimodzimodzi.Officer wa Immigration asatinamize apa lero apite akawone mmene ma junior akewo akugwirira ntchito

  9. Great Caesars Ghost says:

    forget the malawian immigration stamps, zero in on the foreign stamps wherever he went he should have entry stamps and exit stamps for the country in question for the corresponding dates in question… are they present?

  10. Comred Brigadier says:

    Zonama zimenezo he was NOT outside v country angoDinda zimenezo

  11. KANDAWE says:


  12. Tilibemau says:

    Chizungu chavuta kuvetsetsa.kapena tifotokoze mu chichewa chifukwa anthu ena angogufa.Immigration Officer akunena pa pragalafu yachisanu kuti amasayinira pa chipepala china chapadera chimene amalembamo mayina onse a anthu amene atuluka mdziko la Malawi.Osati kusayinira mu passport ayi!!!!!.Ngati simunamvetsetse nditha kulemba mu chilomwe,chitumbuka,chiyawo,chitonga mundiuze.Sukulu ndi yofunika abale.Nanunso a nyasatimes muzilembako nkhani zanu mu chochewa.!!!!!1

  13. Laughter Kambala says:

    Could this be the beginning of the end of Ralph Kasambara and his henchman Wapona Kita?

    Kabaliro kafwene.

  14. NANKAFUMBWE says:

    Last days the truth shall owez prevail

  15. King Zude says:

    Problem ya a Raphael Kasambara amazitenga kuchenjera kwambiri,wapanga zambiri sumagwidwa lero Mulungu akufuna akuwonetse ukulu wake .uziwona ise.

  16. mobility says:

    Inu palibe nkhani apa! Nkhani ndi ya nkhalamba inakalemba ku police kulumbazi kuti P… Was here.

  17. Al miradge says:

    Let the immigration officers enquire from their counterparts from countries where the person claims that he went and take it from there.

  18. mwana mulopwana says:

    I have passed through Chileka and KIA for more than 30 times, The immigration officer is right unless you don’t observe what happens, when you go out there is an Excell sheet that they write names of all people going out unless if you don’t notice and the same is done when you are coming in , it happens to all whether Malawian passport holder or foregner, I forsaw this happening and this is the biggining of the big drama, Useless Lawyers, mwagwa nayo, the next thing is to check who was on duty and ever stamp has a number which is allocated to a person , this is simple the truth will out

  19. Truth says:

    Where did he go Mozambique or Zimbabwe or he was just roaming around the border for 15 days. PEOPLE have used such stupid tactics before and failed. The truth is that all these guys are guilty as charged and indeed to protect witnesses their bail should be revorked. Gada is all over soliciting potential assasins to deal with the key witnesses and this guy should be locked up as well.

  20. Guley says:

    I’m sure zidindozo zili ndi date mungoona yemwe anali pa duty patsikulo ndiyemwe anadinda mwa ukhuluku

  21. MMALAWI says:

    If he exited at Mwanzä but records don’t show then you can verify with Zobue registers if he entered. Simple! Can’t you guys do that? It’s possible the Immigration officer omitted entry into the register but if the Mozambicans don’t have then we can conclude the guy didn’t go out, the stamps are the work of the mafia

  22. wisestfool says:

    Maloya opusa awa, mbuzi zenizeni. Amaona ngati a Immigration amangodinda stamp basi zathera pompo! Maloya okokedwa ku Chanco ndi amenewa, mwaziona amalawi!

  23. Blessings Phiri says:

    We knew about this when Wapona presented the passport. To us we said its Linda Gasa syndicate at the boarder. Again this is not new. Foreigners have been illegally stayiong in Malawi by using this boarder immigration office to extend their stay. But wait. What happened to Linda Gasa’s case. No immigration official was tasked. Now what are you going to do with this case? And what about the lawyer who swore the affidavits are ‘ true to the best of my….’. The lawyer, the passport holder should be have been locked yesterday. That is if Malawi has a capacity to handle such cases. What about the ACB? ACB should have seen this as corruption somewhere. The Govt should have suspended the big boss at the mentioned border. Surely the can of worms wud have been opened. But Malawi we are good at taming. Let this grow. And hV u forgotten what Bingu said about ‘mercenary lawyers’. Dont you see them in cash gate. They will jump at every cash gate case. Why?. Pokhapokha muphe make gang’a mpomwe muone ufulu. Otherwise, stupid judiciary, stupid police, stupid Malawiians

  24. Nearing the 40th day! Bob Marley said you can fool some pple sometime but not always.

  25. Geoma says:

    Following with keen interest. We are yet to know more. The Battle has just started…. Aliyense pantchito yake

  26. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Mungowapana kumusi. Kamodzi kokha atha kuwulula zonse.

  27. Jelbin mk says:

    I mean for trying to save his client from punishment he deserved and remember a lawyer is not there to make a law toothless but to ensure that the suspect receives a fair trial till sentencing anything beyond that is tantamount to criminality.

  28. Jelbin mk says:

    In line with criminal procedures the lawyer will be also incarcerated and sentenced to a hooping jail term due to his role in trying to abstract the ends of justice in a trial and as a trained lawyer he is not likely to get a lighter sentence because he might have known what he was doing at that time and knew it well that doing so is a criminal offence but decided to continue exercising lawlessness and mafiadom in helping the perpetrator get away with criminal acts. This happened with a lawyer who was representing Saddam Hussein who was sentenced to death also for

  29. Him who shall not be named. says:

    Were there stamps for the other boarder crossings in the passport? If, for example, the dude claims to have gone to Zimbabwe, then he should have corrupted the officials in Mozambique as well as the Zimbabwe officials. Not impossible, but a tall order. All this can easily be verified.

  30. acn says:

    This is the end of Mafia Ralph Kasambara and his disciple Wapona Kita

  31. mphatso says:

    pa mwanza boarder full of mbava adakadinditsa ameneyo.check za maiko enawo muona the just arrest him straight away siyani kuononganso ndalama zina ma chenje pa zomwe adaba kalezo

  32. Nyapapi says:

    Mwina nkutheka mafia wina anachotsa ma sheet wo. Check the other side of the border. they may not be as corrupt as we are. stamps , signatures etc.

  33. sunderstar says:

    Who is a Mafia between Government and Kasambara, Kita? that is why the Law society of Malawi need to strip these people’s licecences, they are trying to fight the system using legal tricks by asking the witnesses useless questions to gain points. They have a case to answer and should not pose as masters or judges in courts.

  34. What about entry countries stamps and exit stamps from the country he went and entring Malawi.[MALAWI. MOZAMBIQUE AND SOUTH AFRICA] ???????


  35. Galu WA galu says:

    In the passport it should show all the borders of to and from

  36. otate says:

    Macdonald kumwembe stupid don’t you know that if a person is leaving and entering a country there is a corresponding sheet where names are recorded.mwagwanayo basi mukalowe afiti inu

  37. Jaan says:

    What about the stamps in the passport at the mozambique border entry and exit and where did he stay what did he do whilst in mozambique

  38. Trueworths says:

    More cans of worms?

  39. Inu mmati mutani those are crooks enawoso ali mu Boma kale.

  40. Hoitty says:

    ndinadziwa kale kuti zidindo za passport iyi zinali za fake. Kuchita kuonekelatu kuti ana user influence yao panthawiyo kukadinditsa ataona kuti Mphwiyo sanafe ndipo akhoza kuwazindikila. Koma za cashgate izi zinangotuluka cz of supernatural interference ndiye all tricks will not work because God will not let the truth be burried. Zidzaululika zonse

  41. chabula says:

    Zabodza satisayinira my passport

    1. johnM says:

      Chizungu chavuta. The immigration officer is saying that Immigration officers sign a sheet where the details of the passport holder exiting Malawi is entered. He did not say they sign passports, they sign sheets.

  42. Chilani says:

    Date stamps are not signed for in passports at boarder exists or entry I have checked mine. He is lying the immigration officer

    1. Bullshit says:

      Welengani bwino bwino chingelezi bambo. They never sign in your passport but in the register book and signed by the officer who cleared the person. Simples

  43. Wisky says:

    Immigration officer wabodza pali be amasayinira cgidindo cha pa boarder. Amangodinda basi

    1. Bullshit says:

      Welengani paragraph 5 bwana. This is English so you need to take time to understand what is in this article. They don’t sign in your passport but a register and the officer who cleared the person signs in the register

  44. Banda J says:

    Immigration officer is a liar. None signs in passport for immigration stamps. I have checked mine. After all the stamp simply identifies the border post and doesn’t have names of immigration officer. How can they sign in someone’s passport anyway?

    1. Guley says:

      Chilani, wisky, Banda J munthu mmodzi kungosintha maina

    2. Bullshit says:

      Read paragraph 5 and you will get the answer. This is English so you need to take time to understand the article than rushing to fish out your passport to check on the things this article has not mentioned

  45. powder says:

    Tough and tougher we go! come judges the delay had a purpose flush even these cheating lawyers! investigate how they got the law certificate they might also by cheating thereby degrading malawis intergrity, revoke his certificate. he will one day be ajudge and mess up things! mumuchotse pagulu lamaloya and never practice law in malawi! plus amangidwe ameneyo! munthu wodziwa malamulo kuthandizira kuba, zoona!

  46. joe hart ndi dhilu says:

    milandu yatitopetsa iyi

  47. Mnngulu says:

    Even the courts are becoming mafiosos. Did the court establish if Kumwembe had his passport stamped both in Malawi and Mozambique and where else? If only in Malawi wouldn’t this be the basis of dismissing the credibility of the claim that he was outside the country? If the passport was stamped even in outside countries’ borders would this indicate laxity at our border and punish Mr. Tembo and his staff rather than dismissing the evidence based on missing supporting documents? Wake up iyi khona mani!

  48. Patriot says:

    Malawi is run by mafia….
    The guys that killed Chasowa were also mafia people.
    Mafia are all over and stinks.

  49. His Worship Justice One Thousand Years says:

    Looks like the tables are beginning to turn around.

    Munyeredwa Bambo Kasambara.

  50. kela mwampita says:

    Mary has shoddy witnesses, shoddy investigations, shoddy investigators.
    Even the immigration guy lied that immigration officers sign in passports.
    Dpp kachale should resign

    1. Bullshit says:

      A kela, nobody said that they sign in a passport. Please read paragraph 5 and you will be satisfied as you will find what you are looking for.

  51. Mtavu says:

    Is there a stamp of the country he visited i.e. mozambique

  52. mbani says:

    Money at work

  53. Angoni says:

    Chinyengo sichidzatha pa malawi bola kunyema kangachepe basi. akutchula mwanza boarder, thendedza komanso no authorising officer wa immigration? Ndakumbukilanso the case of chanthunya paja pa mwanza boarder panasonyeza kuti Gasa passed the boarder enroute to zimbabwe and yet anapezeka ku mangochi. Zimenezi a malawi sitingatukuke nazo, chinyengo too much. Taunikanipo bwino pamenepa. Kumwembe was in malawi …. aname asaname. Remember there is no secret under the sun.

  54. Auph says:

    Justice delayed=justice denied

  55. Amuna says:


  56. cbk says:


  57. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    They will need to get a permission from those countries which he used when going through to RSA in order to check the passport stamp records , do not think that you will go to the border posts and start checking for the stamp records of your citizen.

  58. wafika says:

    Tsiku la 40 limakwana motsa kakamizidwa. Kakauluka ka matera. UKATAMBA UMAYANG’ANA KU MAWA. kOMANO NDIDZIMENE IZI.

  59. Only amafia can stop amafia

  60. Mafia Laywers says:

    Bwinotu a Kitta, uloya wanu ungathere pomwepa.

    Khalidwe lachinyengo ndiye lomwe likuonong Malawi. Pofunikanso, mukafufuze ma immigration sheets a Mozambique boader side, then pa Nyamapanda and Beitbridge ngati akunama kuti anapita ku Joni.

  61. Mapwiya says:

    Eee mafia at work indeed..

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