Major shake up in Malawi Police: Gondwa replaces Manjolo as spokesperson

There has been a major shake up in the Malawi Police Service which has seen some senior officers been moved around while others being promoted, in a move which insiders has described as raising eye brows, with Press and Public Relation Officer, Rhoda Manjolo transferred to head a district office.

Manjolo: Moved

Manjolo: Moved

The departments which has been affected are the Public Relations Office (PRO), Building Section and the Mess Department which is responsible for catering.

The reshuffle, the second since the current Inspector General Lexten  Kachama ascended to the head of Malawi Police, has seen some officers being given new roles of less influence.

However, former Police spokesperson Manjolo, who herself has been transferred from PRO headquarters to be the Officer-in-Charge of Ntcheu, down played the shake-up , saying in the MPS transfers are bound to be there.

“This is normal in Police Service for officers to get transferred from one station to the other,” she said.

The transfers has seen Nicholas Gondwa who was deputising Manjolo being promoted to be the national police spokesperson replacing Manjolo and Tomex Nyaude who was PRO for Eastern Region headquarters has risen and will be the second in command at PRO headquarters.

“I have just been informed about that today. There is nothing more I can but to thank God and all stakeholders for making me to be where I was since 2012. I wish my successor all the best and God must guide him,” Manjolo told Nyasa Times.

Manjolo replaces Chikondi Chingadza at Ntcheu Police Station who is heading to Chileka Police Station.

She once headed southern region PRO department before she was moved to Nsanje Police Station. In 2012 under Joyce Banda’s administration, she was transferred to National Headquarters and promoted to the rank of National Press and Public Relations Officer.

Other promotions include Senior Deputy Commissioner of Police Effie Kaitano from Southern Region headquarters who has risen to Acting Commissioner of Police in the Eastern Region.

Willie Mwaluka who for a long time was national police spokesperson has been transferred from Urban Police Blantyre to be SCDP Eastern Region.

SCDP Arlene Baluwa from Eastern Region has been transferred to southern Region headquarters which is a bedrock of criminal activities in the country.

Another promotion has seen Deputy Commissioner of Police Ellen Liganga from Officer-in- Charge Dedza to Director of Airports at Kamuzu International Airport which of late has seen interception of illicit   drugs, round wood mainly by foreign nationals that include Chinese and Nigerians.

Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police Emmie Soko who was Mess Manageress, which is viewed as an affluent position has been transferred to head Nkhunga Police and has been replaced by Senior Superintendent K Mtope who was station officer for Mulanje.

Another big promotion has seen Senior Superintendent S Kanyenda who was second in command in the Building Section to Officer in Charge Building Section.—Additional reporting by Maurice Nkawihe, Nyasa Times

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23 thoughts on “Major shake up in Malawi Police: Gondwa replaces Manjolo as spokesperson”

  1. Mtondoli Jonazi says:

    I am sure the Malawi police force needs cleaning up, not just re-shuffling of posts. Interestingly we, as Malawians, do not have any faith in our own police as per article on link below:—still-1430004

    I remember one time (July, 2011 to be exact) traffic cops stopped me at the infamous Ekwendeni – Mtwalo Turn-off. Apparrently I had stopped at a place I was not supposed to – on a well demarcated area on the side of the road next to the Rumphi bus-stop at Ekwendeni Trading Center. A friend I was briefly visiting actually had warned me in advance that I would be stopped, so I was ready – I am sure the foreign number plates might have contributed. The conversation wa something like this:

    Officer: “Muli bwanji bwana?”
    Bwana (Ineyo): “Ndili bwino officer kaya inuyo?”
    Officer: “Ndili bwino bwana. Koma ndikumangani”
    Ineyo(Quiet — waiting for hime to proceed)
    Officer: “Munayima malo olakwika. Pamene munayima paja simuloledwa kuyima. Mlandu wake ndi MK3,000.00”.
    Ineyo: “Chabwino officer. Sindimadziwa”.

    Now I could actually see that the officer was stumped because he was obviously thinking I was going to bargain for an under the counter payment. I was, for one, actually very tired having spent the previous day driving and the night and part of that day at a funeral and did not see any reason to ask questions.

    I just kindly asked him to go ahead and write me the fine and I promptly paid. My thinking was that, I would rather give the MK3,000.00 to the governent as opposed to an individual as that would have been encouraging corruption. It was just a receipt but it had an official Government of Malawi letter head and all – well.

    But looking at the whole thing now it made no difference with the corruption ya pa Malawi. For starters they could as well have gotten the receipt book printed themselves or even stolen it. Secondly, even if the money had eventually really found it’s way to the government coffers, it still ended up in someone’s pocket!

    Interestingly, a week later I was stopped again (by the same group) coming from Mtwalo, but at least it made sense as I had given about 10-15 people a lift going to Mzuzu. It was somehow in-evitable as one could see that people are stranded for transport and I had an empty vehicle. What actually happened next was that the guy who stopped (having recognized me) did not talk about writing me a fine, but insisted they were going to impound the vehicle because the TIP did not say it was supposed to be used for business in Malawi! He actually referred me to a lady officer, who decided the ‘right sort of payment for the crime’. Apparently this lady had earned herself a reputation as being mean and shrewed. LOL.

    I eventually ended up paying the guys off – using the matola money (fortunately). Obviously no receipt this time!

    It’s like being betwen the devil and a deep blue sea. We really really need people with integrity in order to move forward.

  2. Vagina says:

    alomwe okhaokha

  3. Akhonana comment #3 Achule ali busy kumwa ma sachet ku Limbe Police, zoti ndi a graduate amadziwa okha ndi ife

  4. vin says:

    Apolisi kupempha, eishiii! komanso apolisi achitsikanawa mahule okha okha. ndi bar iti imene sukawapeza? akuononga mbiri ya police kwambiri. Ati kuzisaka mxiew!! mukutha muwone…

  5. Alombere cheDokotala. says:

    NDE mwati Ku polisi kwachuluka chikululu?

  6. Pete Nyandoro says:

    The Police Chief is gender insenstive. The is against what government is preaching about gender equality – Minister Kaliati must intervene.

  7. Migress says:

    Malawi Police spends 80% of it’s budget on transfers. I wonder if at all pple heading the Malawi police service have any logic thinking. Lilongwe police senior officers have been implicated in series of serious robberies. Kanengo police shot robbers who were found with bank deposit slips in their pockets with senior police officers names and account numbers having deposited huge sums of Kwachas. Why not fire or transfer such idiots?

  8. pwefu says:

    Mlakho wokha wokha kipasana ma udindo zausiru basi

  9. Mwiza says:

    This post is unclear. Demotion would be from Sub Inspector to Constable or from Deputy Commissioner of Police to Assistant Commissioner of Police. Is that the case? Of course it’s common in government to have some lucrative junior posts e.g. an accounts might be doing very well that a graduate teacher in the same Ministry but it doesn’t mean that the teacher is demoted. Of course I am not down playing the article but would like to urge reporters to use established posts than administrative ones when reporting about promotions or demotions.

  10. Limwado says:

    If you don’t know about promotions and demotions in Malawi Police Service, you better ask for information from reliable sources or else, just stay quite. I hope its well understood there. Manjolo is a Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police (SACP) and he was National Public relations Officer, a post that can be occupied by any competent officer in the service. Having served at the post for some years, she has been deployed to other duties, now to do the core business of police at a station as an Officer in Charge and still the rank remains SACP. And you are saying she has been demoted. The one to take the position of Manjolo is a Superintendent of police Three ranks below Manjolo, and you call it Promotion. Any way I understand civil status. Some one is said to be demoted in MPS when his rank has been reduced not changing positions as it is the case with Manjolo. The reduction in rank comes after it has been established beyond reproach that the officer has committed a serious disciplinary offence and National Disciplinary Committee makes recommendations to Police Service commission for approval, if it is a junior officer and in the case of a senior officer, the disciplinary hearing and determination to reduce the rank of the officer are done by the Police Service commission it self. Apikene baba???????? Avoid using vocabulary because it is convenient for you to use.

  11. David. says:

    Deputy Commissioner Edward Chingayipe moving from Karonga Police Station to head Mtakataka Police Training School. Congratulations. You were humble just like Kachama and others

  12. Peter Muthanyula says:

    Koma kwachuluka chiwerewere ku police. Lilongwe ndiye number one. Mukufa ndithu achinyamata inu

  13. willybetha says:

    Asintheni katangale aonjeza

  14. Mapwiya says:

    Nothing strange in this, transfers are normal in the police service. And for yourbinformation being re assigned does not mean one has been demoted or promoted- the only promotion here is that of Effie kaitano.

  15. Che Ngana says:

    Rhoda I Like Your Spirit.Every Time You Face Challanges In The Service Your Response Is Alwez Positive.Nchifukwa Chake Amakuitananso Ndimaona Kenakake Mwa Iwe.You R My Role Model In The Way You Respont To Issues.Koma Mr Reporter Tatambasulani Rank Ya A Mwalukayo Ikutanthauza Chani??

  16. ben phiri says:

    Congrants W.Mwaluka ndimakunyadirani cool down next govt you will be lG.God bless you

  17. Viyazi Tembo says:

    zaiii…. pamene anthu akufa njala m’mamidzi, palibe boma likuchita

  18. The Most Concerned says:

    Nyaude mwana wathu waku Machinjiri uyu. Big up & congrats!

  19. Mr.Bambo says:

    The truth of the matter is,there has never been a terrible Police PRO in Malawi such as we have had in Rhoda Manjolo.

  20. Akhanona says:

    Koma Abale S Kanyendayu ndi ACHULE? Koma ngati ndi choncho Mulungu atenge ulemu wake ndithu nkhani imeneyi yandimeretsa matako kwambiri!

  21. These promotions are real. Nyaude assisted me when his fellow police officer robbed me. Now that he is out officers from Mayaka, Jali,Mulenga,chingale, Thondwe azingotibela basi

  22. Ok thas good development 4Nyaude congratulation. Mwana wa Mudzi

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