Makhwawa quizzes Mphwiyo on JB relationship, Toyota Fortuner : Shooting victim’s in Malawi cashgate

Lilongwe High Court Judge Justice Michael Mtambo on Wednesday adjourned a case which lawyer Ralph Kasambara, Pika Manondo, Robert Kadzuwa and Macdonald Kumwembe are charged with attempted murder case and conspiracy to commit murder on former Ministry of Finance Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo to February 17 and the case will run for three days up to February 19.

Mphwiyo ;  Gun-shot survivor in hospital

Mphwiyo ; Gun-shot survivor

The suspects pleaded not guilty to the charges.

During cross examination in the afternoon, Mwakhwawa asked Mphwiyo how he knew former president Dr Joyce Banda, to which he answered he knew her long time ago when she was running NABW an organisation which  provide financial services to the poorest women  in Malawi and to improve the living conditions of micro entrepreneurs.

Quizzed why he sold the Toyota Fortuner vehicle which he was driving at the time of his shooting, Mphwiyo said it was because the vehicle was bringing bad memories into the family.

In previous court hearing, Mphwiyo said two bullets hit him in the mandible and another went through his shoulder to his chest. One bullet was removed in a South African hospital but two others – lodged in his spinal column – will remain inside the 38-year-old for the rest of his life.

Mphwiyo’s shooting unravelled ‘cashgate’ and the resultant discovery that up to US $30 million was minted from the government payment system, where politicians and businessmen colluded with civil servants for payments for goods and services not rendered to government.

Soon after Mphwiyo’s shooting millions of cash in Malawi kwacha, US dollars and South African rands started pitching up in unlikely places like in car trunks, baby dolls, under beds or in pillow cases.

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43 thoughts on “Makhwawa quizzes Mphwiyo on JB relationship, Toyota Fortuner : Shooting victim’s in Malawi cashgate”

  1. Gudo Gwondwa says:

    Ka imwe mwalembachi yapa? I don’t see any news here!

  2. Angozo says:

    How old was Mphwiyo when JB was running NABW if he is 38 years old now? magwira ntchito kunyumba kwake kapena.

  3. Decent Citizen says:

    Its time Malawi locked these thieves.These are not heroes but mere heartless thieves who have been draining our public coffers with their filthy hands.Why do Malawians like worshipping people who acquire wealth in a shady way?These thieves are supposed to be rotting in jails and there properties forfeited and sold to recover the public funds.How mphwiyo knew the incompetent woman Joyce who used to brag alot of this phwiyo thief is non of our business.We need to see those bullets rusting in jaws at Maula.The Nantchitos and Nambalas are just roaming scot free in Lilongwe.Its time Malawi started being firm these thieves.They should be all rotting in jails by now.

  4. mzozodo says:

    And the author calls “how did you know jb?” quizzing? kikikikik!!!

  5. khamani!! says:

    The prosecution asked for an adjournment? Wow! This whole system is either incompetent , rotten or both.

  6. There is need to clear Malawi of such thieves like Mphwiyo, Manondo, Leonard Kalonga, Njanji, Sithole, Namata, Nantchito etc. They are smart criminals. They have been stealing our taxes.

  7. ambele says:

    It seems the powers that be and their cohorts are aiming at JB. akuba, owombeledwa
    ozenga milandu zonse zilipo koma funs nkumafunsa kuti kodi JB umamudziwa bwanji
    weak lawyers

  8. Mfune says:

    Nkhani zacashgate zimandiwawa kwabasi. Tikuvutika cifukwa ca anthu amenewa.
    Amtambo osacedwetsanso ai amenewa zaka 20 aliyense akamalizikire komweko ndima edzi awowo
    Ngakhale asawapeze olakwa tikawonana ku supreme court amangidwabe anthuwa or azembe motani believe me.

  9. phodogoma says:

    Point of correction. Mphwiyo is not Mlmwe but MCHEWA from Kasungu. The Lomwes were not given any game as long as you were answering to Lomwe name. Ask Muli. He was in trouble. So these cashgates are for the Tumbukasa and Chewas. Ife a Lomwe tikumva kukoma. Tiyeni nazoni.

  10. dadaboma says:

    Mphwiyo did nothing wrong. He’s in fact a victim not a villain. That’s why the cross-examiners wont find reasonable question to ask him. He should be aquitted and compensated for wrong indictment.

  11. NO. 1 Ukumanya vichi iwe. Leave legal issues to the learned people osati akafwazala ngati inu

  12. zinaukaona kambangamwala says:

    Speed up the procedures pls so that
    They begin to serve their sentences we r tired with your nosense pls

  13. ben says:

    It is because of Cashgate donors have run away get serious and tell the nation the truth, millions of poor malawians are suffering

  14. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Dig deeper into his wealth, other than chasing his murderers. He knows who took the money, how he got the money and who were involved in car theft and why he was shot. My other question to him is was JB involved at any point in the cash gate?Say the truth in order to shame the devil.

  15. Gadi says:

    Were these the only questions? The cross examination seems shallow. Where ia tge the grilling?

  16. naari phomulanyo says:

    Malawi knows that the APM administration is looking for JB. Kwinaku nkongozela.

  17. Hebrews says:

    Amangidwe amangidwe basi!

  18. adyikwite says:

    kkkkkkkkkl malawi wamoto tikumawubwelesa tokha

  19. Rankin Senzani says:

    Mwakhwawa koma utithandiza iwe ndi mafunso opusawa? You mean even your child if you ask him or her about Joyce Banda, Peter Mutharika, Bakili Muluzi, those public figures, can he/she fail to answer that? Ask questions that can pressurize him to reveal the ordeal. Ngati sukutha ntchito asiyire anzako.

  20. Mafunso Opepera ngati amenewa amachoka kwa LAWYER my foot Umbuli sikusaphunzira
    kokha try Law if you want to be amongst the most foolish, stupid and good for nothing idiots These incompetent lawyers must be banned from practicing Law here and elsewhere MBUZI, MBUTUMA Za Wanthu UFITI NDI DYERA BASI

  21. Peter says:

    Its funny how people believe in what they see. So you mean you don’t know that all these people are partners in crime? These guys are executing a calculate movement. What you hear or see is just a display of what they rehearsed in the closed doors. Hahahaha Malawians wake up for once. It may take long but I will be vindicated. Both the sides are together and they know each and every detail of cashgate

  22. True patriot says:

    God is watching.

  23. mwaramwasa says:

    mphwiyo wabodza, zaka 38 kuti anamuziwa biti Ntila Ali ku NABW. Pamene biti Ntila anali ku NABW Mphwiyo ali ku primary school moti akufuna atiuze kuti anali akucheza naye kapena ngati public figure?

  24. Mphwiyo and Manondo are thieves.

  25. WA MWANO says:


  26. aphiri says:

    Mpwiyo started orchestrating looting during Bingu. He was untouchable ask Mr Kabambe. He was just a ceremonial boss to him but he was powerful. He was called Home boy by Bingu. DPP knows mphwiyo very well. Koma osalapa a mphwiyo mulungu atakubwezani Ku imfa. Just expose everything even the JB involvements. Ksambara knows that he was thre when he was short coz they thought he ll die and he wanted mphwiyo to know why is he dying luck God served him for a purpose

  27. Mwenecho says:

    this w means they promoted coz of being known to each other long time ago at NABW not on merit. ACB khani ina imeneyo.those of us who ve no name will rot in offices

  28. Juma says:

    Gule the question was not stupid. Rather its you who is stupid and doesn’t know the purpose of that question. Yes you might knoq Jb as a public figure but there are others who know Jb with undercurrents, thats the purpose of that question. Munthu utakhala mbuzi kuti sukumcetsa zisiye. You think that high profile lawyer and well experienced can ask a useless question as you think? Only stupid people like you could think that way. I was there at court and there were other several follow up questions on the same. Its when I understood the lawyers intention

  29. gule says:

    what kind of stupid questions are these? is this guy really a judge or a bendor??? jeez! how do i know Jb?

    1. Ed the Toddler says:

      Gule, have you even read properly before making your comment? Is it really the judge doing the cross-examination? Have you ever even seen a High Court trial in progress? Think before you comment.

    2. Elhapo says:

      The questions did not come from His Lordship, the Judge. They came from Defence counsel i.e. Lawyer for the accused persons!
      Incidentally, until one know Counsel’s strategy, some questions might appear innocuous.

    3. New Govt says:

      If u are a farmer don’t comment on legal matters! In Law every question matters if the way u hav constructed you sentence is very sensitive to your intonation! Stupid Gule shame on u

  30. Juma says:

    You see when you are sent by JB to implicate Kasambara you will always be like a fool during cross examination. I was there at the court. It was bad for Mphwiyo. Truth shall set you free. Ok see you have now implicated your wife in good dids issues due to cross examination. You revealed the srolen car belonged to your wife trust during cross examination its when ACB showed some interest about it. Khoswe wa padenga adawulula wa pa dzala. Dont try to implicate people you know never did it. You know the truth about that car deal. That why you were shot

  31. william says:

    Why u take so long? Tikakhala ife amphawi ndiye pomwepo wakumaula.

  32. Jeke says:

    A Mphwiyo you are a big liar and cross examination by the tumbuka team was just too tough for you mlomwe. I am now acting as referee prosecution team 0 defense team 90. Aquittal is likely. But Mphwiyo knows the truth but doesn’t want to assist the state

  33. Joyce Bunda says:

    Mphwiyo adathyola sagwada basi? Kikikikiki cashgate chief

  34. They must face a maximum jail sentence.They are responsible for the problems we are facing today.

  35. malawiana says:

    Please provide depth and clarity in the story not the usual “Mphwiyo shooting unravelled cashgate” as if its a national anthem

    1. Think Tank says:

      @Malawiana,you have said it all. These reporters all they know is to reprint the same scratched paragraphs we read ages ago. What were the questions and answers? Not a skeleton of information. If you think what you hear and notice at the Court are for your eyes and ears only,why arouse our curiosity?

  36. ujeni says:

    JB is a well known figure in Malawi. Most of people ranning organisations or involved ranning organisations know her. What a silly question. This is akin as asking CIVO or Silver Strikers players how they came to know Young Chimodzi. We know he is national coach but he also coached CIVO and Silver before. We need our learned lawyers not to waste time, i know they make money by doing delaying tactics but Malawi is tired. Ask him how he aquired his property abd let him bring proof

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Ranning? What’s ranning? osangolemba MChichewa bwa?

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