Malawi Aids patients warned against ‘faith healing’: 5 die

People living with HIV and Aids (PLWHAs) have been warned that they are risking their lives by abandoning anti-retroviral therapy (ART) on advice from faith leaders.

Aids patients urged not to default ARV treatment

Aids patients urged not to default ARV treatment

National Association for People Living with HIV and Aids in Malawi (Napham) has issued the warning after five people who had been taking the life-prolonging treatment have died after being advised by a pastor to abandon the ART in Nkhata Bay.

Napham summoned members of the pastors’ fraternity to express their concern over the pastor’s tendency.

Napham district coordinator for Mzimba and Nkhata Bay, Grace Mbendera warned that stopping ARVs may compromise the immune system and lead to adverse effects on patients.

Mbendera said the church should be at the forefront in the fight against HIV and Aids, bemoaning acts by men of God in telling patients to stop ART, saying that is hindering the efforts.

She further- urged those on life prolonging drugs not to abandon treatment as reports indicate that 2 022 clients on ART have abandoned the life-prolonging drug.

Research has shown that patients who abandon treatment develop drug-resistant diseases.

Village head Ngalauka Wapachanya, from Traditional Authority (T/A) Malanda in Nkhatabay said he lost his nephew following the pastor’s directive, on the grounds that he was completely healed following a deliverance session administered to him.

Chairperson of the Pastor’s Fraternity, Pastor Albert Masowo, said he will summon the alleged pastor “as his deeds are destroying the reputation of men of God in the district.”

And Drug Resource Enhancement against Aids and Malnutrition (DREAM) programme manager Francisco Zuze said it is not sinful to take ARVs, arguing that God recommended the use of medicines to cure illnesses.

Zuze said Men of God have no authority to advise patients to stop taking ARVs.

He said defaulting on medication after receiving “spiritual healing “could cause health complications.

Zuze said it was important for church organisations, community based organisations and nongovernmental organisations to take keen interest in educating people about HIV/AIDS and ARVs.

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28 thoughts on “Malawi Aids patients warned against ‘faith healing’: 5 die”

  1. Ellias says:

    They should go for testes after the prayer then see Nanga osapita kukayezetsa basi asiyilatu mankhwala?

  2. Paul says:

    i have no doubt in God! he does wonders but people lets be real God helps those who help themselves don’t be fooled. take your medication keep your faith God will make wonders.

  3. Let Us Pray says:

    Surely there is power in prayer and God heals, no doubt about it. Amen.

    1. John says:

      Your comments lack credibility as you are using a fake name to post your comment.
      Mind you, I am not surprised you are acting as a charlatan as your remarks represent a virtual death sentence for anyone who acts on what you have said.
      You are a murderer.
      You are supporting the killing of innocent people with your ill-considered remarks.
      You should hang your head in shame for the appalling “advice” you offer.
      You are an utter disgrace to all of humankind.

  4. John says:

    This un-named pastor should be publicly exposed, named and prosecuted for the deaths of the people involved. If the Malawi state will not prosecute this individual then the village head and other interested parties should support the bereaved families to sue the pastor and his organisation for substantial financial compensation under the law of tort for the loss of their relatives. As we all know, religious charlatans care only about one thing: money. If they are hit in their pockets this will stop their reckless behaviour.
    It would be an added bonus to see these charlatans sent to jail for a long time to protect the public – but this outcome relies upon professional politicians actually enforcing the law of the land, which is designed to protect the people of the land.
    Hands up all those who believe this may happen.
    What – no hands up?
    None at all?
    What sort of country is Malawi?

  5. Tt says:

    Hey Hey, I know what I am talking about! You guys screaming JESUS and saying western medicine as bad are complete hypocrites, coz may be you are not infected yourself (how dare you say prayer is better?) ask your relative with HIV, do you really think they would have been around without man made ARVS? Furthermore: The Jesus you believe in WAS IN FACT BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE VERY SAME PEOPLE, noone of your ignorant ancestors, busy chasing monkeys and lions, HAD NO IDEA that some JEW was born of a VIRGIN with a STAR hovering right above his crib, KKKKKKK. Guys please grow up! Accept it: Your religions are a PACK of delusional garbage!!!

  6. aningo says:

    Obsession with prayer and religion is turning us into a nation of fools. We have thrown all reason to the dogs

  7. Nabanda says:

    Let me simply ask a question:-



  8. Wilfred says:

    TK, may the Lord have mercy on you, I don’t think you even know what you are talking about.

  9. MATENDA says:

    God should wake up to stop taking the taking toxins made by pharmaceuticals and calling them medicine. I would rather pray and eat vegetables than trust something which is made by evil men would actually cure me. ARVS ARE SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN TO DESTROY TCELLS THE DNA OF THE PERSON TAKING THEM AND FINALLY DEATH FOLLOWS. R SO I WOULD RATHER PRAY AFTER TAKING THE ARV BECAUSE THAT IS HE KILLER NOT THE VIRUS. THEN THEY TELL YOU THAT YOU DIED OF AIDS RELATED INFECTION .


  10. Godknows says:

    “Tt” must be forgiven becoz he/she doen’t know what he/she is talking about. May the good Lord Jesus of Nazareth forgive him/her and show him/her light as he did to Saul on the road to Darmascus. I can strongly believe that “Tt” is pocessed by demons and needs deliverance. And he/she is also a son and daughter of Lucifer who hates God’s sons and daughters. JESUS CHRIST NEVER SAID GOODBYE, He is alive and is a permanent HEALER to those who believe in Him and prays in SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH-AMEN!

  11. truth says:

    plz avoid zoti AIDS patients, the ppo taking ARVs nowadays are most alive & well, they don’t have aids. komanso ppo who not adherent may develop resistance to HIV osati drug-resistance to diseases, kapena it’s a new research mwina ndatsalira ndine, forgive me if it’s so.

  12. MUNTIE says:

    God is always good no matter what we may think about Him!

  13. Banda says:

    Tt..let us believe God’s existence. I know ua stupid but keep it for yourself.

  14. Mwale says:

    Tt is a mad person who thinks created himself. Your days are numbered

  15. adawaza says:

    Very sad.Jesus said in Mat 24.There will be false prophets in endtimes.These are the ones.And they can’t stop it because It’s their business.

  16. paulo says:

    at least somebody came out to tell poor Malawian the truth. tell them that bushiri is a liar. He has no feeling for stealing from poor Malawian. all sick people must take those tables.
    or drag these false prophets to court.

  17. 2016 welcome says:

    In the book of James we read how prayer(faith) without action is nothing. This is well demonstrated by the story of Abraham who had his faith to God. He acted on his faith by willing to offer his only begotten son Isaac for sacrifice. Now, when the HIV/AIDS pandemic took its toll on our society from mid 1980s to late 1990s and that was before the discovery of ART, remnants like you and me witnessed uncontrollable massive loss of lives. No day could pass without stories of Mr so or Ms so funeral in our communities. Where were the pastors who claim to have healing powers when the pandemic ravaged our society? I think it’s wise to realize that the advent of ART is God’s intervention. And any attempt to stop treatment for prayer alone is not only an illustration of faith without action but foolishness. Why do we seem to be a society that takes delight in fallacies? Can we be real for once!

  18. Tt says:

    Mammeeee, I am just being honest! You don’t need divine intervention to live with hiv, you need proven medicine! That’s what a normal person does, coz we know divine intervention is totally rubbish! Imagine, not even monkeys believe in a monkey god, they don’t pray, but eat grass and help one another if one monkey is injured or sick, coz they know it works!

  19. Eugene says:

    Stupid people, these religions are not ours, they are from the Middle East, please stop being so ignorant asa!!

  20. Tt says:

    @Mammee, thank you for being “very Christian”KKKKK. I don’t blame you the TRUTH HURTS, There are no gods , all religions are complete illusions, belief in any god (incl. Yahwe) is a silly superstition, a superstition that makes lots of african become delusional! I feel sorry for you, you really need psychiatric help!! The evidence is too obvious to ignore, you have a mind infected with the religion virus…

  21. Goddiea says:

    Tt….May the Lord forgive you! Ukanakhala was nzeru ukanafusa malemu Mtafu akupita kwawo Ku Likoma zomwe zinawachitikira! In fact false prophets are in abandance! We just need to be careful!!! And ask for God’s guidance… Amen!

  22. mameeee says:

    Tt…..may the good Lord forgive you and help you see beyond what your humanly eyes can see before its too late and u die a painfull death because of the stupid,nonsense comment you have just made.

    1. wovinidwa Ine says:

      Nanu inu a mameeee: ndiye mwanyanya apa.
      What are your counter arguments?

  23. master says:

    This is what Kachaje was just saying that this prayer is killing Malawi, thinking so dull, no logical reasoning, its sad, Kachaje, you are my man

  24. Tt says:

    kkkkk, ignorance and more ignorance! Its sad that in this day and age people still are obsessed with divine healing, prayer and gods! People: why is it difficult to pray to god to give you a new bicycle? Because its much easier to steal one and ask god for forgiveness. Which is it wiser to take man made and scientifically proven ARVs and then pray to god for divine healing than to abandon ARVs and depend solely on prayers? Because the latter is a useless exercise and in the former one, its the ARVs working and not the prayers!!! People people please stop this baseless obsession with prayer and divine healing coz it does work, there is absolutely NOON there to listen to prayers coz that god you are praying to is frankly imaginary, just like the easter bunny

    1. Washington Zoo Panda says:

      David said, The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that does good. Psalm 14:1

    2. msena says:

      I think these patients who are dying lack true faith

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