Malawi albino killers face death penalty: High Court to hear murder case of two men sentenced  25 years

Two men  who have been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Malawi for  participating in the process that led to the murder of a 17-year-old with albinism for his body parts face death penalty as they have now been committed to the High Court to answer murder charges.

Jailed albino hunters

Jailed albino hunters

The two, 26-year-old Vuto Bizwick and 20-year-old Manuel Robert, were arrested last week after they confessed to have abducted the boy, Fletcher Machinjiri, whom they took to Mozambique where he was murdered and his bones removed for rituals.

Dedza deputy police spokesperson Cassim Manda said the two convicts have been committed to High Court which has the jurisdiction to hear murder cases and face a maximum sentence of death penalty.

However, Malawi has had a de facto moratorium on capital punishment and carried out its last execution, by hanging, before 1994.

On Thursday President Peter Mutharika met person with albinism , promising firm action to stop the murders.

Dedza First grade magistrate Eneta Jiya Banda only sentenced the two on three charges, six years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL) on the first count of conspiracy to commit a felony contrary to Section 404 of the Penal Code and 12 years IHL on the second count of abducting with intent to murder contrary to Section 261 of the Penal Code, to run concurrently.

On the third count of trafficking a person contrary to Section 15 sub section (1) of Trafficking Act No 3 of 2015,  Magistrate Jiya Banda sentenced the two convicts to 13 years imprisonment with hard labour after getting the nod from High Court judge Ivy Kamanga as the offence of trafficking in person attracts a maximum sentence of 21 years, which is beyond the jurisdiction of the First Grade Magistrate’s Court.

The magistrate showed the court gruesome pictures of how Davis Fletcher Machinjiri was butchered by Vuto Biswick and Emmanuel Robert, who then took his body parts to Mozambique to sell.

Witchdoctors say potions made from the body parts of albinos – who lack pigment in their skin, eyes and hair – can bring good luck and wealth. They are prepared to pay K50 million for a complete set of albino body parts.

But  governments and human rights campaigners are battling to change  such wrong perception.

One of the people who attended the court told Nyasa Times: “These evil people should rot in jail, they are a disgrace. We don’t want them back into this community.”

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26 thoughts on “Malawi albino killers face death penalty: High Court to hear murder case of two men sentenced  25 years”

  1. Owen Divala says:

    Zoonadi chilango cha Milingu chilipasi pompano

  2. kadansana says:

    Iwe no 10 kodi akadakhala mbale wako ukananena zimenezi

  3. Mathanyula Nyaphaphi says:

    Give them to us tichite nawo, atiphera abale athu. Ifenso tizikawadyetsa. Stop this inhuman behaviour. However no body who kills has time to enjoy the money. Akungokuputsitsani. Bola kumavutika ndi umphawiwu uli ndi mtendere

  4. Joseph kaduna says:

    It’s all poverty causing all this nonsense and the poor governance of our useless president.there was no such a thing during dr banda because there was enough security at every level.

  5. Samson Banda says:

    Opha Zake Nayenso……! Size Yomweyo Basi

  6. chims says:

    Yeah that’s real treatment and the government must do it

  7. Jelbin Mk says:

    They should be sent to gallows full stop.

  8. Esther says:

    You hunters!y killng ur friends like dogs!muzakumana nacho chilango choopsa ndithu

  9. Norman Chiumia says:

    No hesitation they should face death penalty bcoz these people are boring …..enough is enough

  10. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    R the other prisoners safe with people like these. Please place such people in solitary confinement where they don’t even see the sun.

  11. Pherasi says:

    Yes that’s the way to go. Please the high court do your job if these will be sentenced to death then it will send a strong signal to the would be killers of the pple with albinism. APM do not hesitate to sign the death sentence once the high court make the ruling Do IT. Let’s save the lives of the pple with albinism and this should apply to who kill others intentionally.

  12. Fredrick says:

    Maso anthu aliku Boma

  13. Tabitha says:

    aphedwe basi makalewa

  14. Ronnex Ted Kayira says:

    This is a sad story, albinos are also peoples like us. killing them, just because you dissidents, you want to be come millioners through their body parts, why can,t you kill your own body and leave worthy with your relaves.You are hunting albinos, same as pouchers who always hunts wild animals in restricted areas eg: game reserves/national parks. I support 100% If Government can re call back death penauties to all marderers,who kills albinos/all malawians

  15. Namaloko says:

    25 years yachepa

  16. agalu inu,,,ana ngati inu,,,muona zakuda polandira chilango muli moyo,tikulekanitsa ziwalo mukuona,,,mwatikwanatu,,,tionana mukagwidwa

  17. Son of God says:

    Osabwenzera choipa mphunzitseni munthu chikhalidwe choyenera. Kuweluza kuli kwa mwini Yehova

  18. kachingwe~gana says:

    Let Them Die In Jail

  19. A Banda says:

    No more space for them in this world

  20. skytco says:

    APhedwe basi amaona ngati aZawo moyo samaufuna

  21. masalimo says:

    Mukangotaya anthu oterewa sitizitengera olakwa ku police tizi langa tokha mmamidzimu { fire basi}

  22. Steve says:




  23. Achiphwisi says:

    Kill them and burn them

  24. Joseph says:

    plz kill them immediatelly

  25. achileche chiladye says:

    muli ndi mwai agalu inu kut mwamangidwa, tikangokupeza musanagwidwe ndi a police munali madzi inu. mukanaona moto ukuyaka pathupi panupo agalu inu.

  26. Denis Mtux says:

    they really deserve the judgement.

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