Malawi and other least developed countries fail to meet MDGs—Report

Most of the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) have failed to meet most of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), says a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) report.

Senior Economic Advisor, UNDP Malawi Gebrehiwot Kebedew -Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

Senior Economic Advisor, UNDP Malawi Gebrehiwot Kebedew -Pic. by Abel Ikiloni

The LDCs are a group of 48 nations, most in Sub-Saharan Africa, which have been recognized by the UN as requiring transformative economic change to lift their peoples from poverty.

Thirty-four of the LDCs are in Africa. Malawi is one of them.

Gebrehiwot Kebedew, Senior Economic Adviser (Malawi) said economic growth had not been accompanied by structural transformation of the economy and that the failure by the international community to implement the global partnership for development foreseen in MDG 8 were the paradox for LDCs.

“LDCs have failed to meet most of the MDG targets despite recording economic growth since 2000,” Dr. Kebedew told a news conference in Lilongwe on Thursday when he presented the 2014 LCD Report.

He said LDCs needed to go beyond economic growth to complete a virtuous circle of sustainable economic and human development which required structural transformation, combining increases in labour productivity within sectors and a shift of labour from low and high productivity sector.

Dr. Kebedew said that domestically, LDCs should focus on three areas–resource mobilization, industrial policy, and macroeconomic policies.

He said resource mobilization required a strategic and selective approach to domestic investment and foreign direct investment (FDI).

“Domestic investment has the advantages of having a stronger backward and forward linkages, generating more jobs per investment expenditure and having greater reinvested profits,’’ he said.

Dr. Kebedew said industrial policy should follow a dual track, developing sectors of current comparative advantage, while at the same time anticipating and promoting changes in comparative advantage.

“Macroeconomic policies should support resource mobilization and industrial policies by ensuring credit for productive investment and strong and steady demand growth,” he said.

According to the 2014 LDC report, rural development is fundamental both to structural transformation in LDCs and to poverty eradication.

The report says there are strong complementarities between agricultural upgrading and rural economic diversification.

It adds that realizing the productive potential of women more effectively could make a major contribution to rural development.

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5 thoughts on “Malawi and other least developed countries fail to meet MDGs—Report”

  1. Sidney Hills says:

    This absolutely nonsense. I expect our president to be more knowledgeable about the history of colonisation. Don’t be fooled Malawians. The West will never let go on Africa and especially Malawi because of the many resources you have. MDGs are a way of recolonising us. The nomenclature will keep on changing as long as we allow the westerners to do so. From MDGs they have now come up with post-2015 development because they already calculated the 8 goals were not going to be met. Please Mr. president come up with a deliberate arogance strategy to move away from this dependency syndrome. My grandpa always encouraged us not to depend on someone because it is slavery. As a slave there is not much one can do. Make my words – Malawians we are slaves to the West. APM please can you develop a positive deliberate arrogance strategy like Bingu wa Mutharika. Do away with Aid remember this is AIDS. As long as we lick the boosts of the West, no development for us, no achievement on MDGs. you can develop them on your own. The west will hide behind other people to work against their fellow people. APM please don’t be used by these people to work against your fellow Malawians. To have sweet one needs sweat. If we let go from dependency, which costly on us, will suffer for a while yes, but all will be good later. The West will turn around and salute us. APM you need good advisers on economic issues suitable for Malawi. Just one tip, for Malawi to develop start with food in order to curb malnutrition because that is the starting point for brains. God bless Malawi, thank you.

  2. Talibo ZOA says:

    Zosatheka izi umphawi ku Africa ukusausa miyanda miyanda ya wa anthu

  3. chingolopiyo says:

    How do you expect them to meet the goals when you are holding the funding? The donors are failing the countries to meet the goals and they should blame themselves for playing double standards.

    1. Malaza says:

      The problem is not with Donors. The problem is this clueless administration. Not even sure if our retarded President knows what MDG’s are. He can’t run the country and you talking about meeting MDGs? that is way beyond APM.

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