Malawi anti-gay laws ‘still on suspension’: German says ‘gay rights are human rights’

German Ambassador to Malawi Peter Woeste has also spoken against discrimination against gays and lesbians, saying he is following with great concern discussions on rights of sexual minorities in the country.

The German Ambassador to Malawi Dr Peter Woeste: Gay rights are human rights

The German Ambassador to Malawi Dr Peter Woeste: Gay rights are human rights

Woeste said in a statement made available to Nyasa Times that Germany is passionately committed to human rights, saying “LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex persons) rights are human rights”.

His comments follows the hate-comments on those commenting against the arrest by police at Kanengo in Lilongwe last week of 19-year-old Cuthbert Kulemela and Kelvin Gonani, 39, on allegations that they engaged in homosexuality acts at the home of one of the suspects.

The United States of America (USA) and Human Rights Watch (HRW) have Malawi to drop charges of sodomy levelled against two men.

On social media some Malawians have been posting hate-filled messages targeted at US Ambassador Virginia Palmer, British diplomats, human rights activists who have called for the non-discrimination of LGBTI as a matter of human rights, public health and public order.

“I am deeply disturbed by ill-mannered reactions on the social media, especially people who defend LGBTI rights,” said the German envoy.

“Are those the same fellow brothers and sisters who are normally very vociferous about the idea of a ‘Christian Nation’? Are those [demonising LGBTI] the same people who ask for a prayer at the beginning of every meeting?” wondered Woetse.

He hopes the socially-conservative nation will return to gay rights “discussion of mutual respect.”

In London, Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group of Zambia and Malawi, Oliver Colvie MP said he is “deeply disturbed” with the arrests of the Malawi men on anti-homosexuality law.

He states the there is a moratorium instituted in 2012 not to enforce the law that criminalises homosexuality and believes there are “some elements” in the President Peter Mutharika government who do not respect such moratorium.

“Whilst President Mutharika took the very welcome step of apply for the Global Fund for aid for LBGBTI health services, I am concerned that there are elements within the government that are no longer following this moratorium,” he wrote in a letter seen by Nyasa Times on Twitter to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State.

In the letter, Colvie wants Malawi Police to drop the charges against the two men and ensure the moratorium on Malawi’s anti-gay laws, which see people engaging in consensual same-sex activity punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment, would remain in place.

Minister of Justice Samuel Tembenu confirmed that there was a moratorium in place, but the ministry was investigating circumstances that led to the arrest of the two.

And President Mutharika has since expressed ignorance on the arrest of the two men at a time when there is a moratorium in place and summoned Minister of Home Affairs on the status of the charges against the two.

Mutharika, a law professor, has assured that Malawi will remain committed to its international human rights obligations.

But the move to suspend the criminalisation of homosexuality was condemned as “unconstitutional and illegal” by the powerful Malawi Law Society which say the government should use appropriate channels through parliament or the courts to issue such a suspension.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Kelekeni Kaphale said government will make its position known soon on the LGBTI situation.

He has not specified how soon this will be.

Malawi gay rights advocacy body, Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) and Human Rights Watch claim that the two men underwent forced medical examinations which, they said, was degrading and an insult to their dignity.

However, religious leaders are up in arms against homosexuality, describing it as a sin before God.

Malawi made world headlines in 2010 when two gay men were arrested for getting married. Steven Monjeza, 26, and Tiwonge Chimbalanga, 20, were arrested and locked up for five months during their trial and after their conviction, until President Bingu wa Mutharika pardoned them on May 29 amid international outrage and protests.

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60 thoughts on “Malawi anti-gay laws ‘still on suspension’: German says ‘gay rights are human rights’”

  1. Geoffrey Chimenya says:

    As a christian nation, allowing this stupid thing called homo-sexual… Is so stupid. These evil countries ie America, Germany, etc.. They just wanna take Advantages on us for being poor. It is also Malawi’s right to say “NO” to gay/lesbian marriages. Just coz they come with their damn donations doesn’t mean that we must just say Yes to what they say. White people brought a bible to Africa, then they store our land. Now they want us to marry one another(same-sex marriages). Malawi!!! You are independent that means you can make decision without these white ass devils. Why should we be engaged in same-sex marriages? Wher is our culture? Lets do what our parents taught us. Zinazi siyilani eni ak

  2. Apoche says:

    These Western countries must respect African values and societies. They should let us decide what is best for us. Its not for them to tell us how we must conduct ourselves. We are an independent country. Malawians if we don’t work hard we will continue being subjected to evil from the West. We can do better without donors if we unite and work hard.

  3. Felix says:

    Evry white people please go back to ur country leave malawi alone we hate it rubishe

  4. Tengupenya says:

    thieves are human too. yet when they break the law they are prosecuted.

  5. Tengupenya says:

    it is awfully insane to complain about enforcement of a law.
    if you do not like the law, take steps to change it and never blame those doing their job to enforce it.

  6. bamusi says:

    Battery vs battery? Kkkk. Moto kuti buuuuuuuuuuuu! Nonsenu ndi analimata, a buluzi, shut up!

  7. bamusi says:

    Anyani a michira. A tongwe tongwe.

  8. wawa says:

    MALAWI SAYS BEING GAY IS AGAINST GODS LAW AS WELL AS OUR CULTURE AND DESERVES PUNISHMENT..(we dont hate them we love them only that, its not our culture…..western countries it could be yours not ours….. we love African culture…..not same sex marriage because you are not able to propose,… Germany we know whats in there…please leave us alone on this ….

  9. Kunta says:

    Gays are humans too please stop the hate

  10. Sailota says:

    Ask him if he has ever done t with a fellow man.

  11. akweni says:

    to hell with with four gay rights anybody who will be caught doing that stupidity mob justice will follow you—-uzaisova—aMalawi anatopa nazo zopusa zanuzo

  12. gule says:

    To hell with your so-called aid. Stupid zako

  13. william says:

    People like please no way out throw the keys in a lake malawi is for Christians and it will remain christian may God bless our malawi amen.

  14. Getrude says:

    Mathanyula is ignorant on everything, what does he know? I wonder.

  15. George Kamanga says:

    All the whites from all countries in the west who are forcing Malawians to practice homosexual you are dogs, very stupid and the worst fools. God will provide for Malawians even if you stop giving us your aid as long as Malawians chose to live according “to God’s Perfect Will.” Azungu inu to hell will your devilish ways.

    If we had weapons as the terrorists from the Arab States we would have joined them to slaughter you. I for one I would have been the first one to butcher you. ISIL please help us here in Nyasaland with the best machine guns that these devilish white people who force people to do evil must be eliminated in our society.

  16. THYOLO says:


  17. End Time! The word of the Lord is being fulfiled. But sorry to any who makes it.

  18. mluya says:

    to hell with these human devils.take your gay campaign to Europe or USA.we don’t need such rights in Africa

  19. Kaya Phiri says:

    Americans and friends should learn to respect other people,say culture. What human rights are they talking about? Are the children dying of malnutrition don’t have the right to live? What about the children that fail to get education, being trafficked,being forced into child marriageso and God have mercy now big men who are tearing boys private parts like the one being defended here who started abusing this boy probably at the age 3. Malawi has a lot of work to innocent children and not your monsters. Please spare us your strange evil culture you are imposing on innocent African countries

  20. Kusauka sizinthu. Kwatiranani amuna okhaokha ife eeh.Kwatiranani akazi okhaokha inde bwana. Muzikwatirana ndi ziweto eeh bwana bola ma dollars abwere. Cry my beloved Malawi. Poverty indeed is a crime.

  21. gule says:

    But you donors. Do you think any leader who can embrace homosexuals can win another term of office? For you information, he can become the worst leader in Malawi’ s history

  22. THYOLO says:



  23. Pls adzungu mwayamba kutisokoneza pano, no fund but gay !gay! What z that? We know rights z there but assist us on economy nanga opanga za gay makolo awo ngati anali ndi rights wopanga zimenezi bwezi iwo aliko? Or iweyo mu german?

  24. Kondwani says:

    Why do this european devils want to disturb us?oooooh lets go deeper with prayers in christ.

  25. Daget says:

    Thats nonsense!, He should focus on his duty as ambassador not making laws for Malawi. Malawian Ambassador to Germany can’t do that, so who is this guy saying. Our culture doesn’t believe in same sex ideas. These people has to respect that. we are Malawian in our country not other way round. Our cultures and morals should be different from theirs.

  26. wakana zopusa says:

    Azungu kagwereni kutali

  27. mbodzole says:


  28. gober says:

    munatapa kale thumba la za gay ndiye mungatani?

  29. Maliro Sabwelera Mnyumba akatuluka says:

    These two guys want to be given asylum in European countries. It’s a Gimmick

  30. ANANIAS says:


  31. Phinifolo says:

    A Malawi takana kuchindana pathako. Muzimva azungunu. Ndalama zanu ngati mutipatsa kuti tizichindana pathako ndiye ayi. Pachakuti panu nonse.

  32. Warm Heart of Africa says says:

    Vagina Palmer and Peter Wastes go back home to USA and Germany respectively. We dont want you here. Go Go Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  33. Virginia says:

    Those who do homosexuality are worse than dogs (Mugabe, 2000).Now Peter Wastes you ,want us to be worse than dogs. Go back to Germany and have sex with your German shepards, these are dogs trained for sex by German Government.You find them in five hotels. Yes there are bestality law in Germany.

  34. Truth says:

    Is the good German Ambassador gay himself. They way he has over-reacted angrily. Geez!!!!! Don’t read Nyasatimes comments if you cant handle the heat!!! Clash of cultures rages on!!!! Fight!!!!

  35. We will continue posting the hate comments here and no body can stop us because we don’t hate them as human beings but we hate what they have chosen to be doing which seems to be the culture for a non-African man/woman.Malawians will rise up if somebody dares to force this into a law here in Malawi.we shall say NO!very big NO!to this here,wanya nayo.

  36. Thako says:

    Let us call for a referendum. That is Democracy.

  37. bumcee says:

    nyoooooo kodi inu dza zungu dziko lathu lakulakwirani chani pangani lanu mudzikapangiramo umve wanuwo mxiiiie zoti Jehova dzikoli wakwia nalo kale simukudziwa mxiiieee ndakwia nanu agalu inu

  38. lisbon funs says:

    Peter Woeste, Peter woeste, Peter Woeste. I have called you three times and you are not answering, why? Its good that you Peter you do read our comments here. If they are painful to you, that is what we want.We want you to get our feelings and leave Malawi alone . We can do without your blood money. In Africa, life was very simple before the white man brought money. We used cowrie shell and other valuables as media of buying and selling items. Before that there was a kind of trade known as BARTER. Malawi can decide to come back to barter trade.

    For sure you are enjoying peace in Malawi. The reason why Malawi is at peace its because of culture. Its not our culture for a big man like you Woeste to take your big shaft and pierce it into anus of another fellow man. That is a taboo.Its against our cultural background. Its against our christianity. Its very interest that Malawians do pray before doing anything . Yes before meeting. Before meal. Before carrying our normal sexual intercourse.Before sleeping. Before going out on trip. Its before anything.

    Peter be aware that we pray to the LORD for blessing. Christianity is just another government with several long arms of law, this arm is longer than that of government’s law. Can catch anybody at any time.

    Peter woeste it appears that there is no christianity in your country Germany. I remember Germany is a country with bestality law where humans and animals make love. Germans like loving dogs sexually. After all Peter Woeste or Waste is the worst German who penetrate dogs(bitch). Do you know German sherpard. German Shepard is the name of dog used for sex in Germany.

    Then there is nothing Malawians can learn from Germans apart from piercing dogs with your shafts, dicks, pussy, ass etc.

    With moratorium or no moratorium we will never allow our sons to fall in love each other either girls masturbating or fingering each other. Why? Vaginas and penises have to meet according to God’s plan.

    I know you the whites are pushing this idea so that you should be using your shafts to penetrate into other black African men’s anus. How dirty you are? Ask Robert Mugabe, you (homosexuals) are worse than dogs,

  39. Kanyimbi says:

    Please leave Malawi Government alone and concentrate on issues affecting your countries. Why do you poke your long nose in our affairs? can you allow us to poke our short noses on the affairs of your countries? We use a vagina for sex and not an ass. Period.

  40. Moses says:

    Iwish Hastings Kamuzu Banda was alive Peter is very young and beggings whites, I remember in Kamuzu’s words was shouting at whites in Englican, he said let Nyasaland be Nyasaland and don’t come with your no nsense story to my country. If peter will accept that I am assure you, you will see what we gonna do to you

  41. Moni says:

    What is Malawi, isn’t Malawi the people? We Malawians in our country say, “We don’t want this filth in our land, it’s against our culture. We don’t want this filth to corrupt our future generation. We want our future generation to find our culture, embrace it and practice it. And how dare you talk about Christianity in the same breath with this filth? You mean you know much of Christianity than us, or you want to drag the religion into this filth? Let our culture be, don’t force your culture onto us. You bulldozed your Christianity onto us, we accepted it coz we saw nothing wrong in it. But this time we won’t accept this foolhardy and filth. Do it in your countries but not in my land. If Joyce Banda suspended this law behind our back to please you devils, we don’t recognize that suspension because she didn’t ask us, therefore she had no mandate to do that. Education doesn’t mean being foolish of licking/eating dung. We don’t recognize that suspension of this our important law, and it’s void. A devil is a devil, Joyce Banda thought she can please you by going against us on this law, but what did Malawi gain from it? Cash gate, your aid freezing till to date, people dying in hospitals, your insults to us etc… NEVER MAKE AGREEMENT WITH A DEVIL, JOICE BANDA LEARNT IT TOO LATE!!!

  42. Arafat says:

    Zopusa amangidwe anthu opanda nzeru anamva kuti mwamuna ndi mwamuna amagona pamodzi Mulungu Dalitsani Malawi .Talikitsani satana oipayu

  43. Moses says:

    We don’t mind whatever you talk about Malawi. We are really Christians and Muslims and we will never accept such shamefull things to be in our warm heart country.Malawi is not UK,BRT or USA.Do you want us to praise you instead of God? Do you want us to fear you instead of God? Foolish people.

  44. Phyuta says:

    This is the most weird Ambassador !!! isn’t he ashamed ??? Malawians look at him as a devil, and is not safe. Are you sure Mr. Ambassador you want to fight the whole Malawi Nation ? Y

  45. Rasta says:

    When I hear Foreign fools talking like this that makes me miss Bingu Wa Mutharika and makes me wish if Mugabe or Museven one of them was Malawian,Pliz just leave our country and go back to your country we have our own way of life you have your’s dont try to change our way of life just like we dont interfere with your culture even though we dont like everything about it.

  46. True Malawian says:

    zamkutu basi kodi zungu inu ndinu anthu? wanu komweko ife kuno ku Malawi ndife mbumba ya abraham zanuzo kuno ayi.

  47. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    Anthu ngati amenewo musawamasule msanga ai,pokhapokha lamulo litagwira ntchito, akunyozesa Mulungu wa kumwamba

  48. Mmmmm says:

    Simukufuna kutithandiza Koma mukufuna muzitalamulira! Zopusa basi..

  49. molande says:

    I would suggest government to Leave gays alone and concentrate on corrupt thieves who are stealing taxpayers money.

  50. Kanonono says:

    Gay rights are human rights in Europe. The same are monkey rights in Africa.

  51. Pita Wa Mathanyura says:

    koma yaaaaa

  52. sabwe sanje says:

    After destroying africans mentally and physically in slavery, then financially in colonisation. Now you want to destroy us spiritually by bringing in very stupid but satanic concepts?. SHAME!!. Africa is not a place for satanic experiments.

  53. blessing lipengs says:

    The result of extreme poverty to a point of our culture and values are in for sale in order Aid money to return. The international rich super power countries are trading with China ,Iran .Cuba ,Saud Arabia with worst human rights recorded on earth today yet its OK! Why German ,UK , Norway etc can’t tell the Arab Muslims countries about gays and lesbians issues? why are they afraid of ,China,Russia ,Iran are the only hope for Africa .Aid without you influencing what we do in our bedrooms and we do it .

  54. The Analyst says:

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. ” – Mark twain

    Have you noted how intellectually challenged these people we call ambassadors have displayed in trying to register their concern on this useless gay issue?
    . . . This Germany Ambassador wonders how a people who carry themselves as God-fearing could condemn gays on the social media. Is it not logical for a people that is God-fearing to condemn this act in the strongest terms possible? Waht an ambassador with a confused hence contradictory mind!
    . . . Remember also how the confused lady Palmer in the guise of a U.S. Ambassador, described the arrest as unlawful yet it is lawful in Malawi to arrest such people? Laughable!
    . . . This tells you something, specifically about how low or negligible these ambassadors’ Intelligence Quotients are! Now with these questionable IQ levels hence contradictory statements, can one be surprised that these people were sent to Malawi for ambassadors?
    . . . We shouldn’t be, coz Malawi is just one of those countries; and the best ambassadors are sent to other countries.

  55. Mzekezeke says:

    Is it wrong for anti-gay to express their minds? if someone is against is it not their right to speak. Where is freedom. These white people seems to have nothing to do.

  56. ANTI-GAY says:

    You white pig meat, we have the right as a nation to chose which are human rights or not. Just like in Germany you have certain rules which other nations do not agree with but because you are rich they are not forcing you to scrap them off. So shut your mouth and go to sleep. If you want to defend human rights go to Central African Republic and defend those young boys who were forcefully sodomised by French soldiers. And because they are Africans no one is looking into their matter.
    By the way Muntharika is playing a bag boy here. So he went and applied for funds for gays while in this country its a crime to be gay?????????????? God punish Muntharika and let him die before he finishes his term.

  57. Ma says:

    Evil can not be stopped through courts you men of God! Prayer and true gospel will, preach to all sinners including these guys! Liers your own pastors stealing church cash, sexual acts etc they gp unpunished on earth but when judgement day comes they will join gays too sin is sin before God

  58. KK says:

    Mr Ambassador, are you a gay yourself?

  59. dadi says:

    caught people should be stoned that’s the only way

  60. Zambulo says:

    Tizingowatentha basi anthu oterewa nkhani isanafike ku polisi

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