Malawi approves charcoal business at Kawandama Hills Plantations

Ministry of Energy, forests  and Natural resources,on Wednesday handed over  a first ever charcoal licence for commercial purposes to Kawandama Hills Plantation inside Viphya Plateau in northern district of Mzimba.

Charcoal licence for commercial purposes granted to Kawandama

Charcoal licence for commercial purposes granted to Kawandama

Tanya Clarke, Kawandama Hills Plantation Director

Tanya Clarke, Kawandama Hills Plantation Director

Ben Botolo, Principal Secretary for Environment and Climate Change, told reporters in Lilongwe that the license aimed igniting the general public interest to own their forests which can be used for commercial purposes.

“These are the people who have already trees, they will not be going to hunt for trees somewhere,” said Botolo.

Botolo emphasized that government will only issue permission for charcoal production to those owning plantations and continue tracking down individuals tampering forest reserves.

“Looking at the country’s deforestation rate, issuing licenses to those managing the natural resources was the way to go. This will encourage the nation to embrace the spirit of planting trees such that with good management they can harvest its products at their will after getting a nod from government,” said Botolo.

Tanya Clarke, Kawandama Hills Plantation Director , expressed gratitude for being given a license which will necessitate the institution to venture into sustainable way of managing the natural resources.

“We are determined to serve Malawians better with natural resources products,” she said.

Clarke said charcoal production was still on the trial while weighing the cost benefit of producing the product for commercial purposes as the plantation’s core business was to extract oil from the trees similar of Blue gum as charcoal is remains a by-product.

“.The core business of the plantation including the use of tree leaves for medicinal products and oil extraction such that charcoal comes second as the by-product.

“Trails are underway to assess the market value of charcoal production in Malawi as we can’t compete with the already illegal trade. After fully done with the trials, we will roll out the campaign across the nation encouraging the general public start owning their plantation.

“The license give it’s a true reflection of Malawi government commitment to explore other means of managing the environment sustainably as such we won’t abuse the offer but rather serve the nation better”, assures Clarke.

Kawandama Hills Plantation which is also known as Citrefine was established in 2009 such that yearly about 800 seedlings are planted in 10 hectares of land within Viphya Plateau for primarily on export quality Lemon Eucalyptus oil and the extraction of from the leaves for medicinal products.

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Tizigula masala mu Tesco a BBQ from Malawi, bola inhale fair trade


where is our country going? are u sure there is sustanable utilisation pa 800 seedilings?

Brazilian wax

Komatu penapake kumaganiza mozama. Do you think it really makes sense to issue license for charcoal burning in Malawi? This must be a curse. Malawi is damn shit!

Rasta JEA

White lady into charcoal vending, Haa Haa, she has eaten all the punds she got from UK. KKK udziwanso


So will be getting alot of bags without any guy on the road asking for a bribe makamaka inu opemphetsa pamseu mumatilanda makala samalani pano osatibowaso


Koma bola Ili, adakakhala Petro Goliati adakamangidwa kuti akuononga zachilengedwe sure, and mzungu adapatsidwa bwanji nkhalango, its means tinagulitsanso nkhalango before MSB, wow, DPP tigulitsenso nsomba zonse mu Lake Malawi.

Wa Nzeru Wa Kummawa

Fuck charcoal license.


I think that’s not the right source of energy lets be serious we have water all around and rivers that can be utilized to generate electricity. We need rains every year that pours into our rivers and they flow and brings falls which is power to electricity. in other words, forests in general is the source of water because they bring rains and water is a source of energy but don’t use both as source of power.


Mzungu za makala zikumukhudza bwanji? kkkkk


Charcoal is not sustainable source of energy. We really need to find another way. All that cashgate money could have been invested in better ways. Sort out ESCOM. My poor Malawi.

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