Malawi army commander fired: Maulana replaced by Supuni

President Peter Mutharika has fired General Ignasio Maulana from the Malawi Defence Force and replaced him with Lieutenant Geneal Supuni as the new military chief, Nyasa Times learnt on Saturday.

President Mutharika tires Malawi Defence Force General Ignasio Maulana on arrival at MAFCO in Salima (C)Stanley Makuti

President Mutharika fires Malawi Defence Force General Ignasio Maulana -Photo (C)Stanley Makuti

Mutharika has promoted Supuni  to the rank of General and appointed him the new Commander of the Army.

Former army spokesman Clement Namangale now becomes the deputy commander.

Chief Secretray to government, George Mkondiwa confirmed the sacking of Maulana, saying  Supuni had automatically ascended to the rank of the General.

No reasons were given for the top military shake up.

But General Maulana has since been deployed to the National Food Reserve Agency ‘to manage food security’.

Maulana took over from General Henry Odillo  who was dismissed by President  Mutharika in June 2014.

Supuni served as Malawi’s military attache at Malawi’s Embassy in United Nations before he was appointed deputy commander.

The appointment of the new army commander comes after Nationa Intelligence Bureau is been giving reports to President Mutharika thatsome opposition leaders of plotting to overthrow his government.

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37 thoughts on “Malawi army commander fired: Maulana replaced by Supuni”

  1. Galumalopan\'galu zedi says:

    @ Fire Warrior- we don’t give a damn if Maulana is your relation. The fact remains he was the worst army commander in history. His sacking is good riddance!!!!! Munthu wathamo ngati ameneyu. Nawo a Che Petulo ndi mbola ya president ndiye zidangokumana. The best Army Commander remains Odillo and we doubt if there will come another of his caliber. Odillo and Msonthi were just a perfect duo!!!! Problem z the idiocy of DPP could not recognize this.

  2. Gonani says:

    Namangale is a good officer with Integrity. The idiot remaining is Nundwe. The senior officer who fucks other officers wives including his juniors. arrogant and nepotistic . He is boasting that his brother is married to Mutharikas niece and he has direct access to peter the president. Recently he has masterminded the reduction of all allowances MDF members get when training outside the county. yet when he was in DRC he was getting an extra 3000 dollars a month from MDF on top of 6000 dollars UN allowances. Stay put, we shall expose a lot from MDF…..MUKUNGOTITHERA MISOHALA yathu………by the way when are you getting married Nundwe..? I bet Namangale is better than the Nundwe combined with spoon

  3. FIRE WARRIOR says:

    It looks like the president does not want Corruption to end. If he was really serious about it he should not have relocated Maulana from Command of MDF to NFRA. Maulana vehemently opposed and condemned the Odillo regime on their frauderent activities and in turn he became a black sheep in the eyes of Odillo and his cronies. Maulana has never been interested in or associated with any corruption related issues even when he was Director of Logistics ku MDF kwanuko, a post which is lucrative and very tempting in as far as corruption is concerned. He is a professional soldier who during his command, he rewarded officers and men based on their Dedication, Hardwork and Merit in as far as soldiering is concerned and not long service without tangible delivery bola akuvala uniform, No! It took a true soldier with full soldiering skills to attract the attention of Maulana. He was a true soldier and commander one of the best the Army has ever had. This is why today, lazy and mediocre officers and men hate him with a passion. The bottom line is that he was feared by greedy and corrupt politicians who are looking for soft corruptible and scandalous characters that they can manipulate to their gains. No politician is incorruptible. However, the ones used in their crafty acts will bear the consequences, MDF you have living examples today. Soldiers, research who masterminded the deductions of your DRC allowances. If you are thorough enough, you will realise that the rat has been assigned to guard your cheese now. Watch and see. I hope maturity will now crop in and you will cease to be driven by emotions and nepotism mr right one. Make sure you get proper advisors to sail you through the pappetism of political trials and tribulations they are subjecting you to because tomorrow you shall be alone trying to jusfy yourselves. This is a free advice without I’ll intent. Take it or leave it.

    1. octopus says:

      Well said

  4. Nambo says:

    Namangale zatheka bwanji mmesa unali signitory nthawi ya Odillo. Was cashgate iwe. You sold Odillo.

  5. kanga says:

    Namangale fakeni mmesa umanama kuti niwe wa zomba nthawi ya pp pano wasanduka wati ndiwe wa mulanje hahahaha

  6. popo says:

    kkkkkkkk uku timati kuyimbila chinyawu.Ku MDF lindani madzi apita .awa abwelawa nde mavuto.I fear for this
    blood sucker Namangale, he is very bad.Amakusekelera pa maso pansi akukudya.Monsieur Army

  7. Gonani says:

    Here is the truth about MDF CHANGE. Of command. Is this new General the one who was arrested by Malawi police for excess drink and misbehavior . I fear for MDF. Was he the same guy who was served by a senior commissioner of police 4 weeks ago following another nasty incident in a car? I doubt if he is the same guy who likes dancing at a pub off kagame road. That’s the choice by Mkondiwa and Nankhumwa. By the way is the procurement of 500trucks disguised to be for MDF by Nankhumwa and the new General going a head? I hear the new General and another senior officer called Nundwe are advocating for retirement age in the MDF to be at 65 years? My foot. MDF corporal aged 65….rumour has it that General Maulana refused to be part of Dpp syphoning of govt money through fake procurement of 500 trucks and he also refused the proposed new retirement age to be adjusted to 65 years!! Fare the well Ignatius…..welcome to Cashgate in MDF

  8. Kichenje Seko says:

    Iwe Chalo. Chalani chete. This has never happened ku Army. Sukudziwa hw our soldiers suffered under this mans leadership.

  9. chalo says:

    The type of comments on this article clearly shows our men and women in uniform have lost the sense of discipline they have been reknown for. Again, it shows our barracks are littered with gossip and politics has encroached on a serious scale.Am scared to say the least.

  10. Joy Mpo says:

    This is a very good forum for discussion. It Seems most of those sharing here are Army Officers themselves. I like it !!!!!!!!

  11. Chichi Vumbwe says:

    While I congratulate the new breed, I beg to differ and bring sense into those writing in the names of MAFCO, Tactics and Akuru. It seems these guys have had personal grievances with the brilliant outgoing Commander, who had a unique command style. If I was these guys, I would look back and see what these guys have gone through. Maulana has been pa padzuwa pa kampani and as an instructor throughout his career. We in the ranks used to call him RIFLEMAN. A former seminarian has had all his record very clean and come back home from all his foreign training with bright colours, no wonder he was the 1st Major to have a title of psc (with late Maj Mdala) after passing with bright colours, the Commanding Course which was traditionally attended by Lieutenant Colonels. He was, if my brain serves me well, one of the few Colonels to head a directorate, as he became the Director of Logistics, replacing a Brigadier General. He is a family dedicated man, and he loves his family inside-out, and I wonder the claims that he tried forced to insanity to a teenager in DRC…sad, indeed God is a judge. Nobody with integrity can come to testify against him in the issues of promiscuity, and no such issue was raised by MDF command or United Nations, and its a very serious matter, and it would have been known. To show that these contributors have something up their sleeves, they are even attacking his wife. Just a litbit of schooling, get close to his family, and you will realise that he is a devout Catholic but also have part-time Christian prayer groups, and very away from zitsamba as mentioned.
    I never got promotion by him, but I understand he served in a time when the govt had empty coffers and he wasnt supported 100 percent based on his district of origin. Names to be promoted are proposed by the Commander, and the H.E. just endorse…then how can the same Commander propose names to be promoted and the H.E. approves, then in the same vein the same Commander refuses to affect the promotions ans replace with the non-approved names?…sounds empty thinking. Maulana promotd people on merit, not because wakhala pa rank imodzi for a long time…thats why ineffective soldiers will never like him. He is one of the fines Officers MDF has had…but pressure from the other angles has forced the H.E. to remove him.

    He is not affected, as he is still clean, and very ready to serve in any capacity where thinking is applied. He was hard to KASHGET by influential cohorts. He is one of the guys who kept family matters away from his profession. He is replaced by a his deputy, who has been one of his long-time pals, and still they are, Ask where does the new replacements come from, and their records, and their tribes, end their …
    Open your eyes, and see why he has been removed…and why placed to the very important and strategic institution (if he was indeed arrogant).

    Dont just be frustrated, lets just cross the fingers that the new command element does better than he was, fortunately, the replacements were part of his administration, so I don’t expect anything new, but continuation. Congratulations and fair thee well!

    1. octopus says:

      Well said

  12. Desmond Likapa says:

    Ndipo mulungu wayankha pakanakhala bwana maulana pompano asilikali akanaukila munthu olamula anzimvako za anzake, bwana nyamali watha nsika kumuzuza chagonapanja anakulakwilani chani mulungu akukanthanibe

  13. Masasa Chingale says:

    Do you remember hw you mistreated Gen Odillo and his group when you just took that office? Now you need same pple to welcome you ku world ukuwayako. Kayaa. Usova. Anzanga ku mdf kutitu you are the worst army general malawi has ever had. Is it true? They say you had a band of desciples. What ll happen to them? If you fellow retired officer cant rcve you nanga ife ma civilians titani? Lets play golf next wknd kkkkk.

  14. Desmond Likapa says:

    Mulungu si james ndatsimikizadi, abwana mumadziwa kuti zangati izi zingadzakuonekeleni, munawanyoza bwana odilo munthu amene amayendetsa army mwachilungamo kuona ngati mwafika pa golo, mulungu wakulangani ndipo sanati muziona, mmene asilikali amavutikila ku DRC zoona inu mungamawabele ndalama muli phe mu office asilikali akuyika miyoyo yawo pa chiswe, ndalama za drc zili pa mapwala a nkango inu nkumawabela ambuye apitilize kukulangani FIB 2 munayibela ndalama kuyipatsa 4million for 9 months anthu amalandila amalandila $1332 per month, ambuye akulangeni zenizeni, asilikali ku drc anapanga ngozi anavulala koma olo compasation mu manawabela, bwana supuni choyamba congratulation for making it with ur deputy bwana ambuye akutsogoleleni akupatseni nzeru zantengo wapatali koma mukhonze pamene anzanu sanachite bwino mubwenze ndalama za asilikali a fib 2 a nbb abeledwa komanso compasation muwapatse onse ab nbb amwalila ndi ovulala a ambush muwapatse, mizimu ya anthu ikamadandaula ntchito siyenda bwino, muli ndi mphamvu kulamula kuti onse a fib 2 anabeledwa ndalama apitenso ngati mukudziwa kuti ndalama zawo sizipelekedwaso

    1. octopus says:

      You mean general odillo run the military smoothly by stealing money that he should have used to repair vehicles in DRC given to him by the united nations? Get your facts straight

  15. Popo says:

    Namangale ,my piece of advice. Iwenso usinthe .Ndiwenso galu unazunza army nthawi ya Odillo umatenga army ngati yakunyumba kwako. Tengapo phunziro. Maofficers ambiri were victimised because of you, Mr Army.

  16. FIRE WARRIOR says:

    Congratulations to the new Generals.
    Kwa amene amatsata zaustikali akudziwa kuti palibe chachilendo apa. Kulibe Army Commander yemwe anapatsidwapo 3months notice kuchokera pantchito. Ndipo ndikhulupilira kuti a Maulana izi amazidziwa. He must have seen it coming and he prepared for it. Kwa anzanga omwe izi sitizidziwa ndi amene timadzidzimuka zikachitika. Tidziwe kuti maudindo ena mmboma ndi andale ndipo eni akewo amadziwa zoterezi. A mailana kwawo kwatha agwira gawo lawo, anzawowa agwireso kwawo. Mavuto a Mailana mwatiuza tamva nawo, koma a enawa sitikuwadziwa ndi LINDA MADZI APITE NDIYE UZITI NDADALA.To the new Generals, start preparing your exit strategy, while u jubilate your new appointments, anthuwa sapanganika, we all have our falls that is why we are human. CONGRATULATIONS, SALUTE..!!!!!!!

    1. Chichi Vumbwe says:

      You seem to know what you are writing…very sensible and fair….osati zongonyoza or kuyamikira as others are doing. Lets wait and see.

  17. MAFCO says:

    This Maulana guy has been a disgrace to MDF officers corps.He used outdated system of divide and rule which has backfired badly.He surrounded himself with fools like Nyamali, Mchingula,Maseko, Sichali, Dzoole,Chaika, Mkaliainga and others to be gossiping against briliant officers and in the process bright and deserving MDF officers like Namangale, Chikunkha,Chawanda, Mambo,Kakhuta Banda Kalisya and many senior officers were victimised to extent that some were not promoted even after their names were approved by Defence council. They were replaced by his own crownies. His wife contributed badly to the fall of Maula with her uncompromising mindset.Very illiterate who was commanding the MDF through back door. Mulungu simunthu and where ever you are going ukasinthe nkhalidwe or elso you will die young.Usiye kukhulupirira mankhwala a zisamba ndi asing’anga koma the only living God. Thats free advice from me.

    At the helm of MDF are now seasoned officers in the names of Supuni, Namangale snd Nundwe omwe ukawaswaya aja.What a good team and Kudos to the Commander in chief for his timely intervention.

  18. Bwengu says:

    But how come rotten cashgate minsters are still in cabinet? Malawi govt is a disgrace…no army commander from north since Gen Simwak…federalism is the best answer to solve the current nepotism in Malawi.

  19. Tactics says:

    Ndinaiwalanso Maulana umabisa Fisi anapatsa mimba mwana wazaka 15 ku DRC and forced her to abort, in Congo. chithumwa chako chija . Poti president walamula kuti fisi amangidwe chonde a polisi ndi dziko lonse la malawi ku army ku Parachute Battallion kuli fisi amabungwe fufuzani file yake in black record of the United Nations. Anyongedwe basi

  20. Tactics says:

    Maulana i hope you have learnt a lesson after reporting that all senior officers including your deputy and chief of staff that ” Palibe senior officer wanzeru apart from Swithan, phillip and John. Calling the whole malawi defence force kuti mbuli zokha zokha and that they dont deserve to be promoted. Even to the extent of lying to the Minister, the Chief Secretary and the President himself that One of your serving senior officers anaba ndalama was involved in cashgate and now you will have to appear in court after the alleged officer has sued you to bring all the evidence of the said cashgate. umaesa army estate yako chani? you are the the most shameful General the army ever had wonamiza nduna ndi President to dent others officers images . stop smoking chamba with young kids. for the first time in the army that a soldier has failed to graduate at Sandhurst in United Kingdom . You send brother wa mkazi wako Sergeant Ndanga for officer cadet training in UK without even the soldier going through normal interview procedures because you knew that the very same Ndanga guy has failed cadet interviews in Salima for more that 5 times before you became Commander. To show you that he is dump look he has failed again in a foreign country. what a shame maulana. Its time the nation knew what was behind maulana commanding. You killed my dad when you were a platoon commander by forcing them to swim in Lilongwe river and ndimangokuyang’ana ma civilian akamati you are a true soldier.

    1. FIRE WARRIOR says:

      Point of correction, the first cadet to fail at Sandhurst was Timothy Nundwe in 1998. Check your records and put ur facts right. Abt the rest may be you soldiers can tell us more
      Correct me if am wrong.

      1. Mapwevupwevu says:


  21. Mmalawi says:

    That’s just an attempt to bring homeboys to the helm of the army. Petro sadzatheka ndi homeboy syndrome

  22. dee Walker says:

    ho ho ho vuto la ma Commander in chief osadziwa army life ndi chiyani. This is the second commander to be fired by Peter. tiona uku zithere

  23. Fat Cabinet Hyenas says:

    A Bwampini zavutanso pati – bwanji mwayamba kunjenjemera!

  24. Fat Cabinet Hyenas says:

    Bwampini bwanji wayamba kumsemera?

  25. Maunisi says:

    But why Mr Zitchezitche. Corruption in your government.

  26. Congrats Supuni and Namangale on your elevation! Wishing Col Mayland a safe retirement.

    1. ndanga says:


      Mulamu wosamva ngati uyu sindinamuone, usova

  27. akuru says:

    Maulana munthu wotembereredwa akafike bwino.Its good riddance to MDF and the President has saved the situation in time by firing this arrogant man.He is the worst Commander to ever commanded MDF.

  28. ineyo says:

    And what the reasons behind the move??????

  29. BIGGIE says:


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