Malawi arrest 8 DRC rebels for illegal entry in Karonga

Malawi Police in Karonga the northern border district are keeping in custody suspected Congolese rebels who are members of the M23 group, on suspicion on entering the country illegally on Wednesday.

The suspected M23 DRC rebels arrested in Malawi's Karonga district.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

The suspected M23 DRC rebels arrested in Malawi’s Karonga district.-Photo by Tiwonge Kumwenda, Nyasa Times

Police said the detained eight people were members of the M23 rebels hat launched a rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Karonga Police Officer in charge Edward Chingayipe would not say what evidence police collected to support their suspicions that they were M23 members.

Chingayipe identified some of the rebels as Amani Moseremu Richard 26 years, Sepa Museremu 21 years, Assumani Mosi Samora 19 years, Ombeni Malwibwine Malenga25 years and Deba Elisee 17 years.

According to Chingayipe the eight were re-arrested on Wednesday night after escaping from the department of immigration at Songwe border as they were claiming to be political asylum seekers.

“The eight were using uncharted routes and upon reaching at Songwe border, police apprehended them. After investigations we found out that they are members of M23 rebels of DRC,” said Chingayipe.

He said during interrogations, the DRC national admitted to be rebels who are seeking political asylum.

M23 is made up of former rebels who were integrated into the Congolese army in a 2009 peace agreement, but then deserted last year, complaining of discrimination and poor treatment.

Chingayipe said the eight will appear before court soon to answer charges of illegal entry.

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40 thoughts on “Malawi arrest 8 DRC rebels for illegal entry in Karonga”

  1. Mbava says:

    If they are real assylum seekers amathawitanji
    mmanja mwa a immigration? Mlandu umenewo, ndi mbava zomenezo. A court thanani nawo

  2. yuona says:

    Much as I respect human rights, koma apa we must trade carefully. Anthuwa afunsidwe mokwana bwino ndithu ndipo ngati ndikoenera abwezedwe ku DRC.

  3. Alufeyo says:

    BBC wake up please. If and i repeat if at the end of the day these are a danger then send them back. As for Mwafulirwa the British are always gullible there is no FGM in Malawi. If she is a Lesbian who cares there are many of her type in malawi and there are not persecuted. Why should you be screaming am a lesbian? As for the Congolese i urge govt to be tough make malawi unattractive and like zambia the camp should be moved to Karonga and arrest any of them found in Lilongwe. In this country we confuse being good and stupidity. We are basically stupid thats why these people can get a malawian they cant get a zimbabwean passport because the systems in Zim is water tight.

    1. zangaphe says:

      Alufeyo I think you have lost your senses nkhani ili apa sikugwirizana ndimunthu wamutchula apayu kodi iwe ndiwe otani musiye munthu apume nkhani ili yonse ingatuluke ukumamutchula ndikukudziwatu bwanji ukuvala chigoma osabwera poyera udzaona polekera iwe komawe umakhala ndudziwako nditha kukulembera aganyu mbuzi yeniyeni nde iwe komwe uliko udziwe zimenezo.

  4. Clement says:

    Akufuna azibale awo ku north,ambiri kumeneko ndima congolize. akufuna kuwathandiza kuti ayime pawokha atumbuka!

  5. jumani says:

    Please these people the way i look at them they are not fighters but they are trying to gain refugee status in malawi in such away of puting themselve on the cross by lie .

    These people are refugees dont misstreat them listen to their stories …and make decision based on the evidence then send them home or consider them.. we know somany congeleese holding our chiphaso in Europe or canada they came in that way …

  6. opportunist says:

    Please send them back immediately we are sick and tired of hearing of Ashababu, Isis, Bokoharam .Let them continue their killing else where otherwise we don’t like violate pple


  8. Richman says:

    Let them go to their country, ayenda bwanji kuchokera ku congo adusa maiko angati kuti afike kuno ku malawi, kwinaku kulibe ma Refugee camp apite basi angangoyamba kutibweresera ibola amenewo and I want to ask a BBC PHIRI KUTI ARE YOU A CONGOLEESE chifukwa zimene wanena sizikugwirizana ndi nkhani imeneyi you are there kukamkumba Mwafulirwa ali ku UK what is your problem ngati umaziwa zambiri osangopitako bwanji naweso ndikukapanga zimene anachita mwafulirwayu , ngati umakhala mu dzikomo ngati refugee uziwe kuti uli ndi mwayi ozakhala dziko la mtendere ngati limenero. Zachamba eti unasowa nkhani, Nobody wants to hear about Mwafulirwa’s story SHAME ON YOU

  9. BINTO BANDA says:


  10. I do believe what has been published…. These young men can not be M23 rebels. Come on Mr Policeman..they just need asylum seeker documents. Please make sure to verify any information before you pass it to the media.


  12. sain it like it is says:

    hehehe malawi kumanga illegal immigrants?kodi ndi amalawi angati ali illegal ku maiko a ena?ku joni ku america ku U.K konse kuli ma illegal malawians so asiyeni awanso apeze mwai mmene ifenso apatipatsila mwai kuno ku joni

  13. sabiti says:

    Just deport them our courts en prisons are conjested already why add unnecessaary pressure ?

  14. phodox says:

    So called Imraan # 15

    What are you saying? I quoted the Pope’s statement on press TV as ‘Pope stresses that certain limits exist for freedom of expression’. I think Pope is against Charlie cartoons. Moslems why do you understand issues in an upsidedown all the time. You want harams all over, boko haram in Nigeria, Alshabab in Somalia, then micquoting Pope.

    The same thing as what Timothy Mtambo does here in Malawi. The government of malawi can tell Mtambo that certain limits exist for freedom of expression. Meaning that Mtambo is chewing more than what his throat can push into his stomach. Eg it is beyond his right’s limit to give government deadlines over national issues as if he is telling his wife. I was very happy to read that even , Pope do know that freedom for expression has limits. Beyond that limit one faces the long arm of law of government.

  15. BBC Phiri says:

    The authorities must tread carefully in their handling of the alleged asylum seekers. Human rights lawyers, whether Malawian or foreign, and UNHCR can cause our country embarrassment in the way that the Congolese are being treated. Imagine, they are being publicly dragged to court and their privacy invaded in a published photo, even before their claim for asylum has been fully considered.

    If the Congolese have claimed asylum, then international law requires the Malawian authorities to investigate their claim before hauling them to court to prosecute them for illegal entry. It is not up to the Malawi police to refuse their claim. The police may investigate it, and submit whatever they find to Immigration. It would then be up to the latter to decide whether or not the claim was valid. If Immigration refuses, then natural justice would allow some sort of appeal.

    I suspect that if the Congolese have claimed asylum then UNHCR will be looking over GoM’s shoulder to make sure that the claim is treated seriously.

    Contrast the behaviour of the authorities here with those of the UK with regard to Malawians seeking asylum there. We have Angeline Mwafulirwa and her family enter the UK legally on a 6 month visa in 2006. When the visa was not renewed, the family remained illegally until 2009, when Mrs Mwafulirwa claimed asylum saying that her husband Mtendere had run away, and she could not be sent back to Malawi. This was because she was a lesbian, her children would be stolen by her husband’s family, and her daughters subjected to female genital mutilation. The British were forced by international law, as well as their own laws, to treat her as an asylum seeker, and six years later she is still there despite her fairy stories. She has never been dragged to court for remaining and working illegally in the country from 2006 to 2009.

  16. Treat them well they are refugies , don’t acuse them wrongly be patient with them let them say who they are before you take them to courts , one day you may be in the same predicament in a foreign land even in congo

  17. amfumu says:

    they refused an offer to be integrated into the army,they chose to continue raping,maiming and reducing fellow citizens to objects.Do you think they will have any feelings about Malawians?We need peaceful foreigners here,these ones have too much blood in their hands

  18. Amenewa apite kwawo ndi ashababu team

  19. pichi says:

    Oh inuyo ndi Al Shabaabab yo? Kudzinyumwa nwanji?

  20. musisipala says:

    Shut up. They are not rebels but iregal immirants.

  21. William makuwa says:

    Good job border police

  22. Bwampini wa Muthanyura says:

    Most foreigners leaving in this country especially in Lilongwe have dangerous weapons in their houses. Dont be surprised if one day Al Shaabab will emerge in this country. The problem is we are such a corrupt nation who freely allow foreigners to enter Malawi illegally. If you think I am cheating let police or army conduct surprise searches in all premises of foreigners especially those from East and West Africa.

  23. mwaona bwanji pakuti ngati kuli dziko lopusa ndiye MALAWI akhale ma passport akumapeza ndi anthu akunja. Koma bona lanji losapatsa zika sake national ID kuti enawa akamalowa mobela azidziwika msanga utsamunda udztha liti nthawi mudzaona zoposa zip wake up MALAWI

  24. vasco yalu says:

    Ndipofunika kusama zedi maka ma mu zipata molowera mwathu umu kamba koti atha kukhala mayeselo kuti awone security yathu ili hard bwanji kapena ndiyofoka pa mmawa azabwera ochukuka kuti panga chipongwe ngati mmene apangila ku france plizi apolice let’s be serious muzipatu tikonde dziko lathu osati ndalama

  25. Pope Francis: Free expression doesn’t mean right to insult others’ faith

  26. chikondi says:

    our police immigration should work extra hard to make sure that such are well treated.

  27. Nazoni,mudziwe kuti muvi oyang’anira suchedwa kulasa diso.

  28. wosamba says:

    Vuto la a polisi athu ndilimenelo mumatchula mayina musanafufuze ku BT munatchula asilamu kuti boko halam pana mukuti M23 ndichifukwa chake mukupangidwa attack pa office panu pomwe

  29. chikondi says:

    Kapena ndiamene akuchitira chiwembu a police athuwa! mmmmm!!! pafunika kufufuzapo bwinotu pamenepa.

  30. aphiri says:

    Mukawasiya amadzajoina mbava zikulu zikulu za kuno chifukwa Ali ndi experience ya kaombedwe ka mfuti

  31. Ndaona says:

    Whether a government soldier or a rebel, ngati athawa kwawo kumene kunali ma conflict, it means their lives are in danger. Thats why they are seeking asylum. Why taking them to court? Tipepera nazo izi. The best you can do is verify their claim and grant them asylum status.

  32. Mack Banda says:

    Malawi and its porous border posts. How many foreign criminals have entered Malawi legally or illegally? We wonder why we have the escalated violent crime in Malawi. Let everybody in the security knowhow fish out and deal with these criminals who claim to be refugees when there is peace (no war) in their countries. Malawi is too soft on these criminals.

  33. ujeni says:

    Suspicision on entering illegally? They entered illegally those M23rebels well known for raping women in DRC. Watch out Malawi, with dwii wa Peter Mutharika i dont know.

  34. Madududu says:

    World in a mess

  35. Emma Emma says:

    Asungeni Bwino Ndianthu Ankhaza Amenewo. Make Sure You Let Them Go By Air Safely. May God Protect Our Nation

  36. Hahaha karonga police kuzafuna kutchuka pamene paja…umboni oti ndima rebel ulikuti?

  37. hoitty says:

    The one second from left wearing a red and black checkered shirt and the man fourth from right look like ethiopians or tutsi

  38. Sagwa says:

    Asiyeni anthuwo inu

  39. kadamanja says:

    Abweretsa Ebola anthu wotere, Malawianians tikhale maso

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