Malawi arrests Mozambicans for illegal employment, face deportation

Five Mozambicans who were employed by Corredor Logístico Integrado do Norte (CLN) for working in the country without permits have been arrested and face deportation .

To be deported for illegal working

To be deported for illegal working

They were arrested in Zomba after raid by Malawi Police Service and the Department of Immigration on Thursday .

Immigration public relations officer, Martha Gonondo, said authorities released three after they were found to have valid temporary residence permits.

According to Gonodndo, the other two— Salvador ArturMuianga and Arao Elias EnosseMauaie—they were working (as supervisors) on a visitors permit which is contrary to Section 37 (B) of Immigration Act.

She said the operation was carried out last Thursday after intelligence was received.

Gonondo said steps are taken to remove them from the country Saturday through Nayuchi Border Post .

CLN is a partnership between Mozambican state port, a rail company called Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique (CFM) and Vale Logistics Limited—a Brazilian company.

There was no immediate comment from the company.

Illegal working is not a victimless crime. It defrauds the taxpayer, undercuts honest employers and cheats legitimate job seekers out of employment opportunities.

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34 thoughts on “Malawi arrests Mozambicans for illegal employment, face deportation”

  1. Hoitty says:

    Immigration should check Dairiboard Chichiri as well. Too many Shamwaris there. Are they all legal?

  2. Many Malawians were arrested and then deported in UK for working with visitor’s visa. Every Tuesday there an aeroplane landing at KIA with Malawian deportees from South Africa. I wonder why a reputable company like Vale or CLN could bring Mozambicans to come and work here without proper documentation. It’s absurd. It’s all silly. It’s stupid on the part of Vale.

  3. amfumu says:

    Go check Fargo construction.Even concrete mixers are Indian

  4. Victor Dzimbiri Phiri says:

    All Malawians Must Know That, Not Only Our Country Experience Such Matter. Others Mukuti Alipo Ambiri Otelewa. Nanga Bwanji Mmati South Africa Ikupanga Zolakwika Pa Xenophobia? Mwina Simudzindikira Kuti Dziko Lina Lirironse Limakhala Ndi Alendo Ndipo Ena Osakwanila Ziphaso. Mukamalemba Muziganizilanso Za Ena Akuno Omwe Ali Ku Mocambique Komwe Panopo Kwaipa Ndinkhondo.

  5. wamu sadc says:

    Pakis,Indians,Chinese,Burundians working with no papers.So what the matter with mozambiquan working in Malawi?After all they are our neighbours.

  6. mulendo says:

    Aaaa ndiambiri alipo,asakebe

  7. kampukutu says:

    mzomela wanena zoona tiye tisapeleke coment tingataye mchere

  8. kampukutu says:

    kwene mwanyaaaane

  9. Sister mwayesetsa kulithandiza dziko lanu, koma eee mavuto ma office enawa

  10. Good work from the Immigration Department. At least you now know what you are doing or what you are supposed to do.

  11. Mzomera ngwira says:

    No comment angandi chose ganyu wangayu mutiuza

  12. F. Banda says:

    I wish if that was really happening In Lilongwe where the immigration department is so corrupt that they are busy giving TEP to a lot of Indians who came as visitors but are immediately going to work and documents are processed later on for them corruptly

    These guys calling themselves as expatriates are working as supervisors and makalaliki, accountants and even Guards. Don’t we have people who can fill up those positions locally?

    When there is an operation to arrest them, information is already sent to the employers that they should keep these guys who are being paid just too much money for jobs that Malawian do and are paid very less within the same organizations

    Ndizomwe zili PA Lilongwe pano

  13. Zanga Phee! says:

    Wake! wake! our good cops, please maintain that. the warm heart of Africa shouldn’t be a place to exercise such irregularities.Mozambicans in most cases they are rude more especially in their borders pass they treat Malawians as if they are not neighbors,certainly they know their next door to knock when it comes of fighting of their on going dispute is Malawi go to mwanza you will agree with me they are even making long queue in our local clinics getting treatment for mahara that i don’t thing it happens in opposite,So it’s time to show them we know every thing what they are doing Good job.See my name.

  14. wodabwa says:

    U pple u mean mozambikans are xpatriets u must be joking they speak yao lomwe chewa and the most porous borders in the world are between mW and Moz go to tsangano see the border u will see we are almost the same by the way policia and departments de immigracao in moz has been very flexible to Malawians of late once they start biting u know those guys after all the company in question can make more dollars in nacala than Zomba we will end losers the Bible says come let’s reason together and agree and forgive each other as neighbors

  15. I wonder why some of you are backing the Mozambicans. We already did a lot to them as refugees. They visit our hospitals for treatment. Why should we give them decent jobs which Malawians are able to do? Even our train drivers don’t go beyond Nayuchi. The agreement is to leave our goods in Cuamba. Then they come back. It is a question of protecting locals. Cross boarder vending is a different issue. We have a common background along the borders. Here we are talking about professional work like engineering.

  16. Che Nkope says:

    I think some of you guys you are making comments becz you have never worked with the so called xpatriates in Malawian scenario? The meaning of an xpatriate in Malawi doesnot hold. In Malawi someone xperienced enough on the job is rendered invompetent because he is a local. There are jobs that need xpatriates and others need a local Malawian.This is what has been happening at Kayelekera. I urge those who are posting comments backing xpatriates and after years working with them, I bet that you are more competent than them. TRY IT!

  17. Good work from the department of Immigration. You should real scrutinize the jobs that foreigners can do. You can bring in foreigner to do jobs that Malawians can do. Vale have become careless. It is one of the companies that tries to comply with local laws. How come you allowed these Mozambicans to come and work without proper clearance? You provided these Mozambicans with everything except work permits. You thought Malawi is an easy place. Do Mozambicans allow Malawians to work in their country? This does not easily happen even in UK where Malawians work as cleaners even if they are given a no recourse to public funds visas. A foreigner is treated differently everywhere. Here in Malawi we allow foreigners to even torture their workers. We fought for independence to end foreign rule. Give foreigners which Malawi is short of skills. Even Peter Muthalika was treated as a foreigner in USA despite holding a green card. We should love and protect mother Malawi from invaders.

  18. inkata be says:

    Immigration office, plse check other companies like illovo who bring white tractor drivers to work as managers in malawi.also sweep the hospitality industry owned by foreigners they also employ waiters, chefs and cooks from outside malawi while our brothers and sisters stay jobless after their training at hospitality colleges

  19. wodabwa says:

    What if Moz starts doing the same numerous Malawians in tete would loose their jobs be human you bosses it can’t create any job at all

  20. George phiri says:

    The first illegal immigrant we have is Prof!!! Deport Petala Mathanyula first

  21. innocentphiri says:

    Amalawi tazazanakwawo nanga iwowo asabwelekwathu.?

  22. daud says:

    Y deport think for the sadc now mozambican will deport our malawian planty of malawian do in small business in tete street without permit

  23. innocentphiri says:

    Palibe nkhani apa let them come and work.

  24. Boyd Kilembey says:

    These are small potatoes. These are just Mozambicans. They should have been allowed to apply for the work permits. They are our SADC brethren.. In fact with the proximity of Mozambique, Malawi should have entered into an agreement withb Mozambique over “permitless” working in either country. We could have benefited more…
    Why are we so incapable of innovation and creativity?

  25. Dealt with them immediately, amaelekedwa kwao iwowa.

  26. V. Lacerda says:

    You see now Lacerda. Why did you retrench the eight Malawians and bring Mozambicans? Did you think you can beat the laws of Malawi. You render Malawians jobless and bring in Mozambicans. Stupid. You think Malawians are fools? We have a chief immigration officer who wants Malawians to have jobs. Malawi is for Malawians. Mozambique is for Mozambicans. In South Africa they kill.

    1. haha says:

      Inutu muli ndi nkhani tatiuzani zambiri

  27. learnedmi says:


  28. Wilhelm says:

    Let’s be honest – the only reason Malawian companies employ foreigners is because they are very few local Malawians with the skills and experience to do many kinds of specialised jobs.

    Even the local graduates and post-graduates have learnt little more than how to repeat things by rote for exams, rather than how to think for themselves or lead. They then expect fat pay-cheques for their years of ‘hard work’ and study.

    These companies are not foregoing any local Malawian employees – if the likes of the government, Carlsberg and MTL need to employ foreigners to manage their businesses, audit their accounts, and consult for big technical and development projects – then how do you expect expanding local companies who want to efficiently compete with them to subsist on local labour?

    As for defrauding the tax-payer, I think thieving politicians and corrupt civil-servants have more to answer for there than simply private businesses trying to expand opportunities and contribute to the local economy.

  29. Mwana Mai says:

    After deporting them the employer should be made to pay a hefty fine for not doing proper checks before employing foreigners. Fining them will deter prospective law breakers. If their countries dies the same to other nationals, why shouldn’t Malawi follow suit?

  30. Bravo immigration for the good work. Malawians are being denied employment opportunities because of workers brought by Vale Logistics. Eight Malawians were retrenched by Vale’s notorious director Lacerda in October 2014. This Lacerda is now replacing these Malawians with Portuguese speaking Mozambicans. Deporting them is a positive move. Lacerda was taken to court for retrenching innocent Malawians and we hope the IRC will speed up the case to find Lacerda guilty and compensate the Malawians handisomely. We are an independent country which is allowing foreigners to take over.

    1. haha says:

      So nkhani ndiyakuti employees reported this to immigration because Lacerda illtreats them eti?

  31. Mtumbuka says:

    Let’s Them Go

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