Malawi Asians in UK to build 100 homes for flood displaced families

The Malawi Asians Organisation-United Kingdom has pledged to build 100 new strong houses for victims of the January, 2015 in worst affected villages.

Sabras Radio officials donate a cheque worth £500 pounds to the Malawi Relief Appeal

Sabras Radio officials donate a cheque worth £500 pounds to the Malawi Relief Appeal

Deputy High Commissioner with MP Keith Vaz of Leicester east

Deputy High Commissioner with MP Keith Vaz of Leicester east

A Ugandan Asian lady Shama walked into Sabras radio to donate £31 after hearing the appeal

A Ugandan Asian lady Shama walked into Sabras radio to donate £31 after hearing the appeal

Chairman of MAO-UK Mr. Sony Pandekar made the announcement in Leicester in the United Kingdom during the launch of a joint Malawi Relief Effort fundraising campaign with Sebras Radio on Monday, 2 March, 2015.

Mr. Pandekar said, “I can say we already have raised money for 100 new homes. With this appeal launch, and if all logistics are put in place, we want to adopt the affected villages and help them build long and sustainable livelihoods. We want to go into all the 15 affected districts.”

Member of British Parliament for Leicester East Keithe Vaz, said he was encouraged by the great contributions that Malawians of Asian origin play in the City. He made a personal donation of £101.00 to the appeal and announced that he will personally host the final fundraising event for the appeal will be held at the House of Commons.

Malawi Deputy High Commissioner John Tembo Jnr thanked the Malawian Asians in the United Kingdom for responding to the appeal by President Peter Mutharika.

“Many of you left Malawi many years ago, but this gesture shows the passion and love you have for your homeland. I can assure you that the administration of President Mutharika will facilitate and make sure that the most affected areas benefit from your assistance,” said Tembo.

Apart from the Parliamentarian, Sabras Radio which hosted the launch live, donated £500.00 to the appeal and Assistant Mayor Bi Demster also made a personal donation. The appeal also attracted a Ugandan of Asian origin Shama, who walked in during the launch and donated £31.00.

MAO was formed in 1982 mainly by Malawians of Asian origins who left after Government issued an order restricting rural areas to indigenous Malawians in the mid 1970’s.

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29 thoughts on “Malawi Asians in UK to build 100 homes for flood displaced families”

  1. charlie says:

    Let’s swear the mwenyes

  2. ndadabwa says:

    Malawian asia should manage that project otherwise that money will go into pockets of people like getrude mutharika, peter mutharika and ben phiri. mark my words

  3. Pillard says:

    Lets thank the UK based Malawi asians for a good gesture. It is for the good of our suffering people

  4. I MALAWIAN says:

    As a Malawian I’m disgusted at all your comments. At least some out there is helping us!! Have any of us locally as in black Malawians done anything?? The mwenyes every week are out distributing relief packs to our sisters and brothers. So you monkeys with negative comments go and learn how to thank. Racism and hatred gets you NO WHERE!!!

    1. Mthandeni says:

      Watch videos on u tube and see how treatment blacks get in India.

  5. enuf said says:

    Js loughing at what some1 commented
    Like “they rape maids and our gals”

    maybe it’s becos

    We blacks are too busy fucking chiken and goats

    And our gals prefer mwenyes cos they are given somthing at the end of the day unlike us

    Who are either making them pregnant o giving the Aids

    It’s our fault And we are to blame

    Further y should Asian gals mary us?
    What do we have to offer starting from

    our rotten balls
    Our breth full of kachasu smell
    our houses are dirty
    all we care about is drinking

    Y should any gal be it blak o white go for such a man? ?

    let’s make ourselves better than Asian
    Than demand to be treated that way

    If our government isn’t listening to us
    Maybe indeed something is bloody wrong with us

    Fix it

  6. Mthandeni says:

    I hate them they like raping girls in Indian and in Pakistan they wed with teenage girls,in Malawi ingenious house maids are always raped and abused and their breath stink shit ! no racism here just telling the truth.

  7. Chingwe Chambuzi says:

    THe ignorance of some malawians is really shameful. Malawi Asians means Amwenye a ku Malawi amene ali ku uk

  8. mboba says:

    Thanks very much

  9. madidi says:

    Koma inu a whole Mwene in UK donating £31. Really. Am I dreaming or what.

  10. ine says:

    Iwe ujen &chimwe nonsenu mmichimba yanu yonunkhayo.kuzolowera racism basi pa mmnyaa panu powolapo.

  11. gondwe says:


    500 + 101 + 31 = 632 Pounds x K800 = K505, 600 / 100 = K5, 056.00 per house

    Kodi nyumbazi amanga ndi pulastic? Nyasa musamanamize anthu kuno ku Malawi. Nyumba 100 sangamangile ndi K505, 600.00 ndipo UK, Mp kupereka K80, 800.00 zongogulira ma thumba 10 basi a cement ali wathandiza.
    ZAUTSILU. Lekani Boma ligwire ntchito yotamandika.
    Kubwebweta sikuvuta koma kupanga zimabwebwetedwazo ndiye ndi mtunda ndithu.

  12. Namatetule jwa mu Landani says:

    I can See Sherrif Kaunde, the lawyer…this guy is great..mixing with Keith Vaz and the like…brilliant…

  13. Mthandeni says:

    Idi Amin chased them in Uganda why?


  15. Mthandeni says:

    Do asian ladies marry malawian black men?

  16. Gutepo Mphwinyo says:

    fuck -they are not giving donation but rather just giving back our hard earned forex they externalized years ago.

  17. make_nyasaland_better says:

    for once give credit to asia
    after all the criticism they still help our brothers and sisters that are suffering
    these people are needed in our country full stop

  18. gwede says:

    There is nothing on this planet like malawians of asian origin. All malawians are blacks and of african origin. But anyway thanks for the help

  19. GONANI says:

    Anyone who redicules the good heart which our fellow Malawians are showing overseas
    ndi mbuzi ya mano kunsi. AMalawi tiyeni tiphunzire kuyamika zinthu zabwino.

    These are Malawians who had nothing to lose if they had forgotten their home land completely.
    But they haven’t. Instead they still have heart felt love for their motherland and their brothers and sisters. That is why they are helping. So let’s thank God for Malawians such as these.

  20. ALUWEKA says:

    Malawians never cease to amaze me. The comments iwe Ujeni & chimwe are making here fully supports my long held view kuti Malawi is poor not because of somebody else but by our own making. we are quick to blame others and yet we don’t even lift a finger to assist. Fellow country men lets change our mind set and stop blaming others for our problems but assist when our fellow country men are faced with problems

  21. Zebe says:

    This is why most will never relocate these disaster prone areas. They know one day they gonna enjoy free meals, free clothes and now free houses. Let’s deal with the root cause of floods. Let’s deal with environmental degradation. Plant more trees, conserve forests and use best practices in farming as we learn in primary agriculture. Let cover our mountains. Our Soche Hill, Let’s work on restoring Mudi and such rivers alike. Let’s deal with siltation and let rivers and mountains remain as natural as possible. Let’s construct dams. Not houses for lazy minds who refuse free advice

    1. Iwe ndiye wakamba za nzeru.

    2. kanchenga. says:

      Except that these houses can be built upland so that those who refuse to move should not benefit from such gesture other wise what the point building a good house that will be submerged in water come rain season. Otherwise the points raised make alot of sense.

  22. enuf said says:

    Thank you! Bwana mwenyes

    Atleast you thot of us blacks, unlike our fellow blacks who’s money is only good for buying drinks for Whores in pubs

    Shame on us blacks!

  23. ujeni says:

    These are the people who have companies and shops in Malawi and siphone the profits through hard currency to Europe.

    1. kanchenga. says:

      At least they know where they make money and they have remembered. Many Malawians haven’t.

  24. chimwe dimba says:

    do we have malawians in asia? anyway thanx for the gesture

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