Malawi ‘bankrupt economy’: Mutharika restricts ministers’ travel

Malawi President Peter Mutharika has restricted domestic travel by cabinet ministers and senior government officials to eight trips per month, they will not be allowed more than six foreign trips a year as  a cost-cutting measure to support the zero-aid  budget.

President Mutharika and Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe: Austerity steps

President Mutharika and Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe: Austerity steps

Foreign trips will be granted approvals only when the state stands to gain genuinely from such tours.

Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe earlier said the restrictions have been done in the austerity measures  with no budgetary support from donors including Britain, who suspended aid following massive corruption scandal known as the ‘cashgate’.

Government spokesman and Information Minister, Kondwani Nankhuwa told Voice of America (VOA) on Friday that the goal is to save public funds strained by prevailing economic challenges.

“After examining [our] economic situation, [President Mutharika] has directed cabinet ministers [to] reduce their international travel to three to six times per year, and 8 [domestic] trips in a year,” said Nankhumwa.

He said the Mutharika government inherited “bankrupt” economy when they took over power last May.

“As of now, we are trying as a government as much as possible to come back to normal through locally available means,” he said.

Nankhumwa blames the infamous “Cashgate”  scandal which forced donors, the bilateral partners to  suspend their  support to the impoverished southern African nation.

“This effectively means that we [are governing] without money…And that is the genesis of our problem,” Nankhumwa told VOA.

Nankhumwa said the administration will ensure those involved in the scandal are prosecuted under the full extent of the law, saying the government has demonstrated political will to weed out graft.

“Since we came into government we have now been able to successfully prosecute about six cases, of which government has won all the cases, and the journey continues.

“We are working tirelessly so that we reach a point to say that we are satisfied. At this point no money can be siphoned out. It’s a system which ended up being corrupt because of the mindset of some individuals within government circles,” he added.

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Wayne Kazima

As part of their job, if necessary let them travel even 100 tines a year. Just cut on allowances. Restricting travel is as saying don’t do your job. Don’t pay allowances on travel as its part of their job description .


Mwabwela boo


Akadati munthu amamwalira ndikunenedwa aNankhumwa mukdkhala malemu. Just stitch your mouth. Kkkkkkkk


Mmmm… Inheritance yes. Bingu inherited bankrupcy frm ache Mpando , JB inherited bankrupcy from Moya, & APM has taken it over frm JB. So do u mean there r times when innocent Malawians stopd paying tax that this bankrupcy shld erupse? SORR TO SAY THIS: U R ALL THIEVES! INFACT U R BUGLARS… How do u cut trips while gvng yoself 168% salary rise while a teacher is crying 4 60%? Shame… Amalawi tirimbe nazo. Mpake ma floods ativuta, anthu ankhanza mukulamulira and Mulungu wakwiya.

B Njiwa

This is just a joke,this government is a trash civil servants have just recieved their salaries yesterday on 12 feb. Is that improvement? I think this ship is sinking

emmanuel kamwana

nsonga chiswe ndiwe wakale ma spell ako ngati ma bible omwe analembedwa kale chichewa chake cha kale sizikumveka ukuti chiyani

Joseph Msukwa

Though it can blike dat it’ll won’t bsolucitizd

Computer Scientist

I don’t feel this initiative will help much. If government is complaining so what about that villager. Government try this one….. put much efforts in national investments that will be much more productive. We need to be a Malawi of production not a Consumer. The President himself must stop moving up and down and reduce his enterage team and reduce fuel cost and all other useless costs from all government sectors… you will see economy improving.

these measures should be extended to all gvt officials including parliament. Alot of money is wasted at parliament on useless trips, committee meetings etc, these trips we do not even see any improvements in the service delivery. Bravo APM you are living by example with ur veep but the rest behave like tourists. Also think about procurement of cars in gvt. Sell most of the cars. Give loans to Directors to buy cars this will also save ou1 money. Introduce city buses to capital hill. Transfer some PSs, directors akhalitsa. Revamp the Human resources dpt, revamp treasury, revamp rbm, make… Read more »
Peter Mathanyula Wakuba

Iwetu they should have included you on the civil service reform commission. Not that mmwenye Savjani


Six foreign trips is just too much. How do you put a cap on foreign trips. Even those who dont need to go will do so until they reach the target of six


Please Ujeni. Improve your understanding. Paragraph 2 of the article addresses your concern. What is wrong with you? Read the story again and again before you comment.

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