Malawi Catholic pastoral letter gives Mutharika govt a reality check

Catholic bishops in Malawi have issued a Lenten pastoral statement in which they have  given the government of  President Peter Mutharika a reality check on of “shrinking standards or lack of public service delivery, increasing gap between the rich and the poor, lack of fiscal discipline and misplaced priorities”. The influential church has also spoken against homosexuality, abortion and artificial birth control measures.

Bishops of Catholic Church in Malawi issue pastoral statement

Bishops of Catholic Church in Malawi issue pastoral statement

Released by Episcopal Conference of Malawi  on  fifth Sunday of Lent period,  the pastoral letter, dated March 13 2016 and which Nyasa Times has a copy, is signed by all Catholic bishops, including  Bishop Thomas Msusa , chairperson of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) and bishop for Blantyre Archdiocese; his vice Martin Mtumbuka of Karonga Diocese, Tarcisius Ziyaye of Lilongwe  Archdiocese, Peter Musikuwa of Chikwawa Diocese, Emmanuel Kanyama of Dedza Diocese; Monsignor Michael Muwowo Diocesan Administrator of Mzuzu; George Tambala of Zomba Diocese and Montfort Stima, Mangochi Diocese.

Titled  “Mercy of God as a path of hope;  On current socio-political and economic issues in Malawi”, the Catholic Bishops said “as Pastors of souls” they  acknowledge the many challenges the poor people are facing in this country and call upon the Mutharika government to “ show leadership” in steering the nation to hard working, self-reliance and diversification of

The Catholic Church asks government to “review” some of its policies and practices to ensure a change of mindset and attitudes so as to ensure national and household food security, social security, protection of the environment through promotion of alternative sources of energy and many other areas.

“We cannot sit back and watch in the face of shrinking standards or lack of public service delivery, increasing gap between the rich and the poor, lack of fiscal discipline and misplaced priorities in the prevailing tough times which call for tough measures,” reads the pastoral statement.

The bishops say they continue to be worried by continuous presentation of unrealistic macroeconomic growth indicators by government that do not reflect reality on the ground.

“We are also deeply worried by the bad performance of our economy,” they said.

The letter also highlights concerns on shortage of maize in the country, the exorbitant prices of the same at the parallel markets of vendors due to increased demand.

The church also said it is concerned about “new trends in our society that promote a culture of death instead of a culture of life through the abortion campaign. Because of that, the family and the institution of marriage between man and woman are under direct attack from those campaigning for homosexual rights and homosexual unions.”

On decline of social services, the bishops noted that many district hospitals have scaled down their operations, their ambulance services grounded, their medical supplies drastically reduced to few essential drugs, provision of meals to patients reduced to only one meal per day.

“The deepening healthcare crisis across the country requires special attention of the government.

“It is true that we have qualified people in various ministries and departments of our Government. But the Government bears the blame when people delegated to execute different roles fail to perform. The sad and dehumanizing conditions in our public hospitals are unacceptable,” reads the pastoral letter.

.”We note with great concern that as a country we do not have a specialized cancer hospital where mammograms are fixed. Many women are being denied access to breast cancer detection equipment and computerized tomography scan. Women requiring such services have to pay a lot of money at private diagnostic facilities.”

The church reminds the leadership of this country that most poor Malawians depend on public service delivery financed by the government.

“Consequently, limited or lack of funding is tantamount to denying them access to better services in education, health, agriculture and water; among many other essential services. This hugely compromises the right to development and a possibility of descent life for many Malawians.

“The government’s service delivery systems and policies should be measured on whether they promote, protect and enhance human life and human dignity, especially for the poor and the vulnerable.”

The ECM pastoral statement expressed concern that whilst there is less funding for critical service delivery in many government ministries, “there is a lot of spending for less important issues.”

The church condemned government for hosting Mapwevupwevu [cocktail party] to celebrate passing of budget.

“There is no justification for organizing banquets from state coffers celebrating the passing of national budgets. Such insensitive signals in the face of growing poverty cause a lot of frustrations and pain. We wish to remind the Government and all Malawians the importance of spending within our means,” reads the statement.

Economy of exclusion

The bishops also speak against “deepening divisions” between the rich and the poor,

Catholic bishops say: “We recall the story of the Last Judgement (Mt 25:31-46) which instructs us to put the needs of the poor and the vulnerable first. In the present Malawi, many people still live in conditions which are hardly compatible with their dignity as sons and daughters of God. Their life is a continuous manifestation of the theory of the survival of the fittest.”

However, the bishops say it is shocking that a minority – who can make decisions and policies which can either uplift the majority poor or further depress their economic prospects – enjoys the fruits of development and can afford to live in luxury and wealth.

“Faced by this great act of injustice, we have a grave social debt towards the poor who lack access to infrastructures and basic services,” the statement reads.

The church said the success of an economy should be measured through the narrowing of the gap between the rich and the poor.

“We have said before that ‘honesty, righteousness, respect, equal opportunity for all: these must be the qualities which guide our nation as it grows and develops into the future’ (Living our Faith, pastoral letter). We wish to reiterate that in our society characterized by growing prosperity for some and pervasive poverty for others, the basic moral test remains how our most vulnerable members are faring.”

Regionalism and tribalism

On regionalism and tribalism the bishops say: “While we have made important strides as a country to build ourselves as a democratic nation, we are worried that certain trends or forces have the potential of dividing us.”

The bishops noted that elements of regionalism and tribalism are slowly taking root in the society.

“These manifest themselves in various forms especially through social, political and economic exclusion and inequalities between regions and tribes. Federalism was one of such manifestations. We remind all the people of Malawi that the founding fathers and mothers of this nation invested a lot of efforts and energy to ensure that Malawians see and treat each other as brothers and sisters.”

The church stated that unity is the cornerstone on which this nation is built.

“No tribe is more valuable or important than the other.”

The church appeals to all citizens to put Malawi first, before any tribal or regional interests.

Government has also been asked to develop policies and programmes that ensure that all sections of the society are included.

Political parties, Civil Society Organizations, Traditional Authorities and the media have also been urged to desist from making statements that instigate or promote hatred among peace-loving Malawians.

Reforms positive move

The church said it is following with keen interest developments in public sector reforms the government has championed and continues to embark on with an effort to bring about efficient and cost effective public service delivery.

“Whilst previous governments had many principal secretaries, the number has been reduced. The rest are either redeployed or retired.

The reforms, however, are going even into Government parastatals so that they develop strategic plans that would be implemented to improve service delivery like in water, electricity and many other areas.

“We need to point out; however, that change is needed in the culture of politics where cronyism and patronage confuse the roles of parastatals. Given the recent commitment of the leadership of the country on reforms, if followed to the letter, they might bring in much needed confidence and improved service delivery currently lacking in most sectors. This is a positive move towards the right direction,” reads the statement.

The church said the reforms have the potential to inculcate a hard working spirit, integrity and patriotism in all Malawians in general not only the civil service.

Words of encouragement

The bishops acknowledged that there are some positive developments taking place in our country which if supported and nurtured can transform the country.

“We also challenge the entire nation, and those entrusted with leadership positions to seriously consider designing policies and programmes that reduce the increasing gap between the rich and the poor.

“We call upon our renowned economists to honestly respond to the question: Can an economy and its policies opt for the poor? We recall Pope Francis’ words of encouragement to all Catholics and people of good will to love their country, offering their best and advancing the common good,” reads the statement.

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62 thoughts on “Malawi Catholic pastoral letter gives Mutharika govt a reality check”

  1. Kangamire Zowazowa says:

    Agalu awa ntchito kuchinda wana kumatako – go to hell in your KKK Clan garb!!

  2. Masozi Mwenifumbo says:

    Churches of God in Malawi and All near and far,

    A closer “Root-Cause-Analysis” of the current Malawi situation, and the world at large indeed, if we are INDEED, ALL OF US, PERSONALLY AND TOGETHER, CALLS FOR OUR SOBER MINDS TO REFLECT ON THE QUESTION, “What does GOD HIMSELF, who created all things, and created and man and put him in charge of all He had created IN OBEDIENCE TO GOD, have to say about all this concerning our past, present, and future problems and challenges, even as we stand at this point in time and history?”

  3. gifty says:

    abwana just resign munalikuti nthawi ya reflandam inu ? nanga 557 billion bwanji cab yangoti zii inu mulinkatimo

  4. popapo says:

    Thank you Bishops for your pastoral letter once again, it is true we are going trough tough time as a country and people. I have one suggestion though strange it might be, if the Leadership could talk to EU to allow us a few Refugee seekers trapped in Greece to come to Malawi and settle them here with a well tailoured package. These could be doctors, professionals in different fields including irrigation. We have Lebanese here in Lilongwe doing very good business compared to Chinese. We have to open up anthu aja akhoza kutinthandiza. We can demand a lot of money to resettle them here.

  5. Namulangeni says:

    Bravo to the roman catholic church for the good pastor letter.this is good

  6. Kapulula says:

    I do see any promblem

  7. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Does the Catholic Church take some responsibility at all?
    Take, for example, but 2 examples – it’s stand on birth control and abortion. Anybody can see that the church’s stand on these 2 issues has contributed to the population explosion in our country. And this clearly means the piece of cake, on per capita basis, gets smaller year in , year out.
    And regarding their stand on gays. It is obvious that some significant development partners have quit because of the country’s position, buttressed by the same Catholic Church’s uncompromising position. so, there you go, Catholic Church: you can’t have your cake and eat it at the same time.
    Tonse tikadye ku chalichi eti? Asa! (The church does not even have enough funds to feed its flock, let alone the rest of us.)
    A Malawi anachenjera masiku ano (The Church is being duplicitous, here.)
    People are not stupid: they know who to blame. And it’s not APM or DPP. People know about global warming and the like! Unlike the dictatorship, which could be and was traced directly to Kamuzu Banda.
    People will not swallow what the Church preaches, hook, line and sinker. Those days are gone. For good.
    Tinachenjera masiku ano.

  8. The presidency must fall, these people have grounded Malawi. They have failed there is a corruptionepidemic in the traffic police force and immigration especially the Mwanza boader. Muntarika must go

  9. Deadend says:

    The most telling part of the pastoral letter is that we have no visionary and strategic leadership. The rest fall from that. But I would add that we also have a sleeping and lazy population that does not understand its rights and expects hand outs too much.

  10. Winston Msowoya says:

    History repeats itself if Muthalika doesn’t take heed,he is in for it,maybe he asks former Banda’s henchmen who thought they could continue to enslave Malawians for ever.Everything has its end.BRAVO ROMAN CATHOLIC FOR YOUR TIMELY LETTER.







    ONE DAY !!


  12. Chimunthu says:

    APM and his government must not forget that it was a Pastoral Letter from the Catholic Bishops that brought about the downfall of Kamuzu Banda. He thought he was untouchable and would be President for Life. The people of Malawi need to rise up and demand change or nothing will change. APM and his government have already brought Malawi to its knees. They will not change of their own accord. Only the people can bring about change, that is democracy – the rule of the people, by the people, for the people.

  13. katakwi says:

    Koma dzikolathuli lidzapeza mtsogoleli wolikonda? womanga osati kugumula?

  14. Kelvin says:

    I support the pastoral letter…not bcoz am a catholic but bcoz i am a NO 1 concerned citizen who is also going thru another hell on earth. Hike of basic commodities, utility services and security threats

  15. Robert says:

    What about albino killings? Should have drawn attention to this problem as well.

  16. Sitima says:

    Which are the reforms which are bearing fruit? Does the Reform Commission really understand what reforms are? How can the Bishops say there has been a reduction in the number of principal secretaries? What sets apart a PS from a CD? We hear about decentralisation of teachers salaries but this is an initiative of the civil service and the world bank before DPP ” won ” the election. Arrogance by the Reform Commissioners is stiffling the reforms. Can Zodiak call for a debate between some PSs and Commissioners so that the country can understand what the civil service can do to reform the service. Miyambi is not reforms.

  17. chijachi says:

    Mathanyula woyeee!!!!!! Dpp woyeee!!!!!!!tribalism woyeeee!!!!!nepotism woyeee!!!!!!patsogolo ndi mwano patsogolo ndikukula mitima patsogolo ndikusalabadila,mungoyelekeza kuyankha za mwano zanuzija midziwanso.take care buddy coz now you have entered in danger zone.

  18. Winston Msowoya says:

    Alfred Minjo is just a walking zombie,do not listen to him.

  19. Mzukulu Wa Kamukhaty says:

    Zangoyambika kumene. Usova. ‘Do my prophets no harm’ Psalms. Abingu adamanga Rev. NYONDO. Kkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

  20. kaykay says:

    agalatiya,,,anayamba bwino koma zokaikisa ngt amalize bwino

  21. Sailota says:

    God bless those who criticise. Abale kuzuzula sikutukwana ai. I feel its not good to call APM all the bad names I am seeing and hearing. Having said this I wish APM start hearing the cry of most Malawians otherwise his close friends are cheating him. Thank u Bishops, can other religious leaders emulate this action?

  22. Alfred Minjo says:

    Number (Chuck) 31, be human and responsible. How can you wish Peter dying?? Ndi iwe wa Satanic and I will not surprised to learn that you are one of them. However, wakufa sadziwika. Mwina ndi iweyo uyambe kufa. Please watch your mouth!

  23. Max says:

    Muthalika Must fall!!!!

  24. PeterMustFall says:

    At least some presidents the first 5 yrs zimakhala bwino…koma with peter, hez so quite like we dont ave a president. The next thing we hear is Ine ndilibe problem… Zamasanje..

  25. ambuye says:

    its not about the president neither is our situation anything to do with a specific party. its about all of us malawians, its us who have to change, the goog message is for every malawian

  26. Poh emi says:

    Anthuwa samamvaaaa..they are too greedy and selfish…how can only the few pipo enjoy lif at the expense of the many poor malawians,.

  27. Nyapaphi says:

    Yankhatu..mmesa wamutokotela TB joshua…tiwone ngati 2019 ungalowenso….

  28. NSIPE PARISH says:

    Ameneyo ndiye Mai wanga Eklesia Katolika, Kuyankhula mopanda phyete ndi mosaopa M’malo mwa nkhosa za mwini wake Mphambe, Namalenga, Leza,Chauta, Yaweh, Chisumphi, Dzina la Atate ndi Lamwana ndi Lamzimu woyera,Amen

  29. Truth says:

    It is not surprising that Catholic Bishops have spoken. It is plain to most Malawians that Peter Mutharika is failing and nepotism and tribalism is rampart.

  30. Goliati says:

    Paja mukutukwana anthu a mulungu tukwananinso awa, paja ndinchitidwe wa DPP ,satanists too much, even khomo la church salidziwa, tsokaloooooooooooooooo!.

  31. Gadro says:

    komad amwenewa akunena chilungamo.

  32. chucks says:

    munthu ameneyu (Pitalayu) ndi munthu opanda nzeru kuteroko kalata imeneyi atukwanidwa nayo ma Bishop koma chomwe ndingapephe bwanji osangomupepherera bwampini imeneyu amwarile?This is the only way to get rid of his nsete zomwe akuchitazi……WAKE UP MALAWI

  33. Lets take our country back says:

    It’s about time! Olalika alalika okumva amve! So Mathanyula are you going to be smart -mouthed with the Bishops lie you did with TB Joshua???? Your days are numbered buddy!!!!

  34. Sir Ofewa says:

    Be positive. Accept the challenge, God will guide! It’s a reality check indeed! We’are suffering! Now it’s beyond the Silence! God Forbid!

  35. chikopa says:

    What are these idiots talking about? Are the said things problems of APM? Give me a break! Phew! Does the Northern Archdiocese of Catholic, Livingstonia CCAP, Anglicans in the north have top positions filled by Southerners or Ochewa? But what about Southern and Central Region? Please! Please! Please!

    You are worried with artificial birth controls? Shirt! My foot? Mufuna dziko likhale lopanda malo? Why should the poor have so many children? Let them work hard! Most of them are lazy or blame their parents for not using condoms or kutseketsa. Sex is still good even when you only have few children. Azibambowa kuseteketsa inu. Hehehehehe! Nimaona ngati niwa nzeru Dala. Koma aaaaa! Vibekete. Viwana vamahuli!

  36. Kwenda Sadzatheka says:

    Pafuka utsi pali moto, a president muyankhe moganizatu apa, kapena musayankhe mungokonza zikulakwikazo. Nanga awawa ndi Joshua ngati, kapena Liabunya kuti mukayankhira pansonkhano?

  37. Bibo says:

    I had high expectations from the Mutharikas when they first hit the Malawian political ground Judging their educational completeness, their exposure to the civilized world, and their lack of a tainted record in past political involvement. They offered hope starting from the older Mutharika after a ten-year period of economic mediocrity under Bakili Muluzi.

    Malawi is a country that has been built on four cornerstones under Dr Banda namely loyalty, discipline, Unity, and obedience.This means that Malawians have remained loyal to their leaders since Independence,and this loyalty was shelled with discipline,unity,and obedience which has translated to the country’s peaceful existence.The question is, have the leaders paid for this loyalty?

    Because of being loyal,Malawians have been taken for granted. Each president coming into office promised things for the better,but why are people still suffering economically and socially? The answer is they have been duped by the very leaders they faithfully elected. Statistics has shown that as Malawian presidents settle down in office after elections, they start to grow egotism, arrogance, and greed.They start to care less about prudent and transformational leadership and instead deviate to a more political discourse-they preach more politics than changing lives of people.

    Peter Mutharika,like his late brother, has become more paranoid and seems to be losing touch with his real job at hand.He is proving not a good planner of the country’s expected economic achievement. The Catholic’s observation reflects what is felt by people on the ground, it is reality that needed good and caring leadership longtime ago.

    Dr Banda laid down a foundation for the country’s Unity and economic achievement even though under a dictatorial rule, but the Malawi of today is less unified, has less factories for production in order to achieve development goals, has a dilapidated health system, has an unbearable inflation,and has deprived people of their buying power. This is so because leaders or politicians have capitalized on people’s meekness.

    A better Malawi lies in the minds of the people.They need to scrutinize their prospective leaders regardless of tribe. Leaders have to be elected on merit and not on tribal affiliation.Malawians lack responsibility to choose genuine leaders and are partly to blame for the problems facing the nation.

  38. Ayaya says:

    Awa okha samafunika kuwabwenzera moto kungowayang’ana nkuwavomereza.Alibe masewera

  39. Markmarkc says:

    ndizimene ife akatolika eni ake timafuna kuti Mabishopi wathu muyankhule!

  40. Alfred Lemani says:

    peter is a foolish clueless President, he failed to run all the departments under his brother and do we expect him to run a government? impeachment pls this man has brought suffering to Malawians

  41. HAPY says:


  42. lipenga says:

    The best thing for Malawi at the moment is to get rid of Peter Nuntharika and DPP.he is a clueless leader and an accidental president who entered through the back door .Brazilian and people in Venezuela are on the street demonstrating to remove their presidents we can do the same.The pastoral letter will do nothing to change anything on the ground .I can for see another state funeral soon ,April is coming near ,resign and save your self or stay in your pride and die in shame .

  43. Alfred Lemani says:

    Chilungamo Sichiopa, Mukachita Masewela Mulungu Akutembelelani. Anthu Tikuvutika

  44. lipenga says:

    Tell Peter Muntharika to resign before the prophecy is fulfilled by April to save himself and Gertrude. we don’t want state funeral again!
    Clueless leadership , tribalism at its best. Brazilian are demonstrating against the President why can’t we do the same in Malawi?

    Life in Malawi is so unbearable ,the anger is everywhere and we are again disappointed by the NGOs and opposition parties why can’t we impeach this President and force him to go back to U.S .Peter is not the alpha and omega of Malawi, we can live without DPP,and Peter

  45. Lord says:

    Padangokhala? tilitonse, padangotero? tilitonse, panali Angwazi, A Bakili, A Bingu ndi a Joyce, tilitonse,………. the rest is history

  46. pastor ken says:

    mmmmmm good piece of advice

  47. Boliwoli2 says:

    APM,ukati uyangane mbali iyi koyipa kwinanso upezanso kuli chizenje choipa muboma lakoli chuma choyendesera dziko ulibe chakudya mdziko mulibe. Aaaaaa! Zinthu Zavuta. Abambo Tembenukani

  48. The Captain says:

    Apatu musamale akulu ndi mayankhidwe. …. ask dausi before you answer otherwise muononga

  49. Charles says:

    Kalatayovekabwinokwambiri, Makamaka Nkhaniya Mzipatalaza Boma,zinthuzafikapoipa, Mmalomoonjelama Ambulance , Ma Docters,komasokugula Zipangizozoyeselamatendaa Cancer, Bomalikungoonelelaanthuakuvutika.Umphawi, Kusankhanamitundu,kuphana,kusowachakudya,kukwelakwazinthu.Mmmmmmm Inu Ma Bishop Mwachitabwinokuwaunikilaanthuamenewa

  50. Stanford says:

    Idont think if dey want to b xooled on de meaning of democratic government otherwise we have de power to unseat them. Their xpenditures must b for de gd of poor masses

  51. Stanford says:

    Thanks our bishops for dat wonderful pastor letter.word to awiseman is enough amva achita

  52. Godfrey Banda says:

    “Shrinking standards……. lack of public service delivery…….. misplaced priorities……… Shocking that a minority – who can make decision and policies………. further depress their economic prospers – enjoy the fruits of development and can afford to live in luxury and wealth…..
    These comments of our Holy Fathers are not only true but also clearly the will of God who spoke through them to our leaders on all levels of government whether it be the president, the cabinet, member of parliament and our judges. They have all failed us and now needs to be hold accountable. May they heed and listen to outcry of the will of God or be condemned to eternal hell……….
    The nation and more importantly God is watching and you will be punished by God for we have now suffered long enough to carry the burden of an incompetent and corrupt government, legislators and judges.

    Arthur Peter Mutharika and Cabinet
    Richard Msowoya and Members of Parliament
    Andrew Nyrienda and fellow Judges
    Repent your sins, rise to the occasion and discharge your duties before the Almighty of be condemned for eternity

  53. chome says:

    BAD TIMING FOR SUCH PASTURE LETTERS. Zisawawe lero as U all Masterminded your Followers to Vote for de same Regime. t

  54. The Analyst says:

    It is very hypocritical of the Catholic Church to find no wrong accessing modern medicine when sick e.g. Panado, LA e,t,c but to find it a problem to access moden birth-control measures; yet the two are one.
    . . . Such cosmetic, inconsistent and slective interpretation of the word is not only contradictory (as modern and effective measures for contolling population are not being advocated for) but also dangerous as far as development of a poor country like Mlawi is concerned.
    . . . Let it be known by the Catholic Church leaders that besides greedy and incompetent leadership, Malawi finds it hard to develp because of irresponsible kid-production hence rapid population growth which has balooned govt expenditure through unprecedented pressure on such social services as health and education and safety nets as FISP.
    Further, it is a waste of one’s precious time and space to assume that APM and his govt are not aware of the problems this country is facing. Truth is – they are aware but either they are incompetent (hence dont know what to do) OR they just dont care.

    If we become apolitical and unanimously agree that APM and his govt are incompetent . . .
    . . . we shall quickly realise that although the country is going miles and miles to nowhere, the govt has literaly come up with nothing like a recovery or plan of some sort.
    Simply put, they do not know what to do!

    And if we agree that APM and his govt are careless or care less or just dont care . . .
    . . . we shall quickly realise that APM has no problem with the country having many problems; not realiseing that he is the captain of the ship and if the ship sinks, the blame is all his.

    Malawi needs change – in the way both religious leaders and govt leaders engage their brain and reason. Otherwise, at the rate we are going, we are doomed!

  55. The Mercy of God of God is incompatible to our Human thinking. How often I feel good when a colleague is struggling. Went to a funeral recently where a young man died tragically in a cycle accident but was humiliated in death because of the unblessed marriage despite being an active church member. The Mercy of God goes beyond the Power that we exercise in the Churches sometimes through church elders who do not follow- present teachings by the Pope, for example. Anthu amalangana ngati tiwalekerera.
    Catholics, let us make The Mercy of God Alive! The pastoral letter is a great guide to this and a great message of Hope

  56. Mwana Mulanje says:

    Tisakumvenso ukunyoza mabishopu ngati muja wanyozera TB Joshua dzulo. Moto uyamba kukuotcha pansi pompano. Chosamva adachiphikira m’masamba! Kapena ufuna umve nkhwangwa ili m’mutu?

  57. zondiyakhulitsa udyo ine ayi says:

    uku nde kuweta nkhosa za ambuye moyenera, bravo our bishops, Peter tengani uthengawu muwugwilitse ntchito mukakula mtima that will be the beggining of your downfall

  58. jolozakapokola says:

    APM watha value

  59. Mbonga Matoga says:

    I have no idea why these bishops are so afraid of this DPP govt. No mention of nepotism which is manifested in the cabinet and all top govt positions.

    The whole cabinet is from the Mulahko tribe apart from the finance minister and the leader of the govt in parlinment a Mr Katsaila, and a Mrs Kalirani who they just use like a porn.

    And how can federalism be classed as regionalism? Those calling for federalism know that it is unfair that funds generated in the other regions of the country should be used to develop the southern region just becoz the whole cabinet including the president comes from the south.

    Bingu Wa Muntharika in broad day light managed to snatch the new university of science and technology that parliament had approved to be built in Lilongwe which ended up in Bingu’s own back yard at ndata.

    Recently thanks to the opposition parties in parliament, the Chinese funded football stadium and the cancer centre that parliament had approved to be built in Lilongwe, would have been built in the south just because the Mulahko cabinet want every new investment to happen in the south. How can this be a democracy when the president can willy nilly veto whatever has been approved in parliament? Why do we have parliament anyway?

  60. Max says:

    This APM is Useless President,you malawians” you never listen & understand; this men: doesn’t have a good heart; yesterday he said” he cannot resign and urged that malawi has plenty food to feed people!.

  61. SATSATIKA says:


  62. TB Yoswa says:

    Urhenga wabwino kobasi. APM musayese TB Joshua uja uyu. Awa akupwetekani mukayankhula mosaganiza bwino.

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