Malawi Civil Servants salaries to delay -Treasury

Malawi government has said it will delay to pay salaries to some of  its public workers because of a “technical problem” with the payment system at the Malawi Switch Centre (MALSWITCH).

Mangani: Delay pay

Mangani: Delay pay

In a statement  dated  December  2 2014 signed by secretary to the Treasury Ronald Mangani,  said the civil servants will be paid  late  for November salaries.

Mangani said the technical problem has hit the  system which is used to transmit payment data from Government to Commercial Banks through Reserve Bank of Malawi.

“Due to the technical problem at MALSWITCH which occurred on the eve of the 25th November 2014, the Accountant General Department resorted to manually and physically transferring salaries to commercial banks,” reads the statement in part.

It said the manual transferring of salaries was necessary to minimise the delays that would have arisen.

“The Government sincerely regrets this sad occurrence and assures the affected Civil Servants that every effort is being taken to ensure that they access their November 2014 salaries, latest by 8th December 2014,” the statement reads.

It adds: “Government further wishes to inform the general public that in an isolated instance, some files from Ministry of Education, Science and Technology were duplicated whilst manually amalgamating the salaries files. The issue has been noted and corrective action taken to normalise the duplicates.

“Government would like to re assure the general public and Civil Servants in particular, that the Payment System has been rectified and is now undergoing validation tests to ensure timely payment of future salaries.”

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Improve The Situation,please.


It appears we should all be politicans inorder to survive in Malawi. I thought these politicians would be working to find solutions to improve the economy so that everyone in the country benefit. Surprisingly they do not know how to do that, they are giving themselves salary increases. What about the peasant farmer, nurse, primary school teacher? I thought they also deserve an increase in income for them to survive? How will they survive?

Munthu wa Mulungu

Makamaka tikamayandikira ku holiday kapena nthawi ya holiday imene aphunzitsi amayesedwa zidore zoseweretsa. Why teachers always. Koma zimenezi zisachitike mwezi wa Dec. Umenewu ndi mwezi wa chisangalalo, makamaka kwa akhiristu. Ndipo sitifuna kuti pakhale maliro owomberedwa ndi apolisi pa nthawi ya zionetsero zolirira malipiro. Zoyambana dala ife ayi.

Penu says



Nde kut omwe akulandila 367% salary increase kudalibe fault imeneyo? Teachers wu die poor bt intelligent

Chonde chonde anthu wolemba nkhani Ku Malawi tayesani kubalasa nkhani zabwino ndi zoipa,ndiye kuti utolankhani ndi zoipa zokha zokha.kodi ndiye kuti muthu akalowa muboma ndiye kuti basi nayeni nayeni,ayi tiyeni tisuse polikonda dziko lino.we are only shooting ourselves in the foot.kuzinyenga ndichala kweni kweni zedi.let us advise where its not within the constitution of Malawi accordingly and together we shall build a strong Malawi. This is our country all of us northern,central ,eastern and south one Malawi.starting with you our party leaders in government and out side government,you lead by examples by stopping the fighting that is happening now in… Read more »
Odala Ochibwe

Ithink The Best Way Is To Stop Voting For Such Selfish Pple Next Elections Becos We Are The Ones Who Voted For These Selfish Pple.Let Them Eat For These Five Days They We Need Us On The 6th Day Never Allow Them Again To Be There Azikakanda Ngati Momwe Akukandira Amnzawo Omwe Sanawine Chifukwa Chodzikonda!


Zero aid budget,some geting as high as 162%, Malawi wanga ukupita kuti

Laurent Nkhalamba

Do your level best.


You mean by the 25th of November the issue of salaries had not been finalised yet?What a shame!

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