Malawi court fines South African driver for killing a pedestrian

The Balaka First Grade Magistrate’s in court in eastern Malawi has ordered a South African driver to pay a fine of K100, 000, for causing death due to reckless driving.

The court heard through the state Prosecutor Sergeant Lawrence Mchalisoni that the 21-year-old Sibiya Mulungusi hit a 26 year-old pedestrian Steven Alfred last Friday due to reckless driving.

The suspect who was in the country for business, pleaded guilty to the charges that followed the incident which happened at Mpale area along Mangochi – Liwonde road.

First Grade Magistrate Felix Mandala said that it’s unfortunate that the country is losing a lot of people in what could be preventable road accidents due to reckless driving.

He therefore ordered Sibiya Mulungusi to pay a fine of K100, 000.00 and in default serve 12 months imprisonment with hard labour. Magistrate Mandala also ordered that the bereaved family should be compensated through insurance.

The suspect has since paid the fine.

Meanwhile, station traffic officer for Balaka Police Assistant Superintendent Julius Phiri has called upon drivers and all road users to observe road signs if they are to control road accident.

Phiri said in month of July alone, 19 cases of road accidents were registered in Balaka district alone in which seven people were killed.

“Most of these accidents happen during night time and this is because most drivers do not observe road signs and end causing road accident due to reckless or negligent driving,” he said.

He asked road users not to observe the rules for fear of traffic police officer but should observe the law at all times.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi court fines South African driver for killing a pedestrian”

  1. Mapiri says:

    In South Africa, there’s nothing like fine. U straight go to jail for not less that 5 years. Where’s justice in fining someone K100 000

  2. Thats not fair guys.something has happened secretely, because you can not have a life recovery with that peace of money.We manage to buy suits with that amount of mount money,so can you think how special is life when we compare?Ok,R.I.P munthu osalakwa.

  3. VIYAZI TEMBO says:

    Malawian life! so cheap, 100k equivalent to r5000, anyway he is a south African driver from a rich nation………………

  4. Zangazatha says:

    Well done court. umenewo ndiye mtengo (price) wa a chawa

  5. NH says:

    With mk 100K fine the punishment is too very mild indeed.
    In fact it can not be termed as a punishment at all. The driver deserved a lot more severe punishment for sure. And what about the heirs of victim ? Any compensation for them ?

  6. RHESSO says:

    very sadness

  7. Eye Witness says:

    Mk100,000.00 is okay. The bereaved family will be compensated through Insurance. What is wrong here? That’s why we pay insurance.

  8. captain says:

    The issue is that police prosecutors always agree with the magistrate first before the case gets to court. In this case the south African driver had a deal in hand known before going to court. Corruption is high in Malawi. It happened to my relative one day where a prosecutor had to delay our court appearance inorder to organise the cash for magistrate and him . After we said we had the cash its when we enter the court and judgement was passed and the guy got suspended sentence.

  9. thinktankmalawi says:

    What a joke….100,000 mk for reckless driving resulting in loss of life…shame

  10. Paradiso says:

    Mr Mphepo, Roads are not for the cars! We need to share the roads with everyone only that in Malawi our roads are very small in width and there is no specific space for a pedestrian.

  11. Chembe lumbe says:

    Roads are for vehicles not pedestrians….that’s cruel. But do you reckon that these pedestrians tax payers too. When I look back I hate the civics I was taught to be afraid of using roads.

  12. mr. Mbwani says:

    May the soul of innocent pedestrian rest in peace.

  13. dumerang says:

    Much as I agree that road accidents are caused by reckless driving, pedestrians also contribute to accident’s. They are like motor vehicles on on the road as well. My his soul rest in peace

  14. Professor Dr. James Napwiri Phiri says:

    He could have paid more!! MK100,000.00 is nothing in terms of Rands and the life of somebody

  15. mphepo zinai says:

    The Police and courts shoukd be balanced in their assessments. Pedestrians and cyclists are very careless and big headed on the roads around these areas, Balaka, Zalewa Road and Mangochi.Why are Kabaza cyclists not wearing reflector jackets at night? Why do bicycles not have reflectors? The roads are for cars not pedestrians and unruly cyclists. Revise your rigid laws.

  16. Edwin Mwalwen says:

    K100,000.00? D u kno hw much is it?
    Less than R2800.
    I don’t think the amount matches with the life of a person.

  17. Che BIKILONI says:

    His soul rest in peace.

  18. chipwete chalunda says:

    Mk 100,000 for death of a healthy 26 year old. What a joke. The bastard is very lucky.

  19. GRM says:

    Aaaa. 100,000? Why ena amawalipiritsa 450,000 nkuti 400,000 ikhale chipepeso kwa abale. Sono 100,000 abale apepesedwa ndi zingati? Why these courts do not give uniform fines?

  20. Tili Chenene says:

    Reckless driving, pleaded guilty, non-Malawian: charge MK100,000 (about R2,500) which the reckless driver immediately paid.

    Is this justice? Our magistrates!


    This guy is used to drive on freeway 120km/h kwathu kulibe misewu kuno ku Malawi that is why the situation is like this. But we must say thanks what we have even though we are poor.

  22. half trillion says:

    it’s not only the drivers that cause these accidents. 50% of the time, the fault is with drunk pedestrians, stray animals, kabazas, vendors and ngolos. 20% is because of our shit roads, 20% is due to crooked road traffic department officers that certify scrap cars as roadworthy and the final 10% due to overspeeding and drunk driving.

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