Malawi CSOs demand K92bn, K20bn cashgate justice in sync

Malawi civil-society groups who are organising anti-government streets protests over governance concerns scheduled for January 13, 2015 have demanded to see justice on accused persons’ role to plunder of public money both in the DPP and the PP era.

Mtambo: The cases should be persued together

Mtambo: The cases should be persued together

The groups want action K92 billion DPP-era cashgate and about  K20 billion grew wings from public coffers within six months of Joyce Banda’s reign, April to September 2013, as was revealed by a forensic audit report by a British company, Baker Tilly.

“Malawians are concerned with slow pace to concluding cashgate cases more so that the cases that are already in court are largely for junior offices whom might have been carrying orders from their superiors,” the CSOs said.

Furthermore, the groups pointed out that there are competing cashgate investigations  – K92 billion and K20 billion -with divided interests contrary to the general expectation of Malawians to see to it that justice is not only seen to be done but is manifestly seen to be done on both issues.

The CSOs demand that the two matters should be earnestly investigated and brought to their finality without favour.

“In pursuit of justice, government is urged to desist from shielding some alleged senior officers on the matter as doing so would negate government’s obligations to protect its citizens,” they appealed.

Spokesman of the protests, Timothy Mtambo, said the institutions entrusted to investigate and prosecute Cashgate cases should be allowed to do their job as guided by the law, and if anyone is proven beyond reasonable doubt that he took part in Cashgate, the law should not spare him or her just for fear of being labelled as ‘political witch-hunting’.

The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) Senior Public Relations Officer, Egrita Ndala, said the seven-week long strike by the judiciary had affected the progress of the cashgate cases.

Currently at least 25 cashgate cases are known to have commenced at both Lilongwe and Zomba Magistrates and High Courts while a lot more cases are yet to come before trial as investigations are still underway.

Ndala assured that the bureau will to work to ensure that the on-going cashgate cases “reach their logical conclusions be it in investigations or prosecutions” and t hat in 2015 the bureau also plans to intensify corruption prevention programmes in public institutions perceived to be more vulnerable to corruption with an aim of safeguarding the public purse.

Following the Cashgate revelations, donors withdrew aid and Malawi has been operating on a zero-aid budget, a situation that has caused misery to Malawians economically.

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79 thoughts on “Malawi CSOs demand K92bn, K20bn cashgate justice in sync”

  1. Kanyimbi says:

    I would have been happy if Mr Mtambo had called the demo during the cashgate era. Otherwise it shows that he gets support from JB so only devils who do not think properly will be at the streets. But me and my family will attend the field. We suffered when the Kwacha was devalued. Undule Mwakasungula brought trouble to Malawians only to silent after enriching himself.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    You can bark and bark as big man always says against mtambo but it is people like you with twisted mentalities that let Malawi down by consistently supporting thieving and corrupt dpp, udf and pp. These thieving rulers must change their mentality but they will
    Never change if stupid people like you keep on supporting them even when yourselves don’t get any benefit from the support you give them. How stupid can u get?

  3. beni phiri says:

    Mr.Mtambo is right. We need to demostrate and show these lomwe thieves that we are tired of their nonsense way of running this country. This country is on remote control. All they know is stealing.

    We will join you for sure. Remember we have seen State Wedding, we are waiting for state funeral. Watch this space!

  4. Kelvin Jumbe says:

    What goes around comes around… Sky is neva the limit coz above the sky there are so many things moon, stars and mention yu… If its not ajudgement now then wait next life above the sky coz atitle case will be crime against mass humanity…

  5. pj says:

    Tumbukas and PP, u can not fool malawians. Malawi and Malawians are far bigger and important than these two entities combined together. Mtambo mwana waatumbuka and u Mr Semberekamwana wa PP, u are off track. The sooner u realize this the better. Guess what APM is currently running this government without donor funds, but look at how the MK is stabilizing. What does that tell u of the leadership? Mukayang’ana zinthu kuchokera pa hatred ya chipani kapena mtundu wanu wa kumpoto, zikuvutani. U will be lost in the wilderness and u will become irrelevant to the larger society!

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Is nac money not donor money?

  6. Nkhuwawe says:

    Mtambo form yako uli ndi 32 points, utiuza chani iwe. Kuda ngati …………..?

  7. Chilungamo says:

    Mlawians don’t personalize issues Mtambo is just a spocksperson so why personally attacking g them if what they are standing for is not true the. You who are against
    Rambo better go to hell if you were good thinking pros you could have told your thieves to stop looting Malawi public resources and give back aids funds and silence the mtambos

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Mtambo yomweyo mkumutukwana has produced one result. The judicial strike has ended when the govt came to its senses. Another cso demand will soon be resolved by the govt, then another one, then another one as demos date nears!! Why was the govt stubborn in the first place?

    Why should you fear a demo? The govt is getting the message anyway!!!

  9. Rift Valley says:

    You can castigate Mtambo as much as you like but know that development parteners know who plundered the k92&k20 bn and, unless the culprits(i mean the big fish) are taken to task, we will have to do with the so called zero aid budget(whatever that means) and only God knows whether we can survive that long.

    1. Kenkk says:

      Rift Valley, they rely on nac money to support the zero budget!!!! Stupid people!!!

      1. Kakha Erutu says:

        Sir Kenkk, you better learn to open your mouth to speak when you have something sensible to say otherwise it’s all ridicule you earn yourself.

  10. Bright says:

    Even though i am in govermment i fully support Mtambo and company. What is the logic of prosecuting 20bn and leave out 90bn? Which is bigger? Lets focus where there are more money. The challenge is that on the other list is the current regime gurus like Mulli and Peter Mutharika while the other is the previous regime.

    I am sure these are all thieves just want to divert our attention.

    I rest my case!

  11. timothy mauluka says:

    A CSO cannot ever set govt. agenda- not at all!! If you want that then run for office in elections!! sub-human primate Mtambo!! why must everything be about you Mtambo??!! why, you protoplasmic receptacle of fecal deposits!!??

  12. chatty man says:

    Keep it up Mr Mtambo wina alira chaka chake nchino? Freedom of speech is all about so wa????

  13. powder says:

    mtambo ukufuna kutchuka? wasnkha njira yolakwika, peza njira ina not kutukwana or kuyambana ndi anthu sukuzifunira zabwino. mufuna anthu azidzati tinkanena?

  14. sd says:

    Iam not in Malawi but I know real Malawians R clever,smart&intelligent&they know&see Mtambo is an IDIOT opposition puppet,thanks guys for ur comments kp it up,our future is being shaped by this heavy machine Muthalikas govt thru surviving without any budget support. Let’s support him guys

  15. jp says:

    Ukanyamuka ulende usakudziwa chokachita kumeneko, umatha kulowera kulikonse. U dont even know ngati njira ukuyendayo ndi yoyenera. It is exacty what Mtambo the Norther delegate and Sembereka the PP delegate are doing. They know the Nac gate is not holding water, and they are not sure if and how they can be seen to focus on something relevant. Just wait, soon they will bring issues of Water in BT as another item on the agenda. Even after that, they will bring issues of lack of condoms at Bwandiro. All they know is that they have lost direction and they want to see if they can find one. Dont be surprised!

  16. chingolopiyo says:

    Mtambo, word of advise, Ng’oma yolira kwambiri sichedwa kusweka. Kuyankhula kwa ndithe ndithe Natambwe zinamuonekera, komanso khoswe wa pa denga anaulura wa pa Dzala.

  17. Walu Kalua says:

    How did MRA, Anti-Corruption Bureau, RBM and banks fail to notice K20b and K92b fraud and money laundering activities? How come none of them raised any red flags? What are the fines and penalties for incompetence? Does anyone in Malawi monitor our economic activities at all?

  18. chingolopiyo says:

    Mtambo, word of advise, Ng’oma yolira kwambiri sichedwa kusweka. Kuyankhula kwa ndithe ndithe Natambwe zinamuonekera, komanso khoswe wa pa denga anaulura wa pa swindi, .

  19. phodogoma says:

    Mtambo becareful you will die soon. Ask Mwakasungula who did the same with the late Muthalika.Mwakasungula now is paralysed. He is now useless.As young as he is he has become Pastor preaching at Tranworld Radio. We will do more harm to you than Mwakasungula himself. Shiet.

  20. John Kapito says:

    Kodi Sembereka Mtambo Kwataine Dorothy Ngoma mathanyula Trapence anali kuti pamene John Kapito ndi Mayaya anaaknoza ma demo ku Lilongwe ndi ku BT ZOKHUDZANA ndi Cashgate? Mwalandila 40 million kwa Abiti Ntila.

  21. Liberalist says:

    Demos are part & parcel of democratic & civilised societies. Unfortunately majority of Malawians don’t fall in that category. Therefore, it follows that any demo is viewed from an ethnic angle of the organisers not the merits & demerits of the issues raised. No matter how much u drum sense in an African to civilise u yield greater tribalism & regionalism. If Africans are cursed then TB Joshua, Bushiri et al must fast & pray for this wicked race. Wherever a black man is, he is in deep problems. See in USA, Haiti, Malawi, France etc. Why? Yao have yellow eyes, Lomwe have blue eyes, Chewa have black eyes & Tumbuka have wandering eyes all are seeing things from ethnic view point.

  22. Thakolanjoka says:

    Mr Mtambo, as others have already said, you seem not to know what you are fighting for. For me, CHRR has got its own problems with the Mutharika family. We saw this when Bingu Wa Mutharika was ruling this country. When things go wrong, are demos the only way to solve problems? What we should all understand here in Malawi is that there are many kinds of businesses e.g activism business, evangelism business and many others. What Mr Mtambo is doing is activism business. I smell money has changed hands here. The money should be coming from opponents of DPP potentially PP. My fellow Malawians, let Mtambo fight Mutharika on his own. Otherwise, we have credible CSOs who fight for Malawians in decent ways not always going to the streets. Mtambo wabisala pa phale nkhanga zaona. I can foresee Mtambo going to demos alone or may be with Kwataine, Sembereka and CEDEP boss because these are the only CSOs whose leaders have issues with the Mutharika family.
    By the way, a Kwataine, mukukwiya chifukwa chakuti amayi anachoka pampando? Ine ndiye ndakuwerengani.
    I do not mean that the Mutharika family and its DPP are doing fine, no. What I am saying is that CSOs must criticise in a mature manner. You should be able to go to a roundtable discussion with government when you have noted that rules have been bent and not always encouraging ordinary Malawians to go to streets. Apo yayi, go and pick you relatives from your villages and go to streets and demonstrate. These relatives of yours benefit from the handouts you get from your financiers (PP and its western bedmates). What you are doing is very stupid. Mmalawi wachenjera. Zopusitsana ayi. A Sembereka, every sensible person knows that you are orange and key osaloka. Therefore, your sentiments are political and in this case, against DPP. Bwanji kodi? Nkhondo mumenya nokha iyi. Agalu inu.

  23. MWASUWA says:

    guys musaimve!

  24. Mercy Thindwa says:

    how could they speed up the cashgate scandal while the judiciary was on stike. leave peter alone .

  25. Mercy Gogoda says:

    The first thing Mtambo should do is to ask the same donors withholding aid to hand back some of the culprits involved in the thefty of govt. money to come and defend themselves instead of hiding in foreign lands. Those are some of the reasons why cases like the ones mentioned have stalled, apart from the infamous standoff by judiciary supporting staff. Why can’t the Mtambos, Semberekas in Malawi begin to think rationally, progressively and proportionately, not like idiots, clowns, sellouts and desparate insane spoilt children? Don’t waste everybody’s precious time because we as bonafide citizens want to pragmatically partake in every sphere of development in the country other than looking at where one originates. Therefore can you give proper Malawians a break, please?

  26. Maggie Lucius says:

    Who is this Ntambo guy? Confused dude

  27. Political Analyst says:

    Vuto lopondeleza(kukhalira) chilungamo ndilimeneli.Lero nonse amene munadya nawo K92bn mukudana ndi chilungamo.K1.7bn ya Muluzi ijanso ikufunika iwonedwe bwino chifukwa tinaona Kezar building ikugulitsidwa mosayembezereka.Ndalama za aMalawi osauka zipite kwa aMalawi osati kwa mbava zandale ayi!Nonse amene mumadya ku BCA,kwa Kapoloma,ku Chilema, ku Ndata kaya ku Nsanjika kazidyani koma one day is one day mudzazindikira patsogolo kuti ndinu adani a chitukuko cha dziko laMalawi

  28. HateMongers says:

    Currently there is no issue worthy a demonstration which may lead to possible loss of life and property. If there is really a K90 bIllion financial scandal involving the previous DPP government don’t you think the PP government would have been too keen to pursue that case. Joyce Banda had 2 years to fulfill her vendetta against the DDP using the so-called K90 Billion scam but she did nothing. Why now. Regarding the Beam/NAC controversy, it is just manufactured crisis and the silliest excuse ever to hold a demonstration and shed innocent blood. Note that BEAM is a charity organization in my opinion with a noble cause so like any charity organization it depends on well wishers to finance its activities. There is nothing fraudulent or hideous about a charity requesting a small donation of K5,000,000 from a wiling donor. After all the donation is said to have been in services and not cash transactions

    It seems like the CSOs’ and their backers and supporters are blinded by mindless hate, parading their ignorance and on mission to fulfill the destructive plans of some master
    puppeteers. They have put themselves in corners hence the shifting narratives on why the Demo.

    As Malawians we have to know that hate is not a strategy and we should desist from following demagogues and mercenaries inspired by hate and financial motives while masquerading as human rights activists

  29. Nyabinghi says:

    Lets do demos guys, this president of ours is not giving people abakha, ng”ombe etc and also he is not travelling like JB.

  30. Clement says:

    Liwu kapena kuti mawu atsogoleri,tsitsani ntengo wamafuta.mose walelo ndikapoto basi!ntambo ndianzakewa ndiana afalawo!
    ndimanthokoza Mulungu pakuti anatimenyela ufulu wazikoli anali wakumwela John Chilembwe, sindikudziwakuti lero chinachitika
    ndichiyani John chilembwe akanakhala kuti anali ntumbuka! kapito woyeeeeeeeeeeee! kodi kapito ndiwaku north?
    tikufuna yakho kumeneko atumbuka, kapena kuti mapalesitina.

  31. Kamputa says:

    Mr Mtambo, I am struglinng to take you seriousily now. Please be consistent and focus on one thing at a time. Be your own and stop being a messenger of individual camps but Malawians……..

  32. mapwesera says:

    Wasowa zochita ameneyu

  33. Ineyo says:

    Antambo lets talk issues being from north should not make you an enemy of ppo talk issues you are a learned person would you plz tell us the evidence of the 92bn. I think you are among the ppo who can have a critical thinking.

  34. John says:


  35. Alungwana says:

    All we need is justice. No more no less!

  36. BECHI says:

    Mr Mtambo surely u don’t knw what and how to achieve what u have sent to do, plz close ur noise cz there no sense wat u do and plan to do. Do nt cheat malawians that ur concerned wt k92m and k20m tody yet dzulo u said nacgate how do pip trust u. Get organized cz we are fade up wt u

  37. Chechule says:

    Koma Mtambowo ndi mwana wa mfumu m’mudzi wa Ishalikira ku Chitipa. Kaya akadzakhala mfumu iyeyo azidzakwatitsa amuna mmudzimo kaya. Bad example from an heir. Pajanso Undule ndi mafumu kwao ku Karonga, it seems kukhala mwana wa mfumu its a qualification to the job.

  38. Cash Gater says:

    Inuyo a Mtambo, are your hands clean? If your conscious says, yes, then go ahead with your demos. But if it says no you better think twice. You will have the shock of your life. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Let those whose hands are clean throw stones.

  39. A MPINGO says:


  40. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    Is it Mtambo speaking? or its Tumbukaism married with PP propaganda?


  42. Tikambepo says:

    My freind Mtambo talk sense. Zokamba zanu zimachititsa manyazi anthu ngati Chinsinga, Kayuni, Franz Amini, Makwinja, malecturer amane anatiphunzitsa. Zimaoneka ngati sanatiphnzitseni mokwanila. My freind “think” and talk sense lero wanena ichi mawa ichi have consistent premises.Ndikanika kuulula kuti Mtabo ndi mzanga kwa anthu chifukwa cha emptiness yako. Iyayaya!!!!!!!!! Sukulu yathuyi inapinduliranso zitsilu bwanji.

  43. Gabro says:

    Kkkkkkkk! Ma CSO musandiseketse ine iiiii!!!!!!! Kkkkkkkk! Koma mitu yanu ikuyenda bwino bwino? Kkkkkkkk! Mtambo ukayendako iwe ndakazi ako kumeneko. Mwachita manyazi kuti strike ya makhoti yatha! If you are objective come to the public and cancel the demos since your demands are met! What a useless flibbertigibert in the name of Mtambo. Become american if you want and leave Malawi to malawians!!

  44. concerned says:

    CSO lets fight for reduced fuel prices. Lets join hands with Kapito. Zinazi zawonetsa kuti zakuvutani. U don’t mobilize people to go to streets and find reasons later!

  45. Hebrews says:

    Kodi justice mumafuna pamene DPP ikulamula pokhapokha! Bwanji nthawi ya JB simunacfune justiceyo. Kodi k92 billion anaba ndi Peter? Kafukuleni Mtembo wa Bingu muzauyimbe mulandu! Kodi Bwanji nanga simukunena za Ndege yomwe inagulitsidwa koma ndalama osaoneka? Nanga za chimanga ananama kuti chaola atagulitsa ku CP china kumagawa JB chija bwa? Mtambo takuona ukufuna udindo m’boma unya uwonaulira mpaka 2019 wooooooooooo

  46. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    Mr Mtambo, each passing day you are becoming subjectivie, please be objective. It seems like you don’t know what you are doing. You are are like a blind man trying to lead a group of men. This is not Chancellor College anymore, as you used to do things when you were speaker for the students Union. Grow up! You are becoming childish day by day…uphunzire kwa mzako Mwakasungula, pajatu anadwala nazo nthenda zosadziwika

  47. Munthu odzikonda mtumbuka says:

    Mtambo is typical of people like me. Big up Mtambo mtumbuka wenecho!

  48. Lack of knowledge says:

    Amene muvale zofiira nkumapita ku ma demo a satanicwa mukadzayamba kuperekedwa nsembe musadzabwere kwa ife opemphera kuti tikupempherereni.

  49. Mayi a Priscilla says:

    Malawians, can we also demand for the conclusion of the Bakili Muluzi MK1.7bn case ? Tiyeni tionetsetse kuti chilungamo chiyende ngati madzi m’dziko mwathu muno .

  50. The Truthful One from the West says:

    I fully agree that the K92 billion from 2005 must be fully investigated. We want to know where Bingu wa Mutharika who turned into a dictator got the money to build the expensive ndata mansion. Peter Mutharika’s DPP should know that if they cover up on K92billion no donor would want to come back. Yes it is a legitimate demand by CSOs during the forthcoming demonstrations.

  51. wagwa says:

    Iwe ukufuna chani kwenikweni? mmesa umati yakupweteka ndi 5 million. panga kaye za imeneyo. Nkhani ya cashgate is overdue , Unayenera kupangitsa the time Joice Banda was president. Ndiye usanamizire nkhani ya cashgate
    cholinga anthu abwele..
    .panga kaye za 5 million yakoyo

  52. Njalayamalamuchiuno says:

    We must all accept that the social and economic ills that have hit the country are as a result of the few greedy, unpatriotic and inhuman individuals some of us wish to protect due to political patronage. Fraud and corruption must be faught in totallity if we want it to have a meaningfull impact on our society. There are a host of fraud and corruption related issues such as Mk1.7 bn, Mk29bn, Mk92bn, etc which must be looked into without fear or favour. Hence the CSOs are justified.

  53. freedom says:

    Mr. Mtambo,kumpha njoka timayamba kumutu osati ntchila,ndiye spa tikuyamba pp administration chifikwa mutu WA cash fate unaonekela pa Paul mphwiyo ataombeledwa.nndiye tiyambile pamenepo tikubwelera mbuyo.kuyendesa milandu kumatenga thawi ndiye mukufuna kuchedwa chedwa bwanji,why are you trying to know now that your agenda for demonstration has no basis.we warned you that there is no issues to warrant demos as of now.look at you now you are behaving as if you are just woking up from a deep sleep.if you have issues to do with Nac,please have around table discussion with them with all your sembereka,kwata ine,etc and you will understand how they discharge their are fighting loosing battle people.Give Democracy A Chance.we respect cso in Malawi,but not this limited kind of thinking.

  54. mmihavani says:

    What does this man want? Udolo umenewu tiona kuti mufika nawo pati. Kunali anthu kunja kuno. Ankatero koma zachisoni. Your predecessor was like that but he repented now. You don’t fight against what God established.


  56. Fathara says:


  57. Ngakha says:

    Kapito only is genuine activist. He is at least objective. The rest are fake and useless. This is time to fight for fuel reduction.

    1. MWASUWA says:

      wandisokosela kulinga utamva!

  58. Pido says:

    Go to District Youth Officers who were ordered to deposit K300,000.00 UNICEF funds each into bank accounts for Senior Officers at Ministry of Sports. Dedza did it

  59. Mr Tambo Zikusonjeza Kuti Simukudziwa Chomwe Mukupanga Ndi Zifukwa Zingati Zomwe Muli Nazo, Coz Tsiku Lili Lonse Mukupeleka Chifukwa China. Bambo Dyela Likuphani. Ngati Mulibe Nkhani Khalani Chete Musatsokoneze Dziko Ndidyera Lanulo.

    1. powder says:

      kill adog than letting the whole basi to crash

  60. Alungwana says:

    The CSO’s are right and I dont why Mikiu is against them. We want cashgate justice.

  61. Google says:

    Iwenso mtambo chaka chino ulimba? Ungoyakhula zosaziwika bwino tsiku ndi tsiku, koma dzikoli suthawa?

    Kungomva kuti ma court tsono asegula koma kupanika.

  62. Tithatonse says:

    Demand the return of K61billion stollen by Bingu as well.

  63. tchaka says:

    Keep on changing anganya inu simunati kkkkk

  64. ndangodusamo says:

    This buffoon is increasingly becoming desperate and does not know what he wants. Which is which Mtambo? The NACGATE or the cashgate cases? All along we were meant to believe that your fights were on NACGATE and HIV/AIDS money in general. You are now shifting goal posts? This is the more reason to believe that yours is a political fight and not a fight for HIV/AIDS victims. STUPID Mtumbuka.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      It is all evils committed by your stupid Lhomwe president. Makutu amako Mlhomwe onunkha iwe.

  65. Mr Mtambo seemed not following what is happening in Malawi the issue of Cashgate is already in court why putting that in ur demos I think you cannot rule people what kind of. Organiser keep changing daily sorry just go yourself with your Satanic spirit of bloodshed we tired hearing noise of anthu a sanje muzanu anabona mr Undule after kukakamilaa kuti anthu amuna azikwatilana okhaokha

  66. Countryperson says:

    I have already said this before, it is amateurish and an insult to suffering Malawians for the CSOs to set up demos and then start building up reasons literally by each passing day. it would appear that the demo is most important to them (could it be that there is some decent flow of external funding for each demo???) than a frank and honest discussion about our many problems in this country.

    Through CSOs, we want our voices to be heard by Govt, parliamentarians, judiciary, business community, traditional leaders, religious leaders, international community etc rather than just rushing through a demo which is increasingly appearing to have a grossly undercooked argument to justify it.

  67. Kkkkk a mr mtambo nomweno mukuti NAC demos now you are saying of k92 bn and k20 bn kkkkkkkk then u go yourself to the street I think take cashgate-NGOS to sposor the demos u have forgotten the blood shedded of 20 people in mzuzu my relatives dies while you hide to the incident why you guys always thinking evil spirit God will punish you Amen.

  68. I salute CSOs 4 their e4t,what malawians need is justice. I must commend MBC tv 4 beaming a debate involving ministry of education represented by Ndovi & CSOs represented by Kondowe yesterday.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      You clap hands when it is tumbuka v tumbuka. Why is MBc not inviting demo csos to air their views? That happens only in a true democracy!!

  69. Makiu says:

    Ntambo and group are becoming stupid each passing day. they have noted that they dont have support with their stupid demands hence the daily shift of reasoms. We all need to support Kapito as he makes sense in his demand for reduction of fuel prices.

    1. MSANA WA PETURO says:

      Iwe Makiu ndiwe chitsiru. Why are you against justice? Unadya nawo 92bn eti. Anakugawira gogo wakoyo eti? Koma mukamalemba za JB mumamunyoza. Iwe ndi CHIMATHANYULA chakocho ndinu zitsiru. Go ahead CSOs. Zitsiruzi zisatinyasepo apa. Alhomwe ozungulira mitu awa. Shupiti zanu!!!

      1. Wakulu Wapakati says:

        Chitsiru ndi iwe mtumbuka,anthu oponda ntchito, pitani kwanu mukapange dziko lanu. Mtambo, Mtambo chani, zakutumbo.

    2. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

      Your pathological hate for Mtambo will take you nowhere with your myopic reasoning mr bootlicker

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