Malawi DJs plans Davido music boycott over bad manners

Radio and club disco jockeys in Malawi are joining forces to stop playing music by the Nigerian singer Davido for his bad manners he showed to his fans and the country’s officials during his recent visit to Malawi.

Davido with Lilongwe deputy mayor Kwame Bandawe : : Video show him pushing Deputy Mayor  

Davido with Lilongwe deputy mayor Kwame Bandawe : : Video show him pushing Deputy Mayor

Davido, who was in the country for other engagements under the First Lady’s Beautify Malawi Trust, first annoyed Malawians when he captioned his Instagram photo that he was bored for being in the southern African nation.

As this is not enough, Davido was shown in a video wearing a long face snubbing cheering school pupils who were happily shouting his name.

The Nigerian musician stunned the cheering crowd when he seemed irritated by the welcoming hug by the Deputy Mayor of Lilongwe Kwame Bandawe.

The Nigerians singer defiantly pushed and blocked the mayor with his right elbow from further clinging to his hand, but unperturbed, Bandawe seemed not discouraged as he happily continued trailing behind the rude musician.

And the worst of his behavior happened at Lilongwe Hotel when he reportedly  violently broke the hotel’s computers and other materials as he was refusing to pay the hotel bill of about MK1million he incurred through beer the previous night.

He is also reported to have slapped the hotel’s guard in the process.

One of the DJ’s in Blantyre said the DJs are making plans to punish the musician for taking Malawians for granted.

“We feel the best we can do is to ensure put a boycott to his music. The guy sucks” said one of the renowned radio DJs.

The DJ said word has been sent out to many DJs across the country to starve Davido’s music of airplay.

However,  organizers of the Davido’s trip M-Cinema say they will issue a press statement on all issues surrounding Davido’s visit.

Airport officials said they let Davido go because they did not receive any advice from anyone that David was involved in a fracas and has broken property or left unpaid bills at Lilongwe Hotel.

Meanwhile.,  many Malawians say they have stopped liking his music due to his attitude towards Malawi fans. It is therefore uncertain if his coming in April with attract more fans.

See the video in which the “unruly” Davido pushed the welcoming Lilongwe City Deputy Mayor Kwame Banda (in black) and Check the Facebook comments from the link below

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88 thoughts on “Malawi DJs plans Davido music boycott over bad manners”

  1. Gift says:

    Look in Nigeria, there is a lot of fighting and there is no surprise for him to behave in that way of idiomatic, his aim is to bring Boko to Malawi, we are ever peacemakers, look if could be other countries, he was to be arrested. Hope being poor country saves a lot. Money goes and comes Davido.

  2. Sammy chimwaya says:

    Amazitenga ngati ndani suntche ngati ameneyu weve seen stars coming in malawi

  3. Khisa says:

    U djz if u stp playing his muzk u thing its when u will punish him kkkkkkkkkk does it make sense n hw mch do he obtain from our dirty malawi kkkkkk remember he z loved by millionz including me,siyani ine nde downloading………….

  4. boom says:

    Nigeria am not surprised!!

  5. boom says:

    Niger am not surprised!!

  6. thako la phalombe says:

    kape uyu

  7. Njolinjo says:

    Mother facker Davido. Go wipe your ars.

  8. issah rajabu says:

    watiwonjeza manyi amake

  9. pijo says:

    Heheheee ayimanso davido

  10. chido says:

    Am a nigeria who live in malawi i have met divado be for in lagos i no him for that but he is a good guy d’oh one thing i no about him is if he is not here for show his not here for a show if is not here for fans his not here for fans

  11. Malawianah says:

    i dnt like his music therefore there is nothing to loose.we have our musicians here in malawi n we are very proud of them.his attitude sucks.

  12. Mbewe says:

    Culture different! I could be surprised if there was no negative complaints for every celebrity coming here! He doesn’t understand the language how could he tell weather it was positive or negative cheers. Akadati awapatse moni etc mukadalankhulanso child abuse etc. Which hotel that allows a customer to leave a bill. Mowa umatsilutsa siuona status!!!!!

  13. changatomba says:

    A Malawi siyani kulota yambani kuchita, maloto adzakunjawa atichititsa utsilu

  14. Name*dickez says:

    Zopusa zimene wapangazo ameneyo

  15. Name*dickez says:

    Wapanga zofoyira ameneyo apo waonesa ngati simulendo

  16. Oh says:

    who is he anyway? I have never heard of him until this weekend!

  17. Mwanya nayo amalawi ndipo don’t dare to blame him ngati kuti anakuphwisirani mkamwa kuti mufune musafune iye abwerabe basi

  18. Gift Maliseni says:

    He z fukenn fu

  19. craig says:

    F*** him with his stupid Nigerian accent

  20. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Get rude moon tereeka fu……

  21. musolin says:

    Davido is Nigerian and is one of Boko Haram supporters, he believes in vandalism and terrorism…Nanuso Beam trust mwanyanya kuyitana anthu openga ngati awa

  22. gwaladi says:

    Ife tikamaimba nyimbo za malangizo mumati mwano.mwazionatu

  23. david the goliath says:

    That tree must be uprooted which was planted by davido not here in Malawi.get gwaladi to plant ianother tree.gwa

  24. Hameed Chiwaya says:


  25. tsokaliyenda says:

    Joe gwaladi is better than davinyoooooo

  26. thana nawe says:

    Malawi is full of haters. Broke asses. And bunch of thieves.

  27. Matako a Get rude moon tereeka sapwala says:

    Look now, munakatenga Boko halam ngati imeneyi ndalama zambirimbiri koma konkuno kuli achina JOE GWALADI oti anakadzala mtengo wa celebrity. This guy is an idiot.

    Mumafuna akunja ndi amenewo

  28. MKWAPU says:


  29. MBACHI says:

    A Malawi tulo. What was special in a boko hallam member Davido to invite him to Malawi? A beutify Malawi mutikaikitsa. Mukufuna nkhondo eti? Tonse tikudziwa kuti boko hallam yafalikira kumaiko ena.Watch out for Davido. A hotel bill yanu pitani nayo ku beutify Malawi or kwa Getrud Mutalika. Do not accept to loose this money. You why he was here.

  30. Me too says:

    There is little heroic in tolerating nonsense, Councillor Bandawe. And all socialites, if this Nigerian fashion attraction continues, Malawi will become like a door-mat for everyone. In other countries, you would not be let out through their airports whether or not anybody complained. There seems to be a lack of principles and vigilance in our social systems:
    a) The airport officials: they are now a part of the conspiracy.
    b) And the hotel: why on earth was this behaviour not reported to police?
    C) You can add yours here………………….

  31. sabiti says:

    Malawians we are fond of worshiping idols and how many Malawian artist have been accorded red carpet recception outside the country ?then why us belittling ourselve to these satanists

  32. jadabush says:

    He is just uneducated bunch of shit!! Were is my toilet tissue so that I can wipe him out of my Ass.

  33. wawaruh says:

    w r a stupd nation w dont evn kno what w r and who exactly w r !!

  34. chims says:

    whosoever is inviting this idiot should know er are angry and hungry and the best they should do is to cancel his April show indefinitely rest he loses his life on stage come the day.we are not a stupid people. we showed love and he scorned haram come the day. idiot!

  35. Chindazi says:

    Gift Trapence and the friends……. we need to organize ka MARCHING…. What do you think….kkkkkkk

  36. nanthola says:

    Davido mustn’t come back in April he is stupid and I am not playing his music anymore am destroying his cds

  37. SAIN IT LIKE IT IS says:


  38. zilipo says:

    think Malawian DJs shouldn’t rush for judgment and punishment. You might lose more than Davido. If you own an estate, don’t argue with a tenant. Instead, show the other tenants that you still care for them. Malawian DJs might send wrong message here and alienate more performers in future. No need to behave like Davido. Show him you are different and accommodating. Above all, I don’t think you have anything to lose.

  39. Mr Ibu says:

    Tree planting mpakana munthu achoke ku Nigeria. why not pick Joe Gwaladi who is well known amongst the populace.

  40. ujeni says:

    Let Skeffa go and do that in Nigeria and see if he will come back to Malawi alive. Malawi women are the worst culprit, so backward they fancy Nigerians

  41. ujeni says:

    aMalawi kususuka, anything Nigerian mpakana red carpet. Nigeria is full of deliquency, nyasi zedi.

  42. Learning lesson the hard way=
    Inu ma DJ achiMalawi ndiye muli ndivuto kwambiri`nyimbo zachiMalawi zimachita kusowa pama Radio anu- Playing SA songs day in day out is what you know best
    The worst part of it is that most of the SA songs are sung in their vernacular languages amalawi samanva chilichonse nyimbo ikunena koma busy kugwedeza mitu
    All I am saying is stop promoting foreign songs while our local artists are crying for the same
    Dzitsilu dzina dzikukomenta kuti Malawi musicians sucks seriously?
    Mtima okonda zakunja ndiye matenda akulu amalawi tili nawo. Apolisi mmisewumu akulemekeza kwambiri ma foreigners kusiyana ndima citizens,pamene maiko anzathu amalemekeza ma Citizens and ill treat the foreigners(stupid Malawians)
    Government officials should stop showering mere celebrities with much respect they don’t deserve when they come into our country,who the hell is Dwarf Davido to deserve red carpet??Eish

  43. Yankeez says:

    M-cinema if your statements U want to Issue to Malawians will be Baseless then this stupid Guy should not come again to MW becoz LL is not Abuja! BT is not LAGOS and Mzuzu is not close to Nigeria, we are two different pples of different Cultures from different Denominations and not of the same Origins, there Ebola here NOT, so I wonder when doing your adverts to make your ends meats, U do somethings which brings harm and interbooms to your fellow MWians? U stupid DAVITE dont bother to come to MW again sitikukusowanso ayo, anyani ndiamene amakakulandilawo osowa zochita, wawatsuka mmaso chondo amalawi, ma Billuwo alipile okha kuzolowera Cashgate zakuvutani ku Davidogate, next if U come tidzakuthila tsabola epela mmaso chifukwa udzabwela kufuna kwako ndiye tidzakulandila ndife anthu okwiya Stupid Nigeria.

  44. Dzoneni says:

    Kodi Davido ndi ndani paja??

  45. Denga says:

    galu ameneyo kunonso Ku Jon ndi amatama choncho

  46. Zeal says:

    I see lies in all dis………..why hating on dis young man,if he no come ena country ena go talk nw way im try come ena still da talk #Shit

  47. chosatheka says:


  48. says:

    Nanunso ma DJ athu nde mukuona ngati mungatani olo mutasiya kuyimba nyimbo zake??? This guy has plenty of followers not even from Malawi alone; you are just a tiny drop in an ocean of DJs who play his music. Having said that let me say that this should be a lesson to all of us and the organisers in particular. We have good artists locally; the likes of Lawi, Lucius and many more. Why bother ourselves with this rat yet we can utilise our own guys??? To this effect I would suggest that his pending show in April be cancelled

  49. Davido says:

    mwakumana naye Davido!! ife akabwera April ndi go konko sizikugwirizana or mupange quit tizionera ndikumverabe mesa tilindi mavideos ndi nyimbo zake kale..

  50. TAWONA BEWULA says:

    Nawoso a Beautify Malawi time and again being found in rude and displeasing situations. Mxiiiiiii

  51. aurora says:

    kkkkkkkkk davido,skelewu king is a disgrace to nigerian celebs.kkkkkkk amalawi nanu kutenga anthu akunja ngati yesu,instead of kutukula ma artists anthu muli busy calling akunja nkuwalipila ndlama zambilimbili….davido

  52. Joseph Pakhosi says:

    Other people grew up in violent behaviour and you cant change them kiki!

  53. Mwana wapa Nthalire says:

    Davido kanyama kanji? I saw your videos l had that imagination that you are very troublesome

  54. Mrs Kakombo says:

    That was sooooo RUDE!!

  55. Mfulatuvi says:

    Small piece of shit,mutu ngati phwala. We have hosted wealthier and more popular musicians like madona but they never acted the way you did.

  56. Lowinzie Sibande says:

    He should have spent two – three days at Area 3 Police Cells before letting him to fly away for him to narrate a better story for Malawi. Of all the musicians why did we invite this one???

  57. Khalidwe labwino liposa chuma.

  58. Keen Follower says:

    Maitana itana. Itanani aphindu

  59. sunderstar says:

    DJs need also to connect with DJS FROM Zambia and Zimbabwe not to play his music, we have to unite as a Region, infact lets lobby all SADC countries to ignore this fool. We know Nigerians are good people he should not tarnish the name of Nigeria because of his poor upbringing and lack of manners. If there was anything he disliked with Malawi he should have declined the Invitation altogether.

  60. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The problem is we tend to value these International Musicians much that we do with our own best Musicians. Let us start respecting our own great talent for instance Ma Blacks, Lucius Banda, Sally Nyundo, Skeffa, Tay G and many more stop bringing these irritating and servants of Devil musicians in our lovely country please!

  61. audges says:

    Skelewu! kamfiti kamene kaja.

  62. fkr says:

    Beautifying Malawi are we? Why did first lady invite and obviously pay for this chap. Who’s money did she use

  63. nuji says:

    Munyanya a Malawi kupupulumila za kunja! wakuchitani bwino. Davido….Davido everywhere mpaka ana a school mbwee kuvina. fotseki

  64. Peter says:

    Why not the whole Nigerian music? Do they play our music? Do they give you some incentives like you demand from our local artists? As a nation we are not good at promoting our own. We have alot of news in the that goes under the carpet coz men and women with pencils are not motivated. Foreign see the light of the day coz its foreign. What about the way we vote or select leaders? Our history says it all. We would rather have some we don’t know than somebody we know well enough. Botton line ; envy.

  65. Rodrick says:

    kkkkk a Malawi kutengeka nanga mpaka ndi a Mayor omwe. u dont know these Nigerians. MUSOVA!!!!!!!!

  66. yungsai says:

    mumatengeka ndi zakunja.y cn’t u jst enjoy malawimusiq than this devils

  67. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Beam did not investigate whom to invite. This is total disgrace. Shame.

  68. nkunthamasese says:

    Malawi stop this ribbish daviko. launch a cőmplaint tó nigerian gov’t and bár his other trip. don’t sell his music in Malawi and he should nőt come tó Malawi again.

  69. sensei says:

    who cares, you cant stop good music from spreading. unless you stop channel-o and mtv base from playing the music. you are just making him more popular. dont forget that during a musical dry spell, celebrities remain relevant through scandals

  70. zoshola says:

    wachita bwino. a Malawi kutengeka nzakunja or nzopanda pake zomwe. mwina nkutengerapo phunzirop

  71. Ali says:

    22,Oct,2013.Davido’s show Proved to piss off
    Zambian artists SlapD, Macky2 and
    other renowned Zambian artists: The
    Nagerian Superstart davido pissed off
    rappers SlapD and Macky2 with his attitude last the night before the
    Davido disrespected Zambian artist who
    were not allowed to enter his private
    room. Some journalist who were
    scheduled to interview him were also let down when the young superstar put
    on his headsets to avoid their questions,
    it had to take some of his crew
    members to control him.
    SlapD went on tweeter to air out his
    frustration. “Its back to us Zambians, we are giving these Nigerian artists to
    much attention at the expense of our
    own artist, we go remain broke if we
    continue with this,Davido is just a kid
    in the game

  72. Nathaniel says:


  73. opportunist says:

    Davido never come again to Malawi. I hate u and ur stupid. Continue playing ur songs to Bokoharam.

  74. kj says:

    The problem are the guys who invited him to take that huge responsibility. You were supposed to do more research on the guy. That person is rude and still childish. You could have approached Nelson Shaba (Born African) or Fantan Mojah to take that social responsibility.

  75. While not give ahand to the floods victins to talk likewise acouple Madona and the likes but beer?

  76. Mwenecho says:

    the body which invited him is satanic

  77. the northern speech says:

    Oyimba Ena kulibe kodi

  78. DPP ASKED DAVIDO TO SING IN PRAISE OF PETER MTHALIKA BUT he refused vehemently and remained annoyed throughout. Well done African Brother Davido, do not under rate yourself, do not off your profile at so low dignity price NDI PRESIDENT WA A LHOMWE AND SERIOUS TRIBALIST, WAMCHITA BWINO KUMPANGITSA MANYAZI. AKAMPEZE NKASA ADZAWATHANDIZA

  79. DPP ASKED DAVIDO TO SING IN PRAISE OF PETER MTHALIKA BUT he refused vehemently and remained annoyed throughout. Well done African Brother Davido, do not under rate yourself, do not off your profile at so low dignity price

  80. DAVIDO is not a problem, you are a problem. He is likely to be annoyed by your conduct of politicising everything. What was bandawe’s business? Seeking fame where you do not deserve? Kids were irritating him with noise, who asked them to do so? Kutengeka! Why did you ask hims upon arrival to sing a song of praising piter mthalika? Mwamuyamba dala and keep it up davido!

  81. cbk says:


  82. DJ?????? says:



  83. sandie kalua says:

    davido ndi nyima

  84. Manyeretsa says:

    Chibwana ndi chinyamata ndizachabe zedi!

  85. notanjenjenjeman says:

    But how was Dvido selected to come to Malawi. for he seems not excited at all.

  86. bigman says:

    aMalawi nanu kkkkk zomwezi Mpaka Davido? munyanya!

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