Malawi drastically cuts diplomats, to save K7bn annually –Foreign Minister says more to be recalled

Government is drastically cutting on its foreign mission staff with  the first 20 recalled envoys are expected to jet into the country in June.

Kasaila ssays more diplomats to be recalled - Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Kasaila ssays more diplomats to be recalled – Photo by Alfred Chauwa

Foreign Affairs minister Francis Kasaira said the second group comes in December and the exercise will continue until next year.

“This exercise will help government save up to K7 billion a year so you can see that it is a cost saving venture,” he said.

Kasaira said those recalled include envoys who have overstayed in duty stations, saying some have been there for 12 years instead of the recommended three years.

He said as a result of overstaying, others neglected their job and were doing personal errands.

Others, Kasaira said, were recalled because their jobs were not required.

The minister said the government will now be recalling its envoys every after three years.

The cash strapped Capital Hill is making radical but important decision to improve the ailing economy.

Apart from the 40 being recalled this year, close to 200 are also packing ready for the journey to Malawi next which will make the foreign missions thinner but efficient and effective.

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15 thoughts on “Malawi drastically cuts diplomats, to save K7bn annually –Foreign Minister says more to be recalled”

  1. Ujeni says:

    nyasa times why are you editing my comments?? anakudyestani ma bans a blue kodi? or may be you are now Mlakho. If you are going to alter my comments then don’t post it at all fools, what happened to freedom of speech? mwasanduka a Manthanyula nanunso?

  2. Tit for Tat says:


  3. Tit for tat says:

    It is already too late,there is no fix up.Our country has been thrown to the vultures and Peter with his dormant so-called Ministers,are celebrating the commotions in the Embassies.Believe me or not,Malawi has been tossed to the Lions.Muthalika knew that foreign Embasies were packed with dead-souls,but he did not take stringent measures to curb the irregularities as this falls into the hands of the officially directed mafias.Malawians,it is not a joke,but a reality that Malawi is heading to a pretty squalid trend created by Bingu and Peter and there is no opportunity of a return.15 million people have capitulated to two satanic crooks,shame!! It is a fact that Malawians have been misguided tribalistically to the advantage of Peter and a small clique of unintelligent tribesmen and women.Surely,the truth will triumph one day and that God is for us all.Some of us will continue to fight as long as it takes,pen is more powerful than a gun.God be wth us AMEN !!!

  4. Bob Chiswe says:

    It is a great idea to make missions workforce smaller because most diplomats are not result oriented and do not know how to source information that is good for their country. They spend their time worshipping politicians and those they feel can sustain their stay in the missions. The extravagance usually comes from the Heads of mission who control funds and are answerable to no one at the mission. They leave in houses that are too expensive not out of necessity but showbiz. Some just want the Govt to spend too much on them from a primitive mind

  5. nansakanya Watson says:

    If envoys have overstayed wherever they were posted, whose problem is that? Do they choose to overstay or government does? You are raising issues that do not make economic sense, instead of admitting that you made a mistake, you are trying to apportion the blame on the envoys. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs needs total reform.

  6. Ujeni says:

    Talk is cheap, where will you get the money to mobilize all those good for nothing civil servants back home

  7. Ziki wa Atikson says:

    who are the ones that have been recalled,? give us a list because talk is cheap. Embassy inali kale nthawi ya Kamuzu these days diplomats go for months without pay, they look so pathetic

  8. Ziki wa Atikson says:

    Tsache lisese nyansi za a George Chaponda. Foreign missions full of DPP idiots and Chaponda’s relations, instead of promoting Malawi and Malawian products, they were doing party politics at the embassies

  9. Dr Ben phiri wa Ngozo says:

    i dont like this kasaila guy….i have many reservations abt dis guy

  10. A_G says:

    This is the way to go. Thumbs up to Government!!

  11. LAW101 says:

    Malawi is a ticking bomb. Not even Jesus can save this country. Let’s just divide this damned country between Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. Being a Malawian hurts. People don’t live here they merely survive. They breed like rats and cockroaches. They wear second hand clothes from top to bottom. They eat soya ‘meat ‘ on a good day. Nothing works here. Chakwera should not fool you, the mess this country is in is too much to be cleaned in years. It will take decades for this damned place to gain salvation. In less than 12 months this damned country will take the first position for being the Poorest country in the world.
    I’m sorry Bingu Mutharika, Malawi is a poor country…. and so are the people.

    Rest in Peace Malawi.

  12. KK says:

    Akamabwera mukumawapasa zingati agalu inu? mwayesa yesa kuti mube zambiri koma zikuvutani ndithu mpaka mutula ndithu pansi!!!!!! mukuona ngati ife sitikudziwa ma plan anu?

  13. Babayonzo says:

    The recalled will just increase the already high unemployment rate.

  14. Nkalapwaga says:


  15. GONANI says:


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