Malawi draw in Ethiopia, fail to grab a place in Afcon finals

Malawi national football team, the Flames failed to go through to the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations finals in Equatorial Guinea after settling for a goal less draw away to Ethiopia on Wednesday in their final qualifier.

Flames hopes dashed

Flames hopes dashed

Mali booked their ticket in Group B after beating 2-0 Algeria which had already won the group.

Head coach for Malawi, Young Chimodzi, said it was “disappointing” to miss out on qualification.

“We fought hard but it was not meant to be. It’s disappointing,” said Chimodzi.

Chimodzi made one change in the squad that beat Mali 2-0 last Saturday replacing out of form Frank Gabadinho Mhango with Gastin Simukonda but had to rest Simimkonda  for Frank Banda.

Squad: McDonald Harawa, Harry Nyirenda, Francis Mulimbika, John Lanjesi, Limbikani Mzava, Joseph Kamwendo, Chimango Kayira, Fischer Kondowe, Robert Ng’ambi, Gastin Simukonda (Frank Banda), Esau Kanyenda .

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46 thoughts on “Malawi draw in Ethiopia, fail to grab a place in Afcon finals”

  1. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    Same as it was with Kinnah Phiri?

  2. Bongololo says:

    Let’s be honest here; this team is horrible at football! This is not about match-fixing, or the gods of football, or whatever excuse you can come up with. Just admit the fact the Flames are a terrible football team and that’s why they can’t win, fullstop. And also, we need to change their name to the Ashes. Because that’s how cold this team really is.

  3. Hussein kazembe says:

    We don’t culture. Lets support our clubs

  4. Kaya says:

    Easy guys don’t worry Nigeria also failed what about you? Fight hard for next time.

  5. Kalulu J says:

    In my opinion Malawi has done better in their last 2 games against Mali and Ethiopia. With our bad history of losing away games, drawing with Ethiopia at their home ground is an achievement. Its very unfortunate that the no 1 team in Africa – Algeria- failed to beat Mali, elements of match fixing probably.

    Lessons to learn: Lets start with the best squad in the next campaign – This is going to u team officials i.e coaches etc

  6. Onasiwelo says:

    I do not think blaming Algerians for losing to Mali is good, firstly we as Malawians are not good when it comes to play soccer, this is a fact, second Algerians are not afraid of Malawi because the flames is pathetic nation where football is consenrned I am sure every team would love to play the flames at the finals knowing they are a kicking bag. If rely Malawi needed to proceed it would have beaten Ethiopia at least by a good margin so regardless of who would win between Algeria and Mali the burn less flames would have qualified by being the best loser, but they failed to beat Ethiopia and you say Algeria this and that HELL NO. It does not work that way, it is every team for its self work up my fellow Malawians we are not good in soccer this is a fact. Soccer is not played by mouth or talking but doing the actual job on the pitch which we failed. We also need to start planning in good time and make sure our players are taken care of. If this is not met then forget qualifying for AFCON and keep on dreaming the dreamers in football.

  7. body t says:

    algeria yachitila dala..yagulitsa game ija coz ife tidalichinya tym ija ndye ati kutimvetsa kuwawa….anyway w r the best than Mali…..

  8. body t says:

    it hapens…next tym w wl do better.


  10. yale says:

    Lets we accept defeat,game sinali bhoo kukamba zoona

  11. dj mpoto says:

    If Kinnah was coach the comments here would have been very different. Tumbuka this tumbuka that resign this fire that. The fact remains, flames have failed to make it where Kinnah succeeded. What do u say?

  12. dz fan says:

    i’m an algerian and really sad that our team didn’t play honestly against mali that’s called
    against sports ethics………sorry Malawi

  13. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    We need to accept this plot by Algeria.I feel they know Malawi would ashame them.

  14. Wawa1 says:

    The Boys need a pat on the back. They reacted a little too late tho. But Hey, its all good. The result of Mali – Algeria game can be categorized as match fixing by Algeria. They didn’t want Flames to progress. Too bad; this kind of practice is totally against fair play and competition. FAM should lodge an official complaint to CAF. It is illegal to field an understrength team in such tournaments.

  15. Think Tank says:

    You can always depend on the Flames to be irrelevant in any competition. Welcome back to the land of Wonders.

  16. zebe says:

    Mwachita bwino kuluza. Boma lilibe ndalama zokafikira mpaka ku E Guinea. Tiyeni tibachezani tiwonere zinazi limodzi

  17. Behold I come Quickly says:

    Algeria yagulisa gameyi ku Mali

  18. Bibo says:

    Same old same,just accept that the woes will never end till football is developed. Malawi is still a minnow by all standards and lack of a sound financial structure plus underdevelopment in football infrastructure and players themselves complicate the whole situation.

    The country has hardly invested in football especially the youth,and therefore,it is hard to produce quality players.Malawians are always immersed into too much expectation and hype from players that have been poorly developed.

    Losing a game at home is a ‘minnow factor’ and that’s subtraction of valuable points from the expected ones that guarantee qualification.Malawi’s home loss to Algeria has proved costly to the qualification ambition but is forgivable because Flames are not one of the elite teams in Africa due to the country’s underdevelopment in sports and football in particular.

    As previously suggested, the team ought to be disbanded paving way for a new generation that has to go through a series of development including European clubs’ attachment.With such kind of development in mind,the target tournament participation should be the AFCON 2019 and World cup 2022 in Qatar.This would sound viable because the country can’t keep on spending on qualifying games that take it nowhere.After all,Malawi struggles economically.

  19. Kalanga says:


  20. Its sad but this will help us to control our forex

  21. Dusty says:

    Thus good news, bravo flames.

  22. mthakati says:

    Foul play! The Algerians new exactly what team theyu would like to face later in the tournament: Mali. Besides, they had nothing to lose so why risk injuries in a pointless match!

  23. Tentacles says:

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! sorrywwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  24. Monica says:

    Congratulation. Flames you have made it Proud of you.


    Match fixing yativulaza iyi.

  26. Tengupenya says:

    Pepani ma Flames. Maso patsogolo. A Mali atikhalira. Algeria siyinayiwale za ku Angola, nde analibe chifukwa chukutandizirani

  27. Mendulo says:

    Flames tried their best, playing away and at high altitude but I feel our failure to beat Algeria at home in spite that we dominated the game and created a lot more chances than our opponents has cost us the qualification. We need to polish up our finishing for future competitions. Let us hope we can still make it as best third placed team.

  28. madona says:

    guys, I watched this game and Malawi tried their best playing away. we created tangible chances, dominating here and there but we were unlucky not to score a goal. our goal keeper was just in best form and made excellent saves, another save from the line. these boys must be commended. there was nothing we could do honestly. we couldn’t score 6 goals after Mali had beaten Algeria 2-0. zinangovuta kuti kuchiyambi kwa league yi tinapanga mphwayi. next time the govt should support these boys from the beginning. I give kudos to theFlames

  29. Mccarty says:

    Don’t worry next time

  30. One way says:

    May be we can learn thru this.God loves Malawi bt we dnt know.Most mawians players are out & doing well there instead of usng them 2dfend their land we get things 4granted.As ucan see we lost many chances from the back games.No wonder 2dy we fail 2make it.My congrants should go 2 all players 4 acceptng 2join Malawi after embarassment.My index finger is pointng u coch wth ur selfish get a lesson here.Learn 2wok wth anybdy who produsng qualty results.Bhaviour dousent matter in football.

  31. Muropwana says:

    Palibe chomwe chingatiyendere . There’s another Mutharika at State House . Satana uja amatikhalira pa msana uja wabweranso .

  32. Patriot says:

    As expected. Timadziwa

  33. kanchenga says:

    You tried guys. I wish you had a committed government on your side to allow you prepare just like our friends do. Democracy has robbed this country glorious moments by putting in leaders who only think of their own happiness. How i miss those moments in 1978, 1979 and 1989. The leader then knew how to preserve national pride. These days we fail in everything we do
    We can’t even pay teachers.

  34. Kamuweluze says:

    Ayipeleka dala game a Algeria, kubwenzera chipongwe tidawapanga ku Angola chija

  35. Rodriguas Latata says:

    Hard luck. Next time qualify on your own without depending on results of other teams.
    Prepare well and plan to win or draw all home games.

  36. Rome was not build in a day. Don’t loose hope you have tried guyz.

  37. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Timanena mmidzi muli ma player anjala ndi mpira okhwima mafupa osati ofewa matupi kuwagunda pang’ono kugwa tayendani mutole mmidzi mukasowa olowetsa mukumakatenga akale okalamba why maplayer ndi iwo okha muli ma playertu mmidzimu kusayenda eti?

  38. Bonzing Master says:

    Koma maseweredwe ake amene aja mmafuna kuwina? Ndakaika ngati panali ganizo lowina ndi mmene muna sewerera. Godd lucky, next tym mwina

  39. Flames sizatheka ayi bolani ma Queens amatichosako manyazi akayenda

  40. Wanex banda says:

    Algeria yagulitsa GAME

  41. Pastor nyalapa says:

    Sindinena zambiri chonena ine ndilibe ndichifukwa boma likukana kuthandiza ku sports simatipindulira ndlama mmalo mogwira ntchito ina. Azipanga sponsor ma company omwewo basi ndlama zawo alibe nazo ntchito.

  42. yesaya says:

    Osadanda zimachitika

  43. mesho says:

    Good news! bola Kinnah anapita through best loser! Osati Mbuzi za Nyamilanduzi. Team selection based on public outcry>>>>

  44. Sindi says:

    Well done by forcing a draw. Nanga titi chani pot we were relying on results of Mali and Algeria which has gone against our wishes? We tried our part but as usual, satana watikhalilanso pa msana. Next time folks.

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