Malawi dual citizenship, President orders Justice Minister to draft  legislation

President Peter Mutharika has said he has ordered his Justice minister Samuel Tembenu to draft a dual citizenship legislation to allow Malawians stuck in diaspora come back home and invest.

President Peter Mutharika : Malawi dual citizenship on the cards

President Peter Mutharika : Malawi dual citizenship on the cards

Mutharika told the state controlled Malawi Broadcasting Corporation that the ministry of Justice is currently working on the legislation which will enable Malawians hold dual citizenship.

The President said he will live to his promise he made in parliament romise that government will review dual citizenship law.

“We are currently drafting the legislation, very soon we will have the legislation. This will be possible because we want Malawians in diaspora to come to Malawi,” he said.

On the country’s economy, Mutharika said although the kwacha has stabilised, the inflation and high interest rates remain high.

“We are working on these,” said Mutharika.

He could however not give a difinite answer as to when exactly the economy is expected to be back on his feet.

However he said the government is is luring more investors as way of giving dosage to the sick economy so that it can recover.

“There is no way the economy can improve without investment. I can assure Malawians that we are putting thge structures in place to put the economy back,” he said.

Some sections of the society have blamed the president for chartering a presidential jet when the economy is on sick bed and most ordinary Malawians do not know when they will get their next meal and public hospitals continue to turn back sick people due to lack of drugs.

Mutharika recently chartered a South African plane to Ethiopia where he received a doctorate. Mustafa Hussein, lecturer at University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, described the president’s actions as regrettable.

Due to the ailing state of Malawi’s economy, Mutharika has been forced to utilise passenger planes in recent times, with his bag having gone missing during one of his international trips.

The President’s comments also come at a time when electricity and water continue to be a night mare.




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Kodi anthu amene muli kunjanu mukamabwera ku Malalwi mumati mukupita kunja? Dual citizenship or not; tisaiwale kuti kwanu n’kwanu, m’thengo mudalaka njoka. Ine zonse zikukambimbidwa apazi toto, ndakana. Most of those who do not want to visit Malawi have other pressing issues such as economical, adasiya milandu, ndi zina zosatchulika pano. Kwanutu ndi kumenete udadukira mchombo!


I know you are entitled to your opinion but that was a very negative, backward and spiteful. Madonor ku Malawi akutisiya ndalama tilibe! Tizitenga kuti? Anthu amene mukuwanenawo antha kuthandiza ndi zinthu, kutseghula ma business awo ndi kuwapasa anthu nchito. Where is the negative in that?


kudos dpp this piece of legislature was due yesterday, let us move with. only the myopic will view this move with a pinch of salt. you have my clans’ vote already bagged be assured.





Its not the question of Malawians in diaspora but the big man wants to protect the citizenship on the other side of the coin. Its a personal scheme.


Bwana you did not do proper research on this issue.

Please, talk to Major1 after all he is the only person who has demonstrated great passion to be part of poor Malawians. The rest of you are either stealing from us or shielding thieves so that they are arrested.

In future I will talk to Major 1, Bushiri to borrow you his jet when there is need to travel

Eduardo Happy

Bravo APM! We needed this piece of legislation yesterday especially some of us who love soccer. If this legislation is passed, it means Europe based soccer stars who are of Malawian origin can then play for Malawi. Remember the issue of Tamika Mkandawire? This is how countries like Senegal, Angola, Ivory Coast built strong teams. For example, Didier Drogba opted to play for Ivory Coast at the expense of France; so too did Elhaji Diouf etc.

APM and his DPP are slowly but surely ticking off, one by one, the points they promised during the last election. And, this is but one example. It should be pointed out, however, that this is not a political winner, as by far, the majority of voters in this country of ours would care less about dual citizenship. Simply does not apply too them. But, there is definitely a small percentage of people who would feel more “secure” and be able to engage in economic activities if they had a Malawian passport. Anything to enhance the investment environment. There are… Read more »
C Banda

Surely lack of dual citizenship is NOT a stumbling block for Malawians in diaspora returning to Malawi? A Malawian with UK citizenship (say) can come back and apply for a permanent resident permit if they have renounced Malawian citizenship.The difference is status between a citizen and a PRP holder is not very much for most people.

Who wants people from Diaspora? Malawi has survived and still continues to do so in the absence of these people. Most of these people are straggling to make ends meet out there and have no dime to invest here at home. Some have even failed to contribute to even building of a church or even a house at the villages where they came from. When they die there in RSA, UK or US, poor folks contribute money to repatriate the remains of their friend back to their same old poor village where the deceased find it in the same condition… Read more »

You are one hell of a negative man! you actually demonstrate that you don’t under stand what is happening to malawiansoin the discussion

Ine mu diaspora

Although multiple citizenship is the way to go in this global world malawians will not invest at home if corruption and personalised politics remain order of the day. Please clean up that little country first

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