Malawi education ministry issues stern warning on students rioting

The ministry of education, science and technology has issued a stern warning to students in secondary schools who go on rampage just after registering for their examinations that from now onwards, such candidates will not be allowed to sit for examinations.

Secondary students especially those in form four have been going on rampage, destroying school property whenever disagreement arises between them and the administration and the school authorities suspend them as punishment but the authorities have always been considerate by allowing the students to sit for examinations.

Meanwhile, nine students are in Police custody at Nkhotakota Police after allegedly petrol-bombing a food storeroom at Nkhotakota Secondary School.

Nkhotakota Police Spokesperson Williams Kaponda said the students committed the offence during the night of September 24, 2014.

MacPhail Magwira: Warns

MacPhail Magwira: Warns

The food storeroom bombing mission is allegedly to have been accomplished by Davie Mhone 17, Newton Kwadzama  17, Happy Chinkhokwe 17, ,Chisomo Chinzimu 18, Tebulo Zimba 18, Young Chinsalanzo 18, Chawanangwa Banda 18, Pemphero Banda 17, and Gift Longwe 18,

Secretary for Education, MacPhail Magwira,  said in a circular  he signed that all head teachers of secondary schools  should not to allow suspended students to sit for examinations.

“The ministry is also aware, that these cases become rampant in third term after form 2 and form 4 students have registered for their examinations with the Malawi National Examinations Board (MANEB). The candidates in these forms especially those in form 4, wrongly think that once they have been issued with examination numbers from MANEB then they are no longer obliged to follow school rules and regulations.

“The ministry cannot condone such misbehavior and would like to seriously warn all students and candidates that with immediate effect, any student/candidate participating in riots and vandalism will not be allowed to sit for his/her examinations.

“If the students/candidates decide to riot and vandalise school property when they are done with examinations, it shall follow that such candidates would still be disqualified and MANEB would be instructed not to mark their examination scripts. Let me also reiterate that deliberate damage to school property is a criminal act warranting prosecution,” reads the circular in part.


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15 thoughts on “Malawi education ministry issues stern warning on students rioting”

  1. Pulumodzi says:

    Its a shame that the Ps manning this incentive, Dr M.P Magwira has been posted to Ministry of defence . I hope his successor will continue his work.

  2. Pulumodzi says:

    Its a shame that the Ps (Dr M.P Magwira) manning this incentive has been posted to Ministry of defence. I wonder how Ministry of Edu will fair after his disappearance. I believe the successor will continue his job.

  3. Munthu wa Mkulu says:

    Thank you all for remembering Kamuzu days when education was as precious as gold. We were shaped into responsible citizens by knowing that we were all government and every government property belonged to us all! We took care of property and excelled in education. These stupid pupils should be treated as such.

  4. Mc Chigubu says:

    Quota System is good & 2 regions which contribute much in Malawi’s GDP ofcourse are ok with it & that’s cool for me.

  5. wa ku Boma says:

    Those who go on rampage are sons and daughters of ministers, MPs, PSs, Army officers, Police officers and heavy weights in political parties backed by their parents.

  6. Blessed Banda says:

    #2 You mean laws which promote unlawlessnes and indiscipline? Useless laws.

  7. Change chathu says:

    When got to school i discovered that some students just like rioting. This time students have too much freedom making mockery of the school rules & regulations. I applaud APM on that move. Please bring Kamuzuism in education which Mr Edukwetion destroyed

  8. vanikani NJASKO says:


  9. Dan says:

    I think I should add a word on this issue which has attracted our serious attention. My father sent me to Kanyenda Primary School in 1985 in Nkhotakota. Since that year I have been in various schools because my father migrated randomly based on his official transfers as he was employed in the government.

    I did my primary education at Kanyenda in Nkhotakota; Kasinje in Ntcheu; Matope and Ngatala in Mangochi; and Balaka LEA in Balaka; before going to a secondary school.

    In all those schools the system was uniform. Any serious misconduct by a student resulted in his or her instant expulsion from the school; and he or she could no longer be admitted at any school in this nation.

    In fact, discpline was maintained at all levels. Authorities and/or any grownup could not see a student at any liquor-selling place without taking a disciplinary action against him.

    After 1994 students have been accorded TOO MUCH freedoms and they have proved to be awesomely unrully. Riots are rampant.

    In any case, what is the rationale for students to go on rampage, destroying the school property?

    The government and all players must revoke all the unnecessary freedoms from the students.

    1. vanikani NJASKO says:

      My friend, it is our courts, NGOs advocates and complicity of the ministry bcoz most vandals are admitted. thanks admission are no longer there.
      another culprit are the COURTS. They seem to favour culprits and not victims.

      1. eye eye says:

        U will the courts granting an injunction despite evidence that students petrol -bombed a store/warehouse…very funny decisions by courts often times….

        But then, education and MANEB need to have common regulations on these ISSUES to prevent conflicts in decisions that are made….


  10. DAMBE says:


  11. mlopwana says:

    But is the decision within the parameters of the law?Avoid emotions decisions and hope u have examined all related laws.

    1. waa says:

      The nation makes the laws, and they need changing,they will be changed.

  12. GNK says:

    I commend you for the decision which has long been overdue; terribly overdue!
    in Kamuzu’s era we had discipline masters (MYP), who though cruel at times, still managed to make most of us model citizens.

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