Malawi ex-minister Kasambara thrilled by Mphwiyo arrest

Malawi’s former Justice Minister Ralph Kasambara who is answering charges  over the shooting of a former budget director Paul Mphwiyo and another offence of money laundering  in connection with the infamous cashgate scandal, has been euphoric with the arrest of Mphwiyo and his wife.

Kasambara:  Elated by Mphwiyo's misfortunes

Kasambara: Elated by Mphwiyo’s misfortunes

Mphwiyo and his wife Thandie were detained by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) on charges of money-laundering, theft and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.

Kasambara took it on social media by posting a series of comments on his Facebook Timeline.

“Good Deeds Trust……was first heard of in the Mphwiyo Shooting Case; and now following that lead Mphwiyo and his wife have been arrested by ACB. Thanks to the good deeds of the justice system that allows cross examination. Hope ACB is still remembering about Lutepo and Mphwiyo sharing money at Ufulu Gardens; and also Mphwiyo and Pika Manondo travelling to  Johannesburg in September 2013.

“Lets now look forward to the next court hearing in which Mphwiyo will continue to be cross examined by yours truly,” wrote Kasambara.

A lawyer by profession, Kasambara was appointed justice minister when Joyce Banda came to power following the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika in April 2012.

Mphwiyo’s shooting was reportedly  aimed at silencing the fight against high levels of fraud. He served as the budget director in Banda’s administration for one year before he was shot at his home in the capital Lilongwe.

The shooting incident on September 13 of last year opened a Pandora Box that led to revelations that civil servants were syphoning money through the IFMIS.

Following the shooting, Mphwiyo was moved by Banda’s administration to the Office of the President and Cabinet.

Last month, Mphwiyo testified in court against Kasambala and others.

So far, the ACB has secured two convictions in the ongoing cashgate trials.

On Friday, a former accounts assistant in government Victor Sithole, 27, was found guilty of possessing stolen cash.

Early this month, a former tourism official  Tresa Namthanga Senzani was sentenced to three years and nine months in prison in connection with the cashgate scandal.

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66 thoughts on “Malawi ex-minister Kasambara thrilled by Mphwiyo arrest”

  1. nyoko says:

    My advice is tikamalemba kachizungu kathuka tiyeni tizilemba komveka bwino.when u hav 2 make a coment lets check ur words b4 post so dat 1 can read propperlly

  2. dopababi shopa says:

    RK is an intelligent guy. I dont see anyone to much the guy. Product of fedelism region. Awa ada RK ni munthulume. Palivi angamumangi.

  3. Its true that indeed if I were to be APM, I could have bought a gun AK 47 and shoot all of cashgatiers in presence of all donors including Ban Mo, the Chief Executive of IMF and his company to show my fury. And get donors confidence later. It is just a matter of how you play your ball , the ball which between your legs. Simple. Instead of arresting life partners. Moneys were stollen during working hours. Should I say Thandie was working with Mphwiyo or Thandie should be helping big man.

  4. Telio Chakola says:

    Fire goes where bush still exists.

  5. bristone mabichi says:

    MTL would have thrived more that it is now, but why not. This is a deliberate move by the big wigs of TNM to dislodge MTL since they all fall in the hands on one man at Press C. There is no way MTL could have registered such losses if it were not for those to whom we have entrusted with our worth. Govt. open your eyes, someone is playing around in the corridors of “I know it all”.

  6. zonkeindaba says:

    More fire.

  7. Najere says:

    Kodi a Kasamborowa muti iwowa nde abwino bwino. Bola nzawoyo anaba chabe koma iwowa anaba nkufuna kuphaso. Since when does kupha becomes an appluasible action. Nonse ndinu mfiti powabera a malawi koma a Kasamborowa nda nthakati Eni Eni chifukwa akuoneka kuti he is never remorseful for his actions. Kusonyeza kuti moyo wa munthu Ndiwa ntchentche iwowa samausiyanitsa.

  8. Lizwelithini says:


  9. Mapwiya says:

    Thanks no. 32

    Please take note that the MK3 billion administration expenses were for PCL head office only. Sure there is something going on here. This is too much for head office only with only about 30 employees.

    ACD muchedwepo pamenepo. Why is Chikaonda allowed to loot like this unnoticed?

    Now I hear that they want to sell MTL!!!! MTL was making money during the Mahuka era.

  10. mai nsato says:

    Know that there is a new ACB boss. New blooms sweep very well and know all corners of the forgotten that cob webs are hidding. Chaka cha mayankho ndithu. Am waiting to see the big fish being netted-in, upon arrival from Botwsana. kikikiki

  11. VYOTO says:


  12. Nyolokawaka Simwaka says:

    Ralph waonjeza. Am not a lawyer but I think that Ralph should have kept quite fully aware that he is also implicated in these issues. Funny he is even representing some people in the same cashgate matters! Where iss the integrity? And where is the Malawi Law Society? Is this acceptable in the law society rule book of ethics? Malawi has seen great lawyers like Modecai Msisha and they are quite and they are not implicated…..bwana mwaonjeza….

  13. APM says:

    I think the noose is tightening on Kasambala. Hence the noise. He knows a lot. But his alibi is JB who he requested to appear before the court.

    Bwana Kasambala, you mean to say the sharing of cashgate money was done at Ufulu Gardens in September 2013 and it was followed by a journey to Joburg? What happened next?

    To be continued!!!

  14. Sec-specialist says:

    The sorry thing about this whole thing is that Ralph thinks he is the best thing that ever happened to Malawi. Surprise! You are not. You are a mafioso and we all know how mafioso always end up, in prison or dead by the bullet. But even if none of these happen to you, rest assured we all know what kind of human being you are. A learned crook who has used his very good knowledge of the law to victimise Malawians one way or the other, and you suck big time. You may be too clever for your own good and yes, every dog has its day.

  15. Supplier says:

    Akuba ndi ambiri si Mphwiyo yenkha ku Central Medical Stores Trust kuli Charles Khombeni kumapanga conniving with suppliers to be be charging at higher prices kumabela boma

  16. Mpwiyo ndi Thandie atengedwa ndi ACB not court kumamvetsa zinthu AMALAWI.

  17. Nankungwi says:

    I am very concerned that people who obviously have done some major crminal things are allowed to still be working and commenting on cases as if there was nothing wrong! What is happening in malwi? is the law gobe kaput or what?

  18. Ndata says:

    Nyasatimes are Kasambaras stooges. Every nonsense he writes on his Facebook wall is news for Nyasatimes. Even if Kasambara goes to shit, Nyasatimes will report it as news.

  19. Tsoka nsinde chimanga chilinda moto,are you a god or you were created by GOD.Since the hunters has learnt to shoot without missing,birds has also learnt to fly without perching.

  20. Susie says:

    Well it seems the tables have turned but have they stopped turning. The next time they turn it will be the euphoric candidate and his wife as it seems that this is now the direction things will be going. Or maybe it will be euphoric candidate with his mistress(ss).

  21. mbwiye says:

    tmene mosasyatira pano this world we live on palibe solo kapena tinene kuti shasha come to think of it kunali ma dolo kwathu kuno koma piano alikuti?

  22. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Timva zambiri apa kasambara wasonyeza kuti akuziwapo kanthu zakubedwa kwa ndalama m’boma.
    Kodi a ACB mukucedwa pati kumumanga munthuyu? Mukamumanga muzandipase ine makii ake ndikawataye ku mtsinje wa zambezi basi.

  23. Livulezi river says:

    The day Kasambara will be prosecuted & sentenced, ndidzalolera kukagwa mngongole kuti ndidzalaweko nyama kuti ndidzasangalare coz he thinks and believes he is smart that he can’t be jailed with this ongoing cash gate case! He behaves as if he owns the whole judicial system!!! Amadziva and amazitenga kuti ndi Dolo!!!!! Tikuonatuuuuuu!!!!!

  24. Livulezi river says:

    What more evidence does the ACB need if all it is looking for lies within Kasambara’s armpits? Many foolish people distance themselves from commenting on issues which are before the courts of law! Clever people like Kasambara raise their heads and goes ahead commenting. So it has proven here that Kasambara is really clever and that he knows everything that I am even 100% certain he even knows the end of this whole cash gate scandal that’s why he has the audacity to comment on the face book carelessly without fear! A foolish & disgraceful thief lawyer!!!!!

  25. Unenesko pera says:

    Kasambala, you don’t have time to make noise, you a thief, Full stop. Don’t waste peoples time.

  26. Nyapapi says:

    Ralph Kasambara is a wise asshole!

    An ass is an ass! Wise or nor not it still stinks of shit!

  27. Alungwana says:

    Now you remember when I said we shall see a dramar that both the shooter and the shooted shall be arrested.

  28. Charles Masubi says:

    No. 12 Thanks.
    Chikaonda must be fired. Maldeco is making losses. He purchased a ship which can even not dock because it is too big and the waters are shall and spent millions. (anadyapo kapena) MTL making losses., he bought a machine which can not be used anywhere in the world spending billions – the machine is obsolete. (Anadyapo Kapena)
    He is a good for nothing professor, big boot- licker. See what he was doing to JB and his wife stood on PP ticket. Now he is on APM. He went to America to attend meetings univited. Peter be careful with this man. Mark my words he will finish all press companies. Do not say I did not warn you. Where are the trustees? ACB please bite quick.

  29. Naganza says:

    I don’t understand Malawi laws. How can a man answering murder charges or going under investigation be allowed to work. Kasambala is working defending other cases like nothing going under him. Look everything is not normal Malawi. If these people ever be any conviction for these evil thieves certain That is how Malawi functions. Only poor people who steal little go to jail. This nation is rotten and people are rotten. The only way to punish these people is to take their properties and sell so that the money they stole are refunded. These is what donors want before they give Malawi any money. This is what they do in their nations. They are not ruling us but it is their money too these people have stolen. If it was my money I could have bought a gun and shoot all of them.

  30. Kasambara is a smart crook enanu a lutepo mukamanamizila amene sanabe nawo vikusalilani noka Those crooks in DPP are trying to use you to inplicate inocert people while you know the truth.

  31. Diaspora says:

    Ralph is one dirty mafia. He can’t fool all the people all the time. His time will come in whatever way.

  32. Losa says:

    I foresee the then Minister of Tourism fate coming close

  33. Mbanangwa says:

    Do you think Kasambara has are that comment out of nothing? He is not as silly as most of us think. Try your kangaroo courts, you will catch him but if you base your reasoning on free courts, the battle is long and on going. The war is not going to end now, it is drugging back to DPP, Chaponda, Arthur, Dausi , Goodall , Khumbo , etc.
    Ask nearly 95% of all those holding high government platforms now, they are all spending sleepless nights!

  34. the quencher says:

    A ralph akundimvetsa chisoni… yes ya murder apulumuka koma na ya moneey laundering alowa.. angopanga phokoso pa fb ngati mwana musiyeni adzidzimuke.. inenso ndiwazamalamulo asachenjere apa.. l think wayamba misala…alowatu ameneyu.just wait and see.. omwe aja amampatsa ulemu aja osati Kamudoni Nyasulu

  35. Watsala iweyo Kasambala we.. Big crook

  36. Bantu says:

    These are probably Malawi’s biggest crooks: RK vs PM. And the mind is baffled that one JB put so much confidence in them. She plotted her own fall.

  37. jjj says:

    Ralph Kadambara is so annoying and full of himself. He obviously thinks he is too smart and can outwit everyone else. Well, He is about to get a rude awakening. Lutepo and Mphwyo are not going down by themselves, they are dragging down this pompous ass with them. Anyani kusekana zikundu

  38. wangalusa says:

    Anthu ena atha kuba ndalama ,eti, nkumatha kugona tulo usiku tofa nato! May God heal our nation.

  39. mopia says:

    Before Czar Chakufwa Thom Simbiyamoto Chihana answered the call responding to another controversy said, “Let us wait and see.” In one of Malawi languages there is sayimng which goes like: “Tisachulutse gaga mudiwa” and “Umanena chasitsa dzaye kuti njovu yithyoke nyanga.” Some will come out of this and our man APM is patiently waiting what the legal fratenal will do. I want MALAWIANS to remember that what is happening is not persecution but PROSECUTION by guys from NGONI Belt Chibwana and Kamudoni.

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      Sorry Chibwana is from Ntchisi, mpanang’ombe village, ku kayoyo. He is chewa.

  40. Mulhako says:

    Now Kasambara,tell us more,so that the government do not spend much,do it our lady of wisdom’s way -confess……..

    1. Chemwali chimwene says:

      He thinks he is clever, he is a friend of pika and he tells us pika travelled to jhb with mphwiyo. He is a friend of ali kaka the murderer. Amwenye akumudandaula ndikuwapanga blackmail. La 40 likuyandikira

  41. Victor Phiri says:

    Mphwiyo this is your chance to free yourself-please reveal to us how public funds were moving up and down. Do not die alone. Reveal your connections ie the relationship with AIRTEL.!

    1. Commentator at #18, Victor Phiri, you seem to know more of Mphwiyo and Airtel, can you tell the Nation a little more? Has this to do with ooom!!, the VP? Since he was the CEO of Airtel then. Ulura timve!!

  42. Batchala says:

    What goes around comes around.

  43. bullshit says:

    I dont understand this Kasambara boy. He is the lawyer and he very well know that the case here is already before the courts. Why make a comment that can be used in court on facebook?

    1. Mr.Bambo says:

      Bingu once said”Kasambara is the biggest crook Malawi has ever seen”,and i agreee.

  44. vyane says:

    The only difference is that one is just a thief while the other is a thief and murderer

  45. Micky chimkoka says:


  46. Bololo says:

    The Pot calling the kettle black.

  47. Mapwiya says:

    In as much as the government cashgate has dominated the local news and gossip, I feel that there are many cashgates that need to be investigated.

    I was going through Press Corporation 2013 annual report and was shocked that MK3 billion was administration expenses ( page 37 of 2013 annual report,
    PCL is for the benefit of Malawians through Press Trust who are major shareholders. Why should 30 people spend 3 billion?

    ACB and Press Trust trustees must seriously look into this to find out as to what the money was spent on. A few executive managers have gotten so rich all of a sudden.

    I also heard that some managers were fired over bonuses and this could be a tip of an iceberg . What really happened?

    Cry my beloved country.

  48. xcy says:

    Mulungu si munthu amaona zonse ,kubera anthu Osaka,ACB gwirani ntchito

  49. eye eye says:

    ‘Lut and Mphwi Sharing money at Ufulu gardens’….this statement means a lot..its ‘lauded’ with ‘some cashgate evidence’ I suppose….

  50. Wito says:

    Kasambala might be a good lawyer and a very crafty and shrewd individual but he must not behave as if he has no cases, he is taking advantage of the social media influencing authorities and the media some of whom are in his arm pits, some of whom are his homemates. He must be arrested for making comments which are likely to have an impact on cases which are in court. He is being quoted by media and others thru his face book page, who is he? Is he above all the suspects? ACB, Prosecutors, pp, Attorney General and others, where are you guys, this man is behaving as if all of you are under him, he thinks he is cleverer than any of you, he thinks he knows the law better than any of you and that you cant tie him down, please do something. Remember he is one of the main suspects and mastermind of many of these cashgate cases and he must not behave like he is innocent or clever here.

    1. kate says:

      NO 9, Kasambara is the shrewdest Lawyer Malawi has ever had. Do think he just comment without reasoning? muyisova! Each time you hear Kasambara commenting or talking something in public, just know kuti iyeyo wayiwunika kale nkhani yonse wafika nayo kumapeto. Bwanji pamenepo? I like Kasambara! Brains anzanu!

  51. Nyapala says:

    From 1994 we have seen the emergency of more thieves than national development. The only true and honest leader was Ngwazi Dr. H. Kamuzu Banda. Such thieves were being 14 year sentences and many had property confiscated. Mphwiyo living in a palace at area 43 with a salary of less than US$1,000 a month.

    1. Nzake wa ngwazi says:

      Kamuzu was the biggest thief ever to live from our grandmothers eggs to 30 percent of economy and even public stare houses like Mudi

      1. kate says:

        Kamuzu was an original man and head of State. osamuseweretsa.

  52. Malawiana says:

    Careless statements by Mr. Kasambara being a lawyer himself first and being on the investigation list for the similar case. Anyway, sometimes even the bright people lose focus when fixed!

  53. Jando says:

    Dont forget theft by public servant charge as u forgot for Theresa

  54. Kawamba says:

    Koma chilungamo chiziyenda ngati madzi pa nkhani zanuzi inu a ACB

  55. Dick says:

    I thought she is not supposed to comment when this case is already in court?

  56. Guest says:

    Now the nation knows the main players in the Cashgate Case:
    Paul Mphwiyo, Ralph Kasambara, Lutepo, Manondo. Let the games begin, we need the Spanish Inquisition for them to reveal the Kingpin.

  57. masa masina says:

    I hope it is not the case of two monkeys laughing at each other’s backsides.

  58. Achewa anati khoswe wapatsindwi adaulula khoswe wapadzala. Set a thief to catch a thief.

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