Malawi explores engagement with Diaspora: Law scholar says Diaspora vital

Malawi government has embarked on a project to enable it to forge a national Diaspora engagement strategy with President Peter Mutharika saying government is pushing for the review of the Citizenship Act so that Malawians can start exploiting the benefits of dual citizenship.

Dr Danwood Chirwa: Diaspora is vital for country's social-economic development

Dr Danwood Chirwa: Diaspora is vital for country’s social-economic development

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with funding from the international Centre for Migration Policy and Development (ICPMD), has organised a consultation on Diaspora engagement with Malawians to be held in Dublin, Ireland on May 27 to 29, according to Gloria Bamusi coordinator of Diaspora Affairs.

Bamusi said Malawi is in the h process of coming up with a Diaspora Engagement Policy and the meeting will be “consultative” to Malawians in Diaspora.

Government wants to mobilise the Diaspora community for social-economic development of Malawi, according to Bamusi.

President Mutharika speaking when he opened parliament this month said the review of Citizenship Act will ensure government consider allowing Malawians to hold dual citizenship.

Currently, Malawians who take up citizenship of other countries must relinquish their Malawian citizenship.

If legalized, dual citizenship will allow Malawians who become citizens of other countries to move back and forth between the two involved countries any time they want without going through the rigorous visa process.

Meanwhile, Malawian law experts at University of Cape Town (UCT), Professor Danwood Chirwa has said the links between locals and the Diaspora can be an important asset for a poor country like Malawi.

“The Diaspora can be a link for educational and employment opportunities for people back home. It also provides a source of state revenue through remittances,” said Chirwa in comments cited by Malawi News Agency report.

He bemoaned the lack of interest from Malawi to utilize the skills of her people in Diaspora.

“We are not a serious people with serious national goals. We are a fundamentally self-interested and corrupt people, unwilling to assess our abilities and weaknesses.

“We are threatened by those that appear to be better than ourselves. Our institutions and cultures do not provide the conditions for people to realize their full potential and thus for the best among us to be allowed to work to their best potential. We are a dysfunctional society. Can this be reversed? I do not know,” wondered Chirwa.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi explores engagement with Diaspora: Law scholar says Diaspora vital”

  1. tchadiwiki says:

    This is bullshit!! Nicompoops abandon home for diaspora and we think they be be better at solving issues back home??


  2. Kenneth leonnard says:

    What wanders me is that he is talking while he is outside malawi. And he call himself a law expert come here in malawi and advocate will lesten to you. Not now as you yourself there called kwelekwele.

  3. hango says:

    Mbuzi wanthumwe! Do you to be brought to step one again? Call JUMANI son of Kamuzu to explain to you this topic. People have saved in UK while they are in Zimbabwe.Malawi will one day change the name and disappear, ndithu.

  4. womenslib says:

    Malawi will not rise because of jealousy. Fools jealous of those who live in other countries doing better than them. Don’t you know when those overseas rise you also rise? Imagine the jobs that can be created through investments by those overseas? Malawian have a crabs in a bucket mentality. Dual citizenship is the answer.

  5. mphevu says:

    It is travesty to deny citizenship to Malawians in the diaspora when so many foreigners enjoy semi citizenship rights in Malawi. We from the diaspora are given 30 days of stay when we arrive in Malawi yet so many Chinese and others freely live in Malawi without time limitation.

  6. Ambere chile says:

    How can people in diaspora invest in their home country when they are denied citizenship in their home country? You must understand that to live in diaspora freely, having a citizenship of that adopted country opens up more social and economic opportunities. However, a place of birth remains a true home because of family relations, friends and cultural roots. Being denied citizenship on the ground that you have gained unconditional rights to leave in another country is unfair in this modern age. This is what stop people from investing in their own home countries because they will be investing as foreigners in their own home countries. It’s Malawi that is losing. What do you gain as a person by denying someone citizenship in his own motherland? Nothing. However, you will lose jobs that would have been created, foreign currencies through remittance and expertise from people who who love to work in Malawi while maintaining allegiance to their adopted countries. Siyani kaduka, Malawi ndi watonse. Malawi will lose nothing but gain from the change of dual citizenship policy.

  7. Kandapako says:

    No to dual citizenship. With dual citizenship, when things are not favourable in one country the citizen will simply flee to the other country. It is not necessary to have dual citizenship in order to invest or remit. All that is needed is our government to make it favourable for Malawians in the diaspora to invest back home. Those who are advocating for dual citizenship want it for the convenience of exploiting Malawi. We should not allow citizenship of convenience and selfish motives.

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Totally agree. Diasporas are vital in any country especially poor developing countries like ours. Diasporas have saved many countries’ foreign reserves from total collapse.

    It is crazy putting restrictions on the lives and business intentions or aspirations of diasporas simply because they are carrying a piece of paper from another country. They are Malawians through and through and no different from you who are in malawi.

    I don’t like dpp but on this one I support them 100%.

  9. yaki says:

    This guy always contradicts with the subject . He has ill feelings about our country and the ruling party. To hello with you miserable so called law expert

  10. masa masina says:

    The problem of double royalties which is made worse by green grass syndrome.

  11. Malawiana says:

    I think this Chirwa thinks he is the best Malawi has ever produced. So you run away from Malawi because its a dysfunctional society? This is the problem with Malawians in Diaspora who always think they are better than those who remained in the homeland.

  12. Mpoto says:

    I think engaging in this kind of discussion is a waste of time. I know where this discussion is leading us to.

    The eventual result of this discussion is to open up doors to foreigners to become presidents in this country due to dual citizenship. There is somebody who is being eyed and promised to take over the presidency from Peter Muthalika (a Zimbabwean to be exact) but the law does not give them a window to implement this. When the law is drafted and ratified, then the country will understand what I mean. The top governing body will be totally composed of foreigners.

    Secondly, you know due to the donor pull out, the government is in dire need of cash but there are foreigners who want to buy large masses of land and the government is hoping to sell land to these people in a bid to raise finances. They can’t sell to foreigners to avoid backlash. When these foreigners get the Malawi citizenship they can acquire these large masses of land thereby externalising resources found on that land.

    This government has very black plans for our country and that is why I hate Mwanamveka, George Chaponda, Kasaila Ben Phiri and Peter Hitler Muthalika.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Mpoto, the foreigners we are talking here are not say Nigerians or Ghanaians, or Zimbabweans or BritiSh, etc but we are talking about Malawians born and Bred who are living abroad and taken foreign citizenship as well.

  13. Chatsalira says:

    Malawi is not serious with utilizing the Diaspora. It may be fear of unknown or mere jealousy or both but as country it is losing out.
    With Chaponda as Minister of Foreign Affairs he will put his foot down (kupondeleza) anything to do with Malawi diaspora involvement.

  14. Charter says:

    Well said Dan!

  15. Alufeyo says:

    You dont need dual citizenship to send money home. Somalis and ethiopians send millions back home because of their love of their countries.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Alufeyo, no you don’t need dual citizenship to send money, that is agreed but do you need to punish these people who are doing good to their country of their birth by helping relatives as well as boosting malawi’s foreign reserves? Some want to run their businesses and invest in malawi but are discouraged by visa restrictions and business permits, etc in their own country of birth.

      Some of you who comment here it is just because you don’t have relatives abroad and some of you it is pure jealousy thinking these people living abroad are better off than you but it is not true. Actually some of their colleagues in malawi are very rich and better than them.

  16. tchadiwiki says:

    This is bullshit!! Nicompoops abandon home for diaspora and we think they be be better at solving issues back home?? Crap!

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Most of them are not political. They just want to lead a normal life when they are in the country.

      After all politicians are elected by people.

  17. Khonsolo says:

    Its agood move so long it works.

  18. peter muthanyula says:

    Spot on Danwood. Kadziko ka nsanje, tianthu tache tokonda kuba, mabodza, nkhanza, mijedo, etc. Sitingatukuke olo pang’ono. Inenso I am now thinking of relocating… bola kukakhala ku Syria ndithu.

  19. max nsani says:

    Who appears to be better than who? Hahaha…basambizi ba Chirwa mwati uli?

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