Malawi FA tax evasion scam last thing Nyamilamdu wanted as he seeks fourth term

Football Association of Malawi (FAM), incumbent president Walter Nyamilandu has  struck a defiant tone that he will go ahead to seek fourth term at the end of the year despite a reported tax evasion scam for the country’s football governing body.

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu :  Going ahead to seek another term

FAM President Walter Nyamilandu : Going ahead to seek another term

Chamangwana: No comment for now

Chamangwana: No comment for now

Published reports on Monday June 22, 2015 indicated that FAM and its clearing agent Safari Freight Ltd, are suspected to have been embroiled in a tax evasion scam in which K13,137,533.55 is suspected to have been siphoned from Fam coffers under the pretext that it was meant to be paid to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) between 2012 and 2015.

According to a report in the Daily Times, Safari Freight Ltd, also allegedly presented invoices that had false currency values resulting in MRA under-collecting Value Added Tax (VAT) amounting to K5,767, 674.99.

The goods in question are donations that Fam received from benefactors such as world football governing body Fifa, Confederation of African Football (Caf) and Global Sports Limited.

Fam paid K13,137533.55 as taxes to the agent yet the funds never reached MRA and the association has now been asked to pay the duty prejudiced which is at K5,767, 674.99, meaning FAM will have lost close to K20 million through the scam.

“There was negligence on the part of Fam as they could not cross-check what was paid to the agent as taxes and what was paid to Malawi Revenue Authority,” the paper quotes Aa letter from Post Clearance Manager, Michael Banda, to Commissioner of Customs and Excise’s office dated February 17 2015.

Fam general secretary, Suzgo Nyirenda, insisted that they were not aware that Safari Freight – owned by Be Forward Mighty Wanderers FC chairman George Chamangwana -was defrauding the association.

Nyamilandu, however, is going ahead with his ambitions to longate his stay as FAM president, saying the tax evasion scandal was unrelated to the looming leadership vote.

The Fam president had earlier indicated that he will not seek a fourth term in charge of Malawi football but has performed a dramatic U-turn after affiliates said they want him to continue being FAM president.

The FAM president said he is seeking re-election after being urged by Central, Southern and Northern regions football associations plus the National Youth Football Committee (NFYC) and National Coaches Association (NRC) are some of the FAM affiliates.

“I will stand. I am ready and motivated to go for another term,” declared Nyamilandu.

The FAM president said he has taken a huge amount of thought to consider seeking another term after being backed by affiliates.

“It means they have confidence in my ability,” added Nyamilandu.

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28 thoughts on “Malawi FA tax evasion scam last thing Nyamilamdu wanted as he seeks fourth term”

  1. Timothy Chimwenje says:

    Even though what others may say, surely Walter is the best candidate for the post. Man mumatha, some of these comments are out of petty jealous. Even Issa hayatou or the former FIFA president Sepp knows u are capable. Bravo Walter!

  2. Mbava Yamilandu says:

    Good for “FAMGATE” i hope.Kunali anzako ,makhang’a okakamira maudindo,achina Kondi Msungama!!Ask yourself lero ali kuti?? Ndani amadziwa kuti anthu akwiya nazo choncho??

  3. mwamputa says:

    Anyamilandu yalulani akatundu anu mudzipita.Palibe akukufuna anta.

  4. Lutundu Wa Lutundu says:

    African heads of national football association shared the fat cheques from Blatter. No wonder they cling to power. More to come on fam corruption

  5. basa says:

    kodi sepp blatter zikunthera bwanji, chipanda kuyima blatter nkhani za corruption bwenzi kulibe ndiye samala

  6. MTELEZI says:


  7. dad says:

    Water walter plz step down while pple aare smiling if not pple will lough at you uzatha ngati makatani samala!

  8. myao says:

    Tinanena kale azinka awa. Munthu ukanyerera pa mpando wa mu Bus umafuna umalizire kutsika kuopa kuyaluka. If you tiyamikile ali moyo, tidzudzulanso ali moyo. Whole Fam shud go.

  9. sir bentby says:

    Malawian readers please learn to leave the stage, while spectators are smiling, ndikonze ndikoze ananyulira malilo apongozi

  10. Afanaze says:

    Maintaining the sinking mothership all these years does not mean football has developed for the better. There is a need for transformational leadership at FAM. Nyamilandu time expired in 2010 after AFCON tournament.
    Wake up MW these pre unionized votes to re elect Nyamilandu are a killer to progress.

  11. shescribes says:

    Kodi Clearing Agency imeneyi anaipeza atapanga tender as it is required in Good Corporate Governance kapena anangopatsanapo. Walter, Mdolo and GS Nyirenda afufuzidwe. Bungwe lanji longokkala ma ‘French’ okha okha from the EXECUTIVE COMMITTE mpakana ma members of Staff.
    FAM is rotten to the core and Walter is a big thief. Ask people from ILLOVO. He employed HUMBA ati poti ndi Chief Campaigner wake. If I were Walter I could have just resigned honourably. Chamangwana and Walter need to be arrested immediately. Over to you ACB and DPP.

  12. Mathanyula Peter says:

    Nyamilandu tsopano, you want to end like Sepp Blatter.

  13. clif says:

    mind you nyamilandu is awanders supporter while chamangwana chair man wa be forward,zogwirizana izi abale leave our beautiful game alone plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  14. Zanga Phee! says:

    Please pave way for others it means you have nothing to do after this life of swindling FAM please men when time is up let it be do something different.Remember what chakwamba did when he retired from politics,you don’t think of farming?we need new blood in that position perhaps he or she shall make different to our beloved national team.See my name.

  15. ujeni says:

    Nkhani apa ndiya George Chamangwanda tax evasion you go deeper you’ll find he is involved in money laundering. The heading is wrong and most comments are misplaced. George Chamangwana involvwd in tax scam should be the heading. Mwatani kodi.

  16. khifa says:

    chouluka chimatera.
    Amapasana busness a nyerere okhaokha.Lero akunama chani?akudziwana amenewa.

  17. jimmy juga says:

    Much as I appreciate that Mr Nyamilandu has contributed a lot to the football of Malawi but consider stepping down. We need someone with new ideas to take over otherwise the same pple persuading you to stand again will be ur enemy tomorrow. I Respect u mr Nyamilandu as a democrat and a leader who could vie for political position even as a president of this country . Don’t bow down to the demand of these opportunist. They want to destroy ur good job.

  18. Ichocho says:

    Walter..Moni kwa Atiji

  19. ZZ Junior says:

    What we witnessed with FIFA is exactly what we are witnessing with FAM. African and Asian football associations were all backing Sepp Blatter common thing is they are all corrupt. There is rampant corruption and fraud in Malawi football. We need to investigate our football administration from Clubs level to governing bodies e.g FAM, Sulom and National Sorts Council that way our football will improve. If the status quo remains the same football in Malawi is doomed. Walter judging by his performance does not deserve another term.

  20. Kwatha says:

    Iwe Walter usatibowe mpaka 4th term ngati munthu osapita ku school bwanji. Munthu wozindikila amasiya zinthu zikadakoma. Don’t be foolish. You are being very stupid

  21. nyamata wa kwa Mayaka says:

    I could love Mr. Nyamilandu to step down,he is not a life leader to FAM, why himself thinking that there isn’t somebody to take his stting please let others. To take your chair. Munayamba kusogolela fam ndi kale mukuyenera kurandira ulemu wanu. Thank you

  22. Kawaba says:

    Mr Nyamilandu: the mark of a true states man is to decide exactly when to leave the stage. Its a simple test but one that many fail to achieve. I thought it was only politicians. But even you????.

  23. Banthu says:

    Abale aku North: You were on the forefront (through Aleke) proposing Kamuzu to rule us for life. Again, Khwauli was on forefront proposing that Bakili should rule us for third term. Pano ndi izi. Some charater from Mzuzu (Mithi) wanting a FOURTH term for their home boy. cant understand you people!

  24. kanyimbi says:

    Walter please go in peace. If coaches are sacked, why should you spared?

  25. Yemwe Uja says:

    Some issues are very difficult to understand. So, one imports goods into the country, he engages the clearing agent to clear the stuff, he gives money to the clearing agent to have the goods cleared and at the end of the day he doesn’t check how much money has been paid to the tax authorities. These dudes know what they did.

  26. Jokeje says:

    he should not stand again, its too much, kodi anzeru pa mpira kumalawi kuno ndinu nokha. you are very stupid Mr. Nyamilandu. please give chance to kaka wa kaka Chibowa amane ntchito za manja ake zikuwonekabe ku sulom

  27. the eye says:

    Malawian sep blater

  28. James Phiri says:

    FIFA is corrupt and FAM is too. Is FAM able to account for the money it receives from FIFA? Why are they begging government for money to stage international friendlies with all the money that comes in from FIFA and gate receipts?

    This guy wants another term but how is football doing in Malawi? has it progressed under his leadership? What are his successes and achievements another term?

    The FAM President should be investigated not re-elected.

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