Malawi fails to employ 51 doctors, Lesotho recruits 21

Malawi government hit hard by cash flow problems, has failed to employ 51 doctors, 21 of which have now secured jobs in Lesotho.

Kwataine: Malawi trains doctors but cannot employ them

Kwataine: Malawi trains doctors but cannot employ them

President of Medical Doctors in Malawi Association, Douglas Lungu confirmed the development.

“We have sunk so low, this government has really sunk so low,” fumed Lungu, a medical doctor himself by profession.

He said it is sad that the government cannot find money to recruit the medical doctors yet it found money to train them.

It is estimated that it costs K31m to train one doctor so the government spent K620m in training the 51 doctors.

Martha Kwataine of Malawi Equity Health Network said this was typical example of the government misuse of taxpayers money.

“It is sad that we have trained doctors using Malawi taxpayers money just to surrender the dictors to some countries that did not spend any money on them for training,” she said.

She said the government needs to recruit the remaining doctors as soon as possible before they get job offers elsewhere.

A few months ago, the government withdrew job offer letters to 300 nurses citing lack of money as the major reason.

The country is facing the worst economic crisis ever forcing the president cancer some foreign assignments as government funding in its departments is now more erratic than ever before.

Kwataine urged the government to have its priorities right, saying public hospitals are already facing acute shortages of medical doctors and other health workers.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi fails to employ 51 doctors, Lesotho recruits 21”

  1. concernedDr says:

    Fellow malawians,
    I dream of a Malawi were even district hospital will have atleast 10 medical doctors plus clinical officers plus enough you know how heart breaking it is to tell a patient who for a year has been in and out of hospital no one telling her whats wrong and you have to break the New that she has cancer and it’s too advanced to do anything about it.wouldn’t it be beautiful if such patients met a doctor earlier on and can live to see her daughter get married.they deploy 1 doctor to a district do you understand how many people are in a district how is one person expected to cater to such a large number.when it was announced that govt will not employ the new graduates alota people were happy saying they should ‘solve’ forgetting such skills are sought after by many countries.i love Malawi and its people but our health system is going down the drain I fear there will be no one left.and by the way out of 51 graduates they are some who are not Malawians those left a wwhile ago,others have found jobs in other minus this 21 going to lesotho you probably have about 20 left.Lesotho now has over 30 of your doctors cause others had left earlier.what a shame really,when you barely have enough at your central hospital.I urge you all to pray for our country we are heading to a really dark place

  2. phodo says:


  3. mwachita bwino…work hard and take care of your siblings…osati wina aziti nyoo nyiiii fweee mkamwa modambana…..aone zimenezi asoma………..

  4. Nazir says:

    Rashid is right.

  5. Nazir says:

    Most Malawians are creative. There is no doubt about this.This can be noticed in the number of Malawians buying goods in South Africa and selling them in Malawi. The trip from South Africa to Malawi is tiring, yet MalawIan traders have to be robbed of their hard earned cash by unscrupulous border officials in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. I do not have a word to describe my feelings, as a visiting traveller to Malawi, in one of the transnational buses from South Africa to Malawi when I saw MalawIan police enter our bus and threatening passengers with the offloading of the bus if passengers do not give them cash. This is after these passengers have payed custom rates for their goods at the Dedza border post. This action oppresses creativity. The first step towards eliminating poverty in Malawi is to eliminate corruption. How much money will doctors wishing to open their hospitals have to pay corrupt border officials before their projects are realised.

  6. Phade says:

    Very bad! The president must do something before it’s too late! Otherwise mmm ldk

  7. Ndanena says:

    Zilibwino muzonse yamikani

  8. Wiseman nyirongo says:

    A Malawi tizivetsa dziko limayendetsedwa ndi budget koma ngat masalary ama doctor ndi budget consetraints alipidwa bwanji. Asiyeni ena awlembe zativuta ngati dziko tisangolankhula chifukwa cha ndale. Akalembedwa osliplidwa simutukwana mboma.

  9. France says:

    foiks are blaming government that it’s wage bill is very high. The same folks are forcing government to employ health personel and teachers.What kinda thinking is this?

  10. ben says:

    Goodall and chuka should bear responsibility for devaluing the kwacha so much that we cannot even afford to hire our own doctors. Our hospitals are in dire need of these, Please lets have Chikaonda as the Finance minsiter or RBM governor then the kwacha can stabalise and the spending can be within the budget

  11. Mj girl says:

    Nane m’mbuyomu, wa ku Namibia.

  12. So the government was wrong to give them the education? Does it mean that every year Malawi should be recruiting 51 Doctors?????? Where will they be working? Which hospitals????? Why can’t 10 Doctors come together & open their private hospitals? Why always crying for the government my fellow countrymen????? Useless!!!’ Try to be creative.

  13. To train a doctors it is very expensive This just shows that malawian something is wrong with our thinking we train for other what type of government is this? spending billions of Kwachas at the end no benefit shame ar list they would have worked maybe for two years

  14. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    We all should know that the world has gotten smaller over the past short while; and mobility of people, even highly trained professionals like physicians, in common.
    People leave Malawi for various reasons: but the most common are lack of opportunities, peanut wages, job dissatisfaction and plain lifestyle issues.
    It’s obvious our economy does NOT have the capacity to absorb even half of the employable population.
    Some of the physicians should open up their own clinics, and employ other workers. Don’t always look at the government as an employer, abale inu.
    What’s a country, like Malawi, then to do, when it simply doesn’t have the money? Remember, these physicians are NOT the only ones in this situation. It would be irresponsible for the government just to print more Kwachas! That would even be suicidal.
    Kwataine and Lungu know very well that many physicians in East and Southern Africa do gravitate to South Africa: using it as a conduit to a “final” destination, Europe and North America. Malawi is NOT the only one in this predicament.

  15. rashid says:

    Malawi will never be right atill if we get a president who fears God and following the right way of good governor just look zambiya Tanzania Mozambique Kenya Rwanda these r the coutreys they stop facing problems for economic

  16. Zili ku Malawi,tiyenazoni

  17. ichocho says:

    te writer of te article z poor at arithmetic!!! hw can u lie to a poor patient lyk mi tat it takes MK620 million 2 train 51 doctors wen ur own article clearly states tat 1 trainee doctor consumes MK31 million thereabouts? bak to te story. it beats ma heart 2 learn tat wi hav failed 2 recruit 51 doctors only whle te govt simz to hav te capacity to procure nice vehicles 4 a few politico folks. at te rate te country z moving economically &politically, i question our political will & financial capacity to employ thoz doctors who ar yet 2 graduate! ali bwino ndi awo coz amapita ku jon akamva kutsina mthupi coz tey are privileged. bt tat poor fela &i ar doomd! so hlp us holy yahweh!

  18. martinkaos3 says:

    tizingopita ku TZ Enafe,makamaka aphunzitsi akufunidwa kwambiri kumeneko.

  19. martinkaos3 says:

    Enafe titha kumalowera ku Tanzania,makamaka aku Karonga ndi Chitipa.3 years more,tangoyamba kuliratu koma.DPP woyeeeeeee!

  20. Sapitwa says:

    Apa zavuta komabe they could be employed next year anyway. Lack of patience sometimes works against God’s will.
    As long they could wait and are employed; good for them.

  21. Kenkkk says:

    The health service in Malawi will only be taken seriously when we stop taxpayers money being used by all top government officials including the president to pay their medical treatment abroad.

    The govt should immediately stop paying people to have treatment abroad, everyone should use Malawi hospitals. If govt officials want to use medical facilities abroad, they should use their own money, not tax payers money.

    If this is done, then attention will be focused on Malawi hospitals and other health facilities. We will stop the rot and save billions wasted by these selfish officials getting their treatment abroad at the expense of govt money.

  22. mapwiya says:

    Ndiye bwino apite akakhale ndi chochita rather than kumangokhala kwathu ku malawi kuno ngati osaphunzira. Abwerenso atenge osalawo, vuto si ma doctor ayi koma kubomako.

  23. ndikutelo says:

    Mai Malawi kunvetsa chisoni koma Tikamanena ma bootlicker ndi ma handclapers a Mathanyula akumatinyoza. Chifukwa iwowo zawo zikuenda . Ananena munthu wa munthu wa Mulungu kuti, “Amene adzatenge boma mwachinyengo dziko lidzamukanike kuyendetsa”. Lelo ndi izi kuthamangila ku court kukalumbila koma palibe akuchita chothandiza.

  24. Osaiwala kutinso aziphunzitsi are flying to Mozambique

  25. crazy stuff says:

    I think professionals should start start migrating to other countries.
    Mother malawi is dying and will be left to the dogs. Enjoy!!!!
    The glory days for malawi nd malawians are gone. The average malawian is lazy and is being fooled by his own malawian brother. Id rather trust a foreigner. Kamuzu was not stupid to care for the foreigner.imfa!!!

  26. Nana Khums says:

    Ziri bwino madotolo athawa.Ku dziko la Mozambique akufuna ma phunzitsi ndiye amene ali serious andilembere pa inbox on FB.

  27. mfiti mayaya says:

    Who said the government trains anybody in order to employ them? Why do doctors and nurses force themselves into government as if they were forced to study medicine? Shupiti! Go and work anywhere you lazy docs and bring forex as engineers do.

  28. Mathasimo Muhiye says:

    There is nothing wrong in the doctors who have secured jobs in Botswana. After all how much will the Malawi Government be paying them? A Medical Doctor getting less than 700,000 MK in Malawi??? Let me go please. Others should go to UK

  29. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Cooked up stories trying to give an illusion that doctors are more important. There are procedures followed by any country to recruit foreigners no matter how urgent the services of that workforce is needed. Medical practice is highly medical legal and ethical. And that could not happen just overnight. Ask medical council how many verification letters have been issued over one month. Douglas Lungu would not be the right person to verify this as his organization was in the fore front trying to stage demonstrations against unemployment of the doctors. He would just want to seem vindicated. Much as Malawi needs health care workers nowhere in the world an employer is forced to recruit.

  30. bad says:

    11,10 and 6 out of order. 3 and 1 there was need for someone to raise the alarm…….not any party in opposition raised that they remained quite so why blame the ultimatum? Malawians should know that the executive as good as the parliament can wanton spend when critical areas are suffocated like the employment of the doctors and other professionals. we have good examples on this ….the stories involving parliament buying themselves expensive cars for themselves and use the same cars to campaign that we put them into power come 2019. They would have been the same ones voicing for these issues everywhere, so leave alone concern universal and kwataine they are just being concerned.Look at the existing vacancies for these professionals. They are just many and the ministry and treasury should have been taken to court if we Malawians would have not been dead. We know most of their posts were given to other wrong cadres within the civil service. Look at how Human Resource Management staff are promoted everywhere. Cars which were meant for specialist doctors are being misused by these staff. Those cars should get out of ministry headquarters and give the owners who had sweated for them. May be we need to put it in Black and White here that we miss the former Spokes Person in the ministry of health because he was very sensitive and as such was able to handle issues with wisdom because he went to a proper school unlike what we have now stopping secretaries for health in the district assemblies speak to journalists… is important! Someone is misleading the government as well by appointing wrong people in key appointments. if I were treasury, I would have found money to employ these scarce professionals as they did by finding money to prepare for Ebola that never came because other countries did the work for us by their strict surveillance mechanisms they had put in place. Hahahaaa it was a disease that would have affected the decision makers because these are the ones who trot the world.

    1. The Analyst says:

      The problem with the ultimatum is the people it was given to. Unreasonable, with I-dont-care attitute, they are. Now if you are dealing with such Zombies you take a path of reason to force sense into their heads not challenge.

      Its just like in a family. If a woman tells her man to be home by 6 p.m. or else will have his balls crushed, the man deliberately comes home at 9 pm or 1 am with the balls on his forehead, just to see what the lady will do.

      Although the man knows the importance of just doing the right thing, he will do the opposite because of the challenge! The same with these docs or their council. The ultimatum wasn’t the right path to take.

  31. adyauleje says:

    1.1. We are paying more than enough in taxes, so shutup!!! This crazy government has been wasting our taxes, imagine the whole goliati village in Thyolo went to UN Assembly. Is that not enough shit by this one toothed he-goat? This shit of a president nearly wanted to also take the goats, dogs and cattle in his village for the UN assembly! Government has a lot of money but is with the few stupid individuals calling themselves president, ministers and lomwe clan, bastards!!

  32. Quota Millionaire says:

    I am not for politics coz any political party could have faced the same situation or leak the ass of donors.
    Let doctors and other professionals go abroad as some will still remain to serve the country.
    Those who cross the boarder will always remember home and invest . Malawi will win foreign currency.

    If we dont persevere in hard times, we will be beggars forever.

  33. COM5 says:

    boma lili m”manja mwa agaru ili……….ndye tikadathawa simudati

  34. Finale wapa COM says:

    Ndpo ndikangomaliza whether you will give me your offers or not am off to Namibia. my colleagues are swimming in money there. useless government we have mixeeeeew!!

  35. Truth says:

    Bravo doctors, well done. Kodi doctor safuna nice house? Nice car etc. Seriously which doctor in their right mind would want to work in a god forsaken place like Kch. My fellow doctor maybe this was a blessing in disguise.

  36. abalesamalani says:

    Mbuzi yachabechabe iwe. Pano tipita ku ofesi yako ngati Boma linapereka chilorezi cholemba anthu kuti azilimbana ndi boma. Zikumveka kuti Action Aid ikumakupatsa ndalama kuti uzilimbana ndi boma.Action aid is working hand in hand with Martha Kwataine to stand against the current government.

  37. boko says:

    Kodi iwe Malita magalasi umatovalira kunyada kapena udafa maso.Nanga mtsikana ngati iwe mandala akulirenji. Choka kachotse mandalawo. Ndipo m’mesa udatsazika kuti watopezaje mutheko waphama.Rowaka ku Action Aid. Kapena action aid yayamba ndala eti. Becaful action aid we are watching you with Marth Kwataiwe.

  38. Nabanda says:


  39. malawi walero ndi ameneyo okomera ma handcrapers. Koma cadiac akabwera mkumathamanga naye ku chipata.

  40. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Malawi stinks ,Malawi is a joke how can we sink so low ,does APM and his government knows why Malawi college of medicine was established?it was established so as to retain doctors who were trained abroad and now after training the doctors the government fails to employ them ,so there us no work done back yo square one.The ratio of Doctor patient is just too high and now government had let go 21 doctors our tax money gone and Lesotho government is going to benefit from our tax.
    That’s why APM was busy saying that MCP did nothing during their rule because it seems he doesn’t know anything about Malawi I think his long stay in the USA plays a big role in his decision making.
    Cry my beloved country.After defeating JB the DPP is clueless about running the government .

  41. phodos says:

    College of Medicine produces more doctors every year. Its not true that the government can keep employing doctors for ever. No. Impossible. These are doctors not nurses at all.Go at any district hospital and you can find 5 to 10 doctors not supporting medical staff like clinical doctors.The good question to government should be what its plan towards the doctors.

  42. Mwanga1 says:

    Ma Nurse UK yatseguka tazibwerani alekene awo APM.

  43. CITIZEN says:


  44. The Analyst says:

    Malawi is a joke of a country! And so is its leadership – it follows, ofcoz!

    How do you spend so much money training someone (tuition, food, bedspace n amazing campus life, allowance) for at laest 5 years and then fail to employ them and give them a little money? Yet could afford K300,000,000 for 4 cars, hire a jet and take the whole village to the UN? What happened to the word priorities in your dictionary? I bet you dont even have a dictionary!

    Komanso the approach taken by the doctors or their council was wrong. You dont intimidate an employer with an ultimatum. ” Employ us by tomorrow or we will crush your balls!” Noooooo!!!!! Its nature of human being to become more defiant when challenged! Its just natural! You should have known better coz you are not a lizard. But even lizards become defiant if challenged by a fellow lizard!

    But all in all what the govt forgot is that . . . when one door closes, another opens up. And now it is Malawi thats losing!

  45. zon says:

    Zafika pa mwana wakana phala. Ali mzungu bwezi atanena kuti ndakanika. Munthu wakuda amadikira awone Kaye magazi.

  46. Mphalapala says:

    As long as Malawians think the Government is the answer to every question we will continue suffering. As a nation we should be asking why the government has no money. It is simple our taxes are not enough to carter foe all the needs. Some can argue that medical doctors should have bn a priority but again so are drags, current salaries, agricultural inputs etc etc. Infact in our country everything is a priority. As long as there is no significant economic growth ( and please dont argue that government should bring economicgrowth) the country will continue to experience the same problems we see day in day out. Work up Malawi lets work hard, earn more, so that the government gets enough tax and tha will propel this country to prosperity

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